Let the memory of Elohor be with us forever
  • 42 years old
  • Born on June 4, 1973 .
  • Passed away on March 25, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elohor OTOLORIN Nee BIUWOVWI 42 years old , born on June 4, 1973 and passed away on March 25, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tute Biuwovwi on June 4, 2019
I miss you so much sis I wish I could rewind back the hands of time to tell you so many things and fix so many things. Happy posthumous birthday in heaven sis, you remain forever green in my ♥️♥️
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on June 4, 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven my darling sister, Elohor. Love and miss you so much Angel Lolo. #elohorliveson #happybirthday #myguardianangel #sister
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on March 25, 2019
Dear Lolo, I can’t believe you have been gone for exactly three years today! Time truly flies! I remember it just like it was yesterday. Me, you, Mum and Esther singing, dancing and worshiping God the night before. Your beautiful Smile and the way you were glowing. Adjusting your oxygen as always in the middle of night and waking up to Mum’s scream in the morning...one I will never forget. You know she couldn’t live without you. Today as I remember you, I am thankful to God for the life you lived and for the legacy you left behind. I am thankful that he gave me the opportunity to spend the last five days of your life with you...and for all the beautiful memories we shared. You had a great sense of humor, you were filled with so much love, forgiveness and you worshipped God till the end. I realize that it could have been worse. We watched your transition phase, you saw heaven before you saw death. You said it was beautiful. I am thankful to God that you are in Heaven singing with the Angels in everlasting Union with Dad, Mum and all our loved ones who died in Christ. Even though this was not our plan, God always has the final say. I surrender. Please continue interceding on behalf of your family. We know that God has answered those prayers. It is settled. I am beyond Blessed to have had you as a Sister...and now, our Guardian Angel. Thanks for EVERYTHING. We Love you FOREVER! #loveandmissyousis #sistersforever #elohorliveson
Posted by Tute Biuwovwi on March 25, 2018
It's so tough big sis, please continue to pray for me. Dad left 7yrs ago Mum just left us to be with you in heaven on the 12th of March this year, she never got over you. She was counting down to your remembrance .Now I miss you both badly, I feel so lonely and I find it difficult expressing myself. I still cry when I think of you and I pray for Esther your baby. It is going to be alright by GOD'S grace. Your love and kindness dwells in my heart and you remain forever green in my heart, with your assuring warm smile and lovely voice, beautiful memories of you is all I have to hold to. Till we meet again, continue to R.I.P singing in heavens choir with mummy. I love you soooooo much but GOD loves you best....
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on March 25, 2018
My dear Sister Elohor, exactly two years ago you went to be with the Lord. The night before, you rejoiced, sang praises and prayed with Mum, Esther and I. You were very happy, energetic & full of life. The next morning u were gone. I will never forget mum's scream. I'm sure u heard me praying & begging u to wake up. I lay beside u in denial until they came to take u away. I thought I was going to die. A part of mum died. Watching her mourn for you was very painful. I can only imagine the pain she went through, losing her first child & Best friend. Today i celebrate you Lolo. I thank God for sending an Angel to us & for giving me the opportunity to be ur Sister. U came to this world to serve God & win souls for Christ. U always put God first, others next & yourself last. U were a blessing to me & many. Ur legacy still lives on in me. I am strengthened by the fact that u are in Heaven now. I know this because Mum & I witnessed your transition & it was so beautiful! U saw Heaven before u saw death. U saw dad & now mum is with you, no doubt. I know for a fact that u are my guardian Angel because I always feel your presence around me & u appeared to me several times in my dreams. I also know that you can see this message cos u said this during your transition & I quote; "we can see everything." Lolo I know u see what's going on. Please continue interceding for us. I miss talking to u. I am happy u are in Heaven. Today I celebrate you! Thank u for dedicating your lifetime to God & humanity. Thank u for choosing to love & forgive. Thank you for being selfless. I love & miss you so much. I am stronger now by his grace. The only person I am mourning at this moment is mum. Please tell her I love & miss her. Please tell dad I love and miss him too. Your legacies will continue to live on in me. Thank u for everything my dear Sister and friend. The last time I saw u in my dream I wanted to go with u but u refused. Since then, you haven't appeared to me again. Pls come back na...lol! Please intercede to God on my behalf Sis. U know what I am going through. PS: Don't worry, i am not coming home now...but one day, we will reunite never to depart again. I love you Lolo!!!
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on June 4, 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven my darling sister Elohor!!! I miss calling you. I miss our conversations and sisterly chit chat. I have so much to share with you...but I know you are watching over me and still interceding to God on my behalf. I am always happy when I see you in my dreams. I feel your presence around me daily. Thanks for being there for me...still! Thanks for being the best big sister ever!!! Your legacy lives on in me. Lolo, i really love and miss you so much!!! #happybirthday #happybirthdaysister #happybirthdayinheaven #iloveandmissyou #elohorliveson
