Everyone had potential

Shared by Erica Gifford on November 24, 2020
We've all spoken on how Elizabeth had this... amazing capacity for love. For acceptance. For making everyone she met feel special. Even when she was exhausted, at the end of her own rope, she had a smile for  you. 

I met her in April of 2017, at my first convention for BNI. Patti introduced us, and we hit it off, right away. We shared a passion for bringing love and change to the world. I was honored, in 2018, to receive a leadership award in her name. 

But really what I cherished and valued more than anything, was her honesty, and candidness about who she was. And her genuine care and understanding that everyone was different, but everyone had value to bring to the world. We shared the struggles of being mothers to children who had their own journeys to walk. I hope, one day, to be half the woman she was. 

You are so missed Elizabeth. 

Favorite memory of Elisabeth’s

Shared by Lindsay Mitchell on November 24, 2020
Elisabeth was so many things. And from my perspective, she was a mentor, friend, and colleague. She has taught me and will continue to teach me compassion, life long learning, and strength.

One of my favorite exercises that she taught in Qi Gong was the 5 Frolics. I have shared it here, so that we can continue to use her techniques and have her healing legacy live on: I love how she can teach and laugh at the same time, and this is such a fun exercise to use with families to help them feel calm and ease.

 My heart goes out to Elisabeth’s friend and family, and though we wanted so much more time with her, we can look back on all the beautiful moments we shared together. 

Kai and Seychelle Bjorn

Shared by Kai Bjorn on November 24, 2020
My family still talks about our adventure to Croatia with the BNI executive council.  Beth made sure all of the families felt welcome and part of the adventure.  It was her idea to bring our families to the event to get to know all of our personal networks.  It was wonderful to see our fellow leaders with there families- this is were our true personalities come out.
Beth lead this brood of people from all over the world effortlessly.  She showed us how to be inclusive, respectful, welcoming and classy......
My family is richer to have had the luxury of knowing her and will cherish the memories we are lucky to have had.
God bless you Beth.

Kai and Seychelle CANADA

When it's right - It's right!

Shared by Betty Runkle on November 23, 2020
I first met Elisabeth in Beaumont, Texas, at a BBB conference, where she and Ivan were speakers. I did the "take a picture with the speakers thing" and later we mingled. Beth reached out her hand to me to introduce herself and said - OH, your a Naturopath! I'm a Nutritionist -- we are going to be great friends." Little did I realize that statement was a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Two years later, a friend of mine in the Austin area was having a gathering that I referred Beth to.  She was fearless and never met a stranger, so she attended.  My ears were burning the entire night, as they discussed Beth's new project (Healing Can Be Easy) and who would she get to help her write the technical part of a Mind/Body health book.  My dear friend immediately told her that she must include me. Beth called the next day.  There was no discussion, there was no explanation...Beth said very simply and matter-of- fact --"I want you to write my story with just feels right. I knew from the moment your friend suggested it."  From that phone call, we became kindred spirits.  We had a connection, unlike anything I have ever had with another person.  We just got each other.  I am so grateful for the experience of knowing her and for being able to stand beside her while she carried out her mission.  Our hearts are forever knitted together and our mission is not over. She was a beautiful presence here on Earth and we are all the better for having known her.

Soul and Spirit of BNI : Elisabeth Misner

Shared by Runjhun Gupta on November 23, 2020
For me Elisabeth Misner will remain the soul and spirit of BNI. As that’s where I first met her in 2012 Convention at the Gala and I remember how with a childlike spontaneity she said, “I love this Indian wear’, she was referring to the sari I wore for the Gala, seeing her excitement I asked her if she would like to try it sometime and she said she would love to.

I remembered to take that as a gift for her in my next convention visit in 2014.To be honest, I was a little nervous not sure how she would take it, as it was only our second meet and I only hoped and prayed she liked it, although it was a special handmade collection but I wasn’t sure if she would like it too. Usually it’s quite tough to get time during a packed convention. I realized that for sure she would be in the BNI foundation session and I took it for her there. It’s a different thing that thanks to this reason I got to understand BNI Foundation better. At the end of the session I mustered the courage and gave it to her.

I cannot forget the thrill on her face and that gave me more courage to say I could help you wear it now if you wanted and that was it…She made me stay till the end of the session, she then called Ivan to join in the room. While I helped her put on the Sari, she cooperated all smiles at the crowd gathered and at the end of it she looked so beautiful with the colors matching her eyes. We all took happy pictures (one of them attached here) and she said, “I feel like a princess, so let me add same attitude to my elegant dressing” and she took Ivan by arm and walked with chin up taking the round of the entire open networking area.

What was equally heart-warming was Ivan watching the entire episode with bigger smile on his face and eyes lighting up seeing Elisabeth’s happiness and the way he expressed by continuously saying “Thank you” as they both walked away like King and Queen declaring their love for each other.

That day, Elisabeth taught me a very important lesson, that we have the power to make a gift priceless by the way we receive it, and make the giver feel special. All we need to do is express with love, with authenticity, with appreciation. You also give in how you acknowledge the gain.

