Let the memory of Ella-Louise be with us forever
  • Born on August 24, 2011 .
  • Passed away on August 24, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ella-Louise Waterman , born on August 24, 2011 and passed away on August 24, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Emma Wiles on 13th January 2018
I love you so much and am so lost right now. I’m lost because I’m miss you so much and I self destruct but that is not fair on your brother because he deserves better but I struggle every day to let you go so I self destruct I hate all that I am and that Inez lost wish I had the strength to get through all this and become a better person not for me but my beautiful boy he deserves the world and the best I feel that I’m not the best for him and I hate it as he is my whole world and more My miracle and so was you and I can’t let go so wish I could I just want to be the best mummy to my children and I’m failing just like my parents
Posted by Emma Wiles on 10th August 2017
Today is proving exceptionally hard I know your birthday is closing in on us, but today it's harder then ever! How can I complete my first family home without you..... I miss you so much and my heart breaks so much for you, I miss you more and more everyday and I can never be fully complete without you here. Forever my first born, my angel my beautiful princess, as your birthday draws near my heart aches more I miss you with every inch of my life forever you and me. Mummy's baby girl xxxx
Posted by Emma Wiles on 24th August 2016
Just woken up in the most pain in my back and tummy don't know if it's a sign from you princess. I look at my clock and its 12am. Well happy 5th heavenly birthday my beautiful first born daughter. This year would of been your first little milestone. I hope your flying high angel and peeping in from time to time leaving me little signs your still near, my heart will always have that piece missing and incomplete without you here. I hope your looking down and feeling proud of your mumma. I miss you and love you unconditionally sweetheart untill the day I get to hold you in my arms again. My princess my first born happy 5th birthday my Ella-Louise
Posted by Emma Wiles on 14th July 2012
Hay princess its raining alot today i hope your not upset. I hope your having fun with all your angel friends. I miss u so much sweetheart, i got your big sister and brother here this weekend and your cousin baby Joseph its his birthday next weekend so he just a few weeks older than u. All three of them and daddy r keeping me busy and on my toes still loads of time thou to miss u love u x
Posted by Vikki Page on 14th July 2012
Ella-Louise, almost a year has past. Feels like yesterday that your mummy was arranging your arrival, We were all getting excited about meeting you, talking about what we would do together, our hands on mummy's tummy feeling you kicking- dreaming up happy memories before they begun, shattered because heaven needed an angel and you to pure and beautiful for earth chosen, missed so much xxxx
Posted by Emma Wiles on 11th July 2012
Hello my angel just want u to know there is not one day that goes by that mummy dont long for u. My arms so empty without you here and my heart so broken without u. How i wish so much things could be different and u was here so i could show u How much i love u. Life seems so pointless without u here Xx
Posted by Nicole Croxton on 10th July 2012
Emma 1st of all i would like to say not a day goes pass were i don't think about u and your little princess '' every night were i pray i always say one to your little princess how i hope she is ok up there so sad i still cry now i don't no how u do what u do but u do u r the bestest mum i have ever meet xxx sleep tight ella - lousie my sweet little princess xxx
Posted by Claire Wiles on 10th July 2012
To my dear sweet Ella-Louise, I kissed your tiny lips, held your tiny hand, held you so very close, for only a moment, but the moment will stay with me forever, I miss you so very much, and long to see you again (if only for a moment). I know your a tiny angel playing and safe and that one day we will all be together again. Sleep tight my beautiful niece, lots of love Aunty Claire xxxxxx
Posted by Emma Wiles on 10th July 2012
My first born daughter the day u were brought in2 my world was the best day of my life, but also the worst as i knew i had 2 say goodbye 2 the only & most precious person in my whole life. U touched the hearts of all your family & r closest friends. Me & daddy created such a beautiful perfect princess we r so proud of u. When we meet again me and daddy will have u in r arms & never let go

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