Let the memory of our dear Auntie Elizabeth (Reno) live in and with us forever
  • 78 years old
  • Born on September 20, 1937 in Victoria, South West Province, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on January 11, 2016 in Limbe, South West Province, Cameroon.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elizabeth (Reno) Mokeba, 78, born on September 20, 1937 and passed away on January 11, 2016. We will remember her forever.

She will remain, posthumously, a tower of strength and a champion of female empowerment. May her valiant soul rest in perfect peace as she approaches God’s heavenly kingdom. 



1PM – 3PM

                 IN MEMORIAM

The flowers on the graveside [shall soon be] browned,

When [we imagine we] get all teary eyed,

A house cannot be the same without a mother,

Her place in any family shall always remain empty.


Photographs now tell the story,

Of a woman who was so special and loved;

Who used to say “There are no short-cuts in life”

And “what ever would be, would be”

Thank God Almighty for her life so fulfilled.


Now the Onus is on us to have a fulfilled life;

To keep looking up and not put our Saviour

To shame, for God’s word is like medicine.

You do not have to understand how if works,

Just keep taking it; As we continue on in a world over run.

Mama has gone across the ocean living just in our memories.

Posted by Harry Mokeba on 11th January 2019
Just left class and felt haunted on the significance of January 11 and could not remember why; then I checked my email and saw the reminder. Auntie, this is an affirmation, that your power is still with us.
Posted by Connie Manga on 11th January 2019
Aunty Big Mami.. As I fondly remember and pray today . May your soul and the rest of the SAINTS GENTLY REST in peace..always... Ewenye Manga Roohm
Posted by Connie Manga on 21st September 2018
Happy Birthday Aunty! May God keep you resting peacefully in everlasting life... with the rest of our Blessed Saints gone ahead. You were a true treasure...RIP Ewenye Manga-Roohm
Posted by Dolly Lambe on 20th September 2018
Aunty, Thinking of you today on what would have been your 81st birthday. May the angels of heaven celebrate this day with you along with all family members up yonder. I know you are as excited to see your cousin, my Dad "Bob" as you fondly called him as much as he too was excited to see you. I can only imagine your football discussions that never seem to grow old... starting new discussions especially about OPOPO as if you are both watching the game live. Continue to rest Aunty and my hugs and love to you always, to Mom, Dad, Mola Nat, Mola Blue-Blue, Mola Captain, Aunty Tawah, Mbamba Ida and the rest of the family members up yonder. Happy Birthday, Aunty... enjoy your heavenly cake!!
Posted by Harry Mokeba on 11th January 2018
There is the belief that you are still with us. Too bad you are gone. Your Love and Inspiration; The Joy of your humor; The Leagacy you left behind, make two years feel like a breeze. Hold on to that Image surrounded by the Angels in High Heaven.
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 29th December 2017
Auntie~ Thinking of you today. We all miss you so very much. It is peaceful to know that you are resting in the arms of our Savior. Merry Christmas in heaven. We love you.
Posted by Dolly Lambe on 11th January 2017
Aunty Elizabeth, 1 year ago you left us for your heavenly bound journey. May you continue to rest in the bosom of your GOD and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for your contributions to our family, friends and humanity as a whole through your local community. You were a trail blazer in so many ways and will be forever missed.
Posted by Harry Mokeba on 23rd September 2016
It all seems as if you are still here with us, in our memories and our dreams. We are still guided by your values, strengthened by your achievements, and we still leave with the hope of being with you again someday. Let this day remain forever a blessed one because it was the day your life began and you lived it, fully and richly, until you were called up yonder. Forever missed, indeed. Harry M. Mokeba
Posted by Connie Manga on 1st March 2016
May Peace be Thine... Aunty...Rest in Peace... > Constance Ewenye Manga-Roohm
Posted by Tia Harry on 7th February 2016
On the resurrection morning, soul and body meet again; no more sorrow, no more weeping, no more pain". Rest in peace Aunty.
Posted by Dolly Lambe on 3rd February 2016
May your soul rest in peace Aunty Elizabeth. May the LORD open the pearly gates and may the angels blast their trumpets in with the songs you so much loved to sing and listen to as your enter your Father's mansion. May you reunite with all family members who have gone before you and may all of you REST in PERFECT Peace. You will be missed, Aunty.
Posted by Ebob Mbiwan Tanyi on 3rd February 2016
