Let the memory of Elijah be with us forever
  • 34 years old
  • Born on October 1, 1977 in Fort Bragg, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 1, 2012 in Paradise, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elijah Parker 34 years old , born on October 1, 1977 and passed away on May 1, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 16th November 2018
Hi Marcy. Not the appropriate site but we heard about Paradise. We are in Sacramento if you need us. Joseph and Wendy.
Posted by Justin Lane on 10th October 2018
hello bro well i miss you so much there is not a day that pass that bi dont at some time in the day find myself thinking of you but i now i will make it. i feel this is the only way i can talk to you bro so here it is i feel that our mother has once again scared me inside as she turned her back on me for the last time i have always loved her and cherished her my whole life and have just wanted a close relationship with her but never in life again will that happen as i decide to as you can say choose a path to take in my life and to her it was not the right one so what does she do just turns her back on me and like she does not want anything to do with me well that shit hurt but thru out this past week i have been battleing within myself to try and find a place in my heart to forgive her but have not found any light at all to hold onto.but as i sit here writting to you bro i feel this peace and love inter my heart and i now that i can not give up that easy when it comes to our mother so what i am asking is if you can help from up above just please help me your little brother i love you shane and i always will and please for eternity never forget that love your little brother justin
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st May 2018
Remembering you today brother. Joseph and Wendy Stinson
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st October 2016
gone but never forgotten. Joseph & Wendy
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st May 2016
Remembering you today and always. Joseph and Wendy Stinson.
Posted by Marcy Burns on 18th November 2015
Hi babe, Holidays are coming and sure do miss your food requests, miss you everyday , all day, nothing gets easier with time , I cant wait to be with you for eternity, love you so much.........MOM
Posted by Sandy Burdick on 1st May 2015
Missing you my sweet nephew. It has been 3 years and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. God has a beautiful angel, I love you Buddy
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st May 2015
Remembered this day and always brother Elijah. Joseph and Wendy.
Posted by Marcy Burns on 29th December 2014
Well babe another Christmas without you, miss you sooo much. People say it gets easier but I haven't got there yet. I put on a brave face and keep my pain private, but it hurts so bad. You made me laugh and brought so much Love to my life that it is almost impossible to live without. Miss you everyday and it is still hard to face, Love MOM
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st October 2014
Thinking of you Elijah. Just yesterday Joseph remembered something he learned from you that helped him in a bible study he was teaching. Wendy And Joseph Stinson.
Posted by Ashley Burns on 31st August 2014
Not really sure what to write at the moment, all I really wanted you to know is how loved u were and still are. Its Been a while now but Kaylee especially still has her bad days missing you like crazy. Please just keep watching over my family as I know you do Love ya so much, Ashley and Kaylee.
Posted by Justin Lane on 30th April 2014
Its been 3 years and I still love and miss you very much bro I pray that someday me and You will be together again and not a day goes by that I don't love and miss you for eternity your brother LOVE JUSTIN
Posted by Marcy Burns on 7th April 2014
Hey babe, well its almost May 1rst again, can't get you off my mind or heart. People move on with their lives , as they should, but I know there will never be a day that I dont hurt. I love you forever, my angel, my best friend, my beautiful son MOM
Posted by Justin Lane on 5th November 2013
Well bro the time has come for your little brother to finally make a choice to follow my tru calling in life and and I know that you and both grand dad noris and my papa are all going to be smiling down together as I take this next step in my life.I ask only one thing please help to protect me as I do this cause I know it is the right thing to do "I LOVE YOU SHANE AND WIWILL FOR ETETERNITY"
Posted by Marcy Burns on 3rd November 2013
Just missing you so much lately, I try so hard everyday to get up and live life but it feels like I just go through the motions. You brought me so much to look forward to, even though God has blessed me with some great things, I am never truly happy, and find it hard to enjoy. I am grateful and for now that will have to do. I can hear you speak to me and I know you are with me. Love youMOM
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st October 2013
Thinking of you not just today on your birthday but always. Joseph remembers you Elijah as a mentor and always in our discussions about God, he sometimes will mention something he learned from you. You are missed. joseph and wendy
Posted by Marcy Burns on 30th May 2013
