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Shared by Le Jon Lipscomb on June 5, 2019

It is said that God takes the sting away but the memory still remains. We mention you often and smile and Praise the wonderful person you were and the Angel you are now. I always saw that hallo above your head. Those we love are absent from the embrace of our arms but remain in our hearts.

Shared by Lynda Gates on August 26, 2011


1949 – 2011

Ella, our angel please know that some people pass through this world, and leave it just as they found it. But you took the time to do special things for others, the years between that dash (-) represents all the beautiful things you brought to our lives.

And I for one am so “Blessed” that you touched my life.

Thank you Ella, for all you did; I'm so glad some one like you could help me to get through it. I'll always think of you with a glad and grateful heart, for loving me and showing that you cared.

Thank you for hugging me in my time of despair.


Thank You Lord!

Sometimes, my way seemed low, and I couldn't see the road,

I asked the question, “Lord, Why so much pain?”

But, He knew what was best for me, more than my tired old

eyes could ever see. But I just said,

Thank You Lord, I Won't Complain!”

Now, as I am sitting here, where the streets are paved with

GOLD, where the CHOIR sings and LOVE just flows, I just


“Thank You Lord, I Don't Complain!”

There are friends up here who I have not seen in years,

No more pain to bear, not even one single care. All fears

have passed and I have my reward at last, I just say,

 “Thank You, Lord, FOR I Can't Complain!”

Rest In God's Paradise, Ella!

Loving You In The Spirit Always,

Lynda Gates

Chicago, Illinois


Shared by Jidenna Mobisson on August 25, 2011

Miss Ella,


You were our Auntie. We thank you for teaching us how to take care of a home. We appreciate your maternal care. You were much more than a landlady to us. You were a grandmother shaping us into young responsible men. We hope that your transition to the next world is smooth and tranquil.  Peace be with you, Miss Ella.

My Best Light,



Shared by Mobolaji David on August 24, 2011

You were a wonderful and loving mother to my brothers Tunde & Atiba. I remember I used to visit sometimes when I was younger and you always took care of me. Last time I talked to you, you told me if I ever needed anything don't be afraid to call. Seems like it wasn't that long ago. It is a crazy turn of events to hear that you are gone so soon, but we all know that you are in a better place now. 


Remembering "Big Sister"

Shared by Florence Wilson on August 19, 2011

Yes, "Gone too soon."

I miss you and the very special conversations and prayers we shared. Thank you for confirming your friendship, and "Big Sister" role shortly before you "clipped" your wings and went back to our Heavenly Father. I will always remember your incredible hospitality and other gifts and traits such as your wit and caring, sharing heart. Your love for God and His people was unconditional, as it should be. The evidence of your love was manifested in the many lives you touched through ministry service, and life's daily issues. "Big Sister", you definitely "paid it forward".

The night I stayed at your home in Castor Valley for convenience to the OAK airport due to an early morning departure cemented your role as "Big Sister" in my life. The kindness and hospitality you extended to me was nothing short of a heart graced with God's love. You insisted I leave my car in your garage. Five days later you rescheduled your day to transport me from the airport. You reassured me I did not need to consider any other source. And, how can I not mention the  delicious meal too!

Thank you for letting me know you appreciated God knitted our hearts in genuine friendship. "Gone too soon". However, right on time for God! 

Deeply missed, always remembered,

Florence Wilson

Sunnyvale, CA


Keeping In Line

Shared by Jerri Clemons on August 8, 2011

Hey, girl!

Like you told me not so long ago, I'm keeping myself in line - along with your son/my husband! We're so glad we got a chance to visit you before your chariot ride into Heaven. Not a day goes by without a memory of you - your smile, your laugh, your advice - you're not with us here, but your memory lives inside of us.

We love and miss you!

See you In Heaven My Sister

Shared by Homa Smith on July 23, 2011


I don't know how to say goodbye to you, and its going to be so hard not hearing your voice and getting all of your health advice.
We have had good times and bad times together, and it was always been so comforting to know, we could sit down and talk about it woman to
 woman, friend to friend and sister to sister.

We talked about this day, never thinking it would come so soon.

One thing I do know is when you stepped out of this old life, you was looking into the face of our Lord Jesus Christ and I can hear you saying,
"Thank  you Jesus!!, Lord this is AWESOME."   I  know I'm suppose to rejoice over your Home Going; but right now all I can do is cry.

Thank you Ella for all the dinners you cooked and invited me over because you said, you knew I didn't like to cook. (lol)

Thank you for being my movie buddy for so many years, and talking me into seeing the scary ones, that we would sit and scream through, then
 laugh our heads off afterwards.

Thank you for many good years of friendship and laughter, and the tears we shared
Most of all I Thank the Lord, that on Thursday May 7, 1998
you asked me to come over and have dinner with you, and
afterwards we knelt at your sofa, as you re-deciated your life back to Jesus Christ..  I praise the Lord, that He allowed me to share in that
 wonderful blessed experience with you.
So, my sister/friend  I know we will meet again in Heaven.

Love you,

Open Arms

Shared by Betty Christian on July 23, 2011

Dear Sister Ella,

Although, we never had a chance to know one another. We had a spiritual kinship. Every first Sunday at ALCF, you would be in the center aisle of the sanctuary to usher, and I would be serving communion. We would always open our arms and greet each other with a big hug. Jesus was in that hug with us. I miss you sister Ella. Your last words to me were pray for me. God is good, he needed you more. I know that you are right there with the Lord, ushering God's people into the Kingdom. I look forward to seeing your warm, friendly smile again with our Lord and Savior.

In Jesus Love,

Your Sister Betty

Praise God for You

Shared by Debbie Kinslow on July 23, 2011

I was so  blessed to have you in my life (like I told you) I will continue to thank God everyday for having this season He allowed.


our show

Shared by Debbie Kinslow on July 23, 2011

Hey my sister,

    still keeping tally the way you showed me how.   Our girl Sashar is still there.  Watching the show is not quite the same but,  I will keep up and let you know.  I miss you so much!

I Love You!


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