Posted by Carla Ramjitsingh on June 8, 2021
This is from Richard I remember You as a loving person but at the same time don't get her vex You always welcome me with love .You always were family oriented and now you have departed from this life you have now united with uncle Gabriel may you continue to shine in heaven with the Angels by your side
Posted by Patricia Aquing on June 8, 2021
Dear Liz,
You were larger than life. As your older sister, I always felt I had to take care of you. The many tributes you have received are testimony of how you touched the lives of so many people. I have memories of the many scrapes we got into as children and by the time we grew up, we became the Lalla girls. The good lord has called you and those who you have left behind should know that we will continue to look out for them. May you rest in the arms of the angels. Say hi to Tack, Dad and Gabriel RIP.
Posted by Jennifer Freeman on June 8, 2021
When I first met you I was an employee,after time we became friends even more than friends we became sisters family.We cried together we laughed together we even had disagreement, but overcame the differences together over time in this pandamic we became distant and now your moved to this wonderful paradise leaving us broken an in tears will miss you dearly Rest In Peace sis.
Posted by Erica Ross Blackette on June 8, 2021
Dear Liz,

You welcomed me in your home and your heart from the moment we met. You treated me like a daughter and always looked out for me.

The memories of the beach and river limes, singing the love ballads in the van/ car to and from our days out. The cooking recipes... I still have the note book with your recipes that I sat and wrote out while you instructed to me from memory. Sunday lunch, Bake & Shark and the cheese cake are all fresh in my taste buds. I still have my Tawa that you bought for me to take home which I still use today. The ultimate cooking ‍ advise... “If in doubt curry it”

I have many many memories of the great times we spent together, mostly I remember the love that you shared in abundance. Your house still felt like home even after my path took a different direction.

Rest in Peace Liz, Much Love Always Erica
Posted by Cynthia Headley on June 8, 2021
I surely miss the grandson we wanted but never got.I'll miss you Lizzie but I'll not mourn you because we WILL MEET AGAIN.
Posted by Cynthia Headley on June 8, 2021
You will always be in my heart girl Lizzie.Fly with the angels til you rest in Jesus' arms
Posted by Giselle Hafeeza Gulab on June 8, 2021
Ms. Liz treated me like her own child from the day I met her in training.. She was always full of love and would never forget her kindness. May you sleep Peacefully forever.... My deepest Condolences Yosand, Ashley and Markie. .....
Posted by Amanda Lutchmansingh on June 7, 2021
Aunty Liz, it’s hard to imagine a world without you in it. It was so nice reconnecting with you this year when I was living with my Mom and Aunty Lisa. I will always cherish the fun memories I had with you and Ashley in Trinidad and St. Lucia. Rest In Peace Aunty Liz. ❤️
Posted by Lisa Marshall on June 6, 2021
You were always the life of the party,we miss you tanty lizz gone to soon but never to be forgotten...SIP.....jealous of the angel that got you heaven have you now smile away ...⚘
Posted by Onika Mitchell on June 6, 2021
To a mom who I got the pleasure of knowing over 15 years and I thank God for that.. You always treated like a daughter and I will never forget you.. May the Angels cover you with their wings and comfort your family in this time.. God sees and knows all things
Posted by Ashley Carter on June 6, 2021
I've thought about what I wanted to say and I started this message many times but couldn't finish. You were not only my mother but my friend. I could talk to you about anything and I mean anything. You always had advice for me whether or not I wanted to hear it but it always came from a place of love and caring. You taught me to be strong , to be caring, to be generous and giving and to know that everything that happens in this life is because God wants it to be like that. I'm so happy you got to be a part of my Aava's life and to love her the way only a granny could. She loved to cook with you and to just lie down in your arms and watch tv. She misses you so much, her granny you'll always be. No one could deny your personality so much so anywhere we went you had to make a friend or two. You made sure you made a lot of memories with us so whenever this time came we would have them to hold close to our hearts. The tributes others have put here anyone can see you were amazing person inside and out. Oh that laugh lizzy just thinking about it now makes me smile. I remember when Yosand was working on ship and one day she called and asked if we wanted her to bring a dvd player for us when she was coming home and my lizzy replied without even thinking " tell her yes we'll watch movies when lights gone".When she realised what she said we couldn't stop laughing and we would always bring it up and have a good 10 minute laugh every time. I'll always remember the beach limes, the cooking, the parties we had. You were one of those mothers that all your friends knew and would make jokes with them and buff them if she needed to and always made them feel like family. When I first joined Fire service oh boy you were proud and ever present from training straight to working Arima and 15 years later, like I said you were always there. I can say so much about you ma and it still wouldn't do you justice. Rest easy now ma, you've taught us well. You won't ever be forgotten and you'll always be in our hearts. I love you and always will. Say hi to daddy, my baby boy, grandpa, christopher, uncle knolly, aunty monica for me and all the others we'll meet again..I love you all. Rest in peace ma.
Posted by Louise Carter on June 6, 2021
A tribute from my Great Auntie Dorothy Blackwell and Uncle Ken;

