This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Emeka Nwasike, 54 years old, born on June 28, 1966, and passed away on May 9, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by jodi nwasike on June 28, 2022
Happy birthday my angel. I miss you every single day. Days when I want to tell you all about my day. Or when I want to complain about my job. Life will always be so weird without you in it. I’m sorry we don’t have forever and I wish we did so badly.
I miss you so much daddy
Posted by Kosy Nwasike on June 28, 2022
Happy birthday daddy missing you a lot
Posted by Nkeakam Abhulimen on May 9, 2022
I can’t believe it’s one year already that left this world to be with your creator. Continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of Almighty God, Amen 

You are missed by your darling wife, your beautiful children and dear family and friends.

Posted by Kosy Nwasike on May 9, 2022
This year has gone by so fast. Sometimes I don’t even believe that you’re gone, it’s been a very confusing period for me. Really missing you daddy.
Posted by Kosy Nwasike on February 25, 2022
I missing you so much more every day. I just wish you were here
Posted by Sonnyjide Onasanya on July 16, 2021
Hi Emeka! Where ever you are! I am sure you will be looked after, because your business was looking after people! Never did talk to you as a person but i recognized you owned the funplex business because anytime i did visit i would see you from time to time...Your place was the 1st place i took my wife from UG and my under one son at the time back in 2019...They fell in love with the place- we always would come there when we want to get away from home and still have my son play around in your VIP and then sometimes to the kids playground...I was at your place last night and saw a picture as i parked. When i sat for a while with my drink, i asked one of your bar staff why a picture was hanging on the wall to the eatery place and who was it as i could not see from afar. They said it was the picture of the MD and i said why is it there, they said you had passed on!!! I looked at the place your hard work, all the fans installed in the sitting area, the lights, the music and it it me- I will never see you again! I cannot imagine what your family will be going through at this time-I am devastated and in tears as i write....That one could work so hard, create and leave all the behind, a beautiful place it is....Rest in peace my 'friend'......You will always be an inspiration....
Posted by Sarah Mbakwe on July 3, 2021
Our Big inlaw,
The few times we met, you showed great hospitality to me and my family. My brother Philip said a lot of great things about you and we are pleased to have you as family. Its so sad that you had to leave this way but God knows best. Rest on Big Uncle... Rest well. May God comfort us all .
Posted by Philip Jibulu on July 3, 2021
Bro...this has been really hard to swallow...I been asking God alot of questions...the totz of not seeing u so hard to bare...I always tot after all this year we could seat as usual so I tell u all ur lil bro had gone gonna really miss ur listening ears and words of wisdom and encouragement...momentum u will be forever missed...
Posted by Nkem Ihezue on June 28, 2021
With a tearful eyes..
And a broken heart..
I’m wishing you a Posthumous Birthday!

We were not ready,
But Heaven was…
This was hard to accept,
yet forced by reality to!

For someone who gave so much to remember…
And for someone who was everyone’s best friend!

Uncle Momentum!
Uncle Emeka at the top!!
You are irreplaceable!
Your life was a blessing,
And worthy of emulation!
We will forever treasure memories of you!

You were my mentor and father figure..
Our marriage counselor,
And our best friend..

You were the only ‘Person’ ND listens to…
And it hurts knowing I can no longer report him to you..

It hurts the most, knowing we will not see you again..
And that we can no longer reach you on the phone..
It hurts that we will no longer be able to visit CMD…
And that you will no longer be visiting us as promised..
It hurts that we will no longer hear your signature words (Excellent, very well & pay attention)..

But we find solace knowing that you are resting in God’s arms!

One thing is for sure!
‘I will always Remember You’
Everyone who knows you will always remember you!

Your fatherly advice I will forever hold dear..
Your exemplary life, shall be my guide.

May God give your beautiful family the Grace to bear this irreparable ..

Rest on uncle Emeka!!!
Posted by Chidilim Ebizie on June 21, 2021

Ogom, we hoped, we prayed, we willed you on - just another year, another month, another week even another day but it was not to be and you have departed to the great beyond.

