Elizabeth Primrose
  • 52 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 27, 1960
  • Date of passing: Feb 9, 2013
Let the memory of Elizabeth be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elizabeth Primrose, 52, born on September 27, 1960 and passed away on February 9, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by christine shekleton on 28th September 2016

"hi princess,well another birthday as came and gone so fast with out you baby girl :(  wish you were here and we could have seen you opening your cards and gifts miss that so much,,,i came to visit you on your birthday with  mummy and some other family i hope you were there looking down on us we left  you some birthday cake we all had a peice of it with you while we were talking to you standing in the rain,you were probably laughing at mummy and daddy they had carrier bags tied round their feet as it was very rainy and muddy mummy looked so funny :) and helen was sitting on the grass and got her trousers at her bum all wet :) they are silly arnt they hen :)  we all  left you flowers we hope you liked them sweetheart,,,well as you will know its neerly SANTA time bet your excited as you allways were and i know when santa cums to visit you in heaven you will have the best presents ever all you could wish for,i know your 1 and only wish would be to come back home and see mummy and get a huge big cuddle from her cause i know you both miss each other so very much  and also all the familly,,, if wishes were possible and i had only 1 to give it would be to see you in mummys arms again smiling saying ( aw shes my mammy ) just like you allways used to do :( but thats never going to happen no matter how much myself and everyone wished it so we just have to sit and be patiant untill the day we all meet up again my darling sister so untill then please keep watching over us and hope u see everything we do and hear our thoughts when we are thinking of you hope you have some funny laughs at us cause sometimes your familly are all mad as usual hen haha,,,we will be back to visit you agaIn with some more yellow and purple flowers ok darling ,mummy still puts your dolly to sleep in bed every night for you and wakens her up and dresses her in the mornings for you and puts her wee hat on when its cold just like you did elizabeth and she talks to you in your bedroom every night before sleep time and every morning when she wakes up she sits on your bed and says good morning to you i know your with her and you hear her speaking to you darling,,well ill close this message for now and untill we all meet again you stay happy elizabeth god will keep You wrapped in his arms untill your in mummys onced again darling,,,i love and miss you my baby girl ,,sweet dreams and R.I.P  Elizabeth,,we will never stop loveing you Xxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxX"

This tribute was added by Shirley Gardner on 9th February 2016

"To my beautiful big sister Liz its been 3 yes now since God called u home ur smiling face and ur funny antics r so sadly missed. You r forever in my heart and always will b I love u so much that it hurts sleep tight my Angel Elizabeth xxxx"

This tribute was added by irene primrose on 23rd January 2016

"loving tribute to our beautifull wee special daughter liz wee miss you so mush darling .its nearly three years since god called you home but the pain of losing you is still so very raw  i speak to your photoes every morning and night  that day u went away for your wee holiday will never leave me little did i no that the kiss i gave u would be my last  i miss u so much my wee liz    but i no your went to sleep god took u so you would not die in pain   but my baby  how i miss you they say time heals  well mabybe but my heart will never it broke when u were taken   my beautifull wee liz xx"

This tribute was added by christine shekleton on 21st January 2016

"love you for ever elizabeth xx <3 xx"

This tribute was added by Mellissa Scarlett on 21st January 2016

"Your favourite aunty Betty is with you now hunny that I know, she lived you with all her heart. So now both of you Elizabeth Primrose's watch over and protect us here until we meet again on the brightside xxx love you lots xxx"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 21st January 2016

"love miss you  sister  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 21st January 2016

"love miss you  sister  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 9th February 2015

