A strong soul - Elvia

Shared by Amy King on February 25, 2021
You were such a spark in our lives up here at Inwood.  I remember talking and laughing with you about life and how funny and unpredictable it is.  As I go through my days, there really isn't a time when you don't come to mind.  I've always been fuzzy on the details and stories but when I think of strength, I think of you.  Wish I had the chance to let you know how much you meant to those who work here.

We will miss you!

Ms. Elvia - The Rowlett Branch Superhero

Shared by JOHANNY ESTRADA on February 23, 2021
I will always remember Ms. Elvia for how brave she was. It didn't matter if a customer was ten feet tall, or a suspicious person was walking around the branch. She made it KNOWN that she doesn't back down. On one occasion, my husband came to the branch to pick me up for lunch and Ms. Elvia didn't recognize his car. She knocked on the car window and asked him who he was and what he was doing on bank property! LOL! My husband said, "...that little lady scared me!" It was hilarious, but we would always tell her she could not just go out and talk to random people! Its dangerous! She would just shake her head and say she didn't care and go back to her office. 
Man, I miss her. I didn't work for her for very long but she was an amazing mentor. She made me strive to do my best because I knew that if she was checking my work it had to be perfect. And at the same time, she showed me so much grace. 
She always asked about how my babies were doing, and she would even share some details about her family life with me. I could tell she absolutely adored her family, especially her grandbabies. My prayers go out to them, and anyone else who was close to Ms. Elvia. Our Superhero.

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