It is yet to sink in that you will not come striding in to my house again, the warm, firm hand shake, the smile playing on your face.
And sitting down telling long and short stories or poring over ambitious business plans. Aye, we were caught up in your infectious optimism which helped push the brooding clouds away.

It has been quite an experience spending most of the past 14 months with you up close. I got to know you properly as a man of principle, a man of steely determination, an entrepreneur who rose from small tough beginnings and moved on to trajectory set for billionaire status, a family man, a man with a big heart , a man of peace

We can take some sort of comfort from what you have achieved in such a short span of time and remain hopeful and confident that the roots you implanted will sink deep and the foundation laid remain solid and sturdy. You have left behind a wonderful, hardworking and devoted wife and nurtured amazing, gifted children who will follow in your footsteps and build on the foundation you have laid and grow to great heights drawing on the deep roots you have sunk.
They will carry on your lineage, imbued with the strengths and virtues they have inherited and learnt from you.

As we stood by you in life so shall we in death. Your wife will remain our wife and your children will remain our children. Their sorrow is our sorrow. Their cry is our cry.

And so Ogom, it is Adieu for now.
It has been a privilege knowing you on this side eternity,
You will continue to remain ever green in our memories until we meet again on the other side. Rest in Peace..

Dr Anele Ebizie

Posted by Ije Okunonke on June 13, 2021
Dear uncle Emeka, I feel weird writing this tribute but I’m glad to have met you and experienced your smile, your words of wisdom and motivations. You always wanted everyone around you to do better, you were very principled and family oriented. You cared a lot about everyone you met and you had so much knowledge and advise to give all the time, I can still hear your voice telling me “Ije Pay attention” you were always interested in peoples growth and it was something admired the most about you. I’m glad to have been one of your mentees . I know you at peace. it’s hard to say goodbye but I guess heaven couldn’t wait to have you. Rest easy Uncle
Posted by Chijioke Ngobili on June 12, 2021
On January 24, 2020, Mr Emeka and I held the first and last conversation in this life. It lasted for 15 minutes and 44 seconds. The conversation began with a tensed atmosphere and ended on a very friendly note. I was only a scholar/researcher and historian — with no connections to Mr Emeka whatsoever — striving to document the Nwasike Family that has grown into a social phenomenon and an Ìgbò family monument beginning from the mid-19th century. The Nwasikes are a great 'Òbí' (family) and as the Ìgbò say, “in a great Òbí, you're bound to find all things and persons.” And this “greatness” of Òbí comes at a complex cost, which, however, never diminishes or dismantles the very foundation (and its powers) upon which the Òbí was conceived and erected long before the succeeding generations. This I am sure of.

Go well, Mr Emeka. I never imagined that you would pass away more than 15 months after we spoke. Your voice, our conversation is all I have to hold onto — in my archives — in memory of you.

Naa n'udo!
Posted by jodi nwasike on June 11, 2021

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined I would be writing this down. I never prepared for such a tragedy in my life and it’s the worst thing ever. But how can one really ever prepare for the passing of someone you love, with your whole heart. Someone who loved me unconditionally. The best father anyone could have ever had. A lot of the things I do/did in my life was to make you proud. And it breaks my heart that you won’t be physically there with me to see me graduate from my masters, won’t be there to see me get my first full time job, to see me get my first car, my first house, get married, have kids. I need you there for all these things and there isn’t any part of me that’s ready to go through life without you.
These past months, I am so grateful that I got to spend a lot of time with you. As if God knew my returning back to Nigeria in January and staying for two months, looking after your needs and catering to you was very important. From your criticising of my cooking skills to our talks while I massage your feet every night, to cutting your hair because it stopped to grow. Something you never knew was that I was about to cut my hair with you because I wanted you to know that I feel your pain, just as much as you do. I eventually did it. We had had a conversation in January about how you felt tired of fighting and as much as it broke my heart, I know it broke yours. Being able to show that much vulnerability in front of me is something I will cherish forever.
During your last days, I did something that I never really did before. Every time I prayed, I would talk to you; as if you are hearing me. But I really believed that you could. I kept telling you to hang on and I was coming to see you. A large part of me believed you heard me.
I’m so sorry you had to go through all the pain you went through and I wish I could have held your hand through it all and helped ease some of the pain.
I find myself reading over our conversations, waiting for you to respond to my last message to you; “You up?”. But I know you never will and that hurts more than words can describe.
You’ve been and always will be my hero, my fighter, my advisor, and most of all my first love.
It hurts me so so much but at the end of they day, I find comfort in knowing that you are in heaven. Even though a large part of my brain would never process the fact I will never see you again.

