Her Life

Our Sweet Gift From God

Lizzy meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to us she was our Mom. She was infectious to be around. Her laugh would make you laugh even if you didn’t know the joke. You just loved to be around her and it only took one meeting for you to be hooked. She would welcome you into her home and cook for you and make you feel like you are apart of her family. That is how Lizzy was, she couldn’t help it, it just came natural.

Lizzy was an all rounder in our eyes. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do or a place in Trinidad and Tobago that she couldn’t find. She would say “I don’t know where I’m going, but I must find it”. Lizzy loved to read, she would read the news papers from front to back and then be able to tell you where you can buy a goat or cow at a very good price, that is how detailed she read the news papers. Driving in the car with her, she would update you on international news from around the world, it was like having your very own CNN reporter. She also loved to cook and was really good at it. There wasn’t anything that she couldn’t make. She loved to experiment with recipes, so you never just got a macaroni pie, you got a gourmet macaroni pie. She took pride in her cooking, so she always gave you the best that she could and that was her in everything that she did.

As a mom, this is where my Lizzy shined. We were her (her kids) world and she always made sure we knew that. She was the best mother and even though at times we weren’t able to have the things we wanted, she always made sure we had what we needed. She always looked out for us no matter how old we got. She was always there to help pick up the pieces.

Lizzy spent time making memories with us, so we would always have a piece of her when this time came. She always kept us close, so close, that in time she wasn’t only our mother she was our best friend, our confidant, our problem solver, she was our Lizzy, our Ma.

When Lizzy became a grandma, it was the most exciting thing for her. She loved her grandkids and loved being around them and listening to their stories and how their day was at school. There grandma Liz or granny was the best to them. She would cook with them and tell them stories and play dress up and hug and kiss on them and just be the awesome grandma that she was meant to be. She would often talk about what they would be like when they got older and what their personalities would be like. She would talk about them coming to visit and what it would be like to have all her grandkids together.

Lizzy’s love was endless, her heart was huge and she loved very openly. You didn’t have to be her child for her to take care of you as her own, you didn’t have to be her sister for her to stand beside you as one, you didn’t have to be her friend for her to consider you as one.

Lizzy was the sweetest gift from God in our eyes. He blessed us, when he made you our mother. The love we have for you and the love you have for us will forever be stained in our hearts. You will never be forgotten and you will always be loved.

We love you Ma……. From Yosand, Mackie and Ashley.