Let the memory of Elissa be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on November 26, 1958 in Henderson, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on March 11, 2015 in Owensboro, Kentucky, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elissa Early 56 years old , born on November 26, 1958 and passed away on March 11, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Nina Johnson on 11th March 2019
Aunt Lisa it’s been 4 years since you left this temporary earth & gained your angel wings. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or find myself bringing you up in a conversation. You left behind so many memories of smiling happy times. I have been in touch with Trey’s mom & Trey which makes me happy remembering the good days of the past when I need something to smile about. I always make it clear to talk to my children about you as much as possible to keep your spirit alive so they don’t grow up & forget about you. I love going through old pictures of you,killer,mom & grandpa somedays and being reminded of how much light you brought to so many people on my hard days. I love you so much & miss you even more! Until we meet again in heaven, fly high and continue to look down on us & keep us safe. Love you more than all the stars in the sky beautiful angel. Your Niece, Nina Leigh ♥️
Posted by Nina Johnson on 29th December 2018
Aunt Lisa it’s almost A New Year & I still can’t believe your not here with us anymore! When I left for 30 months & you were here in your home & I talked to you on the phone that 4th of a July I never imagined in a million years that when I came home you would no longer be here for me to see, come to your home & visit or tell you I love you! So much changed after you left this earth, not a single day goes by that I don’t think of you or have a funny memory pop up in my head of you. I love you so much & miss you even more!! You might have physically been gone off this earth for 3 years & 9 months but you are forever with me daily & I know your not hurting anymore and finally happy seeing your baby boy again! I love you so much Aunt Lisa!
Posted by Nina Johnson on 23rd December 2018
Aunt Lisa it’s 2 days until Christmas and it’s been a really hard year! Not a single day goes by that I don’t think of you. Every single time I pass by your home when I’m either leaving home or coming back in the neighborhood my heart misses you even more. So much has changed since you left this earth & I find myself some days going through old pictures of you & smiling because you were truly one of a kind soul. You were so brave,carefree,outspoken & full of love! Trey is so grown up you would be so proud of your grandson he reminds me so much of Thomas just looking at him. I love you so much & miss you even more! Tell grandma,grandpa,Thomas, grandpa Charlie & my very much missed Step father I love them & miss them so much. I love you aunt Lisa & promise you my children will forever remember you & what a beautiful soul you were. Miss you so much! Merry Christmas beautiful Angel! Love you,Nina Leigh
Posted by Pamela Bean on 22nd December 2018
Christmas is almost here, I sit here thinking about you with tears in my eyes sis. It still hurts so bad, My life was forever changed the day you left us. I hope your with Thomas again and your happy at Christmas again. I know they were really hard for you after he Died and mine are now. I Love You and will be thinking of you every minute this holiday. Tell Mom, Dad and Charlie and Espically Thomas I Love and Miss Them with all My Heart. Till we see each other again. Your Sis Pamela (Still Me) and yes I remember the Easter Bonnets.
Posted by Pamela Bean on 25th August 2018
Well Sis its Aug 25 2018. I just read the story Jaye wrote ,it is so beautiful just as you were. I miss you in my life, I really miss Jaye and Michael T. I can't get to see her an its breaking my heart. If only I could find someone to take me to her. I am sad without you and lonely without her. I pray things change soon. Till I see you again. Ready to be with my family as Jaye says (,without judgemen.) I'm so sorry out Brother harsn't been on here. In my heart and in my dreams. Love you Sis
Posted by Pamela Bean on 10th December 2017
Hey Sis Well it's Dec the 6th and it would have been Glenn and yours anniversary. I was going to get in touch with Glenn but I knew it would only make him more sad for me to acknowledge that day. He has met someone and at first it really freaked me out, Personally I thought it was way to soon but you once told me you wanted him to be happy and that he had been really great to you. I remember when he was mean and hurt your feelings all the time but you were right cause when you got sick he was there for you in every way and I know it was hard for him because he had to see you in all that pain and watch you suffer so dam much. I was there with you a lot and it hurt me in ways I never thought it would. To see you like that, being so dam brave and suffering so much for so long. I would have gladly gave my life for you to keep yours . You were such a special person with so much love in your heart for so many people. Since you left us I have struggled to find my place in this world my reason for being here, some small part of my life to make me smile or feel any happiness at all sis but I'm afraid that all left when you did. I know what you would say (Keep Trying Pammy) and so I am no matter how hard it is or how sad I feel I am still trying. I pray your there with Mom,Dad,Thomas,Jennifer,and Charlie or yes and Grandma Williams and all is like you thought it would be. I look forward to the day when I am once again with my sister-my best friend. I dream of you often and yes I still cry quite often when I think about you. I Miss You Sis.... UNTIL WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN-I LOVE YOU
Posted by Pamela Bean on 21st July 2017
Hey Sis, It's Friday July 21st 2017. Sitting here thinking about you but them I'm always thinking about you. I've been hanging out with Jaye a lot these past few weeks. Shes really been there for me. It would make you happy to see us this close. I know it does my heart good cause I've been real sad and lonely with out you. There are times I want s very much to pick up the phone and call you. You were the only one I could talk to about anything. I miss hearing you call me Pammy. I'm really lost in this life without you. I dream about you and when I wake up I have tears in my eyes. One day we will be together again I promise. I live for that day. I love you Sister of Mine and I miss you with all my heart and sole. Love Your Sister Pammy.