I love you daddy. Till we meet again X
Thank you for now becoming my guardian angel x.
Posted by Kosy Nwasike on June 11, 2021
Getting myself to write this has been the hardest thing I've pushed myself to. When I heard the news I won’t lie I was in denial for the first two weeks. When I finally accepted it I realised that it may be quite selfish to wish he hadn’t passed on, like now at least he can enjoy all the turkey he wants in heaven. My dad was a very strong person. He always pushed me to do my best and he would always tell me ‘’KOSY! Pay attention’’ whenever I do something wrong. I can say that I will definitely miss hearing that everytime i talk to him. He supported me in decisions I made and I always pushed myself harder just so I could make him proud. I am still gonna push myself to make him proud. It’s very hard knowing that I won’t have my dad with me when accomplishing all my major goals to be honest. Only thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that he is finally at peace and not in pain anymore. My dad was a good man, he was family oriented and cared so much for the people closest to him. I remember when I was in secondary school and my mom traveled, he would always come visit me when I needed it. That is something I didn’t know I would appreciate so much till now. The memory of my dad is one that I will forever hold close to my heart. I will always try my best to pay attention daddy. My dad lived his life to the fullest, made a mark in everyone’s life, he lived a legacy and I know he will always be kept alive in all our hearts especially mine till the day I finally meet him again. I know my dad is at peace, now it’s my turn to live my life to the fullest and keep my dad's legacy alive. Thank you for being such an incredible role model daddy and for loving me unconditionally.
Posted by Wole Mannix on June 11, 2021
Still speechlessly speechless. The sad gong of your passing leaves confirmed bitters in the mouth. Now that you are gone, what is left are the memories we shared, the good and the not so good remembering the genuineness of your heart as a great mind with only big dreams. We had loft plans wow!!!

This is so unexpected, gives me the creeps and the energy to ask “what’s this life all about”… Rest on Ezechikwelu my brother…
Posted by Chelsea Nwasike on June 10, 2021
Hi Daddy,

It’s so weird that I’m about to talk to you but you’re not here to read my words. On January 10th you told me that my strength makes you strong and gives you hope for the future. Funny thing is you were the one who gave me that strength and that hope for the future, Daddy. You had such big dreams for me; for all your children. And I have such big dreams for you and Mummy. There is so much more help I need. So much more advice you have to give me. If I could give some of my years to have you here longer I would do it in less than a heartbeat.

Remember your promise about being there for the Oscars? And that you were coming to visit me and see LA this summer? And walking me down the aisle eventually? And all the job interview advice? All the film pitching and investment advice? Helping tweak my messages and emails to investors? Helping me negotiate my worth even when I thought I should get less? There is just so much we have left to do together. There is so much more help I need. People know you as the Business man. The Philanthropist. But I don’t think people know how great of a father you are. You provided and never left us wanting any single thing. You allowed us to be who we are, allowed us to pursue our happiness with complete support and backing.

