Posted by Gail Post on August 1, 2021
Liz was a treasure - a kind, wise, humble, fun, and profoundly caring soul who gave so much of herself to those fortunate enough to know her. She was an inspiration in how to embrace life, despite hardships, and someone whose honesty and gentle guidance touched so many. She will be dearly missed by so many at Abington Meeting, but her light and inspiration will live on.
Posted by Becca Bubb on July 26, 2021
Liz- Thank you for being such a wonderful light in my life. I am so grateful for your care and nurture as one of the members of my clearness committee for marriage. You are such a loving, gentle soul, who also allowed space for me to share when I was struggling, and helped me feel loved and supported in that too. You have forever touched my life and I know I am a better person for having known you.
Posted by Anne Mosley Singh on July 24, 2021
Grandma, you will forever live in my heart, alongside grandma and Dave. I will miss you so very much. I love you❤
Posted by James Slater on July 21, 2021
In our home of immigrants, Liz made two of ours feel at home and valued. This is a rare experience for us so we value it. For the rest my sentiments mirror the others that have spoken.

James & Elyse Slater
Posted by Karen Smith on July 17, 2021
Liz was a part of our spiritual nurture group (one of several she attended). Many of us also knew her from Sundays at 7. Liz was a special person to all of us; she made each of us feel valid and valuable. She always knew the right thing to say in every situation. We treasured her intelligence, compassion and vitality. We were fortunate to have her in our group and to know her. We will miss her so much.
Andrew Antrim
Matthew Lawry
Ralph Lelii
Todd Moxey
Posted by Tanya Barrientos on July 17, 2021
I will forever remember Liz's smile. It lit up her face. It lit up the room. And it always lifted my soul. Her eyes sparkled with kindness, anchored by compassion. And her wisdom served as a guiding light for so very many. Rest now, my friend. Your memory lives on.
Posted by Deborra Pancoe on July 16, 2021
Dearest Liz - Abington Meeting will miss your physical presence; yet, your spiritual presence will continue to be with us. Your calm, wise, loving words have brought comfort to me and many others. You have guided us and reminded us to be true to the spirit of Quakerism. You are always a Teacher - illuminating the world with stories and poetic observations. You show us the way to look for the Light in all. You have been that Light. You will shine on, illuminating our community. Safe and peaceful passage. With Love, Deborra
Posted by Nancy Morgan on July 16, 2021
Dear Liz, you were one of the first to greet me when I came to Abington Meeting and you were my mentor and Friend as I began my journey to live as a Quaker. Your life has touched so many of us and for that I will always be grateful. I wish you love and peace my dear friend.
Posted by Justin Solonynka on July 16, 2021
How can we possibly put into words how much Liz will be missed at Abington Meeting? My wife Courtney and I have long described Liz as "who we want to be when we grow up". Her efforts at welcoming one and all to our meeting, and her beautiful leadership of Spiritual Nurture Groups, are a legacy that will last for many, many years to come. I am so grateful to have known her.
Posted by Andrew Pritzker on July 16, 2021
She was a dear heart and a wonderful teacher whose passion for literature has never left me. She made me a better writer and a more introspective artist. She was always sweet and cheerful. Her mind was sharp with a keen wit. She didn’t give you answers. She led you. She let you find them. She always appreciated your discovery of something new. As a screenwriter I still keep her in mind. I named more than one character after her as a tribute. She was a kind soul and a rare gift. I will carry her memory always.
Posted by Susan Makler on July 15, 2021
I will forever treasure our long friendship through Abington Friends School and Meeting. Our connection began through Head of School Bert Mason whom I knew from my years as a student at George School. Becoming involved as a parent of two “lifers”, Chris and Jon, I knew Liz as an extraordinary teacher and mentor to innumerable students. Such gentle wisdom imparted to young minds. As time moved on, we enjoyed being together on numerous committees and in worship, and along with so many others, I was blessed to witness a strong spiritual friend to so many seekers. The Makler family joins with so many others who celebrate Liz Mosley’s wonderful long life with her beloved Keith, their large and loving family, and extended family, including her colleagues and students with their families at AFS. Her spirit and wisdom were and will remain integral to the spirit of Abington Friends Meeting. Thank thee, Friend Liz.
Posted by Benjamin Lloyd on July 15, 2021
Thank you Liz for being my Quaker elder and modeling the just and loving behavior I aspire to. I will always remember you, and I will see you and feel you in worship in our meeting house even without your physical absence.
Posted by Djey Blessing on July 15, 2021
Grandma, c'est comme ça que je l'appelais, ça gentillesse, ça générosité était un un puits d'amour, juste le fait qu'elle pose c'est yeux sur vous etait source de prospérité et de tranquillité.
Je penserai toute ma vie à grandma, je suis fière de l'avoir rencontré et de l'avoir écouté me donner des conseils sur la vie elle me manque déjà.
Que la terre te soit légère grandma.
Force et courage à tous les membres de la famille et à tous les gens qu'elle a croisé.
Posted by Marsha Golden on July 14, 2021
Dear, dear Liz will be missed by so many. When my husband, Paul Golden, died Liz and Keith helped me to get through my sorrow. I will always treasure my time on the library committee at Abington Meeting with Liz. We used to meet every Wednesday morning to work on the library together and chat about our lives. Liz was one of the kindest and dearest people I have ever met. May God bless her and keep her.
Posted by Nikki Lee on July 14, 2021
Liz was one of the bedrock members of our Meeting, always present from the time I first started to attend, back in 1994. She was whole-hearted, sharp, and thoughtful. I am better for having known her, and seen her as a model for how a woman may use her power. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Catherine Callan on July 14, 2021
I am a Quaker because of Liz Mosely. She was the first Abington Friends member to encourage me to come back, which I did, time and again. And then I, too became a Member. I looked to Liz for the right path to take and, although she didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear, I quickly learned that her sought out advice was always spot on. Liz understood the value of deep listening and both taught it to others, and practiced it herself. She will be missed very much in our community. I feel lucky to have known her. I am holding her family, friends and our community in the light now.
Posted by Mara Wai on July 14, 2021
Dear Liz,

I will miss you! You're Light, Love and Wisdom have touched so many. I'm incredibly grateful to have benefited from your presence. With love,
Posted by Tuesday Vanstory on July 14, 2021
Dear Liz.
I have always loved you. No matter how serious or dismal a situation was, you always tried to find the inevitable light in the situation.

You pointed us towards God when people behaved in the worst ways: “What do you expect?” she asked. “They’re only people…”

Thank you so much for that light in your eyes, your gratitude, your poetry, your optimism. Thank you. 

Tuesday Vanstory

Posted by Patricia Conroy on July 14, 2021
A light has gone out in the world. However, so many of us at Abington Friends Meeting were fortunate to bask in Liz's light. She mentored, supported, encouraged and listened, but she never judged. We relied on the depth of her vocal ministry, as she gently and wisely guided the spiritual life of our Meeting. She was a woman of substance. Liz often quoted George Fox: "Walk cheerfully over the earth answering to that of God in everyone." This was how she lived her life. Liz will be deeply missed, because she was so deeply loved. 
Posted by Loretta Fox on July 14, 2021
Liz was one of the most wise, loving and kind people I've known. I have so many fond memories of my conversations with Liz, and all are treasured. So often, Liz would speak at our Quaker Meetings for Worship, and her messages were so profound and full of beautiful simplicity. She will be missed by our Abington Meeting community. I think that Liz had the gift of being able to touch people deeply, and the ripples will flow out from all who had the blessing of knowing this remarkable woman. I loved her dearly.

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