This memorial website was created in memory of Elisabeth Misner. Those of us who knew her will remember this amazing woman forever.

Elisabeth was battling a severe reaction to gadolinium toxicity for several months as the result of an MRI with contrast.  Unfortunately, that condition was masking the more serious underlying condition of cancer (something that she successfully beat before).  By the time her medical doctors discovered that it might also be cancer, it had spread to her liver and bones and she did not have time to pursue  the type of treatment that she had success with before.  She remained with us for only eight days after that time.  She passed away in her sleep on October 29th at 3:03 am of pulmonary thromboembolism as a result of her condition. 

Many people celebrated her life through an online memorial on November 24th.  You can view her memorial by clicking here.

If you would like, you may also leave a tribute message below.
Posted by Sha Nacino on November 6, 2020
I interviewed Dr. Ivan Misner for the World Gratitude Summit and I was awed at how much he loves and admires his wife Elisabeth "Beth."

May God embrace you into His Kingdom, Beth! Thank you for the love, joy, and beauty you shared with the world.
Posted by Roxanne Emmerich on November 5, 2020
Beth was a light that shined bright. Learning, growing, sharing, laughing--she always made each moment better wherever she went. The love between Ivan and Beth was the model of kindness, respect and admiration. Beth has left her mark on the world--she will always be with us. Memories of her warm smile have changed us all forever.
Posted by Annmarie Hatfield on November 5, 2020
Her light shines bright and her impact is far reaching and never ending. Rest well.
Posted by Mary Prevo on November 5, 2020
Comment from Elisabeth's father, John Prevo. I thought the time Ivan showed as Elisabeth's death was interesting: 303 AM on 10/29. She was born at 303 PM on June 13. She weighed 8 lb 7 oz and I could hold her in my two hands. What a feeling to hold my first child. As she grew she developed into a very talented person. She sang like a bird, was an oboe virtuoso having won a national talent contest including a college scholarship playing the Gypsy Dance Csardas on the oboe just before she graduated from high school. She loved studying and learning languages being fluent in Spanish, German and French. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her and our thoughts are with Ivan for comfort and direction in the time to come.
Posted by Charlie Lawson on November 5, 2020
I can't believe that Beth has gone. What a loss to the world.

Beth played a crucial role in helping BNI become the organisation it is today. She epitomised the Givers Gain philosophy.

I remember her most by how she greeted me with a big smile and a hug every time I saw her at a BNI event.

I will miss her very much x
Posted by Julian Lewis on November 5, 2020
It was only this year that I got to know Beth after being in BNI 16 years. Greg and I pulled up to Beth and Ivan's house in a convertible Mustang and we were greeted by them both like one of the family and from that moment on Beth looked after us. 

Whilst this was of course very special for us you just knew that this is how Beth was with everyone. She was generous and caring for the few days we spent together. She was also very excited to show us the deer that come up to the house. I remember it well the enthusiasm that she has for life and in particular all things natural. It was inspirational.

I also remember "chocolate mousse" made from avocados which was amazing. Beth had so many talents.

I know that her legacy will live on, not just in her work but also in all of those, like me, who were inspired by her.
Posted by Mike Holman on November 5, 2020
What a great loss to the world, Beth will be missed terribly by so many people.

I have met Beth a number of times at BNI conventions over the past 20 years and she had the unique ability to always make you feel valued, relaxed and warm in her company.

Beth greeted you like an old friend and cared more about listening than being listened to. Beth is a person i greatly admired and the world is a less beautiful place without her. She will never leave our memories X
Posted by Joseph D'souza on November 5, 2020
Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon her. May her Soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Mike Jones on November 5, 2020
I never had the opportunity to meet her, but everyone always spoke so highly of her that I know the world is a much poorer place without her.
They always say behind every successful man is a woman with a big stick, but I guess in this case she was the woman with a big heart. God bless x
Posted by Sue Butler on November 5, 2020
When I originally met Beth, I was attending my first BNI Executive Directors' Conference. I had signed on to run the Washington, DC metro area. At that time, there were only 200 or so executive directors and Ivan had not yet published his first book. Beth was gracious, welcoming, and clearly Ivan's soulmate and confidante. She remained that same warm and supportive person always.
Posted by Heng Juan Laik on November 5, 2020
Dear Sir,