You are so interested in our lives that not only will you send all my little accomplishments, films and work to literally everyone on your contact list, but you will always call to ask how my day went; and I will tell you how I’m cleaning my shoe because it is dirty from being on set the day before and that I have a new story idea, then I pitch it to you; and then I tell you I have a zoom meeting in a few hours with a client; and that the leaf blowers outside better be done before then because they are always so loud; and then we start talking about politics and then I say a big word that doesn’t make sense in the context of our discussion, you tell me I mean ‘this word’ and I jump on Google to get the definition and find out you’re right; then I tell you that I want to watch ‘this film’ on Netflix and you ask what it’s about and I tell you; then I let you know that one of my nails broke yesterday and now they are all uneven and that I need to go file them all the same length and you ask how short will they end up being, and I take a picture and send to you and you laugh. I ask about your projects and you tell me, then you ask what I ate that day and I tell you. You ask about my siblings and I tell you Ugo has submitted his essay, Kosy made curry chicken and Cheche just got vaccinated, and you say ‘“Excellent”. Then I tell you that I saw a bird by my window and you ask what color it is and I say brown, and I just go on and on about the mundane and ‘randomest' of things, and you sit on that call with me for over an hour just listening and actually caring, even though it's probably very late where you are.

You were always so attentive and present; you would ask me updates about things I even forgot to do. That’s the kind of father you are. But here I am working on the funeral budget sheet. And I keep having this impulse to send it to you to look over, but then I remember it’s for your funeral which means you’re no longer here and it makes me feel really sick to my stomach. I wish I knew I had a few months left with you. I would have been 1000x there for you. You were so strong. It’s crazy how strong you were. I didn’t think you would ever die. That’s how strong you were to me in my mind. I really believed you would live to 120 years like you always joked.

This is the hardest thing I have had to do in my 24 years of life and I don’t know where I’m going with this but Daddy I miss you so much. For some reason, I think you can now visit LA and see me wherever I go. Sleep well.

Love from Fufu.

Posted by Chuks Okocha on June 10, 2021
My dearest cousin Emeka was an entrepreneur and business mogul in every sense of the word, who was able to as an individual set up and administer businesses, mastering the art of profit making in a smart way.
In the present world, his entrepreneurship was paramount in fueling the growth of the Nigerian economy by providing employment opportunities for various people. He certainly had an intricate mind of been able to juggle various well calculated and mathematical computation dynamics, surrounding the inception and follow through of successful business models. As with any successful business he developed through hard grind grit and determination, a working class model maintaining them over a long duration, whilst forming building blocks that he carefully put in place in an articulate manner; one at a time to support the foundation of the business and place his business line at the forefront of a highly competitive environment. 
He was a highly determined person which made him a success in his own rights. His persistence and patience gave him the driving force that ensured that he had the ability to recover in any downturn period he faced even through the worst of economical and political changes. 
He was also a very dedicated family man who loved his wife and children dearly and never fell short of providing them bountifully with all they needed to succeed in life. Furthermore his dedication ensured that all his short and long term objectives including his visions goals were accomplished in an exemplary almost mind buggling fashion. He was also highly focused coupled with his dedication enabled him to be more successful in his business ventures.
Regardless of the numerous difficulties he faced, his dedication to all tasks ensured he had a positive outcome and he was willing to network and ask for assistance when required.
He had great self confidence, which allowed him to be assertive in achieving his own interests in a way that is socially recognized. Thus was also expressed and became evident in his thorough planning which decreased uncertainty rates and risk levels. Even when faced with unbreakable walls which would break the spirit and temperament of any average person, he had the tenacity to work through the stumbling blocks un-wavered by the obstacles that he had to face as he climbed any summit set before him.
It was not easy for him to attain success within a short period, but he was hardworking and dedicated and put a lot of effort to successfully achieve planned profits in multiple businesses. He was an entrepreneur that was skilled and knowledgeable and this brought about a natural self confidence for him. This generated confidence also gave him the ability to listen to the opinions of other people without feeling intimidated .

He was also very creative and innovative so he was able to develop fresh and improved products to be able to survive in the competitive world of business. This trait he possessed also encouraged him to constantly learn, question and think outside the box in order to be in line with the ever changing technology. 
He was highly innovative and hence brought fresh and improved products and services, that gave him an edge over his competitors. He was a calculated risk taker that brought much reward.
He was also interpersonal reactive and never easily rattled and he had a certain degree of empathy which enabled him to put himself in the position of another person, this trait gave him the ability to approach other business people and develop a relationship that was intended to be beneficial, and further boosted his produce of products that were client oriented hence generating him success despite his fair share of upturns and downturns.
He was a calm individual and always took things in his stride, not exhibiting raw emotions but keeping a good temperament which made him very approachable. 
Posted by Jonathan Otaraku on June 8, 2021
It is with a heavy heart I write this tribute. Today, I lock away my tears and put out my selfish emotions because I only want to remember you as the light in the darkness for a great number of people, including myself.

