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Posted by Nnani Nnani on March 22, 2021
Rest in peace dear Ekaete..
Posted by Helene Blakiiz on March 22, 2021
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Posted by Pamela Ayodele on March 21, 2021
Hmm Eka so this is actually for real. I have delayed writing this tribute hoping it was a false alarm. It was a great pleasure catching up with you after such a long time when you visited. I am so sorry I never got to visit as promised. I am saddened that you had to go now but thank God for the impact you made and the life you lived. You are loved and will be greatly missed. Rest on dear sister-friend. God bless and console your beloved family, I pray the Holy Spirit engulfs them in His loving presence especially your beloved mother. Ekaette Ekam sleep on with the rest of the saints' xoxo
Posted by Ruth Bassey on March 21, 2021
What a terrible loss. Your life so brief yet so impactful. You will be sorely missed by family and friends. Rest on Top-girl.
Posted by Christiana Obioha on March 20, 2021
Hmmmm still like a dream aunty Eka,I wish I can see God to tell him to bring you back you thought me work in d office travel never see you again when I miss placed your number but when I saw mfon communicating with you I was satisfied that you're okay,is it how you will buy me all those things you promised me oh death I hate you I miss you my good boss and you will forever be remembered.
Posted by William Oden on March 17, 2021
I can't believe I'm writing a tribute to you Eka. I read your obituary on the pages of our Alumni group a few hours ago and was overwhelmed with shock. You were family and friend to me. You were an angel every step of the way. Often so lively and dutiful in the work place. In class you were brilliant and confident with the books. You were among the handful that graduated with a second class upper division in class.
You were delightful to behold, often bringing laughter to every gloom on your walk path. You often wore a dazzling infectious smile that heals every upset on the hills. You were passionate and kind, little wonded you veered from business management into the nursing profession.
I do not understand why bad things happen to good people. You do not deserve to leave so untimely. Not when the world is yet to have enough of you.
Perhaps God has a better plan for you in the resting place where all mortals must exit to.

May your soul rest in peace Ekaette Ekam!
Posted by Glory Uya on March 17, 2021
Ma ikombakara...its tough but rest on from your labours!
Posted by Rieanna Shortie on March 15, 2021
Im lost with words.
My heart was heavy when I heard and I’m grateful to have met such a beautiful and funny lady. You were a great Nurse-friend/coworker. I’m thankful for the time you had with us in New Mexico. You we’re very encouraging and gave me good advice, I had to read our past conversations on FB messenger and remember your laughs and your usual funny saying ‘your such a mess!’.
This isn’t ‘Goodbye’, its ‘see each other later’
Eternal Rest in Peace Eka.
Posted by Ogor Oranyeli on March 14, 2021
Dear aunty Eka, since I heard this terrible news; the day I got back from NYSC camp keeps playing in my head, how you welcomed me into your home and pretty much made my life in calabar so comfortable, you were a big sister to me. You will be missed terribly, your laugh, your presence, your willingness to help all around you. Words are not enough, may God rest your gentle soul in his bosom and comfort your family in this difficult time.
Posted by Iwasam Lebo on March 14, 2021
To live is Christ and to die is gain. – Philippians 1:21... You have gone to a better place to be with the Lord! Rest perfectly in the bosom of the Prince of Peace...
Posted by Captain Sylvester Anso on March 13, 2021
This is so sadden to me and my family that you are no more. We will miss our 15years of friendship. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Lisa Wigington on March 12, 2021
I am so saddened to hear of Eka’s passing. What a wonderful person she was. I worked with Eka in New Mexico and she was an awesome nurse with such a sweet, good heart. I always thought how “cool” she looked in her military nursing uniform. She will be greatly missed , not only by her family , but also by the people she came in contact with- such as myself. I will have her family and friends in my thoughts and my prayers. RIP Eka ❤️
Posted by Eme Esop on March 12, 2021
May Ekaete’s soul rest in perfect peace amen.
My condolences go to Nsikak, Michael and the entire Ekam family and pray for God’s comfort regarding this irreparable loss.
Ekaete sangha sung!
Posted by Brenda Schemp on March 12, 2021
Oh my dear friend Eka, you are going to be missed ❤ it seems unfair that we will never see your beautiful smile or hear you laugh as you were teasing us.  A great nurse that took the best care of her patients, you could tell that you loved your job . Even when you weren't feeling well you would work as hard as everyone else. Such a dedicated soul to your profession and all of your friends . I will smile with the memories I have of you even though my heart is broken. RIP ❤
Posted by clement isong Basil on March 12, 2021
I am so speechless...shocked... Eka May your soul rest in Peace
you left a mark, We will never forget.
Posted by Lucy Ohiosikha on March 12, 2021
Eka, I'm still reeling from the shock that you are gone.
It is really hard to believe that the last time we spoke was truly the last.
You were one of the unsung heros.
Blessing everyone you knew with unsolicited random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. 
As we all struggle to deal with your passing, and as hard as it is to accept this heartwrenching news, we know you are in a better place in the bosom of the Lord.
You have run your race, you've finished your course. May the Lord accept your sweet, kind and gentle soul.
May God comfort your mom, brothers, entire family, friends and every loved one.
'Till we meet again at Jesus feet.
Sangah sung ufan.
Rest in peace
Posted by Eme Aderinokun on March 12, 2021
Gone too soon my friend. We celebrate the life you lived and your brave spirit. I salute.
Posted by Morphy Dozumoshi on March 12, 2021
Eka gone too soon all we said, but not how long but how well and you live so well. Rest in the Lord Ekaete Ekam.
Posted by Ofoninyene Usoro on March 12, 2021
Ekaete, you treasured us. You placed value on us. We meant much to you. Your last chat with me was life itself. I wish you could resist death. I wish you lived longer. I bear witness you fought a good fight, You were determined. You lived well

