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Her Life

Best mum in the world

My mum was a kind hearted person always there for us when we needed her. She passed away on 9th april 2009. She leaves son graham daughter Nicola and granddaughter Amy. We grew up in sunny easterhouse mum made curtains was always sewing things would have loved to sew mines n my big bro lips togeather at times hehe. She loved family life with me graham Amy her granddaughter and sasha the dog. We miss her more and more each day. It is a true saying u don't knw wot you've lost till u lose it. Wish I told n showed my mum more how much she ment to us we know she knew Love you mum always. Got loads more to say n story's to tell but I keep u updated on big biffo lol. Love u mum granny from Nicola graham & Amy xxxxxxxx