Wall of Honor at Itasca State Park, Jacob Brower Visitors' Center
Ellen Arlene Collier-MacNeil
  • 79 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 19, 1929
  • Place of birth:
    Minnesota, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 12, 2009
  • Place of passing:
    Minnesota, United States
Let the memory of Ellen be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ellen Collier-MacNeil, 79, born on November 19, 1929 and passed away on November 12, 2009. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 9th November 2017

"Hi momma,  can't believe you have been gone 8 years already. We lost Missy in 2014, and Marty in 2017. Our family is getting smaller and to realize and accept that brings my own mortality to light. Guess that happens to all of us sooner rather than later. I'm wondering how my life will end and how the impact of my death will affect my siblings, children, and grandchildren. I am not afraid of death,  just curious. I believe I will go to heaven and be reunited with all my loved ones. Guess that's why time seems to by so fast. I miss you always and love you still.
Love,  Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 17th July 2017

"Hi momma, been a few weeks since I visited you. Things are still messed up. I feel so lost and alone here. Losing, you, Missy, and then Marty has taken away my purpose in life. Marty was laid to rest on July 8th in Browns Valley. I wasn't there had a bad migraine. I feel like everything is pulling away from me and I will be all alone. I love you always and miss you still!
Love, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 11th June 2017

"Hi momma, sorry I haven't visited lately but things are  just messed up. Marty died March 7th and Chad is getting divorced. Dan wants to move, I don't. As usual he only thinks of himself  and f_ _K everyone else unless he can manipulate people to his way of thinking.  I have tried talking  to him but he just twists the facts to fit his own agenda. Oh momma what to do, please send me a sign so I can do the right thing. I love you and miss you so very much. I want to join you all in heaven but, God has more things for me to do here. Love you always, miss you still momma. Thanks for listening.
Love, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 11th January 2017

"Hi momma,  I haven't been here for almost 2 months.  They say that grieving is with you until you die,  it is supposed to get easier as time moves forward.  It doesn't get easier I still want to call you and tell you what is going on in my life. I miss talking to you,  I believe that you still hear me when I talk to you. Can't believe in 2 days I turn 57 yrs old. I turned 50 six weeks after you were called home,  I had just turned 54 about six weeks before Missy was called home.  I miss you every day momma and want my time to join you to be soon. Selfish??? maybe.... I love and miss you momma,  tell daddy and my Missy Marie I will be reunited with all of you when God says my purpose here on earth is done. Love, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 19th November 2016

"Happy Heavenly  Birthday momma!  I can't  believe you have been gone for seven years. It feels like yesterday. I am so glad you are in heaven with daddy and Missy.  I know we will all be reunited some day and It can't come fast enough. I think of you all the time especially this time of year cuz that's when I would come to see and stay with you for a week or two. I saw a post from Carol and she went to your place to see it,  hadn't been there for 6 yrs. She misses you very much momma as do I. Tell daddy and Missy I love them and miss them too. All my love momma ~ Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 12th November 2016

"Dear Mom,  you have been gone 7 yrs today. I can't  hardly fathom that it has been that long.  Missy has been gone almost 3 yrs and that doesn't seem possible either.  I still find myself wanting to call you and tell you all thing going on in my life. I still work at the Bible camp it will 7 yrs for me in April. I just want you to know I still love and miss you as much today as when God took you home. Sending you all my love, please tell daddy and everyone up in heaven I miss them all and look forward to the day we are together again!!
All my love momma"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 31st August 2016

"Hi momma, I have no excuse for not visiting you sooner. Been a rough time as of late. I had migraine issues in March, getting worse and more frequent! My plan didn't go according to my plan. I miss you, find myself wishing you were here. I also think about what you would say in response. It helps but not the real thing"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 15th March 2016

