"I may not always be right; but I am never wrong!"
  • 80 years old
  • Born on November 13, 1923 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on April 15, 2004 .

This memorial website is dedicated to my mother- Eileen Clark aka Polly Boyle.

Posted by Kathleen Bosco on 13th November 2015
You would be 92 today. The last birthday that I cooked for you was liver with bacon and steamed potato and onions. We ate it up, it was good. I wish I could make it for you today. I love you, Happy Birthday. Cakey is going through a rough spell, watch over her.
Posted by Patty Clark Brescia on 26th April 2015
Miss you everyday Mom.
Posted by Theresa Barry on 26th April 2015
I hope they are all sitting together laughing, playing cards and drinking coffee :)
Posted by Kathleen Bosco on 13th November 2014
Happy Birthday Mommy. I love you. <3
Posted by Leeny Clark on 13th November 2014
Happy Birthday Mommy. I miss you. Our family is still together. You and Dad did a great job raising us. I could use a new job - please put in a good word for me with God and our heavenly mother Mary. ;)
Posted by Patty Brescia on 16th April 2014
Miss you everyday. 10 years. Sometimes it feels like 20, other days it seems like yesterday. I'm glad that I remember more your sass more than your suffering. I love you. I think I inherited your brass set of ba!!s! Love you today and everyday.
Posted by Leeny Clark on 15th April 2014
Miss you Mommy. I planted some Iris bulbs this year. I know they were your favorite. I hope they come up beautifully for you. You will be happy to know that the family is still together - we will be together at Easter this weekend at Cakey's house. Love, Leeny
Posted by Kathleen Bosco on 15th April 2013
Missing you so much today....................I love you Mommy
Posted by Patty Clark Brescia on 13th November 2012
Missing you Mom. Your wisdom, your laugh, your smile..and especially your signature "eye roll". I don't spend much time about the "work" it took taking care of you, I know you felt like you were a burden. You weren't. It was my honor to have helped you at the end. I would give anything to make you breakfast again or a cup of tea. Kiss Dad for me and all of your family and especially Marie.

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