I pray that God deals mercifully with your soul. I pray that God allocates to you one of the rooms in His mansion as He promised. I trust Him to keep this promise. May this be the reward of your selflessness. God bless your soul.
Posted by Moriam Sanusi on March 12, 2021
Your friendship was a blessing Eka, we shared so many secrets, you brightened up my days, you brought me so much happiness even though we were miles apart. I can't begin to say how kind and loving you were to me and the people around you a million words cant say ot all now to think you are no more is just too much for me to bear
Since i got the sad news of your passing all i kept saying was wakeup, wakeup Eka, wakeup, and the tears won't stop flowing even as i type 
Thank you for your friendship and all the memories we hold dear, its been a privilege to have known you❤️
Love you babes as we fondly say to ourselves and forever you will live within my ♥
        *REST IN PEACE*
Posted by Helen Anso on March 12, 2021
Aaaaah, Topgirl as I fondly call you, a friend that sticks closer than a sister, Ever loving ,caring and supportive of others.
Eka you were a strong woman you fought all that life threw at you, we wish and hope the end was different
But God knows better.
Rest on dear Sis, you will be missed dearly.
May God grant your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
RIP! Ekaete.
Posted by Sotonye Erekosima on March 12, 2021
A calm sweet soul and always with a smile from high school. Its indeed a rude shock but God cannot be questioned. Rest Eka rest sweet soul. Gone too soon
Posted by Tammy’s Eastridge on March 11, 2021
Eka even though I only knew you a short time there was just something about you. We instantly clicked. Heaven has gained an angel and I can’t even imagine the beauty around you. The Bible tells us from dust we were made and to dust we will return. Unfortunately your were gone to soon. Forever in my heart and I will miss your beautiful smile. 
Posted by Nneka Onwuka on March 11, 2021
Words fail me
A rare gem that cared a lot about people..
Big or small
Eka, l wished you had stayed longer and didn't
have to leave us so soon.
I wish Friday wasn't the last time you'll say your goodbyes to me
You were such a sweet, caring and selfless soul.
You came bearing roses and yummy treats for the kids.
I'm glad we reconnected so many years after high school and we continued like time never passed.
I'm blessed to have known a kind, thoughtful, loving, and giving soul like you.
I know the Lord would take care of you
I miss you already
My forever friend
Posted by Denise Prince-Hinton on March 11, 2021
Ekaete you always called me Boss but you were truly the Boss with your beautiful smile, grace, and intelligence. GOD blessed you and took you home to be with HIM. I considered myself blessed to have met you and to have worked with you. Grace and mercy to your family. Rest in Peace friend. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Moni Thomas on March 11, 2021
Eka was a selfless soul. Easygoing and had a kind word for everyone. This is a rude shock but I believe that you are looking down and smiling at us all. Ekaette May your soul Rest In Peace and May God strengthen all your loved ones. Amen.
Good bye and Farewell
Posted by Scholastica Lebo on March 11, 2021