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on March 25, 2017
Exactly a year ago March 25, 2016(Good Friday) our dear Sister Elohor went to be with the Lord. It's been a painful year, Month and a very emotional day for me especially since I witnessed her transition. I spent the last six days of my Sister's life with her and watched her sing with the Angels and tell us how beautiful Heaven is, she even saw our dad! So many things were revealed to her. The night before she passed away mum and I lowered her bed and we all sang praises to God. She was very happy watching me, mum and her daughter Esther sing and dance. Even when her CD player suddenly stopped working that didn't stop us from rejoicing to Kirk Franklin's "My Life is in your hands" and Donnie McClurkin's "That's what I believe" and "Great is your mercy." She seemed contented and happy. We went to bed and as usual, I slept at her right hand side and mum at the foot of Elohor's bed. It was an usually quiet and peaceful might. I woke up to check on her and ensure that her oxygen was intact. It was and she was fine. The next morning mum woke up screaming. That was it. I was in a state of shock and confusion for a long while. I asked her husband and also the paramedics to perform a CPR but they said it was too late. I lay beside her and hugged her, whispered in her ears, begged her to beg God to let her come back. I kept praying and waited for a miracle. Then they came and took her body away and that's when I knew this was real. I screamed and wailed when she was put in the body bag and as we escorted her outside. The beautiful part of this story and what I really want to share today is that my Sister Saw Heaven before she saw death. Heaven is real and that's where she is now. If you die today where are you going? Please secure your salvation. Elohor we love and miss you so much but God Loves you more. Butter and i pray for mum, your husband and daughter Esther daily. I wondered why you were called considering how faithful you were to God but the reason has been revealed to me now. Rest on my dear sister Lolo and keep singing with the Angels till we meet again in Heaven someday. I miss you so much and I will always love you
Posted by Adeniyi Filani on June 7, 2016
Hmmm! How do I describe Elohor. She was an exceptional friend, an exemplary of a Christian sister, her resilience is second to nothing. Elohor was good to be with. The last time she spoke with me, she said she was now in UK and i was happy for her, I never knew that would be the last time. Elohor you will forever be remembered for your dedication and commitment to God and His work. Sleep on beloved till will meet and part no more.
Posted by Sarah Beckley on June 5, 2016
Elohor, I don't even know where I should start from. But I feel so cheated that I am just knowing about your passing on. So many things to say but girl, you were STRONG!!! Very stubborn too I must say but definitely with a will of steel and able to go on despite everything.
Thank God for Jesus in your life, for photography, for Dipo and definitely for Esther. You made the sacrifice for her and i know God would honour you by her success in the future. I pray to meet her sometime in the future.
I'm sorry I wasn't very visible in your last minutes. Thank God for your mum and her faith and strength. Thank God you are in a better place. Do say hello to my mum for me
Dr Sarah (I cld never stop u from calling me that)
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on June 4, 2016
Dear Lolo, as we mark your 43rd Birthday today the 4th of June, we remember you and thank God for a beautiful life well spent. You were truly an Angel on earth. We love and miss you so much. There are no words to describe how I feel anymore...but I am happy you are are with the Lord. Happy Birthday in Heaven our dear sister Elohor!!!
Posted by Tute Biuwovwi on May 24, 2016
Love you and miss you sis, your legacy lives on....she whispers HALLELUJAH!!
Posted by Eggy La Clémente on May 22, 2016
Dear Eloho. I physically met you only once but you left a strong impression on my mind that one time. The sensitivity of the issue will not allow me share on this platform. But one thing is sure, you are a kind hearted christian lady with lot of morals to show for it in a time where it is difficult to identify christians by their fruits. i loved you. i love you now and ill love you even more anytime i remember that my first daughter is ur namesake. You lived out your name and you were indeed sweet to all who knew you. Rest on, my dear.
Posted by Iquo Emokpae on May 22, 2016
You will forever be in our hearts. Rest in perfect peace Eloho.
Posted by Philomina Isibor-Mamudu on May 22, 2016
Hmmmm. With a heavy heart and in total submission to the will of God, I accepted the news of your demise. You were a rare gem, I remember our secondary school days. Your dear sister Rita was my classmate and friend and it took me a while before I knew you were real siblings.
Your disposition then was that of a caring and doting mother not a older sibling. You were too mature for your age. You were a humble and reserved person.
I remember a day I walked home with you and Rita and you were quiet throughout the journey while Rita and I were chatting away, all you did was smile and gave approving nods.
That was my first time of coming close to you and I formed an impression about you instantly.
The news of your death brought tears to my eyes and the memories of the quiet, loving angel I knew started flooding back. The first question I asked was WHY IS IT THAT GOOD PEOPLE DO NOT LAST LONG. The answer I got has been my consolation ANGELS ARE BETTER OFF IN HEAVEN. Continue to rest ANGEL. We miss you but God loves you more than we do and he decided to keep you with him.
Posted by Rita Biuwovwi-Nash on May 21, 2016
My dear sister Elohor, where do I
begin? Writing this tribute is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Even on this final deadline day I am asking God for
the strength.