Posted by Jack Jones on 12th May 2017
For Elissa and Family, You don't know us, but my friends and I have been on a journey for the past several months (one of us who shares your history, much much longer), pouring through family trees and documents, faded photos as well as more recent. Its wonderful seeing the love you all share for each other here, and without ever having met, you've already touched our hearts. Maybe one day, we'll be able to return the favor. May you find comfort and peace. Sincerely, Lacey/Kristina, Jack, Kara, Jessica and Gwen
Posted by Pamela Bean on 14th April 2017
Well Sis its April 14th today, you've been gone a little over two years. It hardly seems possible but I know you are with Thomas and I'm trying to accept it. You know me stubborn as hell. I saw Glenn a few weeks ago and Nina Chick sees him every Sunday. He's doing ok we cried when I went to see him . I knew that would happen. I gotta say my life really seems empty without you . You have no ides how important you were to me. All I know is I hope and pray I see you again one day. I Love You and I miss You with all my HEART!!!
Posted by Nina Johnson on 14th April 2017
I miss you every day & always know your looking down on me smiling at how my life has became. I wasn't where you expected my life to be when you left this earth but I am where I want to be now and I wish you could still be here with me. I pass by your home everyday and always want to stop and just run inside and still expect to see you sitting in your bed only when I walk in nothing but emptiness. I miss you so much it hurts and I feel I hide that hurt well. But I know you have to be in a better place. I'll see you soon and until that day comes keep smiling down from above beautiful lady! I love you!!! Always & forever your neice
Posted by Pamela Bean on 14th March 2017
Well Sis it's been two whole years since you left us and I promise you I have truly tried to move forward and to be happy for you cause I know you are with Thomas and everyone you love but I still have a really rough time getting thru the days without my bestest friend. No one has ever been there for me or known me like you did. Nor cared and loved me like you. I always knew it would be this way if I lost you first just wish I was better at life without you. I never truly felt lonely till I lost you now I just feel adrift in life not sure why what or how I'm living just know I'm doing the best I can to do it without you. Every single day is just ass hard as the first one. I still dream you are here with me and I still wake up crying. When things happen in my life you are the first person I think of to talk to and to tell what ever it is to then I realize you are gone so I keep it to myself and know someday I will see you again and we can be as we used to be. My nest friend the part of me I can never get back till I see you again. I love you and you will always be in my heart. When you miss me just look into your heart and I'll be there. Love Pammy
Posted by Pamela Bean on 4th October 2016
Today is Oct 4th 2016 It's been a year and 8 months, wow where has time gone seems like yesterday we were sitting on your bed talking while you colored or made jewelry.. God I miss you sis you were the only one I was truly close to could always count on and I knew you loved me unconditionaly. I don't understand why God took you from us but I know you are where you wanted to be I just wish I was with you and it was all we thought it would be. I miss you till my heart hurts and I always will.