May God's peace and love be with you and your family members. I hope these words will bring you comfort.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God[a]; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”

John 14: 1-4 (NIV)
Posted by Pierre Schmitt on November 5, 2020
A true sunshine has left us !.
I had the privilege of having a dinner at Elisabeth's table, during a BNI event in Germany, and being able to interact with her.
Her philosophy of life, her openness, her kindness, her listening skills, her smile, make her a very inspiring and unforgettable woman.
Elisabeth, rest in peace between the angels!
Posted by Stefan Gössler on November 5, 2020
Talking to her made one feel special. She was that welcoming, open and friendly.
Posted by Stéphanie NAVARRO on November 5, 2020
C'était un de mes rêves de rencontrer un jour Elisabeth. J'ai fait parti d'un groupe BNI en France je suis comme Elisabeth au début assistante de direction, et c'est ainsi que j'ai appris son histoire, votre histoire. J'ai eu malgré tout la chance cette année d'échanger sur Messenger avec elle au sujet d'un petit garçon qui avait besoin d'aide atteint d'un cancer également (et qui nous a également quitté peut de temps après). Elle avait pris contact avec la famille de ce petit guerrier le champs. Je vous croyais indestructible tous les deux, inséparable comme les couple d'oiseaux qui portent ce nom d'ailleurs, et je crois que vous l'êtes. Rien ne pourra vous séparer même la disparition d'un de vous deux. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage Yvan, et dieu sait que vous en avez et en avez eu et en aurait encore. Peu de gens peuvent partager ce que vous avez partager Elisabeth et vous, il faut garder ça en mémoire tous les bons moments. Merci à elle a vous Yvan qui sans le savoir m'avez apporté tellement depuis tant d'années. Stéphanie
Posted by Kanda Kumar on November 5, 2020
Respected Sir,

My name is Kanda Kumar from BNI-Champions, Bangalore,

I do no much about her but i am sure by seeing the photographs which you have posted.

Shows she is very passionate about her life.

Sir please accept my condolences
Posted by Robert MacPhee on November 4, 2020
Ivan, I am shocked to hear this news, I was just re-reading The Misner Plan last week for my own health, remembering Beth's deep and sustained commitment to your health. I will never forget her loving and caring spirit. If I can do ANYTHING to support, please just ask! - Robert MacPhee
Posted by Barbara Lowe on November 4, 2020
It was lovely meeting you in Thailand. Your energy lit up the room. You will be missed by many.
Posted by Renée Hanson Malone on November 4, 2020
In 2018 I had the privilege to share the stage with Beth, presenting her with the Phyllis Richards Austin Icon for Children Award. She amazed me with her accomplishments, her grace, her kindness and passion for creating a better world for children and all who knew her. Two weeks after she received the award, she reached out asking if she could meet Phyllis, the woman who the award was named after. Beth and I visited Phyllis who was 94 years old. The way she interacted with Phyllis was so sweet and caring. The fact that she reached out and had a real curiosity and desire to meet Phyllis meant the world to me and Phyllis. I have always been so touched and moved by Beth's innate beautiful way of being. She is really going to be missed. Sending much love and healing to Ivan and the family.
Posted by Alifiya Calcuttawala on November 5, 2020
Rest in Peace and know we will never forget you.
Posted by Anupkumar Dave on November 5, 2020
Life is special with special person, and sad without them, the only way we could cheer Elisabeth Misner is to making more strong to BNI And BNI Foundation, which was close to her heart, My prayers for the Family and specially to Ivan , Stand tall as you always been, and She will be happy to see you taller.
Posted by Oanh Henry on November 4, 2020
Dr. Misner, I am so sorry for your loss. I did not have a chance to meet her but definitely she has touched many of our lives here in the BNI family.  So appreciative to see these tributes.
Posted by JyothiScube /Jyothi Rajai on November 4, 2020
I have only read about Mrs.Misner.
Never met in person.
Yet, we have a deep connect.