"Hi momma, sorry it has been so long since I was here. As I'm  sure you know  have alot going on in my life. Most of it not good. I miss being able to call and talk to you. Missys Angelversary is only 3 days away. I can't  believe  it's  been 2 yrs. Feeling depressed, anxious, and unsure of where my life is headed. I'm  56 ma and have never felt so lost and messed up. Sometimes I wish I were there with you, Missy and daddy. Some days it takes all I have to get up and get going. I'm  getting a portrait tattoo of Missy on Friday, another tribute to her. I have 2 to honor daddy, 3 to honor you, and will have 2 to honor Missy. I am going to the eye and tissue banquet again this year and am taking Leela and Joshua with me so they can witness some of their moms legacy. I just wanted you to know I still love and miss you!!! Much love to you momma, love your daughter, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 6th November 2015

"Dear momma, I am sorry I haven't visited your memorial recently. Both you and Missy have been on my mind alot recently. I love and miss you terribly.  As you know Missys birthday was one week ago tomorrow.  It was very emotional for me. Hard to believe you have been gone 6 yrs next Thursday  Nov 12th. I miss you, I have wanted to reach for my phone so many times to call you and talk to you. I still talk to you but it isn't the same. Nikki is getting married in June 2016. In five months and 11 days Missy will be gone 2 yrs already. Oh how I wish the cabin hadn't  sold, going up north was always a way for me to reboot if you will. Starting to sound kinda like a nerd ma, omg! I think I will make another appt. with Mary Kay, it was so calming for me. I know you are with me always but I haven't had a sign from you for a while. The commercial Missy always hated just came on tv, was that the two of you ganging up on me? Haha! Well momma I love and miss you still. Watch for me, thanks  for watching over me, love you lots and miss you still. Love, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 7th July 2015

"Hi momma, how are you? I am okay I have been stuggling with depression, anxiety, binge eating and the like. Working on all of them but not working out really. Now they think I might have OCD and oh boy, what the hell ma? Hatin life most days, life in general is crappy. Oh how I miss you momma, been tough since God called you home. Guess I just needed to vent and thanks for listening momma. Love you Always, Miss you Still ♡♡♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 16th May 2015

"Hey momma, Happy Mothers Day in heaven. I'm about a week late but I'm sure that's  ok with you. I just left a note on Missys memorial website and I told her that this Mothers Day was alot harder for some reason. I love and miss you still, that will never change but some holidays are harder than others with no particular pattern. It sure would make things easier if I knew when to expect those things. I know that's  just how grief works but that don't  mean I gotta like it. Missys kids are doing well and their adoption is close to being done. They seem happy and that is what I wanted for them, as did Missy. The grandkids are growing fast Austin & Ysabel are both 13 already. Joshua is 9 and Leela will be 12 in July. Kenzie is 10 and Brooklyn is 4. Its hard to believe. Well momma just wanted to tell you Happy Mothers Day in heaven and I love and Miss you still, Love Sandy ♡♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 2nd May 2015

"Mom, how are you, I am doing okay. As I am sure you know Connie is not talking to me and hasn't  been since the distribution  of the will and the sale of the property. I am still angry about that mom, I have forgiven  her but still angry. I just left a note for Missy on her memorial website on ForeverMissed.com, with spring here it is hard not to think of you both. This is one of the worst times of the year for me, even though  you have been gone 6 yrs it is still difficult. I will never get over your death or Missys but will learn to keep living without both of you in my life. I know I have memories but some days it just isn't enough. I am moving back to Martys in a couple weeks and I know you are happy about that. I don't  think I told you this nor do I know why I feel it necessary  now, when Missy died Connie was told about her death and I heard absolutely  nothing. No card, call, or a Go to hell. She will be very lonely. Oh and Rory is engaged not sure when the wedding  will be but whenI do you will too. Well mom just wanted to let you know how much I still love and miss you. I think of you and Missy every day. Save a place for me in heaven I will be there soon !!! All my love Mom,  Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 24th March 2015