dear Eka, you can't imagine how much you are so dear to me. i still cherish the friendship from the first day back then. you had no idea i still treasured it. you were such a delight to be with, always there for your friends. i loved how you treasured your friends in such a selfless way. you had such a rare and lovable personality that is unforgetable...i missed you for long and was hoping to see you soon only for this news that is almost breaking my heart...but you know what? I do know you are resting in d bossom of our dear Lord. it is indeed a better place for you n we shall surely meet again by the grace of God...May God console and strengthen your loved ones that you left behind. i ask God to give your wonderful mom special strength and courage to carry on.
Posted by Arit Asamudo on March 11, 2021
This is so sad a news!!
Although we didn’t get to speak for sometime now, this news was certainly not expected.
What happened to all the plans? Ambitions? Expectations? I guess we’ll never know.
I pray your soul finds complete peace in Christ and that your family and loved ones are comforted.
Rest on, thanks for your service and selflessness.
So long........   
Posted by Steve Udezi on March 11, 2021
Still in shock here, this is really sad, oh dearest Ekaete Ekam, may your gentle soul find eternal rest with God Almighty, Amen.
Posted by Edith Esubok on March 10, 2021
Rest in peace Ekaete. You gained your wings too soon, may God rest your soul.
Posted by Patience Olawoye on March 11, 2021
Ekaette I still can not believe you are gone! I screamed and screamed when I saw you on Helen’s status as RIP.I do not even know what to say as it is too scary to even put my thoughts together. Ok so I have to write RIP for you or how? I really do not get this! Indeed you will be missed dear friend. Hmmm. Life oh life! God sure knows best.
Posted by Soso Lilly West on March 10, 2021
Can not believe this. Eki you will truly be missed. Just yesterday you crossed my mind. I thought to call you today only to hear this. So sad am speechless. Rest on Eki, may your soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Atinuke SODIPE on March 11, 2021
My heart is pained. You made goat peppersoup for my husband and I when we visited you. You wanted to come and see us in Maryland but for plane tickets yet you posted gifts to Adora to give me. My heart is pained. I still can't believe you are gone. Ekaette rest in peace. May God comfort those you left behind
Posted by A-knorr Abasi on March 10, 2021
The tears just wouldn't stop. I received with great shock and a broken heart, the news of your death this evening and I haven't been myself since then. I just can't believe it. Oh Lord God Almighty, what went wronggggg? Oh Eka. You would always send in an encouraging word for me each time you read or saw my success story. You would always apologize for not attending my online invitations even though there was no need for you to. You were just a divine friend and even though I last saw you while we were in the university, it didn't stop our friendship. Ha!!!!!!!! I just can't bid you goodbye. The tears just wouldn't stop!
Posted by Vodina Lebo on March 10, 2021
Sister Eka, beautiful soul, you were one of a kind. You were family.
Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Nellie Oghene on March 10, 2021
Ekaete, this is just very shocking. We haven't seen in years but you made a conscious effort to keep in touch with your loved ones. A good heart you had, you sought to do good just to make the next person smile. Your leaving us at this time is incomprehensible, but God in His infinite wisdom knows best. Journey well, rest in sweet perfect peace in God's bosom. Amen.
Posted by Patience Owan on March 10, 2021
Life is a mystery. Rest now my dear friend, for you are now in a better place with the angels, where there is no pain, struggle or sorrow.
Posted by Pastor Mfon Nnabuko on March 10, 2021
Dear Ekaette,
Rest in perfect peace.
I know you are with the Lord
Death has lost its power over you forever.