Prayers & love.
Posted by Ramon Umana on November 4, 2020
I had the pleasure of meeting Elisabeth Lynette Misner and that was two years ago when I met her, it was very kind every time we had a chance to talk, it was always a smile. It's not easy. This time for the family. We think God will give us the strength for this moments.
Posted by Julius Adupu on November 4, 2020
I'm deeply saddened by the death of Elisabeth Misner. My thoughts go out to Dr. Ivan and the kids in this moment. The Lord be your Light and Salvation. Love and Prayers.

(BNI Uganda)
Posted by Jules Baartmans on November 4, 2020
Dear Ivan and Misner family,
It was a shock to hear the news about the passing of Beth last week.
I remember Beth as a very charming lady who was always at Ivans' side.
On top of that she developed the Misner Foundation into the BNI Foundation. When she was on the stage to promote the fantastic work of the foundation, everyone could feel her commitment to the good work: helping thousands of children around the world. At every international conference her presence gave our businesslike events a spark of human kindness and engagement with people from all over the world! She will be missed extremely!
I wish you Ivan, and your children lots of strength to overcome this tragedy.
With warmest regards, Jules Baartmans
Posted by Jonathan Chua on November 4, 2020
I had the opportunity to tour Mysore with Beth, Meena Srinivasan, Murali Srinivasan and my wife Susan last August. It was an up-close and personal experience with her. Wherever she went, she exuberates radiant of grace and love - from the Hotel manager to tour guide at Mysore palace. 

Her love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared her love.

Our thoughts and prayers are for Dr. Ivan. May our love & light surround you and give you strength in the days ahead.

Infinite love & gratitude,
BNI Singapore
Posted by Christi Geib on November 4, 2020
Elisabeth made the world a better place and my world is better because of her. She was a light in everything she did and although I'd only see her once a year, was always greeted with a big smile and a bigger hug. Her passion for helping people was always in the forefront and she will be greatly missed. Definitely a Loveatarian!
Posted by Marina Van Rossum on November 4, 2020
Dear Beth.
Too bad you had to leave our world.
We wish you a very good journey. 

In Poland, November 2019, we spoke briefly, where you showed warmth and genuine interest.

Dear Ivan, a lot of strength and love during this difficult period.
Posted by Anuradhha Shah on November 4, 2020
My heart is broken. My role model, mentor and friend is gone....I am at a loss of words to express what this actually means. Elizabeth was a beacon of light for all, whether you knew her or not. She made people's lives better because of her positive, unselfish and giving energy.
Elizabeth's love, compassion, kindness touched everyone who ever crossed path with her. Her energy and enthusiasm for life was contagious. Her power to give of herself so genuinely and appreciate the smallest blessings of life always amazed me.
Over the last 15 years, Bijay and I have had the honour to build a friendship with Elizabeth and Ivan. I say this with the utmost meaning and sincerity; it was truly our honour.
Her life was about health, wellness, giving, caring, thankfulness, gratefulness and love.
In the last few years, I have travelled less to Global Conventions and so we chose to keep in touch by writing to each other. I last wrote to her on that Monday. I wasn't expecting a reply but just letting her know that I was thinking of her. Whenever I posed a question, she would “meet” me right there, and share her experience, never judging but always guiding and taking me to a place higher. She had this gift. When you spent time with Elizabeth you walked away being a better person, irrespective of what the conversation may have been around - relationships, health and wellness, mental health or parenthood.
I am a better person today because of my time spent with, communicating with and being friends with Elizabeth.
Thank you, Elizabeth for being my friend and being such a positive influence in my life.
I wish I could reach out & hug you - I will miss you dearly, x
Posted by Krishna Prakash on November 4, 2020
Heartfelt condolences Dr Ivan Misner. This is an irreparable loss.

At least a million business owners across globe are indebted to Beth because without her unflinching support to you, BNI would not have grown to what it is today.

Om Shanti.
Posted by Fred Van Zwieten on November 4, 2020
Beth was the representation of the soul of our organization. Not only the business part of it, but the human relations and helping others, is the driving force of the things we do. She lived that message as no other, and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts will also be with Ivan and the family that suffered this terrible blow. May they find the wisdom and the power to carry forward her work and ideas.