"Hi momma, I am so glad that I connected with you , daddy, and Missy on the 18th of March. I left the spiritual meeting feeling such a sense of peace and calmness and a huge weight was lifted from me. I feel so much better, so thank you Momma for being  there for Missy and I and connecting all of us again!!! God bless and save a place for me in heaven, I will be there soon momma. Love and miss you still, love your daughter Sandy ♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 4th January 2015

"Hi mom another year has come and gone. It is 10 months since My Missy has died, still can't accept it anymore than I can accept yours. Missys children were adopted by a family who live in Cottonwood, so they will be close and able to maintain contact with this side of the family. I am going to see a physic medium in March and hoping to attain peace with both you and Missys death. It was a tough year last year, so praying this year will be an improvement. It will be 6 yrs. November 12th since I lost you. Boy the years sure seem to fly by as I get older. Well mom I love & miss you as much now as when you died. As always, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 25th December 2014

"My dearest mom, it is Christmas day 2014, it has been 5 Christmases without you. It is my first Christmas without  Missy. It has been an extremely hard year since Missy died on March 18th 2014. There have been so many things that have happened since Missy died. Nicole just had laser surgery on Dec 22nd on both eyes due to proliferative diabetic retinopathy.  Without the surgery there was a 90% chance Nicole would have lost her sight. There is no guarantee the surgery will work, we will know in about a month. Praying for good news. Missys 2 children, Leela and Joshua have been adopted by a couple in Cottonwood.  They have been adjusting to Missys death but it has been hard on them. Hell it's been hard on me, still can't wrap my head around it. I just wanted to tell you I love and Miss you now and always. Please continue to watch over us until we meet again. Love always and forever,  your daughter Sandy♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 26th November 2014

"Dear mom, just want to say that I am Thankful for having you in my life for 79 yrs. I of course wanted to have you here longer. It always amazes me when I think of when you got sick, that you took it all in stride, yet one day at a time. I hope that when my time comes that I can face death with the strength and dignity that you did. Thanks mom for all you did for me in life and in death. You left a positive impact and it stays with me always. Love & Miss you,  as always Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 18th November 2014

"Mom, tomorrow marks the 85th yr of celebrating your life. Hard to believe that you have been gone 5 yrs already. Today marked 8 months since my Missy was called home. It has been and still is extremely difficult to accept her death. My mind just can't or won't accept it. I miss you both so very much, you both were more like my best friend than mother /daughter. Only you and Missy understood the kind of relationship the 3 of us had. Indeed it wasn't traditional at least not in the literal sense of the meaning. It couldn't be explained while you were both alive and certainly not in death. I know now why it's so hard to explain to anyone and have them understand.  I miss and love you so much mom and even more so now that Missy has been called home.  It gives me comfort to know you are together and in no more pain. As always, love Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 12th November 2014

"Dear Mom, hard to believe today is 5 yrs since God called you home.  Missy was called home to God on March 18th of this year 2014. Her 35th birthday passed painfully this year. I am glad she is with you and out of pain. Having to deal with both your deaths has been Extremely difficult. On Oct 10th 2014, I took the remainder of Missys ashes and put them into Lake Alice as was her wish. It was 4 yrs since we put your ashes into Lake Alice. I have a bit of peace in doing that on the same day as we did your ashes only 4 yrs earlier. Next Wednesday Nov 19th is the 84th year of celebrating your life. I miss you so very much mom, words still can't express my sadness that is still there from your passing. If I could hear your voice one more time I would tell you how much I loved you.I know you and Missy are both at peace and no longer hurting. I won't be completely at peace until we are all together again.
Loving and Missing you always,
Love your daughter Sandy!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 9th November 2014

