Let the memory of Elfinesh be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on January 18, 1947 .
  • Passed away on October 12, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elfinesh Abebe Shihamet, 69, born on January 18, 1947 and passed away on October 12, 2016. We will remember her forever.


Posted by Kidest Babi on 12th October 2018
Dear Elfuye, I am so glad I had a mother like you. I never heard “no” whenever I asked you for anything. You held both a mother and fathers role in all aspects of my life. You followed me everywhere and to every country. You provided for us beyond your abilities even if it meant giving up your needs. I have never lacked anything, because of you. I miss your graciousness and your strength. You protected us like a ferocious Tiger that nobody dared say anything to us. I find myself being as bold and daring as you are. I have learned to embrace life as you did. You were never afraid and had knowledge beyond your education. You learned many things because of your life experiences. I remember you whenever I go to a shopping mall. We never returned home without eating out. You always dared to experience new things or to taste something new. You were open to try anything I said or did. You took my word and trusted me as your first born like crazy. I even took you on attraction rides to tease you and scare you but you were a champion, laughing your heart away. I always wanted to travel the world with you but missed that chance. We had always discussed the idea and talked about going on a cruise together. We wanted to travel to Israel and Europe together and I wanted to share with you that I fulfilled those dreams this year. I recently found a note book listing our breakfast order’s on one of those Saturday mornings (Gash Shimeles’s treat), and my eyes became tearful. Your choice was a garden Omelet. I miss having breakfast with you. Life gave you lemons many times and you made lemonade out of it. Since your passing and embrace by our Lord God, I have learned that you have gone through a lot of pain and ache alone. For whatever reason, you chose to deal with it alone. I continue to learn about life, through your death. Life is a journey with the end only in God’s hand. I know I will see you someday. Elfuye, I miss you so much. I miss calling you every Tuesday. If I missed a day, I would always expect to hear back from you soon. Now, you have gone to a place where I could not get a phone call. At times, it can be very painful. I get my strength from the Lord and through his still and calming voice. I am also thankful to my kind and gracious husband who listens and understands me. Psalms 91:1 “The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty” I love you so much, Your daughter, Kidest
Posted by Mimi Tsige on 12th October 2018
Over and over I thought how can I live without you? Every day I think about you We talk about you with the kids Where is Grandma Elfu? Every day I have to explain where you are We love you and miss you so much
Posted by Elsa Assefa on 12th October 2018
May you rest in Eternal Peace Etie Elfu! Two years has gone by, it is surprising how time flies. You are remembered & missed.
Posted by Hulu Berhanu on 14th October 2017
Elfuye, Your kind and gentle gestures will live in a special place in our hearts. We talk about your unconditional giving. Though we miss you her for our selfish reasons, we have comfort knowing that you have joind your creater that you loved more. May the angels keep you warm in your new home
Posted by Tsegamlak Teleale on 13th October 2017
Dear Elfu, You left behind two beautiful daughters that emulate your kindness and love. A year has passed since that dreadful day in our home. Knowing that you are not in pain anymore is comforting. You will always be missed by all of us who experienced your love and smile.
Posted by Mimi Tsige on 12th October 2017
To lose a mom I loved so much bringing pain beyond belief and there are no words to ease my pain. Emamye, I try to remember not just that you died, but that you lived and that your life gave me memories too beautiful to forget I miss you Mimi
Posted by Kidest Babi on 18th January 2017
Happy Birthday Elfuye!! I do miss you very much but I am consoled knowing that you are in heaven with the almighty. I know a time will come that I will join you as well. I recently listened to a gospel song which goes on to elaborate that " I am no scared of death". That is true. On your behalf, I am going to enjoy olives and cheese with toast bread today. I remember all the foods that you used to enjoy. I remember you when I eat something delicious and my mind immediately goes to you. I remember you when I see somebody who is all dressed up and looking nice. Thank you for teaching me some values and feminine things in life. I try to impart cleanliness to my children because of you. Thank you for spoiling me. Thank you for loving me and for listening to my deepest needs and wants. I do miss you badly!
Posted by Mimi Tsige on 18th January 2017
To the most beautiful angel in Heaven my Mom Happy Birthday!! You are missed
Posted by Elsa Assefa on 18th January 2017
Etie Elfu, you are missed on your birthday! We know you are with your maker, at peace, where everyday is a celebration. May you rest in eternal peace!
Posted by Selome Habte on 26th October 2016
I miss you so much
Posted by Selome Habte on 17th October 2016
This past 6-7 months of knowing a beautiful soul like you has been great.we have shared a lot of memories, lots of laughs, tears even some disappointments! I thank God for you and your family. Elfuye yene enat, I will miss everything about you. From your beautiful smile to your great advise to you laughing really hard because you've done something silly. I will miss the fact that you couldn't wait till I come home in the morning and your warm greetings with lots of love. I will definitely miss massaging your feet and you blessing me with kind words. You are one strong woman, your always saying "Egziabher yimsgen" even when your in so much pain. I love you so much Elfuye. May you rest in absolute peace! Gone but never forgotten ❤❤❤
Posted by Dennis Panagyotatos on 16th October 2016
My dear Elfuye.you faced your pain with courage ,until the very end. And God took you to his loving home to freed you from the pain .I will miss you forever ,with all my love .