Fred van Zwieten On behalf of Team BNI Den Haag, The Netherlands

Posted by Sarah Ross on November 3, 2020
I was honored to have met and worked for Beth. She was a blessing. I'm thankful that she got me up before sunrise during the national conference to teach us Qigong. She taught me the simple concept of a healing deep breath. Now when I stop and take a deep breath, I will think of you Beth. Your legacy will live on.
Posted by Donna Kennedy on November 3, 2020
I met Beth a few years back on a cruise and and both Ivan and Beth were down to earth sincere individuals. I remember Beth had so much zest and was full of life. She invited me to join her in an exercise session and spoke about diet and health. Beth was truly an inspiration to all and had an infectious smile that would light up a room, or should I say a town. Mark and I are shocked and saddened to hear about her passing and will continue to pray for her family during this sad time. Heaven just gained a beautiful angel and when I look up to the sky I feel honored to have a blessed soul looking over us. RIP Beth, you will be missed by many.
Posted by Samdy Lok on November 4, 2020
I will always miss you, you are kind and big heart.
Posted by Tina McNeal OBrien on November 3, 2020
My coach, my friend and my mentor. Your light and honesty was always a presence in my life. In Dallas we bonded, “I saw you”. Enjoying the time we had together will be the guiding light to eat right, work out and never let an illness define you. I will miss book club and your unique and spiritual outlook on everything. Even though I saw you on zoom I still needed a hug. The last time I saw you was at our goodbyes in Dallas, you were packing the truck like a champion in Tetris. Last hug as you slid into the drivers seat, your glasses on in full concentration mode. Ivan at your side in the passenger seat, his arm on the open window like the end of a 1950s movie. Off into the sun you rode. I love you my pink sister. You are loved and missed.
Posted by Jackie St Peter on November 3, 2020
I remember meeting Beth about 9 years ago. I was nervous and wondered if I would have anything to talk to such a worldly woman about, Immediately I was comfortable and felt as if I had known her forever. Of course, the conversation turned to kids. We both had 3. I saw her each year at at the conferences and always had a great one to one with her. In between we would share ideas on how to bring the Foundations work to our region and create awareness. A few years ago during a conversation with Beth at a conference I shared the my daughter Katie was having problems with seizures. She listened in such a caring way and shared some thoughts but it was what she did next that I will never forget. I told her Katie was having some tests a couple days after we would return from conference and she reached out to me a couple of days later to see how it went. WOW! I will never forget how that made me feel. That she made time to check and see how my daughter was with all that she had going on in her own life. She was so kind and thoughtful. I will forever miss her and her kindness!
Posted by Adriana Pina on November 3, 2020
Fico com a linda lembrança da Sra. Beth Misner quando a conheci na conferência Global BNI, em Varsóvia.
A presença da Sra. Beth Misner em minha vida foi encantadora e ela viverá para sempre - a vida em si não morre.

Posted by Joeri Blom on November 3, 2020
Beth Misner was a wonderful and kind woman. Me and my family had the privilege of getting to know her better in Portugal during a BNI conference. Her caring and loving manner had a tremendous attraction that will last for ever in our minds. We will miss you Beth, but never forgotten. Much strength to Ivan and the entire Misner Family
Posted by François Garon on November 3, 2020
Beth was such kind soul and so compassionate, in a moment you could feel her presence and full attention. In 2015, when we held a conference in Québec city, Beth wanted to make sure she could communicate and connect with the French speaking members. So, on occasion, she would call me to say hi and chat for a few minutes... In French of course, she wanted to practice outside of her language coaching sessions. That will remain one of my favorite moments.
Posted by Jeff Ensinger on November 3, 2020
Jeff Ensinger BNI Peoria IL

I only talked to Beth a couple of times during my 15 years going to US Conferences but you could tell she was the strength of BNI. I got that that feeling from Ivan because he would start talking about her and I don't think he actually realized he was. There's a big hole that can't be filled. We'll miss her. 
Posted by Dr.Sudhir Anand, Ph.D. on November 4, 2020
One of the most beautiful souls I have met indeed is Beth Misner.

So warm, so caring and she always remembered every single interaction we had in the last so many years and especially more so was when we met at the BNI Global Convention, Bangkok two years back and in Bangalore last year when she was in person at the BNI Bangalore Members Day and further to that on 08 August 2019 when I went to Leela Palace, Bangalore, India to meet them both for Beth’s spiritual journey.

Unbelievable that she is gone forever. May her soul rest in peace.