The passage of time and the passing on of many who knew you have combined to stay the tremors that would surely have shaken Victoria at your transition, Miss Mokeba! We salute you, Ma'am! Go, Aunty Elizabeth - and rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Harry Mokeba on 3rd February 2016
"Your aunt was a born princess, land lady, beauty icon, iron lady, politician, sports fan/supporter, mentor, public figure and emblem, and a whole lot more. As a Bakweri woman, she had it!" --Melo Duala
Posted by Harry Mokeba on 3rd February 2016
"I know I may have been the only one among my siblings to have met Grand Auntie because of the baby pictures of me, running around her home, do not lie. The only problem was that I was just 1 1/2 years old at the time. Life has its mysteries and I would not have to see her again except in God's heavenly kingdom. This special person would be missed dearly but never be out of our minds. Rest in perfect peace." --Nyoki Mokoko Mokeba
Posted by Harry Mokeba on 3rd February 2016
"We know we have lots of family back home but Dad talked about this grand Auntie more than any other. Then when I began playing soccer in my earlier years, I was reminded of that Auntie who played and loved soccer a lot. Would have liked to meet her and everyone else in Cameroon; but one thing is certain: whenever I watch or play a recreational game: I know her spirit will be around." --Bella Limunga Mokeba
Posted by Harry Mokeba on 3rd February 2016
"She is the one member of my family in Cameroon that I would have loved to meet. We were planning to come in Dec. 2016 but she was gone quickly in January. My dad always said I was named (Namondo) after her and if I had a regular "English" name it should have been Elizabeth. I will strive to live up to her lofty life and expectation." --Amai Namondo Mokeba
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 2nd February 2016
A TRIBUTE FROM MRS. SUSAN E. MOKEBA NEE MBONGO MY GOD GIVEN SISTER-IN-LAW How can I begin writing a tribute to you Lizzie. You were not just a sister-in-law to me but a sister and friend. Growing up together in Victoria as friends and neighbours we did almost all together. We will both go and fetch water in Likomba (around where Saker is now situated) and you always made it a point of duty to help me out if need arises. Oh! Lizzie I remember how we always played together. We also sold bread and kerosene some evenings after school. You were indeed a friend and sister. Little did I know that we will also become sisters-in-law. Oh! I wonder if anyone else has had a God given sister-in-law as you were to me. Oh! Lizzie how can I ever forget how you stood by, loved and supported me at all times. You were more that a mum to my children. You've been there for them from the time of their birth till date. You were just so special and I love you very, very much, but God loves you more. Sleep dear and take the rest you deserve in the Lord's Bosom. Your sister-in-law
Posted by Egbe Monjimbo on 1st February 2016
You left your mark on our nation, our hometown and on our family and for that, we will always be indebted to you! Enter into your well-deserved haven of rest, Dear Aunty Elizabeth!
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 1st February 2016
OMG! One more face I will not get to see this side of heaven.I remember those Victoria days so vividly! Weeh, MISS MOKEBA! May she rest in peace. My condolences and prayers are with you all. It is well Agnes Fomukong Bongang
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 1st February 2016
May your soul rest in perfect peace! May your family that you leave behind to mourn your loss find comfort in knowing that you are at peace. Sleep on beloved, sleep on and take your rest. Muriel Harris
Posted by Charles Dixon on 31st January 2016
The Gates of Heaven opened up on the day of January 11th to graciously allowed this Woman of God to come in. My sincere condolences to the remaining family. And in my means of God's love I express to all you. Comfort them MY Heavenly Father. Even if only just a whisper to all of the existing family and friends who are in bereavement. That The Late Hon. Elizabeth Mokeba is literally in the best of Hands now. Which is Yours Dear God. Selah and Amen
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 30th January 2016
Aunty, We saw you in your hey days, we witnesses your struggle with life. We thank God He did not let you suffer in pain for long. We grew up through your strict discipline. You helped us learn to be strong and independent. Your house was our conference centre when there was an occasion coming up or an issue to be thrashed out. We sat round you on January 3rd, 2016 to arrange your brother’s funeral, but little did we know you had just one week to stay with us. You were full of humour. You would crack jokes and even mix our names up. We would remind you that you have called a wrong name your reply was always “any name wey a call just answer”. I remember on January 2nd 2016, you called me on phone I quote “Iya, I forget yesterday to wish you happy birthday. Happy birthday and God bless you” Thank you for the good times we spend together. May the good God who brought you to this earth hold your hand and guide you safely home. Good Night aunty GOOD NIGHT Ya Kadija (Your name sake)