The God of all Comfort will keep everyone you left on this side.

Good night dear Sister, see you on Resurrection morning.
Posted by Nicole Enabulele on March 10, 2021
Still shocked and short of words.ill miss you Big sisRIP!
Posted by Stella rukky Apresai on March 10, 2021
I'm speechless......I'm so speechless!!!!!.... My childhood friend is gone!!!!!..... Jesus!!!!...tell me this is not true!!!.... Totally speechless....I'm heartbroken....Eka!!!!!!....No!!!!!!!
Posted by Chris Thompson V on March 10, 2021
Eka, may your gentle soul Rest In Peace and may your legacy live on. I received with shock and disbelieve news of your untimely and unfortunate death on Sike’s timeline. At first, I wanted to mourn like someone who doesn’t have hope but suddenly remembered that you lived for Christ and took solace in the fact that you are now in a better place. Eka, I celebrate your short but eventful and fulfilled life because I know that it is not how long, but how well! Farewell, until we meet to part no more!
Posted by Omini Ukell on March 10, 2021
Wow! Who would have thought that you'd take this long lonely walk into styx ,Who would have thought that I'll be writing you a tribute just now,unfair is life to the ones who imprint the hearts of many with goodness, still recall adolescent years growing up in state housing, the friendship and bond of those days has kept us thus far but gradually we are depleted by death,in all we give God all the glory,you were such a lovely and loving being,wide beautiful smile,cheerful and on and on....fare thee well my dear friend. We will miss you.
Posted by Tami Lebo on March 10, 2021
Wow!! Rest well in the Lords bosom dear big Sister Eka, you were one of a kind! You’ll be missed and forever loved!
Posted by Faithful Faith on March 10, 2021
I can only take solace in the fact that you are resting painlessly in God’s blossom. Heaven has gained what we all have lost. You were precious to me, a precious gem to many, touched lives. You can never be forgotten!
Sleep tight!
Posted by Nora Oyene on March 10, 2021
I miss all the little ways you showed you cared,
For there were so many good moments we shared;
Looking back on my life's assorted scenes,
I realized you taught me what love truly means.
You were my trusted confidante and best friend,
On whose loving support I could always depend.

Posted by queeneth soks on March 10, 2021
This is raw. This is really hard to believe. That you're gone doesn't sound fair...but God knows best and inspite of all, I choose to trust Him. I got to know you through a mutual friend and you touched my soul when I first met you in person. We didn't speak much but you definitely made an impact on me and I always thought you deserved the world and more. Heaven has definitely gained an angel. Your last text to me on 6th March, 2021 was "love you more girl". I wish I had gotten to know you more but in the short time I did, you definitely made a sweet and loving impact. I'll miss you needless to say.

Rest on Eka and I'm sure you are resting in peace. Till we meet again...Adieu!
Posted by Emmanuel Ekanem on March 10, 2021
Mr Nsikak Ekam
I write to console you on the demise of your dear sister Ekaette...
Tears may not dry immediately because of how close you guys were but pls be strong as God knows better than we mere mortals
May her soul rest in peace.
Adieu great woman with a heart of gold.
Posted by Judith Neji on March 10, 2021
I'm not sure where to start. My dear friend and sister. How would I have known that your visit to London would be the last time I would see you. What of our talks about a rematch . It's a rude shock. But I know you are in a better place.
Sangha sung ufan ima.
Posted by RITA OROK on March 10, 2021
Ekaete, i am still in shock, short of words, clueless......  the list is endless.
Almighty God knows it all.
Rest in peace dear friend.
You will be greatly missed.
Posted by Helene Blakiiz on March 10, 2021
Ufan mi....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sail on!!!!

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Posted by Nnani Nnani on March 22, 2021
Rest in peace dear Ekaete..
Posted by Helene Blakiiz on March 22, 2021
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Posted by Pamela Ayodele on March 21, 2021
Hmm Eka so this is actually for real. I have delayed writing this tribute hoping it was a false alarm. It was a great pleasure catching up with you after such a long time when you visited. I am so sorry I never got to visit as promised. I am saddened that you had to go now but thank God for the impact you made and the life you lived. You are loved and will be greatly missed. Rest on dear sister-friend. God bless and console your beloved family, I pray the Holy Spirit engulfs them in His loving presence especially your beloved mother. Ekaette Ekam sleep on with the rest of the saints' xoxo
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Shared by RITA OROK on March 17, 2021
Beautiful memory...
My primary school, Auntie Margaret International School, Calabar.
This was where i first knew Ekaete.... 
I didn't know you will be gone soon. 
Rest on beautiful soul.

Jolly jolly great Eka

Shared by Scholastica Lebo on March 12, 2021
  1. My friend Nnamdi will never stop asking after you, Eka. He would tell me he had never in his life met such a lovely, great company, full of life, always laughing @ everything good or bad. He never stopped asking after lovely Eka. He said you made his official trip to calabar which was his first visit to that town a memorable one because of your personality. you made everyone around you very comfortable. your personality and hospitality was next to none. don't know what to tell Nnamdi whenever i see him...