Her Life


Mom loved Christmas.  She especially liked having tinsel on the tree.  The past few years I didn't put tinsel on the tree....but I did this year.   Just for her. No matter how big or how small the gift she was given was, she acted like you had given her the world.  She was so appreciative of everything, big or small.  That's how she lived her life too. She was always wishing that she would win lots of money on scratch off lottery tickets so she could give her 5 children money she knew they needed.  There was never a more self-less person on this Earth. Almost six months later and I still can't believe she is gone and won't be with us this year for Christmas.  Here in Georgia, everybody is a Georgia Bulldog Fan.  Their emblem is a giant G.  Well, the Green Bay Packers has the same giant G and she was always so excited when she saw the giant G on a product thinking that it was awfully nice that the Green Bay Packers were so popular down here!  My sweet little grandson chose the Green Bay packers when I asked him what football team he wanted me to make his fleece blanket out of.  I am sure mom must have whispered in his ear.  I miss her so much today......and everyday.





Mom was very frustrated with her diminishing memory.  One evening last year as I was taking her back to the assisted living facility from Sunday dinner at my house, we were discussing something regarding the past of which she could not remember the details of.  She said something that day that I will never forget.  She said that having dementia was like looking at empty pages in the book of her life.