To me it is a big personal loss of such a kind hearted soul.

Rest in Peace, Beth.

Dr.Sudhir Anand, Ph.D.
BNI Millionaire
Bangalore, India.
Posted by Candace B on November 3, 2020
Beth was a bright light indeed, and she was generous at sharing the light... to let (and help) others shine around her. Ivan and Beth were perfectly matched and they brought out the best in one another.
With love and light...
Posted by Davide Venturi on November 3, 2020
There is no more beautiful word than knowing how to say thank you. ❤️
Thank you for everything, thank you for everything, thank you for always being there with your example, with your kindness.
I will never forget the answer to my email inviting you to visit Assisi...
I will not forget emails the first time we spoke to Baveno, your spontaneity, your energy, your sweetness.❤️
Thank you for your trust when you visited Umbria with Ivan ...
With Ivan you were a model couple to follow....
Thank you when you told me yes, as speaker at Tedx Coriano 2019.
From Austin to Coriano!!!! From the United States to Italy, to Romagna, to Rimini, the birthplace of Fellini! ❤️
To tell your story ...
1600 people, entrepreneurs, students, inspired by your speech.
That speech that with Daniela's translation I made my brother listen to who was fighting against cancer.
Thank you for the example that will remain forever tattooed in my heart ...
Have a good trip Beth...
And a big hug and sincere condolences to Ivan and children.
Davide and Tamara.
Posted by Jose Tony Eduthan on November 4, 2020
It was last year August 2nd 2019, we got an opportunity to meet both Ivan and Beth at Bang- bangalore members day. It was actually a last minute decision to go and we got in through final minutes of registration. It was a destiny to meet her.She was very loving and humorous all the time when we team of four was with her along with my wife waiting for ivan misner. Though the interaction lasted only for less than an hour, it is a memory forever to be cherished. A great inspiration, yes she will continue living in our hearts.
Posted by Chet Melcher on November 3, 2020
Chet Melcher BNI Wisconsin,
What a wonderful women. My best memory is with Her and Ivan was with my wife and I in a breakout session about being married and both partners are BNI Directors. I learned a lot about Ivan that day as Beth was so wonderful with words we were all laughing it is a precious memory.
Posted by Jean-Michel Steber on November 3, 2020
Not trusting in God I have difficulties accepting the fact that the life of such a wonderful human being has come to an end so soon. This is so unfair, why her and not all the crazy dummies in the world putting the world in danger before and sooner.
Beth and Ivan have been mentors and role models for me during all these years, I had the privilege to be accepted in their room as a friend, I remember all the laughing during the French lessons with Beth, her eagerness to learn, her humility and generosity. She has been a great support when we decided to start the BNI Foundation in France, and it was so easy and simple to collaborate with her.
Thank you Beth for what you were, for what you've done, for the love you've given all these years to Ivan, to your children. We will all miss you, you will not be forgotten, and be sure that we will be there for Ivan so he can face life without you, as this must be such a challenge to overcome, no doubt the most difficult he has to face. 
Posted by Gabe O'Neill on November 3, 2020
The news of Beth's passing was devastating to me. Very unexpected. I will always remember her as someone who truly cared about doing good in the world, and doing good to others. The light on the earth is forever slightly dimmer with her passing.
Posted by Stephan Floor on November 3, 2020
During my first Global Conference I had the privilege to Meet The Founder(s) wife. Beth was a remarkable woman, who touched so many lives. She will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers are for you Ivan and the ones around you at this difficult time.
Beth will be remembered with her amazing smile and her strong sprit.

