A one in a million Mother-in-law

Shared by Caroline Etuk on May 10, 2021
Dear Mummy,

Your demise caught me off guard. I had to cancel my exam because of how shocked I was and stayed teary the entire day. I didn't see this coming. I remember when we were looking for a place to buy, you were my topmost consideration. I was more concerned about getting a place that you will be able to access easily but then you never lived to visit. 
The last 12years felt like I had known you from birth. You opened your arms and gave me a warm reception when I met you and that never changed till your demise. I remember living with you in 2012 to 2013, you ensured that everything was done for me and your grandson, we never lacked anything. It was difficult to break away from such warmth and comfort when I had to move to Lagos for a job.
I wake up with the thoughts of you everyday and wish this was only a dream. I have been trying hard to develop myself with the hope that someday life will be better and I will be able to give you back a token of all that you did for me which is too numerous to mention. 
You were a one in a million mother-in-law. I will miss all the fun times, that I had with you but will hold on to the memories. 
You lived a life worth emulating. You were strong and very resilient. Heaven surely gained an angel.
May you beautiful soul continue to rest in peace.

Miss you Mama!!!

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