Posted by Dagmi Atnaf on 15th October 2016
Elfuye, I have known you for over 20 years. I admire your gentle smile even when you were not feeling well. You are filled with grace! May THE Lord our God keep you by His side. My dear kidu, I praise God with you for the opportunity of caring for your beloved mother. I pray for The comfort of The Holy Spirit. You have done an awesome job dear sister! Elfuye rest in peace! Lots of love, Dagmawit
Posted by Hiruth Mesfin on 15th October 2016
You're beautiful woman, kind to all, and very compassionate. You will be missed. Rest In Peace. Hiruth Mesfin from Oakland
Posted by Rick Rupp on 15th October 2016
Hi Tsega and Kidy. Today on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Israel, the Day of Atonement, the gracious Lord looks into his book of life and sees Elfinesh's name, and calls her to come into her new home and eternal life with him. I am sad for your loss. God bless you and your family for all the care you have provided for her. We pray for your comfort in your grief. I hope we can see you soon." Rick and Jhona 10-12-16
Posted by Hiwot Mandefro Amenu on 14th October 2016
I had the chance of visiting Kidest after about thirtyfour years. It was only a miracle.We had a very short time,but she told me enough about her I am glad that God gave her daughters the chance to be there for her till the last breath.Kidiye and Mimi,hold eachother and go on with the help of the love your mother gave to you. May the light of your mother's love give you the strength to go on. Don't forget ,nothing will take her away from yor hearts
Posted by Tsegereda Bekele on 14th October 2016
Eteye Elfua, May you rest in eternal peace till we meet again. Tsegereda, Messay, Yoni &Eyu
Posted by Tsehay G/Amlak on 14th October 2016
Elfeeya, I miss you already. I remember when you advised to go back home (Ethiopia), I'm deeply saddened that I won't be able to see you in this lifetime. I miss that beautiful smile of yours. Even in your sickness times, you still light up the whole room. It was so great getting to know you; I always looked at you as a big sister and I'll forever cherish our friendship.Until we meet again, God Bless you beautiful. May you rest in peace!
Posted by Guennet Habtemariam on 14th October 2016
May your beautiful soul rest in peace Elfu dear, and May God hold you in the palm of his Hand. Kidi & Mimi, May fond memories of your beloved mother bring you comfort during this difficult time. And May the God of Peace strengthen and sustain the whole family in the days ahead.
Posted by Naigzy Gebremedhin on 13th October 2016
May she rest in Peace. In Tsega and Kidist, she left two worthy servants of The Lord...and a dear brother and sister to us.
Posted by Emmanouil Panagiotatos on 13th October 2016
"Emama Elfu You will always have a special place in my heart may Your soul rest in peace. Emmanouil"
Posted by Janet Walusko on 13th October 2016
Michael and I have the great pleasure of being friends with your daughter and her husband and wonderful children Your kind and welcoming spirit whenever we saw you was well taught to your daughter. One of the great gift in our lives is our deep and loving friendship. Like mother like daughter. Well done mom With our love Michael and Janet Walusko
Posted by Desta Zewdie on 13th October 2016
My dear Elfu, it is hard to let you go. We have been dear friends since our childhood. Your kindness was unlimited to every one around you and full of respect. The few days I spent with you last January in Los Angeles gave me the last chance to chat about religion and more that I will cherish the rest of my life. I will keep your pictures with me. I know you are in a better place (Heaven). "Belemeleme mesk Yanoregnal". I love you Elfu always. Desta Zewdie
Posted by Meski Mengistu on 13th October 2016
Rest in eternal peace, Elfuye. Thank you for the gentle and kind motherly love you have shown us all even during the times you were not feeling your best. May God give the family strength and solace during this difficult time. Elfuye will be missed dearly but her love and kindness will stay with us forever.
Posted by Caleb Mulu on 13th October 2016
It was the summer of 1991. I was a teanager embarking on the voyage of adulthood. You welcomed me with unconditional kindness. I have always cherished that memory and will always cherish that beautiful memory. Caleb Mulu
Posted by Hulu Berhanu on 13th October 2016
Elfuye, My heart aches as I try to put words together. Your gentle ways will truly be missed forever, but I know your angels are awaiting to welcome you to your eternal peace. My Addis visits will not be the same without you to great me with flower or to make me genfo. May your children, friends and family find counsel knowing that you lived a kind, compassionate and above all God loving life. May your loving and caring soul sleep in Heaven forever! Love you and will miss you tremendously.
Posted by Yohannes Getahun on 13th October 2016
Taba, I missed you!!, you was our loved mother , not possible to get another one like you. I couldn't able to forget you until my death, you are always in my heart and I hope God will give us strength but I can assure that no body can able to forget you!! I missed you Taba , Taba , Taba , Taba ... love you so much, Yohannes Getahun
Posted by አንድሪያስ ጌታ... on 13th October 2016
Taba Your death put you to ultimate peace but it left my life entangled in a raging tornado. Much love and respect ever. I miss you. Chombe"
Posted by Mimi Tsige on 13th October 2016
You’re my one and only mom I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you I’m so proud to be your kid Right from the start, you were the one who nurtured me Prayed over me Worried about me Guided me and supported me in every pursuit Thank you for being there every day with just the love I needed Emaye, although we are apart Your spirit lives within me Forever in my heart Mimi
Posted by Kidest Babi on 13th October 2016
My dear Elfuye, I love you so much and already miss you. I have told you this so many times but I want to say it again, I LOVE YOU. You have provided for all my needs and supported me throughout my life. It was agonizing to see you in pain this past year. I also thank God for giving me the opportunity to care for you. The grief would have been unbearable have I not had the opportunity to care for you. Thank you for being my rock! Love you so much. Kidest

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