My sister Lolo, you were an angel on earth. A God send. A virtuous woman. A saint. An Angel on Earth.

From childhood you have always been very loving, caring, protective and humble. You always put God first, others next and yourself last. You kept certain things to yourself because you didn't want others to worry and you always looked out for me, right up until you went home to God. You
were very loving and protective to your family, friends, loved ones and everyone you encountered. Always concerned about your siblings, always wanted the best for us, always praying for us and ensuring that we were on the right path with God. I remember when dad went astray and you would both have discussions about the word of God...I smile now because he gave his life to Christ before he passed away and you saw him in heaven a few days before you left us.

You lived a life that exemplified Christ. You loved. You forgave and you died without any grudge in your heart.

I came here to be a part of your healing process, to encourage and inspire you and Mum like Jeff and I had been doing on the phone....but I didn’t know I was coming
to say goodbye to you. Looking back now, I know that you knew. Yes you did - because the medical report you refused to send to me last year after I found out and wanted to visit...you instantly verbally authorized your doctors to send to me - even when you knew I was going to defer my college admission just to visit you. I rejected that report. I thank God for expediting the visa
procedure inspite of all obstacles and giving me the opportunity to see you again.

I will forever cherish the last six days I spent with you; feeding you, holding your hand as you would squeeze mine so tight like you never wanted to let go! Hugging you, kissing you on the forehead, telling you I
love you, carrying Esther up to lay her hand on your head and say a prayer for you, tell you she loves you and hug you every morning, mum and i worshipping, praying and studying the word of God with you, when you called your husband "Dipo Baba o" two days before you passed on and held on to his hand and looked into his eyes so lovingly and you smiled, all the chit chat and sisterly gossip we shared, everything you told me in confidence. How I would just say "whatever" when you bullied me lovingly and you would respond "duh", and we would both laugh. Thanks for believing in me and standing up for me, vouching for me till the end.

I will never forget all the memories you shared and all the requests you made.

Apart from the vision God gave me in a dream, you showed me the signs from the day I arrived. It was very obvious that you were singing "hallelujah" with the angels in heaven. You told me on day two that my sister Elohor was dead. We refused to believe; that's why we were always rejecting it. But looking back now, I know that God took you away from all the pain and heartache of this world and I am comforted
because I know that you are in heaven singing hallelujah with the Angels.

The day before you passed, Esther and I danced and sang praises to God by your bed while you smiled happily and sang
along; then suddenly the CD player stopped working and refused to work again. I remember your excitement when I
asked if you remembered Kirk Franklin's song "My life is in your hands". You replied "Of course" I played it via my iPhone and we all sang and prayed along with Mum. We also
worshipped with Donnie McClurkin's "That's what I believe" and "Great is your Mercy" and went back to Kirk Franklin's again. You sang along. You couldn't stop
saying hallelujah....and Amen. You knew. That night you slept peacefully and the next morning you were gone. I refused to believe...I stayed by your side, held your hand and prayed, I kept on telling you to ask God to let you come back to compete his work on earth - testify in the assembly
of his people for the salvation of souls through your healing and also remind him about Esther. I kissed your head
and lay beside you until they came to take you away. We prayed for you and I escorted you to the car. That's when reality struck. It's still very surreal.

I hurt and cry only because I will miss you but I am happy because you are in heaven and I know I will see you there one day. Your mission on earth is complete and that's why God allowed this.

Your legacy of peace, love, forgiveness and deep rooted Spirituality will live on in me and I pray it will also live on in anyone who knows you and anyone who reads this tribute.

I thank God for blessing you with wonderful family and friends globally, whom love you so much. These doors never closed since the day I walked in and even in your death you are a super star. Everyone who has come to visit or called has something good and positive to say about you. You are a shining light, you are a super star.

I love and miss you, my “Lolo the Principal”.

Thank you for waiting for me.

Your life is in God's hands now and I know know you are watching over us now. Please continue interceding on our behalf.

See you in heaven someday.

I miss you dearly and i love you with all my heart.

Your Dear Sister,

Arientarhe Biuwovwi-Nash.
Posted by Mimose Parvilus on May 21, 2016
We are so sorry for your lost Rita. Our sincere and deepest condolences to you and your family. May God strengthen you in this difficult time.

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