Fond memories of Liz; She was a lovely person. We only met her briefly on her two visits to England, but we will always think of her with great affection. She will be sadly missed by all of us over here.
Dorothy & Kenneth
Posted by Louise Carter on June 6, 2021
A tribute from my grandmother Vera Siddons;

‘Loving memories of Liz. She was a lovely person, a loving mother and grandmother.
I will always remember her with great affection and I know she will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her ‘
Vera x
Posted by Dolsie Gomez on June 6, 2021
LIZ, It's so sad to say good bye in a time like now. I'll always remember the last and frist time we ever met...
The frist time I met you as a young woman you always had a smile to share, time to give and time to care. You had a wonderful nature and warm personality. When you got married to my cousin, you expressed your love by cooking for every celebration we would have Christian Weddings, beach lime and funerals. You'll cook the food with love and joy, well a big thanks from everyone.
As the sun set for you, your gentle hands have gone to rest. You obey your Father when he calls you home . You'll be missed by many 
I pray that salvation await you and your golden crown, As much as we love you we have to let you go. Rest in Peace
Posted by Leandro CARTER on June 6, 2021
My mom Lizzy, there is so much I can say to describe her personally and what type of soul she was, but this might turn in to a book if I did. We had some really good times growing up, most of my life experiences involved Lizzy, from taking all of us to our very first Soca fete to J’ouvert Monday morning, beach house limes with all our friends, she would take us there, she would cook, I mean really cook, omg I don’t think there is a dish she can’t cook, her food was addictive, My size and weight is proof of her cooking☺️ she would do everything for us, she made everyone feel like they were part of her family, I have friends that still call her Moms and not by her name, that is how you felt when you left her presence, like you were leaving your Mom because she looked after everyone. This woman made friends everywhere she went, there isn’t a place in Trinidad where we have been and someone didn’t recognise her and called her out or she saw someone that she knew and she called them out. I have learnt so much from my Lizzy, she made me the person I am today. One of her sayings was ‘if you don’t listen, you will feel’ and this saying is so true. Lizzy loved life and she loved being out and about, she loved driving and she was our designated driver☺️she loved her river fire side cooking, she loved going to the beach and hosting family get togethers, she would do everything and she made sure everyone enjoyed themselves as well, she really did love her family and she would do anything for them. she always told me that life was to short to be arguing and fighting take the time to enjoy your life, your friends and your family and this is so true. she loved doing things with us and we grew up love doing the same with her.
I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe that she has left this earth because it was getting hard for her to do the things she loved and to see the ones she loved, so she has moved on to be with the one she loved. Rest in peace Mommy, rest in peace Dad, I love you and you will always be in my heart.❤️❤️
Posted by Jeffrey Kirk on June 6, 2021
Throughout all the pictures of Liz her huge personality shines out like a beacon.
In the short time we knew her she was never without her 'trademark' smile.
That pays a huge tribute to the person she was that not much beat her down or changed her mood. Not many people can say that.
Everyone will miss her enormously.
Jeff & Maggie in England.  Love to all the extended family.
Posted by Ophelia Lutchmansingh on June 5, 2021
Hey Little Sis,
We share so many wonderful memories growing up I could write a book.The one that made me laugh the most is the “Pooja Prayer”. I was about 5yrs old and we attended a Pooja. I was fascinated with the the whole experience,came home and decided to mimic the Pundit.There were flowers twigs,weeds and copra shells filled with mud and I began my chanting. So here’s to you Liz’ - the “Pooja Prayer” that you insisted I say at every family get together.”Cur cut tia casa moon. Sin na nin ah noy .How does the mahanboge taste from the Pundit.” I will always remember the way you laughed before, during and after.
Love and miss you very much Sis,until we meet again.Rest in Peace Beautiful Soul.❤️
Posted by Chow Hayden on June 5, 2021
I remember aunty Liz missing my wedding just so she could prepare for me her famous sticky BBQ wings. At my brother's wedding she prepared BBQ pork and chicken all night long. It's in your good nature to go before and prepare for us. Go on now beautiful angel and prepare a place in heaven for us all.

