Her Life

Elshia life

Elshia had the best posible life she preety much did everything her way and didnt want anyone to help her until she met bobby and that when she got sick but she had lanicia and got to visit Florida i remember when we were younger and she use to call me weird names that she made up for me we would laugh and giggle and after she had lanicia we use to get our nails done all the time and she would always want to go out to eat those were the good ol days.  I still wait for the phone to ring and she would be on the other end saying hi what ya doing im bored.  I am so happy that bobby was there for her and took care of her he did the best he could even though she would fight with him about her meds but he delt with it.  He needs a big hug for that.  We are going to miss her and i love her she is my only sister and always