"Well today my darling  big sister  .We all went to your resting place  as  it  has been two years now since you  were taken from us  .Mum /dad,/ shirley/christine/debra/we Emily/ Jodie/and  mike/ and kirsty marie were there  laying  some lovely flowers down  for you .Mum  was on groun  telling you how much she misses yu and  when she got up her face  was bleeding  i laaghed said  see  she  still  scratching you   from heaven above  .but  it was  thorn fom roses  maybe u pushed  her  into it  yawe  madam   eh  lol  xIM Heartbroken Liz   i cant forget  how you always  made  jokes  ad  would stand up say   cross my heart  she is a  liar  whenever mum told us you were being  naughty lol xLIZ  MY  DEAR  LIZ  I WISH  I  WAS THERE IN HEAVEN INSTEAD OF YOU .I WOULD SWAP PLACES IN A HEARTBEAT JUST  TO  LET YOU  HUG MUM  AS  SHE MISSES  HER  HUGS   AND WATCHING  COONATION STREET WITH YOU AND THE OTHER SOAPS. .EMILY  DREW  YOU A LOVELY  PICTURE  TODAY   HOPE YOU  LIKED IT   .SHE  LOVES AND REMEMBERS YOU  WHEN THE SUN SHINES  SHE LOOKS UP  SAYS  THATS  LIZ ....WELL DARLING  HOW  AM I GOING TO MANAGE ANOTHER YEAR WITHOUT MY  SPECIAL  MOST PRECIOUS  SITER  ? MY HEART  WONT HEAL .MUM SAYS I NEED TO  THINK OF ALL GOOD THINGS  BUT I DO AND THATS WHAT HURTS  I DONT HAVE THEM WITH YOU  .TELL  MAW  STIRLING  WE ALL MISS HER   AND  JAMES STILL  NOT  OVER  HER PASSING  MAYBE HE CIES  WHEN IM NOT THERE  BUT I WISH HE  WOULD OPEN UP TO ME   MORE   AS  I NEE TO  TALK OF HER ALSO  .BET YOU BOTH HAVING GREAT TIME  IN  HEAVEN  WITH ALL  RAINBOWS AROUND YOU ..I LOVE AND MISS YOU  ELIZABETH  AND  ALWAYS WILL  ...XXXXXXXXX"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 29th November 2014

"To my darling big sister   Liz  .I thought last year was bad  and hurted  like mad  but it was all  a blurr  as  you were not sitting beside me at our xmas dinner table .But this year is so clear and  the  Hurt in my hear  is unbearable  Liz .I  wish  santa was real and could give out  least one real  gift and that gift would be to have ou back with us all again  .but  even though you not here in prson .I know you will be here in Spirit   darling sis  .I miss you laughing and going on your we fone to  tell stories to police and way you told  us ya fekin liar  lol  .Emily  calls  your name   now and again she looks up  sky shouts aunty Liz  but i guess you  know that nd hear her  .Mum  is  going to be so lost without you Liz  this year  i know her heart  ches to hold you in her arms once again  and wishes  you were  not gone  .But  God  needs  special angels  and you sure  are one  he picked  a loving Daughter ..a sister and aunty  to take  to  heaven   .I hope you watching  Liz   please come visit me  anytime  you want in my dreams  or in spirit  .I can IMAGINE YOU WITH THOSE BIG  GOLDEN WINGS ON  FLYING ABOUT TOTALY FREE  OF PAIN  AND SADNESS. I LOVE YOU   MY BIG SISTER  AND  WISH  U   XMAS HUGS  AND KISSESS  .  I WILL NEVER  EVER  FORGOT TO COME VISIT YOU   UNTIL DAY I PASS OVER TO  BE WITH YOU ONE DAY  XX  LOVE FROMYA WE SIS   HELEN   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 30th September 2014

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Lynn Houston"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 30th September 2014

"Tracy Brannan

Elizabeth a was very young when we left but you were soo fantastic  that I remember you so well my mum often talks about you huni coming off the bus and into ours for a peace n Jam you are not Were 1 in a million as you are still in our hearts keep smiling .Love the Mcmasters always remember never forgot xxxxxxx


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This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 30th September 2014

"Sunday 15:46

Elizabeth Brand

Will never be forgotten was a big part of my life I will love u forever thanks liz for so many wonderful memories sweet dreams xx"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 27th September 2014

"Dear Darling sister  it was your Birthday today and we all came up to your  we  place of rest to  visit you  ,Mum made your fave pineaple upside down cake  it was lovely  but you already know that eh  .Liz  there is never a day goes by when i dont think of  you  my heart  broke  when you  left us .Piece of me  will never be the same  .But  i know one day we will see each other again  sis. And i will hear ya cheek again  .I love and miss you so so so very much  .Mum  misses you so bad she keeps trying hide it but  i as a mum  know  how she must be feeling  to have lost you   . we  try keep her  going  say   life goes on  as it does but it will never mean she will  ever  not think of you  every day  .She is doin well  just as always  we have  strong mum  darling  .I hope you  have  met up with all our  other family who have passed on  .I wish you would give me a visit  some night   hen  ,Im not afraid  of a whisper  in my ear  or a hand upon my back . Emily awlays talks about you  i think part of you stayed with her liz  cuz  some things she says   sounds just like you  lol  Her first steps she walked over to you remember  that was  fab day for you i saw it in your eyes . david and brooke  miss you  also  we all do   . goodnight  my darling  big sister  Liz  .  let those big  angel wings  fly you  to places  you never got to see  . love always forever   fae  your we sis   helen  or  yenen as you called me   xxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Shirley Gardner on 14th April 2014