Hi my love, well the month of May is almost over. It has been so hard for me. Your heavenly birthday, mothers day and memorial day. I think about you everyday and miss you so much. You are my heart and soul. I know my daily tears are for me because you told me how beautiful Heaven is and now your home. I am going through the motions but I will never be home until we are together again Mom
Posted by Sandy Burdick on 30th April 2013
To my beloved nephew, my heart is missing you. You have touched so many lives since you went to be with our Lord in so many wonderful way's. Your Mom misses you so very much everyday. I know you are watching over her. I love you Shane, Aunt Sandy
Posted by Justin Lane on 19th April 2013
Well bro not a day goes by that I don't miss you so much. I am feeling so lost right now without mom in my life. It was do to my anger once again. I wish Satan would take this evil anger of mine back. But I now I will be OK cause our father God and you both have me covered and my faith tells me I'll be ok. "I LOVE YOU BRO AND WILL LOVE AND CHERISH YOU FOR ETERNITY ".LOVE YOUR BROTHER JUSTI
Posted by Marcy Burns on 27th February 2013
hey bro its your little brother justin i just wanted you to know i miss you so much and love you with all my heart and soul. i cant wait to see you again in life i want to thank you for helping me in life cause i know you are always here with me and i believe you are my true garding angel in this life "I LOVE YOU SHANE AND PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT" love your brother JUSTIN
Posted by Marcy Burns on 22nd February 2013
Hi my love, missing you everyday, everyone tells me you are with me still, and I know you are its just not the same. I look to our Lord for the strength to get through this and I remember how you told me how beautiful Heaven is, I picture walking side by side with Jesus and how proud he is of you for sharing his love with so many, Please help me to keep going, it is so hard without you,Mom
Posted by Margie Vega on 23rd December 2012
Eli, you were such an inspiration to my grandson, Lorenzo. He loved you like a brother.When you would come to the house, I could hear you giving good advise to Lorenzo, now you are at peace with our Lord and one day we will all see each other with no more pain,sorrows and tribulations...
Posted by Lorenzo Molina on 23rd December 2012
To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord. I sit here heavy hearted sorrow,pain. But then i hear the still voice says "Welcome my Faithful Servant, Job well done." and i see you running......i'll miss you friend....
Posted by Marcy Burns on 18th November 2012
Its been 6 months since you left me, and I struggle everyday to find a life without you, My eyes see gray instead of color, my heart hurts so bad every morning I have to go on without you. I know God must have needed you to take you so soon. Help me find some kind of peace in this life I must live without you, I will love and miss you forever, mom
Posted by Sandy Burdick on 9th October 2012
Love and miss you Shane... See you soon, please be at those pearly gate's when I get there.... I am spending alot of time with your Mom,she need's lot's of prayer's. I will rise!!! all my love, Aunt Sandy
Posted by Jennifer Penaloza on 2nd October 2012
Happy Birthday Eli Shane.. We miss you each and everyday. We are being strong knowing that you are in heaven walking the golden roads looking down on each 1 of us.. We love you. Love your sister Jennifer. I always looked up to you. Love you brow. I visit you each day on Facebook.. <3
Posted by Aaron Billheimer on 26th September 2012
emptiness my fallen brother, I am left with. But I shall not allow it to be filled with darkness. I know you would say these words are not for you, but to help myself, that my dear friend is scary, and the roads so very hard. I miss you, and that hurts but prayer provides some of the same warmth you brought, and in these thoughts our God continues to carry you within us all, Much Love .
Posted by Justin Lane on 21st September 2012
Well bro not a single day goes by that at some point I find my self crying really hard from missing you. But then I find peace because I know you are with our lord and saviour Jesus. I will always love and cherish you forever and eternity. Love your brother Justin
Posted by Marcy Burns on 20th September 2012
From one of your letters: You have loved, raised, and nurutured a son of God,for that I am thankful. Rest assured you have lived to see your child be born into God's Kingdom in a way few ever have. You have had a lot to do with the way my heart was shaped, Thank you for being such a wonderful mother:I miss your heart and love everyday,Mom
Posted by Marcy Burns on 24th July 2012
I love and miss you so much everyday is a struggle, I hope everyone is keeping me in their prayers because I need them so bad. I know you are blessing me daily, but the hole in my heart is just unfillable.I look at your pictures everyday and long for the day I can see you again. I will continue to honor your life by worshiping God, I love you with all my heart..I will miss you forever Mom
Posted by Wendy Stinson on 1st July 2012
On behalf of my husband Joseph and myself......Elijah was admired for his love and his passion for the Lord. I met him briefly in 2010 but had the opportunity to correspond with him by mail. We are saddened by his passing. Never got to hang out with you in Paradise Elijah, but you will be forever in our hearts.