Stephan Floor
Team BNI Zeeland West-Brabant
The Netherlands
Posted by Ernestine Lammers on November 3, 2020
It is hard to believe that Beth is no longer with us. But her beautiful heart and soul will always be with us. She was the one that made you always feel special and was so supportive of a lot of small women businesses. She shared her struggles and her passions she became a dear friend. Thanks for everything you gave to all of us.
Posted by Clara Overes on November 3, 2020
With the passing of Beth the World looses a Sparkle and gains an Angel.
During several Conventions I have had the privilege to meet her and be inspired by her. To me she was the personalization of Givers Gain. Her passion to Co-found the BNI Foundation and how she started Business Voices after the terrible shooting in Charlottesville impressed me. Impressive was also the love between Ivan and Beth and their kids and Family. I wish them comfort from so many dear memories of this exceptional ordinary Woman.
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Posted by Victoria Aguirre on November 24, 2020
Elizabeth Misner was my friend♡ I met her at my church and I didn't know anyone who loved God more than she did other than Diana Speakman who is also at my church and now they're together in heaven... and someday I know I'll see them both again Elizabeth Misner was a beautiful person with such a wonderful soul and a giving heart ...I'll be forever grateful for her opening up her home to our church so I can be baptized in her pool with my son... there's so many happy memories that I will cherish forever heart broke when I heard the news I still can't get over it... when she moved out of California we did lose touch although we did see each other when she came back in town but I know she was a busy person are contacts we're very few but that didn't mean I ever forgot about her or our friendship ...I'll treasure it forever and I look forward to the day that I see my friend again.. Misner family I'm so sorry for your loss I know it's a great one... I'll be praying for each one of you for comfort ....thank you for sharing her with so many people...may God bless every person who is left on this Earth to mourn and may God comfort each one of us who had to say goodbye until we see you again... love you Elizabeth and I miss you♡
Posted by Mok Sin Jee Wan on November 25, 2020
My deepest condolences to Dr Ivan Misner's family for the passing A great Love..... May Elizabeth Rest in Peace..
Will always in our Memory.
Posted by Mike Wochner on November 24, 2020
My deepest sympathies to you and your family, Dr. Misner.  May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. 
her Life

Elisabeth Misner

One thing that would tell you a lot about Elisabeth is that she transitioned from being called Beth to being called Elisabeth.  She did that because she said that Beth means "house" and "Elisabeth" means "house of God." 

She is survived by her husband of 31 years, Ivan Misner and her three children, Ashley Misner, Dorian Prin, and Trey Misner Tempest.  

She was born on June 13th, 1964, in Fort Worth, Texas to John and Mary Prevo.  She was the eldest of three children.  Her brother is Jon Prevo and her sister is Tammy Prevo.

She obtained both a Bachelor's degree and a Masters degree in theology.  She was later ordained as a Christian minister. 

Elisabeth started her career as a chiropractic assistant where she met her husband, Ivan Misner.  She left that field to work for BNI where she served in many roles.  She was a Regional Director for the largest region of BNI for several years.  She helped to write all the manuals for every role in the organization.  She then transitioned to the Marketing Director handling PR and marketing for the organization.  Later, she became the Co-Founder of the BNI Foundation and helped to raise millions of dollars for children and education all around the world.  When she stepped down from a formal role in BNI she was made Vice Chair Emeritus to reflect her many years of service to the organization. 

While raising three children she obtained a black belt in Shotokan Karate and went on to study Tai Chi and later become a Qigong Master teaching at the Austin Spa Resort in Texas.  However, she would say that the most important job in life was that of "mom."  She loved being a mom and she loved her three children immensely. 

She also loved reading, writing, painting, drawing, quilting, scrapbooking, speaking, decorating homes, fine art, wine, astronomy, meditation, and reading (it's in twice because she read a lot!).  She spoke three languages (Spanish, German, and French) and she knew sign language and a little Japanese.  She was truly a life-long learner.

She loved animals and flowers (especially bluebonnets).  She was incredibly excited every Spring because the bluebonnets of Texas would start to bloom.  She also loved Lavender oils and Rose scents.  She especially loved Texas and no matter where she lived at the time, she always told people she was from Texas.  Texas was her home wherever she resided.  She was incredibly happy to come back to Texas for the last six years of her life.  

She did a Tedx talk in 2020 entitled "Saved by Rage."  Elisabeth also contributed to many books and wrote several, including Jesus and the Secret and Healing Begins in the Kitchen. Her last book, written during her illness and published just before her passing was titled: Called Out of the Church, 7 Steps to Living Beyond the Cross.   This was a very difficult book for her to write.  It is a parable about a woman's journey in the church and was the most heart wrenching book she ever wrote.  

In the last few years of her life she called herself a "Lovetarian."  She loved people and she loved life.  Anyone who knew her, knew this to be true.  She was a gentle, loving soul who will be missed by everyone who knew her well.   

The world is a little less perfect without her in it.

