It's a miracle! ESI
  • 102 years old
  • Born on April 13, 1910 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on February 6, 2013 in Lyme, Connecticut, United States.

       This website was created in the memory of our Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Friend Elmira Ingersoll. We hope this will allow the many people who love her to stay connected through stories, photographs, videos & music.

Posted by Lisa Giordano on 13th April 2018
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 13th April 2018
***HaPPy BiRTHDaY DeaR GRaMMie*** XoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXo
Posted by Louise Lumen on 6th February 2018
Elmira, dearest friend, sister, and spiritual mother - now I am back living around the corner from Gungy Rd where water from Cedar Lake flows into Beaver Brook that runs through this property. how on earth did that happen? driving these roads is so strange without you and Mary physically present. but you are always present in my heart with all my love and gratitude for all you gave me. love always till we meet again, louise
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 6th February 2018
dearest grammie i miss your voice i miss laughing and crying at the same time i miss sharing stories of the magic of the universe i miss you... you are ever present in my heart, thoughts and dreams i love you always
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 6th February 2018
Dearest Elmyra, Few days go by that memories or stories are told of my friendship and love for you and Mary. I miss you so much and still think of our breakfast together when eggs over easy and fresh blueberry peach muffins are on the table. May your journey and new adventures be rich with delight Forever loved ox Kathy
Posted by Louise Lumen on 14th April 2017
Dearest Serena, I remember so well how you received this name one night in a dream and you loved it, but it never did slow you down ! You are so close in my heart, love always, Louise
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 13th April 2017
dearest grammie thinking of you today... with easter approaching and the coming of spring my heart feels light and full with the memory of you xoxoxoxox
Posted by Renee Bauer-Wolf on 13th April 2017
On your birthday dear friend I think of you and all the wonderful times we all shared. I still can see you sitting in your chair by the window writing notes. You will always live in my heart. Renee
Posted by Renee Bauer-Wolf on 7th February 2017
Elmira I think of you everyday and remember all the wonderful moments I spent with you and Mary. I look out each night at the stars and wish you a goodnight. Thank you. Renee
Posted by Louise Lumen on 6th February 2017
Dearest Elmira, my precious friend, sister, and spiritual mother, how I miss being able to do things and go places with you. Hearing this music and looking at the pictures from so many times and places with all your dear family and friends, I am filled with loving nostalgia. I wonder who all your new friends are...... all my love, Louise
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 6th February 2017
thinking of you today and always... LOVE you forever xox s
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 6th February 2017
Dear Elmyra, I woke up thinking of you this morning and I didn't even realize the date. We're still connected! You and Mary filled my life with such joy and love. I miss you so much. Love Kathy
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 23rd April 2016
My dear Elmyra, Not a breakfast of eggs and muffins go by without me thinking of our mornings together. Eggs over easy and blueberry peach muffins and coffee. A little flower on the tray and pretty plate to create a lovely breakfast display. I miss you!!!! Love Kathy
Posted by Suzanne Skidmore on 19th February 2016
The world was a better place in Elmira's presence---whether it was in Huntington, Lloyd Harbor or Essex. I think of her so often---of her choice to enjoy luncheon in the St. John's Church cemetery or as a hostess. . . . and her John as host. The cottage in my barn is a daily reminder of the birth of her grand-child Boyden.
Posted by Renee Bauer-Wolf on 7th February 2016
I will always remember the strength of our connection and all the wonderful people you brought to my life...
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 6th February 2016
My dear Elmyra, i think of you so often and how much of my life I was lucky enough to spend with you and dear Mary. It was two days ago I was sharing the "stories of the lake" and the excursions the three of us would go on, tea parties, lunches, church and the like. Skinny dipping before breakfast, saying goodnight to father sun on the porch in those beautiful moments of silence as we all watched the sun go down. I miss you so much. I hope you are having fun wherever you are. Love you my dear friend kathy Fitch
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 6th February 2016
dearest grammie thoughts of you are with me always... i miss your laugh, our talks, your support, my friend your love is in my heart everyday so grateful for our time together xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo s
Posted by Beata Alexander on 6th February 2016
Elmira, remembering is no effort as I smile with our memories and all the gifts you gave me regularly. I am forever grateful. Love looking at all the photos of your life and just said to Michael, there are few people who become more beautiful with age, but you seem to have been one of them. Love to you always, Beata
Posted by Beverly Herbert on 8th February 2015
My Dear Elmira Thinking of you often. Miss you so much. But you left all of us so much that we can carry with us while we are on this journey. Thank you for the Power of Now. It has been so helpful to me. Love always
Posted by Beata Alexander on 7th February 2015
Elmira, Your smile, laughter and love are with me always, Beata
Posted by Paula Chu on 6th February 2015
Still feeling lucky to have walked part of my journey in Elmira's good company. One love.
Posted by David Cook on 6th February 2015
I think of Elmira and Mary each time I pass their driveway.
Posted by Renee Bauer-Wolf on 13th April 2014
Happy birthday dear Elmira where ever you might be. I think of you as I look at the stars every night. Still feel your love. Renee
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 13th April 2014
Dear Elmyra, Happy Birthday! It was warm today, daffodils are up. Was thinking about back when I used to surprise you with your orange all cut up first thing in the morning. I thought of the different ways to arrange it on the plate. Maybe a little flower in the middle? You always liked the poetry within the presentation of food. I miss you and love you!
Posted by Brenda Ryder on 13th April 2014
Happy birthday my dear friend Elmira. I so miss our conversations n laughter.
