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Gosh Im Just 5 !

Shared by Tina Allen on June 14, 2011

What would you do
in 5 short years?
Would you make them the most
or hide from your fears?
Our little Elli
chose to live
Every day with a smile
and love to give
Though stricken with cancer
before he was three
his journey through life
was meant to be.
No matter how bad
he might have felt
He always knew how
to make your heart melt
Living life to its fullest
Each day he Awoke
He could make you smile
Every time he spoke
He filled the room
with laughter and tears
And touched many lives
in his 5 short years

He would talk of his pets
if you'd lend him an ear
or anything else
you'd take time to hear
There were no strangers
to Ellijah Thomas Lane
He cared for everyone
no matter their name
The most amazing child
for such a young man
He looked up to his Mother
---- His biggest fan

He fought hard to beat
the disease he had
And would never complain
of feeling bad
It's certainly not fair
the battle he fought
All those who knew him
took in what he taught
For those who missed out
on life's smallest lesson
We're sorry you missed out
on our biggest blessing
For someone so young
his heart was of Gold
You would never have known
he was just 5 years old
With all the love in the whole wide world,,,,Aunt Tina


Cancer Sucks !!

Shared by Tina Allen on June 14, 2011

This is in memory of a wonderful young boy who fought cancer for most of his short life. He was diagnosed Neuroblastoma. He lived more in his 5 short years than any of us have in a lifetime. His spirit and love of life moved all of those around him, and we truly lost an amazing child to this terrible disease. Just a reminder to all of those reading to support your local cancer fundraisers and help fight back. Thank You,, Loving Aunt Tina

My Photo

Shared by Tina Allen on March 29, 2011

I took this photo behind Aunt Denise's house.He loved having his picture taken.May 2010

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