Love and memories last forever...
  • Passed away on August 7, 2016 .


Elsie C McGhee


On August 7th, 2016 an amazing Spirit released itself from it's human form that we all knew as Elsie.

Elsie was born in South Dakota in 1923 to amazing parents who instilled within her the principles of love that she allowed to grow into a most wonderful life which made an impact on so many people some of whom she never  met in person.


Elsie had more than one love in life and yet with love came heart breaks due to her loves being taken away by accidents or in the case of her first husband whom she lost shortly after marriage in WW II.

Elsie married Don McGhee in 1959 and moved to Idaho to create life together.

Elsie had the love to give to everyone she met and was generally willing to give the benefit of the doubt to people until they proved that they did not deserve her time, attention or energy  and then she was done even though she never stopped loving.


Elsie and Don took into their care almost 2 dozen foster children over the years while raising a daughter Elsie had when they married. When they added Rhonda in 1963 and Kevin in 1967 to complete their family and settled into life in the middle years of their lives, teaching open values of love to their children much like Elsie's parents had done with her, working hard to create a loving, healthy environment for her family and her children’s friends who were always welcome.  


Her love of animals and gardening always showed through as did her ability to adapt to situations or circumstance. Elsie enjoyed traveling as well going to NYC and other locations that her son lived in over the years. Elsie enjoyed seeing her daughter Rhonda’s 3 boys grow into wonderful young men and was happy to know each one of their choice of wives to walk in life with.  Kate Thorpe, Stephanie Holman and Laurie Wiggs were welcomed additions to the family and loved very much.  


Elsie had 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren whom she loved equally even when they did things that disappointed or made it impossible for them to be a part of her life. Elsie’s ultimate goal for her children and grandchildren was not her own projection of what she thought for them but instead simply to be good people, do not hurt others, follow your heart and BE HAPPY.


Although her life was long and she touched so many, she also managed to remain positive even in the face of high levels of disappointments, deaths, hardships, she forgave those within herself realizing she did not need to forgive for anyone other than herself to find peace.


Elsie made a true impact in the world and shall now in pure Spirit energy always be with us all everywhere, all the time. Elsie was welcomed into pure spirit by her parents, brother and 2 sisters as well as her husband Don McGhee and daughter Rhonda Durfee and a host of others who went before her.


Elsie has left to continue on here in human form her son Kevin McGhee in Southern Delaware, her grandsons Tj WIggs, Josh Wiggs & Matt Wiggs all of Idaho, and Austin Wiggs her great grandson, as well as several that she considered and loved as her great grands as well, a sister Evelyn Anderson of Portland, Oregon and many wonderful nieces and nephews and cousins whom she loved dearly, she also had an estranged daughter and two grandchildren whom she forgave but who lost the final years to be part of her life due to hate and greed principles that were unacceptable in her experience.


Elsie passed at home as she always said she would in Southern Delaware with her son Kevin and hospice loving her out with a calm, peace-filled, dignity.


Cremation, no burial and a simple celebration of life will be held in Idaho in June of 2017, time and location to be announced.


Posted by Sue McDonald on 23rd March 2017
Kevin, Your precious mother was such a gem. I only had the good fortune to be around her a couple of times, but her inner light and her generous smile were welcoming and so loving. She felt like instant family to me. She shines through you and all of the good and gracious qualities that she instilled in you ripple through our community and will for generations to come. Blessings to you and your family and to the Spirit that is Elsie, still xoxo

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