This tribute was added by Cassi Anderson on May 24, 2019
I miss you so much. I still write to you each day. I love you and i hope you're doing well, until next time...
This tribute was added by Desyree Macshara on May 23, 2019
She was so nice to me, but she thought i was too young to hang out with her. We still went in the woods with Jason, and she was like a big sister to me. She gives me signs sometimes. (At least i think she does!) Her Ps4 account was kilursef, soo... that was probably a sign..and she was really important to me, and i can't stop thinking about her.
This tribute was added by Cathy Shukait on February 1, 2019
May your spirit live on as you were and are so loved. Remember the joy you brought your Grandpa when you were small and he would so chuckle at you.

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