Posted by Pamela Bean on 8th June 2016
Hey Sis, Sitting here doing one of the things we used to enjoy together. I know you are looking down on me so you know. Its not nearly as fun and sometimes very sad without you. I can't believe you have been gone 15 months when it seems like just yesterday you were calling me Pammy or Sweet Girl. Life has lost it happy without you sis. I know you wanted me to try and really I am but it sucks and there's no joy since you left me. I miss you and hope to be with you soon walking those streets of gold holding your hand. I miss You Dearly
Posted by Pamela Bean on 8th March 2016
Well Sis it's March the 8th, I can't believe its been almost a year since I lost you. The empty place you left in my life is still empty and the pain well that will never change. I know in your letter you said never let anything come between me and Jaye and I'm sorry to say it has and there was nothing I could do to stop. I've lost you both now so the lose in my life is double. I can't put myself in a place where someone can hurt me as bad as she can. I know you will understand because it happened to you too. Losing her and the pain I felt when it happened affects me daily although I am sure she is fine with it and that hurts even more. I need you so badly in my life Sis, I tried to be with you but failed. One day I will be and all this pain in my heart and in my body will be over. You were the best friend and sister. There will never be anyone like you. I Love you and know your with Thomas and the rest of our family. Looking forward to seeing you again. Love your Sis Pammy
Posted by Pamela Bean on 24th December 2015
It's Christmas eve 2015 sis-ten months since you left us. So many times I want to pick up the phone and call you tell you I love you and how much I miss you. How sad I am without you and the big hole in my life without you there. Our first Christmas without you I miss you especiaily on this day and every day since. I know that your in Heaven with Thomas and all those we've loved and lost. I hope your smiling up there . I love you will be seeing you again one day sis. Love Pammy
Posted by Pamela Bean on 21st November 2015
Well it's Nov 21st sis almost you're birthday. I miss you so so much. I finally went an got a mamagram you were always telling me I needed to get one. I got a letter in the mail from them and they found something si I have to have more tests done on your birthday the 24th. Now what do I do? Joe as usual doesn't even acknowledge it's happening either way so no comfort there what so ever. Jaye been great about it but I need you. You were my person sis. The one person in the whole world that no matter what tried to make me feel better and usually could but your gone now so here I sit in my one room world scared confused and needing you so very badly. I Love you. When you want to see me just look in your heart thats where I'll be always!!
Posted by Pamela Bean on 20th September 2015
Hey Sis, Its Sept 19th and I am so very lonely without you. I never realized 99% of the love I had in my life came from you, but now that your gone I really miss the love a lot. I try to carry on your contagious smile. The same one that would light up a room the minute you walked in. I try to laugh and not take everything so seriously but its hard without you here to remind me of the brighter things in life. I do love harder and I've always forgiven fast but without you to love its an empty emotion.I am thankful for waking up every day and especally thankful for the 54 years I had with you.I know you didn't want me to be sad and to set you free because you are with Thomas, Mom, Dad and Charlie but I can't help it sadness seems to be my closest friend these days. I wish I could be more like you were then maybe others would love and need me like I do you but I am who I am. The most important promise I can try and keep despite all my failures and losses is to make you proud of me and my life. I haven't given up despite how bad I feel and how hard my life is without you. With all that am or ever will be I Love You and Miss Every Day of My Life. I look forward to being with my bestest friend and the one that truely Loved me Again. You Sis Pammy
Posted by Pamela Bean on 9th September 2015
Hey Sis today is Sept 9th seems like just yesterday i could hear you call me sweet girl, been thinking about you alot today. Went somewhere and wore your earrings. I wear your stuff a lot. I miss you and hope your with Thomas, mom, dad and charlie. Every min of every day forever i miss you. Love you Sweet girl
Posted by Pamela Bean on 4th September 2015
Today is Sept the 4th its been almost 6 months since you left us sis, s few days ago i was going thru some papers and came across the last letter you wrote me. No one has ever known me like you did and no one ever will. I'm so alone without you I'm trying sis to do and be what you asked of me but its much harder than I ever thought it would be. You were my family my connection my life. I try to stay connected to the rest of the family but its not going very well so I'll just keep writing you missing you and knowing one day we will be together again. My heart hurts without you here. I Love you my beautiful sister. Love Pammy
Posted by Pamela Bean on 15th August 2015
Woke up this morning in tears sis, I had been dreaming about you and Dad, I feel so alone without you. You were my best friend the one person in my life that was always there for me, to listen, to love me. Even when your life was so hard for you and in all your pain YOU were always there for me. I miss you my best friend my confidant my sister. I think about you all the time and one day I will see you again. Lonely without you!!!
