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Elohor the quiet; Elohor my friend

Shared by Sarah Beckley on June 5, 2016

Our friendship dated back to UI. From Queens Hall. I.remember meeting your sisters and being surprised. You so quiet, they so bubbly.
....your decision to stay in the BQ. Kai! U get strong head sha.
Your non-assuming ways. Kai! U hardly ever make a request. For you to voice out, it must have gotten really bad. You managed shaaaaa. Even after the decade of friendship, you still won't come out freely. You never wanted to inconvenience anyone. Ever so courteous. 
From your days at Glory Tabernacle to City of David.
The photography bit was a nice twist. I didn't see it coming. Really really nice.
Dipo, marriage... I missed out on most of that fun. 
The pregnancy, Wow!!!! Praise the Lord!!!. The Dilemma and your firm decision.
You had a way of cutting me off when I came with my medical jargons or strong opinions that you didn't want to hear and then finding me where u dropped me off. That was your style and I accepted it. I guess that is why I assumed your silence was 'as usual'. I didn't realise God had taken my friend to be with Him. 
Back to the nice stuff - spending nights in my house; Esther's birth and first year. I followed up very closely and had many of her pictures. Thank.God for Rita who posted the video on the Facebook page.
One can't describe Elohor easily. You were all encompassing. Your love for God; your faith was your foundation. No one dare comes near you talking negativity. You won't tolerate it. I'm sure your Drs and caregivers can write an epistle about it.
I had wished I could reach out to Dipo before now cos I know like I told you dt it cld not have been easy for him. I.trust God to heal him completely. Oh!!! I continually thank God for him in your life. A pillar of strength for you. And your mom's coming was just what you needed. I guess everybody always needs their mother. Hahaha. Even when we don't want to accept it. Her coming calmed you and made you feel more at rest.
I missed out on your last moments and I have no one to blame but myself. Many times I wished I had a visa so I cld come meet you esp when you were not replying my messages.
Ah Elohor, fine I knew this moment would come and tried in my little way to prepare you but I'm not very sure I was prepared. I love you girl. There is so much one can't write and esp on a public domain but thank God for your life. For the things you taught me esp about motherhood, for your church family who kept Esther some of those times you were in and out of the hospital. For Rita, through whom I got to know and who provided a media for us to keep your memories alive.
Just last month, my sister Egbe was asking for your phone number. She hadn't heard from you and you were in her heart. What I didn't know was that your earthly phone number was no longer relevant. I haven't been able to get myself to tell her, my other siblings and parents that you have gone home. Maybe I would after this.
How is Heaven like? I'm sure you've fit in so easily there, singing and praising God. Thank you Rita again for this medium. I don't know what else to say. Thank you Rita.

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