"liz u r and always will be the best sister anyone could ask for myself christopher,patrick,peter and kirsty-marie miss u so much and all the laughs and funtimes we shared at caravan holidays and home these r times we will never ever forget..i knw ur at peace big sis and that u will be looking after my baby allan keep him safe for me liz..all our memories with you will last eternity,i can still hear your laugh and your voice when i close my eyes each night..i still vision you line dancing and swinging your hips while dancing..mum is distraught at losing her precious girl but i knw you would be wanting all your family to look after mum and that is what we are all doing..until we meet again one day sis i will say gnyte bella love n miss u so very much..R.I.P LIZ XXXX"

This tribute was added by Helen Stirling on 30th December 2013

"To my darling big sister  Liz  . this year 2013  has been worst year of my life ,As  you  went to  your resbite  only for weekend   as you loved there so much   ,You Played bingo  on Friday night   when you were there songs  had  fun as always  .  It was time for bed   and  of you went to your own room ,with your name on the door  .  You  were settled into bed and lights of  . In middle night  your carer asked did  you need  toilet  in which you didnt raise your head  you just said no  .  Saturday  morning  mum phoned as always when you away and was told you still in bed  but  getting up for breakfast  . Then i phoned mum  to see if she going  shops   she  said yes  but  we ended up talking for at least an hour  which is rare we spoke of you   and how you must been tired after your friday  party  lol ..  Eventually  i said ok mum go get dressed   she  hung  phone up  laughing  .  Your  james was taking  your nephew  David to football and he  had just left   . when my phone rang  i was going to ignore it  but   i  ran answered it all i could hear was  screams  from mum  i thought her dad were carrying on  i  said what ya done now   but his voice  was  not  same he asked  is James there  i said no he  away to football  ,I could still hear screaming  as dad said   helen  darling   Liz is  dead   . .I then heard louder scream   but this time it was comimg  from me   i   hung phone up  and  phoned james  to come home  he was  wondering   why  i was crying  . He came in saw me on floor   and he  said  babe  whats wrong   i said one word   Liz  he   shouted  no  no no   he grabbed hugged me   . I knew i had to get to  mum  fast  but i needed to  let  your  neice  Debra  know and your nephew  James   i phoned  only asked could they come to mine  i have  news for them   both  came  to house where they saw me  and asked  what   why i crying   James told  your brother in law  was  strong   .  ..All the to mums house i kept  thinking   i walk in and it  dream   . but no  mum was  in terrible state  i hugged her  close  i said  sorry mum   .I walked up stair to your room and  your little teddy that  you always had  on bed  i picked up   .I ran back down  to mum  holding teddy   , All i could think of was  i did  this  it my fault  as i was one who  phoned mum ased did  she need break  and  did  liz  want go  restbite  mum said no  as they had no money but i  said  insited in fact i pay  but  mum said no  and hung up  ...  I  sat with tv  on  my mind was not  on it then mum phoned  said ok   thanks  she  happy she going  i heard you   laughing you came phone mum said say ty  to helen and you said it  and hung up   . Little did i know  it was last i would hear  your  voice  or  ever  see u  .I  wanted to be with you so much   , i kept thinking  what if i didnt offer to pay  you be ok   happy at home   i became   insane with  guilt   ppl would say  it was your  time to go   but to me they just words  .  . Weaited  week for funderal  and  mum  got you  a lovely white coffin  with red roses on it   i   could have  jumped  on that coffin Liz   my heart  never been the same   . ppl say it takes time  but  my time has not  started as every day  i cry  for you   i  hurt  wanting to be with you  . Mum  was  in state  but   you know mum   she  has something in her makes her  strong  not saying  she was not   crying out  for you  but   she realises  you were taken  without pain   the  angels were sent from GOD  to take you by the hand  and lead you to him  and  there is where you dwell   , hope with granny  ad all our family  members and friends who  were taken before you   . I beleive in God  Liz  i know  heaven  is   beautiful place    your body was here but  your spirit left the night  your heart stopped   ,Did  you see us all  from  heaven ?  did  you see our  pain ?   i ask   are you   not  downsydrome  no  more  ?   i ask lots stuff but i do know this   ONE DAY IT WILL BE MY TIME AND WHEN IT  COMES I HOPE YOU THERE  BIG SIS  TO TAKE MY HAND   WHEN I REACH TOP OF THEM  PEARLY  GATES AND HOLD ONTO ME   FOR LONG TIME    ..  R.I.P   my darling  sister Elizabeth   aka    Liz   as you would  say   ..   you left us  with lots happy memories  as this year ends soon it hard  seems we leave you behind  . But that  silly as   you with us evey   day   .I LOVE MISS YOU   BELLA   xxx   always sing our song   Paper roses   darling  xxxx"

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