It was not just this gift, but every gift I gave her, she received with the same joy and I have a story for each one of them. I remember even in the last convention she said I wait for your gifts as they are so thought through. Once she even posted on fb to show where she placed the gift.

I am very selective about gifting and take pride in making it customized, personalized, meaningful and that was enough to fulfill me whether the other person acknowledged or not, but Elisabeth showed how authentic receiving can make gifting a magical memory in the heart causing bigger fulfillment. I am so glad I got to let her know this in our meeting at convention last year. I am grateful for all the sharing, learning of every meeting, cherished memories, collected moments that made me feel blessed knowing her.

I feel since she promised to support through everything, she became an angel just one thought away. A cherished soul…love you Elisabeth Misner for being you.

Ivan's story

Shared by Dean Billington on November 18, 2020
I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Misner and the lovely Beth in Poland last year. The whole event has to be the most inspiring thing I have ever done, but one part in particular. Dr Misner told a story about how they managed to buy some land at the rear of his property. The story was amazing, the crux of which is that no-one gives you anything, you have to work hard, and think outside of the box. Later on, being an 'early bird' we were invited to a meeting with Dr Misner and his lovely wife Beth, where Beth had a completely different side to the story which has us laughing and laughing.There must have been so many demands on her time at the convention, but she gave it freely, and warmly. I count myself very blessed to have met her. I only met Beth in person this once, but I had a telephone call with her a few months ago about visiting my chapter, when I had a high profile guest attending. Despite the time difference between the UK and the US, Beth was prepared to get up in the middle of the night, to help us out. She was the type of lady that radiated warmth, invited you in, and treated you like a friend. The world will be a lesser place without her. God Bless you Ivan, we are all thinking of you.

Forever in our hearts

Shared by Laura Hurren on November 13, 2020
I met Elizabeth 23 years ago.She was young, vibrant and full of love.Over the years that never changed.She lit up any room with her warmth and love for everyone and everything.

My personal story with Elizabeth goes back to the year 2000 when she partnered me in BNI with a Director from New Zealand as mentor and mentee. I couldn’t see it working because of the time difference between our two countries, but she could.That union has become a lifelong one for us, we are now married and often talk about how had it not been for Elizabeth we may never have met.

Elizabeth was a true humanitarian and inspired so many of us with her work with the BNI Foundation and latterly with Business Voices.She always inspired me and whenever I met or spoke her I left in a better place.

One lasting memory will be at the Italian conference when a group of gospel singers started to perform.Elizabeth was caught up in the moment as she sang and danced to the music.It was wonderful to see the pure joy on her face.

I will miss you Elizabeth I will miss your inspiration, your warmth and your love and promise to work tirelessly to help keep your legacy alive.


Beth spoke when Ivan lost his voice at BNIGC19

Shared by Erik Arnout on November 12, 2020
We have lost a warm hearted person and bright star. Deeply feeling sorry for Ivan Misner who looses his soulmate. In Warsaw, Poland, at the BNI Global Convention 2019 gala dinner, Ivan was supposed to present the founder's special award for Givers Gain but he almost completely had lost his voice. Beth was the perfect stand-in, taking Ivan's place and speaking his words, what a magical couple.

Beth helped me through my first Global and inspired me to do a fundraising tour of Thailand

Shared by Cathy Barrow on November 4, 2020
I was only 6 months old in BNI when I met Beth.  I was 99% violinist.. not much of a business person, attending my FIRST global conference. I was scared to death.

Beth found ME, took me aside and gave me her phone number. She even took the time to have an amazing one to one with me on the Sunday after that Global. I loved everything she said to me that day.  She inspired me so much that I asked the Mexican government to help me fund a fundraising tour of Thailand, which they said yes to.

Beth was very proud of what I had accomplished (all thanks to her inspiration!) She asked to give the introduction to my group (with Sophie Tanapura and Ricardo Acosta) at the Gala Dinner. 

In short, she put me on an amazing path and changed my life. I will forever be in her debt and will remember her always.

Beth Misner

Shared by Joeri Blom on November 3, 2020
Beth Misner was a wonderful and kind woman.  Me and my family had the privilege of getting to know her better in Portugal during a BNI conference. Her caring and loving manner had a tremendous attraction that will last for ever in our minds.  We will miss you Beth, but never forgotten.  Much strength to Ivan and the entire Misner Family

A True Visionary - Beth Misner

Shared by Arvind Nanda on November 3, 2020
For someone who grew into the role she choose for herself, she became a role model for us all.
I had the privilege of inviting her to my Chapter’s 8th anniversary meeting. She was so excited and can never forget what she taught us that day- Givers Gain and Attitude of Gratitude
She touched lives by not only how she spoke but also her humble approach to life and people. Her eagerness to learn and do good for others made her stand apart from everyone.
Even when she asked me to share shortcuts to understand Tarot Cards, I was humbled by it. She was loving, down to earth and an Angel for humanity ❤️
She was the most loving soul and it was an honour knowing her. She will be missed immensely but her legacy would live on....

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