In Lieu of flowers, the family would prefer donations to the BNI Foundation.

lease feel free to leave a tribute message here sharing some thoughts you have about Elisabeth. 

Love at First Date

Someone recently asked me how I knew Elisabeth was my soulmate when we first went out.  I’ve told the story many times and I cover it a bit in the book, Givers Gain, but I don’t think I’ve ever written it down as one story so here it is:

I first met Elisabeth in 1986.  It was at a Leadership Team training I conducted in LA.  I remember meeting her vividly.  She was young (23) and very motivated and I could see why the group elected her the President.  I also recognized that she was very smart and she was… gorgeous.  Although I was undeniably attracted to her – I was also in a relationship and didn’t connect with her again for two years.  In that time, unbeknownst to me, she moved from LA to Prescott, Arizona (many hours away).   I was scheduled to speak in Phoenix (about 2 – 3 hours from (Prescott) and out of the blue she called me.  Now (1988), I was no longer in that relationship and when she called, she said, “I don’t know if you remember me but we met in LA a couple years ago.”  My heart pounded but I calmly said, “yes, yes, I remember you Elisabeth.” She told me that her chapter knew she met me and they asked her if she would call me to see if I would “swing by” Prescott to speak to their group – so she asked me that question.  I knew I couldn’t just “swing by.”  I knew it was an overnight trip so I did something I have never done before – I said, “if you’ll have dinner with me, I’ll drive the  2 – 3 hours over to Prescott to speak to your group and she said “yes.”  That was about April or May of 1988.

Honestly, for her, it was a business meeting but for me, it was a date.  I could tell pretty quickly that she wanted to keep it professional and I remained a perfect gentleman all evening.  We spoke for hours.  Many, many hours.  I didn’t get her home until almost 1am and we had the BNI meeting that morning at 7am.

When I got home to LA the day after the meeting, I had a conversation with the nanny (Pia Jacobsen - PJ) who was watching my young daughter (who Elisabeth later adopted).  She asked me how that “date” went that I was looking forward to so much.  I told her that it was a "good thing that she lived so far away" and she asked me “why?”  I told her, “because if Elisabeth lived nearby I would ask her to marry me.”   She said, “are you crazy, you just got divorced – you can’t get married again so soon and especially after one date!”  I agreed that it was crazy and I told her I knew that I was a logical, left-brain thinker, but that there was something special about this woman and it was probably good that she lived so far away.  It would give me time.

Elisabeth and I then started talking a couple times a week by phone.  This was back in the day when long-distance phone calls were crazy expensive.  Beth couldn’t afford the calls so when she wanted to talk she would call me and we’d hang up immediately and I’d call her back because she didn’t make enough money to afford talking long. And I of course, called her directly a lot. We saw each other in person a couple times over the next seven months but the relationship was almost exclusively by phone.

In late December, we were talking and she said she had just gone to a Chiropractor's conference (she was a Chiropractic Assistant).  I was still running my consulting business full-time AND doing BNI close to full-time.  She asked me for some “business” advice.  She said she had two job offers and wanted my professional opinion (as a business consultant) as to which was the better opportunity.  My first question was – “where are the jobs?”  She said "one was in Dallas and the other was in Pasadena" (close to me).  I immediately told her the best one was Pasadena.  She said, “but you haven’t even heard anything about the offers!”  I said to her – “I don’t know if you get it by now but I’m interested in you.  I recommend Pasadena."  So, she moved out in February, left the chiropractor and came to work with me in March, I asked her to marry me in April, and we were married in May,1989. 

While it wasn’t love at “first sight” it was, for me, love at “first date.”  We were married for 31 years. I don’t know “how” I knew.   I’m not sure that “knew” is even the right word.  It was something I “felt.”  And for someone like me, who values tangible information and facts, to get such an overwhelming feeling – I knew I needed to pay attention to it.  I'm glad I did. 