Posted by Namelia Lutchman on June 4, 2021
Hi Liz, Even though we did not see much of each other physically you found a way to keep in touch on social media and always messaged to see how the family was going. Thank you for everything. Love always (Namelia & Keeratanie Lutchman)
Posted by Everard Superville on June 4, 2021
I Thank u lord for the second mother you've given me. Through you, she's loved me corrected me, nurtured me, guided me, and taught me true values of this life .She was a true fighter with the biggest heart ever. Even if we're together or apart, She will always be within my Heart.❤❤❤
Posted by Leisl Dukhedin-Lalla on June 4, 2021
My sister Liz was full of life. I remember her taking me to kindergarten and I would be a real chatter-box. I was probably 4 and she was a young teenager but she just would let me ‘yap’ and she would listen to all my stories. Everyone who knows Liz would agree that she was the worst teller of jokes. Liz would start laughing before she even started to tell you the joke, she had the most infectious laugh, and then you’d be laughing before you even heard the joke. When my boyfriend Paul first visited Trinidad Liz took us on a tour. The final stop was a rum shop in Sangre Grande, I was too tired so Paul and Liz went in, he came out looking a bit red and I said “what’s wrong with you”. He replied “your sister gave me shot of some white rum”, Puncheon baby! 3 beaches! “doubles”, shark-n-bake and a shot of Puncheon all in one day with Liz! Her children Yosand, Mackie and Ashley were life, she was a great mom and in later years her grandchildren Lenaee, Louella and Aava were her pride and joy. She was so proud of them. Rest in peace big sister. I love you Leis.
Posted by Gilda Chow on June 3, 2021
Elizabeth Carter was married to my cousin Grabiel Carter,he was very excited for me to meet her,he was like Gilda, I met this pretty girl,I love her and I want to marry her,i want you to meet her you will like her,he was so right.The first time I met Liz, which we all call her,I liked her her beautiful personally,we became very good friends,we will go on vacation with the kids, she was a good planner and organizer, sweet hand, and making sure that everyone has a belly full, nothing was too much for her to do, always willing to help, she had a beautiful ❤️.We will miss you dear Elizabeth Carter, Jesus has called you home but we will meet again in glory.Gone to soon.May you rest in heavenly peace..
Posted by Louise Carter on June 3, 2021
Dear Liz
I remember the first time I ever spoke to you on the phone your voice sounded like a warm hug. I remember the first time you picked me up at Piarco in your little van that you drove barefoot with your gold ankle bracelet on.
We made green seasoning, roti and pastelles together and drove all about.
You welcomed me into your home as you have welcomed so many friends and family. Every last one left fed and watered with a tear of laughter in their eye and a full belly.
So when I think of you Liz, I only want to have tears of laughter thinking about how you used to get Ashley to cuss at people when they gave you a bad drive. When you made Mack deadlift the couch to get a lizard out from underneath. And when I dyed your hair and left a massive white bit at the back!
And between the tears, I thank you for everything you have done for us, from being a wedding coordinator, a second mom, a therapist, a proud grandma and above all, being someone I will always look up to and remember with love.
Rest in peace, we will miss you every single day beautiful grandma Liz.
Posted by Julia Ramirez on June 3, 2021
Will miss your joyous smile, tasty food and lively presence. Sleep in Peace

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