Posted by Pamela Bean on 31st July 2015
Today is July 31st hope you got to spend moms birthday with her, I can't believe its been 4 months since you left us sis. It feels like just yesterday we spoke and i got to hold you and tell you how much I loved you. I think about you all the time, my heart is so lonely without you. I miss you sis, my life feels so empty without you , without hearing your voice and hearing you call me babygirl. Always in my heart everyday forever!! I MISS YOU....,,
Posted by Pamela Bean on 13th July 2015
Hey Sis woke up this morning with you on my mind, your pictures and things are all around me. My heart still feels as if it will break when I think of you. And then as I read some of our letters and the things you wrote to me I smile. I'm trying sweet girl to get it together I'm just so lonely without you. Till I see you again. I LOVE YOU!!
Posted by Pamela Bean on 16th June 2015
Today is June 16th been thinking about you alot here lately, trying to keep in touch with Glenn like I promised you sis. I pray Heaven is all you wanted it to be cause I know thats where you are. I love you and miss you every min of every day. I don't cry as much as I did but I still do. My heart is full of holes without you. Love You Sis Till We Meet Again
Posted by Pamela Bean on 16th May 2015
Every day i miss my sister there is a hole in my life that cannot be filled. I miss her sweet voice her hugs and her great sense of humor. I miss my daily phone calls to her she was such a big part of my life every day. I am lonely without her my sister my best friend
Posted by Pamela Bean on 16th May 2015
To know what I have, and know what I can give to others who are not as fortunate. I promise to grieve that absence of your physical being for only a moment. And then I promise to set you free. I promise to never give up on others, even when I'm ready to give up on myself. I promise to be a friend and a mentor as you were. To be a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a set of ears to simply listen.. I promise to let you hear every giggle and feel every hug. To know every heartache, and let you be there for every triumphant moment... The most important promise I can make, despite all my failures and all my losses. A promise that carries the equivalence of all the rest combined is this... I promise to make you proud. With all that I am, I LOVE YOU
Posted by Janetta Williams on 29th April 2015
Today makes 49 days since you left us and went to be with Thomas,Dad & Momma.I pray everyday for our other sister Pam to find some kind of peace with your passing,she as we talked about is handling it worse than anyone else in our family.I believe that your as happy now as you were when our Thomas was alive and you were with him and Jennifer that last Christmas and that is what gets me through losing my big Sister and my Sons second Momma.I want to Thank you for leaving me and Michael your memory box since I know that was your most precious possessions of Thomas and Michael as well as your thoughts & feelings at some of the difficult times of your life.I finally went through it this morning and wanted to write you this note telling you Thank You and yes I will take care of all the things we talked about ,it will take some time but I promise I will as I told you before.We love you all and miss you every minute of every day.Until I see you again, all our love .Jaye and Michael T.
Posted by Pamela Bean on 24th April 2015
I feel a warmth around me like your presence is so near, And I close my eyes to visualize your face when you were here, I endure the times we spent together and they are locked inside my heart, For as long as I have those memories we will never be apart, Even though we cannot speak anymore my voice is always there, Because every night before I sleep I have you in my prayer. You told me not to cry but to remember all the crazy times we had together, I'm trying Sis truly I am but I'm lost without you. My sister, my best friend, Till I see you again Lisa
Posted by Janetta Williams on 24th April 2015
Elissa my role model I always tried to keep up with your free spirit personality and the way that you surrounded your son with your heart.I know that you are not walking but floating with such joy in your heart, hand in hand with our sweet Thomas.With the grace of God I will be able to hold his other hand and see that beautiful smile that he took with him when he joined his wife, Jennifer on that dark day that broke our hearts.I will see you and Thomas in every bunch of blue balloons and every fluffy white cloud,I remember that you would say he is just beyond that cloud Jaye the balloons just have to make it a little further.Until I can walk those streets of gold with my crazy Sister and my crazy nephew,I just wanted to tell you Thank You for making me the wonderful, over nurturing type of parent that my children say that I' am....Trying desperately to keep my emotions in check,but you didn't make it easy to do,Michael & I miss you fiercely wishing I was there. Heart & Soul--xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Your little Sister, Jaye

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