Remembering Elisabeth (Beth)

By Elaine Betts
BNI Poet Laureate

Internal, external, beauty portrayed,
Beth Misner an icon, the difference she made.
Born to be caring, her reach far and wide,
Her heart full of giving and the tears that she’s dried.
She brought hope to many, she listened with stealth,
Her gung-ho approach even fighting ill health.
Our tears here of sorrow for the loss that we feel,
As Beth in her goodness has made the world real.
Her voice will be heard, it’s immortal for sure,
And we can bring volumes through the grief we endure.
Channel our sadness to live through her letter,
Foundation her passion for making life better.
She is the light and a beautiful soul,
Her memory lives on through her purpose and goal.
We keep her work moving as role model and mentor,
Harmonious journey with passion to center.
The love that she gave so freely abundant,
Will live on in this world and won’t be redundant.
Her bountiful friendships, inspiration and more,
The spirit of Beth that we love and adore.
Her beautiful smile that we’ve seen every day,
Those precious memories have not gone away.
Heaven’s angel is calling as she left us in place,
As her soldiers of mercy with courage and grace.
Elaine Betts - Go Far Consulting - P. O. Box 2184 – Danville, CA 94526
© Copyright 2020 to present Elaine Betts All rights reserved.
Recent stories


Shared by Kimberly Gonzalez on November 28, 2020
I met Ivan and Beth many years ago like many at a BNI function.  However, just about a year ago this last month, I too was diagnosed with cancer.  I will never forget the phone call that I received from Beth, a day I will always remember.   She was such an inspiration that day.  She shared so many stories and gave me so much hope.  Shortly after, I was gifted her books and while I was undergoing treatment I read her story.  I felt like I was right there with her the whole time.  Ivan,  thank you for sharing her with me.  My heart is heavy for our loss, but I know that God has gained an amazing angel.  I pray that God gives you peace.  I look  forward to the day that we can all meet again.  YIC, Kimberly

Elisabeth - Beth, beautiful spirit

Shared by Tracy Pellegrino on November 25, 2020
Forgive me if this is not well worded - many times I've thought of writing and how to process the significance of her sudden passing.

While we didn't see each other or speak all that often, I thought of her so very often. In her passing, I've wondered why I thought of her so continuously even before she shared her struggle with the pain in her last days.  Possibly it was her warm embrace, her knowledge and zeal for life, love, healing - her willingness to share and blog her journey... She seemed to have a deep love for a lot of things - animals probably were one of "our" common denominators.  I remember her pain when she lost their last dog - we lived close by at the time & she borrowed a puppy from us a couple of times to spend the day with her. Then when Ivan was sick she asked if she could get fresh chicken eggs from us.  Later on some how through her divine intuition she honored us by asking if we would house one of her biggest treasures on earth, her son Trey, who wanted to own a dog, that we agreed to.  With our busy lives, we had just simple encounters yet she always left a lasting impression on me. The last time we saw each other I felt so blessed she was coming to visit as part of her healing for her breast cancer.  She had identified horses as part of that healing journey. She was in Santa Barbara, and we are now on a large alpaca ranch and that to her was close enough!  I felt so happy & honored to have her coming, knowing what a busy life and fragile period that diagnosis was.  I now will treasure that visit more than ever.  One thing that stuck out to me on that visit was what I really wanted to share with everyone else.  She talked about "laughter" being significant in healing and how her & Ivan had been telling each other jokes.  It was just so cute that simple image of them calling each other up just to send laughter. I feel blessed to have the memory of her giggle to belly laugh - I loved hearing her sweet voice, she was just special in many ways. I know she has somehow made even heaven a brighter place by her presence.   Such vibrancy, she truly out-loved so many of us in her too short of a time on this earth.  I am glad she did not have to suffer too long & thankful her love lives on in so so many.  Until we see each other again dear friend :)

Everyone had potential

Shared by Erica Gifford on November 24, 2020
We've all spoken on how Elizabeth had this... amazing capacity for love. For acceptance. For making everyone she met feel special. Even when she was exhausted, at the end of her own rope, she had a smile for  you. 

I met her in April of 2017, at my first convention for BNI. Patti introduced us, and we hit it off, right away. We shared a passion for bringing love and change to the world. I was honored, in 2018, to receive a leadership award in her name. 

But really what I cherished and valued more than anything, was her honesty, and candidness about who she was. And her genuine care and understanding that everyone was different, but everyone had value to bring to the world. We shared the struggles of being mothers to children who had their own journeys to walk. I hope, one day, to be half the woman she was. 

You are so missed Elizabeth.