"Hi, mom just Sandy coming to write a note to you. Missys 35th birthday was a little over a week ago. It was a really hard one, the first one since she died. Been really emotional lately and Miss her sooooo much momma, she is no longer sick or in pain but I still have a hard time coming to terms with it. I get some comfort because she was a donor too, just like you were. Missys donation has already restored 2 people's sight. I know a part of her still lives on. The anniversary of your death is 4 days away and this will also be extremely emotional.  This has been a horrible year, death seems to have come one after another. Missy died on March 18th, Kristens 2nd child Torin died on March 19th, Donnies wife Kathy died in May from cancer. I am hoping the next year will be better. Mom nothing has changed in my life, drama still finds me no matter what, don't know how much more I can handle. God must think I am a strong person, but lately it seems an overload. Sometimes I think I am going to explode from all the shit. Well momma have whined long enough, I can still hear your wise words in my mind, but wish you were here and I could hear your reassuring words one more time. I love & miss you very much I know Missy is with you and that also provides some level comfort. Til we meet again, love and miss you always!!!!!!!
Love, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 9th October 2014

"Mom, I buried some of Missys ashes in the Lynd cemetary by grandma Frahm. I am going to Lake Alice tomorrow to put the rest of Missys ashes in the lake. It was what she wanted, to be put with "grandma Ellen". So I feel it is my responsibility or obligation if you will to carry out Missys final wish on Oct 10 2014. It is the 4th anniversary of putting your ashes in Lake Alice. I hope you are both at peace!!!!! I love and Miss you both so very much, it can't be put into words!!!!!!  Love, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 9th October 2014

"Mom, sorry I haven't visited your memorial website in almost a year. I have some sad news reguarding Missy. Mom she died on March 18th 2014. I still can't wrap my head around it, you DON'T outlive your children!!! I am truely grateful that I had her for as many yrs as I did. I know she is in heaven and no longer sick and she is with you and daddy. I know some day we will all be together again. Until then mom, I love and miss you today as much as when you were taken home to live with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Luv your daughter, Sandy"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 19th November 2013

"Dear Mom would have been your 84th birthday. I love and miss you so much mom!!!! I still feel your presence when I am struggling with something and familiar words I heard so often from your lips resonate in my head. Sometimes I don't always realize your thoughts are becoming my thoughts. Thanks Mom for that gift and the many more you bestowed upon me in my life. You Are In My Thoughts Always Mom!!!!!! I love and miss you, love Sandy <3"

This tribute was added by Missy Fertig on 20th February 2013

"How do you pay tribute to one of the most amazing women you have ever had the blessing to have in your life? How do you pay tribute to someone who was such an influencial part of your life that their absence can only be described as a huge hole in your heart and life? Grandma, there are NO words to describe you or how you touched my life and how much I love and miss you, I Love You Always"

This tribute was added by Mary Ackerman Zabel on 18th February 2013

"a remarkable woman, and so we thank you. For the spirit, love and legacy you've left here on earth. THankyou for the wonderful weekend, and I sure hope we will meet again."

This tribute was added by Mary Ackerman Zabel on 18th February 2013

"Miss Ellen... Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your 'Up North' hospitality, and often imagine how much fun it would have been to be able to get to know you better. I know how much you cared for  the life around your humble home, the wildlife and wellbeing of all that mattered to you. Your influence on your daughter (my dear friend Sandy) affirms to me that she was raised indeed by"

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 4th January 2013

"Mom, you've been on mind alot lately and just wanted you to know you are never far from my thoughts. Maybe it's because my birthday is coming up and I remember you almost always missed it by a day or two but I knew you were with me always. You are still with me always. I will be with you and daddy again some day I Love you Both with all my heart !!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Dory Munnell on 20th November 2012

"Ellen, when I think of you, a smile comes across my face.  I know you are taking care of things on your end, birds, flowers, etc.  If you can, raise a can of brew for us girls, and thanks for watching over us."

This tribute was added by Sandra Renneke on 5th October 2012

"Mom, I still miss you and it doesn't seem like you've been gone for almost 3 years. You are always in my thoughts and I talk to you daily. I believe you and God are showing me the path to take when I need a little help. I know you are with me always and we will see each other again some day, until then you are sadly missed by all who love you!!!!"

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