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 30th January 2016
THE GIANT HAS FALLEN Auntie as we usually called you, you were such a wonderful woman to the family and the society. You were like a bridge that many people cross in order to reach the other side. You were a piece of beauty. A woman who was wonderful and fearfully made by the creator. Your beauty made you win “Miss Victoria” in 1959. A woman who was very strict, a good disciplinarian, full of wisdom and advice. She was very humorous and jovial. What she had, she enjoyed sharing it with others. A woman who loved and feared the Lord, no matter the circumstances. She prefer spending most of her time in the presence of God, she loved music. Auntie in her youth stage was very agile. She loved sports, most especially football. She enjoyed playing football. This made her to have her own team called “Victoria united” in the 80’s and early 90’s. Whenever Cameroon played international matches Aunty will scream at the top of her voice. During your last days we saw you fading but little did we know that you will leave us soon. I will hardly hear that sweet voice that calls me “Iya” We appreciate and thank God for your life here on earth. If it were our will, we would have preferred to spend some few more years with you. But who are we to question what God has destined? We know He loves you more than we do. Have a perfect rest in the bosom of the Lord until we shall meet again. Beatrice Etonde Nshom Grand Daughter.
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 30th January 2016
The Tiger, the Iron lady, the General, the baobab tree has fallen! We are sad by the loss of our mother, grandma and friend. What a loss, what a huge loss and a titanic vacuum, your passing has created in our hearts and in the family as a whole. Aunty, as we fondly called you, you were such a beauty what a thrill of exhilaration the Father must have felt when this piece of His handwork reached its final measure. Your home was the foundation of our family come together, your heart was open to every one of us; you covered us like a hen will do to its chicks, a corner stone for us all. I felt a pain in my heart two day before you passed on, when I touched your gate and the authoritative voice didn’t ask the usual question “Na who” I do dread the thought of how we all saw you fading away like the stars of the morning; how you were helpless when we took you to Douala for treatment. Indeed, life is all vanity. My thoughts could take me back as far as the 80’s when I was a kid. Your house was the only place we spent our holidays and how I would dance for you without following the rhythm when you sang the famous “imissingi” song, it was all fun. Young as we were, we understood the value of your strict counsel when you settled quarter disputes in your home. I shall remember you for being “just you”, no nonsense, straight-forward and fearless, even though you were compassionate and kind. Those commands shall no longer rend the air in our “battle field” because our General has retired to be with the Lord. Just like the rain never forgets to water the ground, so did you never forget to care for those who were yours by blood and acquaintance. I think part of your purpose was complete; yet you set the foundation to our lives. This is the end to your song, but serves as the beginning to ours. This will make us notice the rhythm of our lives and do some adjustments; either to make it slower to push it faster. You put in such a dramatic ending to your story. My husband, children and I will miss you greatly. A light from the family is gone. A place is vacant in the home that will never be filled. Your memories will remain evergreen in our hearts. Adieu our mother, grandma and friend. May your soul Rest in Peace. Mrs. Mbella Noela (Iya) Grand-daughter.
Posted by Lucious Dixon on 23rd January 2016
My prayer is that God will bless you and all family members and that you will always trust God for your strength and remember God only takes those who are ready for their new life with Him for ever, with much love, Dr. Lucious Dixon, Remember Romans 8:28.
Posted by Lucious Dixon on 23rd January 2016
My prayer is that God will bless you and all family members and that you will always trust God for your strength and remember God only takes those who are ready for their new life with Him for ever, with much love, Dr. Lucious Dixon, Remember Romans 8:28.
Posted by Didi Ndando on 23rd January 2016
Rest in peace Aunty Elizabeth! Your work on earth is done and your soul lives on with our Lord and Savior. THANK YOU for your contributions not only to your family, but to your community at large. You will be missed...
Posted by Efeti Victoria Dixon-Moke... on 23rd January 2016
We will miss you dearly, auntie~

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