Posted by Chris Craig on 28th June 2012
I met Elijah while I was at Susanville in 2010. He was one of the most God inspired people I have ever met! I always enjoyed hearing him speak about his relationship with Christ and he often counseled me about my walk with God and my struggles. I know in my heart that he is currently with the Lord and I look forward to seeing him again. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Posted by Sandy Burdick on 13th June 2012
Hi Bud!! Missing you so very much. Please keep that beautiful love shining on your Mom, she misses you so very much. I drove your car to get fixed today. Elia's will love it. I thank God everyday for our wonderful visit, it meant the world to me.RIP my sweet Nephew til our next jouney. I love you Shane, Aunt Sandy
Posted by Marcy Burns on 1st June 2012
Hi babe, just looking at your pictures, I am trying so hard everyday to get up and breathe, I miss you so much, your smile, our shopping trips and just the way we talked about everything. I don't know how to do this without you but I will because you would want me to. Please shine your love down on me, I will continue to love God and pray, Please God hold me in your loving arms. Luv u mom
Posted by Dawn Gutowski on 29th May 2012
Sorry I wasnt able too make it to your service I was very sick but thought about you all day you will be missed by many we will see you again one day in heaven.
Posted by Jennifer Penaloza on 29th May 2012
Elijah I'm sorry that I didn't make it to your memorial Service I was not there in person but I was there at heart. My heart will always have a place for you in it. If it wasnt for mom moving next door to us in paradise and taking us in with open arm we would have never been so close to each other growing up.. I looked up to you just like my brother!!! I LOVE YOU ELIJAH A BROTHER!!! RIP
Posted by Heather Stacey on 25th May 2012
Im so sorry I did not get to meet you. Cally said you were an amazing man. I assume so the way you light up her eyes. Im sure you have touched many peoples lives. Now you are angel with the lord... please watch over Cally.
Posted by Cally Longnecker on 25th May 2012
My sweet boy, I still can't believe that this is real. I would give anything to see and touch you once more. You were the best friend I ever have had and something about you made it so easy to love. I can remember being in your arms and it not being close enough. You were the one I had been waiting for my entire life. I'm missing you every day and I will never be the same without you.
Posted by Sandy Burdick on 23rd May 2012
To my very special Nephew, Thank you for all the special times you gave to our family, as a baby, as a little boy and a man touched by God. I am so proud of you, till we meet again I love you always,,Miss you so very much Shane......
Posted by Bert Kinney on 13th May 2012
to my friend and my brother i will miss you until we meet up again to continue many more adventure's i love you homeboy
Posted by Wendy Lee on 9th May 2012
Posted by Wendy Lee on 9th May 2012
And one last thing for everybody to now is that my brothers passing has left me not only wanting him back but also hurting so bad wanting our mother back in my life so bad that I am so sorry for anything I have ever said that had a hurtful out come. I am sorry and is coming from deep with in my heart and soul.
Posted by Wendy Lee on 9th May 2012
My name is Justin Lane. And Elijah was my older brother. As I sit and write this please anybody who reads these please now that I loved my older brother with all my heart and soul and that at one point I was so blinded by Satan that I was causing hurt and pain and that I am so sorry and not a single day has gone buy that all I want is my brother back.
Posted by Marcy Burns on 9th May 2012
My Loved One Has Gone In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you John 14:2 KJV Think of stepping on shore and finding it Heaven! Of taking hold of a hand and finding it God's, Of breathing new air, and finding it celestial air, Of waking up, and finding Home! My love is Home.
Posted by Jennifer Penaloza on 8th May 2012
Not just a friend... A Brother..we will never forget, Your Smile, Your loving heart..Your love for your family & friend, We are not blood but in my eye we will always be family.. You are my brother and that will never change. I love you!!! You are deeply missed.. I know that you will guide us the right way.. Until we meet again at the Pearly Gate of Heaven.. You are deeply missed..
Posted by Marcy Burns on 7th May 2012
To my beautiful son. I am thankful for the time God gave you to me. I was so blessed to have you as a best friend as was everyone you met. I know you are wrapped in God's loving arms and I will always take comfort in your walk with our Lord. I will see you in heaven my love.

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