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 13th April 2014
Wow 104 years old and she lived 103 of them to the fullest. We're all missing you and wishing you were here. Happy birthday Grammy love, Joe
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 13th April 2014
happy birthday dear grammie i love you with all my heart remembering you today and always xox s
Posted by Beata Alexander on 7th February 2014
Elmira, I keep a picture of you at my work to see your smiling face always. What a treasure you have been in my life. I will forever cherish our time together. Much love to you always, Beata
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 6th February 2014
thinking of you... missing our visits full of laughter & tears and everything in between xox s
Posted by Brenda Ryder on 6th February 2014
Dear Elmira. Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. I hold our moments that we laughed close to my heart. You are forever missed. Love, brenda
Posted by Bo Postma on 6th February 2014
A year has passed... it has flown by somehow, but your photo on my bulletinboard where I have breakfast always greets me... I wish I could have visited you more often than I was able to, especially having to leave in 2006 without having seen you, because of your shingles... still I will always be able to imagine how our contact was... you were my mother and friend when my own mother was not of such wisdom..thank you for everything, bo postma
Posted by Paula Chu on 6th February 2014
I miss visiting you, but even more so I miss writing back and forth to each other. I'm so glad to have our PILE of letters! Reading them is like hearing from you, and it's wonderful. love, always.
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 6th February 2014
Dear Elmyra, It is hard to believe it has been a year. I still think of you. I make blueberry muffins, eggs over easy and coffee in your honor regularly. I miss you. You are forever in my heart, love Kathy
Posted by Bo Postma on 28th May 2013
i always think of you when i am especially happy or sad. there is so much we shared in the few times we met... summer of 1957 with john, visiting you in 1992, and somewhere in between you and annie visited me in voorschoten! i took the picture of you and mary dancing in 1992 when john played the piano... i'll never forget how close we were. bo
Posted by Renee Bauer-Wolf on 6th May 2013
The lily of the valley has been blooming for a few days now and it makes me miss you even more.
Posted by Joan Sturgis on 21st April 2013
Elmira, Anam Cara, We always knew we were soul mates. There was a profound bond between us. We had a sense of connection on our spiritual journey and our Aries birthday. You were also my mentor, sharing views on “A Course in miracles", Tai Chi, Buddha, and how we are all one. I will meet you in the field. Love always, Joan
Posted by Ginger Swain on 14th April 2013
I was so disappointed to miss the 103rd celebration of Elmira's life yesterday. I was with you all in spirit. much love to everyone who loves Elmira as Joseph and I do.
Posted by Renee Bauer-Wolf on 14th April 2013
There is not a day that goes by that my dearest friends Elmira and Mary are not in my heart and mind. Here with much love and joy.....especially today on Elmira's 103. Renee
Posted by Lisa Giordano on 13th April 2013
Blessings to Elmira on her 103rd Birthday! You are greatly missed dear Wise Woman! Love & Namaste, Lisa Giordano
Posted by Lisa Giordano on 28th March 2013
I just came from Maundy Thursday services at St. James Episcopal Church in New London, and after receiving communion I began to pray, and in my "mind's eye," there was Elmira as clear as day smiling and at peace. In memory of Elmira: "The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it... is joy. Take joy!" ~ Fra Giovanni. Wishing you much joy and peace Elmira! Love, Lisa Giordano
Posted by Laura Grunfeld on 27th March 2013
I got instructions from Oleg, the founder of this website, on how to download original (hopefully high-resolution) photos or videos: Log in to your account. Open photo or video gallery. Mouse over item. Click on "Actions" link in lower section of thumbnail. Select "Download Original" from drop-down menu. Now we can easily share high quality photos with each other.
Posted by Karen Lemieux on 26th March 2013 words. All ....glorious ! All the photos are marvelous... I love the energy of " Elmira and Mary Dancing" # 195 ! Namaste. Karen Lemieux
Posted by Lisa Sobolewski on 21st March 2013
Elmira invited me into her home and into her heart and I am forever grateful for all that her presence has helped me with on my path. For she has given me a new family, new vision, new compassion, new awakening, that will forever radiate through me and touch many more people's lives to come. I will never forget the peaceful moments we shared and her last word to me, "Namaste".
Posted by Kathy Fitch on 16th March 2013
Dear Elmyra, How many of our lives you have made so special. So many people love you. My life was truly blessed by your presence, and though I feel you are with me daily, I miss our breakfasts, hugs, laughing until we almost pee and deep conversations. Love you forever, kathy
Posted by Sarah Boyden on 12th March 2013
i smile... i laugh and cry at the same time... i drive the wrong way for miles... i send jimmy for the file... i miss you dearly all the while... knowing you are where you wish to be... trusting you are also thinking of me...
Posted by Laura Grunfeld on 10th March 2013
Dear Grammie, today I went through my photos and there are so many. So many of you and the family gathering around you. What an accomplishment. You brought all these people together. What joyful times we have had. We have all laughed until we cried. Love always, love always.
Posted by Russ Ingersoll on 3rd March 2013
I'd hoped to describe my Gram among Grams In such a way as to capture such a ma'am but it 'scapes me the words at the moment it seems so I fetched an old yarn from a Dr. with the means Gram, "you are you and that is truer than true, and there's no one else who is youer than you"
Posted by Heather Forest on 23rd February 2013
Dearest Elmira, I think of you often and always will. How sweet are the memories of your bright smile and comforting words. I will always carry you in my heart. My warmest caring thoughts go to your beautiful family. Love, Heather Forest
Posted by Louise Lumen on 23rd February 2013
dearest elmira, for the past 45 years you introduced me to most of the people, ideas, and places that are meaningful in my life. i can't imagine what the shape of my life would have been without your love, inspiration, and support. blessings on your journey. thank you for being my surrogate mother, spiritual sister, & friend. love always, louise
Posted by Katherine Morgan on 23rd February 2013
Dearest Elmira. Thank you so. Love, Katherine

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