Posted by vicki stanton on December 11, 2011
well mom its two weeks to christmas and my granddaughters are all set.Stephanies daughter(hailey) is almost three and she is all excited about santa coming. Every commerical she see about girl toys, she wants. Michaels daughter (natalie) all she wants, are books.She is only one years old.I'M sure you can see all of this from where you are. I just wanted to let you know how the kids are.
Posted by vicki stanton on December 11, 2011
I was making out my christmas cards and i almost made one out to you.So i just wanted to wish you merry christmas. I't tough with out you here.Dont forget us, ok We will never forget you  love vicki
Posted by vicki stanton on December 9, 2011
Hi Mom, Its just me vicki. You have been gone only 6 months and i still cry. I miss you so much.I carry so much guilt around. I should of visited you more.And not seeing you when i could of, really hurts.I see pictures of you every day but i cant feel you around me. and that makes me sad because i dont want to lose that connection to you. I love you and miss you very much
Posted by Diana Clough on November 15, 2011
Mom, you've been gone 5 months today. Although the heart-wrenching pain is starting to subside, I still ache desperately to see your smile. I relive so many moments I spent with you. I hope wherever you are, you are happy. If only I could have one more day with you. I love you mom and I miss you as much today as the day you left my world.
Posted by Diana Clough on October 15, 2011've been gone 4 months today. My heart still aches for you and I still find it so hard to smile. I hope, wherever you are, you feel my love and know how very much I miss you....and always will.
Posted by vicki stanton on September 30, 2011
Hi mom, I'ts me again.I miss you and think of you every day but today i wanted to call you. I know you are not here,That part is hard for me. I know its been 3 months since you left us and they say ( it gets easier as time go's on)But the fact is, it really doesnt.
Posted by vicki stanton on September 30, 2011
I know this is silly of me to think that you can read any of this but i am hopeful. Because i feel better when i talk to you,so if you dont mind, i will always write you. I not ready to let you go. I miss you so much!!!!!!!
Posted by vicki stanton on September 16, 2011
mom, I think of you every day.I was planning on comming down to see you for your birthday, but the plans i made, i made to late. I am sorry for not seeing you more. like you said all you wanted was a hug and thats what i wanted to give you so now i hug you every day.
Posted by vicki stanton on September 16, 2011
I hope you feel at least one of my hugs. I miss you so much.
Posted by Diana Clough on September 15, 2011
Mom, you left my world 3 months ago today yet it feels like yesterday. When you left, you took all the light in my heart with you. My memories of you are still vivid and my heart is so empty. I miss your smile so much. I love you Mom.
Posted by vicki stanton on September 8, 2011
Mom, i think of you everyday. I miss you so much. I miss talking to you every weekend and when i was having a bad day ,i knew if i called you, you would make me feel better. You always did. Love and miss you vicki
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 21, 2011
Mom I just stop by to let you know you are missed everyday and very much loved. Your candle will forever burn bright because you brought so much love and joy into our lives.
Posted by Billy Mansour on August 5, 2011
Happy Birthday Grandma! I love and miss you a lot!
Posted by Diana Clough on August 5, 2011
Happy Birthday Mom! We (your children) just released 73 balloons in honor of your birthday. We're hoping they make it to where you are and that you will know how very much we love you and miss you so very much. Hope the cheesecake the angels made for you is DELICIOUS!
Posted by crystal mccolm on August 5, 2011
Mom happy birthday I hope you like the balloons we sent you. I cried today because you were not here. I will always love you and miss you. The boys also miss you very much too.
Posted by Teresa Waite on July 27, 2011
I met Ellen & thought to myself, she has the prettiest smile & a great personality! She visited our office several times & there was that smile each time! I then realized she has the birthday as my mom, August 5. I knew then she was a special lady! Keep SMILING Ms Ellen!
Posted by Leigh Barfield on July 22, 2011
I know your Mother from all that you've told me Diana. Isn't it wonderful to have had a champion in life? What an amazing tribute to her - this site for all to see & appreciate. She was lovely and I know you miss her. Remember everything about her that makes you happy...
Posted by kitty Federer on July 13, 2011
I loved my mother very much. We could talk about anything. I will miss her tremendously. I know she's with her one and true love, and that helps ease the pain.
Posted by Branden McColm on July 1, 2011
When I got the call that my passed away my whole world went black because an angel just left this world. It was to soon for her to go but GOD called and she answered. I am always thing about the wonderful things my mom has done for my family and the great joy we had while was here on earth.
Posted by Billy Mansour on June 30, 2011
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She could laugh at herself like no one I've ever met which really makes you realize how comfortable she was in her own skin. We should all be so lucky, and we're all lucky to have known her. I love and miss you Grandma!
Posted by Billy Mansour on June 30, 2011
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Mr. Bill...that's what Grandma called me. She's the only person I ever let call me Bill...and she always will be. She had a great sense of humor which I often took advantage of.
Posted by Debbie Welch on June 30, 2011
I think of Ellen as my very own Mom. Keep smiling Miss Ellen. We will all miss you.
Posted by Diana Clough on June 29, 2011
Mom was an eternal optimist. She was the kindest, sweetest person anyone ever knew. She was funny and smart. She passionately loved her family. She was taken from us too soon and today I cannot find comfort from any source. I miss her desperately.
Posted by vicki stanton on June 29, 2011
When,i recieved the phone call that mom has passed away, i was devastated. I will miss all wake-up phone calls, i used to give her. She was such full of life.I loved her so much.Instead of her living in Georgia, she now lives in each one of us.Love u
Posted by Gail Schindler on June 29, 2011
I am sorry sis.
Posted by Jennifer Mansour on June 29, 2011
Grandma was a wonderful little lady. Very loving and funny. Always wanting to give someone a massage. HAHA I love you and will miss you grandma!!!
Posted by Kenneth L Stanton Jr on June 29, 2011
She's missed and thanks Diana for putting in that picture of me sitting on Mom's lap. Love Ken
Posted by Carolyn Mansour on June 29, 2011
What a lovely lady, I only knew her for a short time. I loved her lovely spirit and beautiful smile, she was also a good hugger, she will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with all her family.
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