I celebrate you as a true icon of this generation, and can only but recount in the time spent around you, the selfless and key contributions you made to the betterment of everyone that graced your presence. You were jovial and full of life, enthusiastic and optimistic for the future but more importantly, empathetic and always willing to lend a helping hand in your capacity.

Uncle Emeka as I fondly called you, was only because of societal constructs because you were like a second Father to me. Guiding, advising, playing, and having a good time were but a surface scratch of the interest you had in my development to becoming the man you believed I could become. Thanks for being who you were and I hoped to see you hit the 120-year mark as we propounded years ago, I guess the Lord in his infinite wisdom knew best.

I promised myself not to write too much, because your life through my eyes is a voluminous book and my summary is simple: "A special one in 7 billion!"
Posted by Quincy Otaraku on June 7, 2021
Writing this feels so wrong as I am filled with so much hurt and sadness. 120 years was the goal, yet, here I am. How this life functions is beyond belief, but in all, through the pain and joy, God knows best. Having a figure like you in my life made me realise there’s more to just living. You impacted my life in ways I can’t describe. I’m forever grateful to God for the opportunity of not just knowing you, but experiencing life with you. I can go on and on but words can’t do any justice. I know now, you are resting and I’ll try to draw my strength from that. You are missed Uncle.
Posted by Dr. Emmanuel Chenge on June 7, 2021
Emeka, where do i start!!!!!!!!!! I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of my dear friend , Emekus (as i fondly called you). Our paths crossed for the first time when I attended a program at CMD and decided to spend my night at his hotel, The Grant Suites. I demanded to meet with the owner when I wasn't satisfied with a service. The once meeting became the starting point of our friendship from 2018. from then on, when ever i flew into lagos, no matter my destination, i spent the night at the Suites. We would sit out with his friends, i came to meet quite a number of them. It looked like the entire customer base were friends.

Some time in late 2019, when i came into lagos, we had the usual sit out, you promised we would see the next morning. You did not show up, very much unlike. My repeated calls were not returned. Madam later picked one of my calls and said you were running some tests. The next day when i was back into Abuja, you called and apologised as you would humbly do,informed me about how decided to run some test but there was nothing to be alarmed about. Early 2020 you informed me about your trip to UK. The nigtmare came on the 10th April, 2020 when you dropped the bomb shell concerning your state of health. You still assured me it was going to be well. We prayed over the phone. From then on, we prayed often, hoping that the treatments would finally end so you could get on with your life.

Emeka i have learnt from you. One of your beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, saying what needs to be said because. You emphasized it’s good for the relationship and for the soul. You were ready to help. Unfinished business causes pain, you volunteered to put me through some business ideas I shared with you. God knows best. You told me you never loved to fly locally, but for my sake, you will come visit me in Abuja. Also, I always admired how you never judged or forced your opinions on anyone, but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss.

My wife too met with you on one of her visits to lagos and even organised an event in one of your halls.You introduced me to your dear wife also. Your beautiful spirit will live on through your children, and they will always know how much you loved them. I know you tried with all your heart to stay for them and Madam, but God called you, and you had to go.

My prayer is that you rest in peace knowing you did all that you could and that your wife and children will be fine. When we love people, it’s so comforting to know that they will always be with us in our hearts. Emekus, heaven has gained an angel and the world has lost a dear friend. May the angels write your name with the stars. Adieu
Posted by Zita Okeke on June 6, 2021
Adieu My Great Friend.

I have struggled to come to terms with my grief. I have ruminated so hard on how to express my feelings in words that may capture my emotions succinctly, alas, no words will ever explain my grief. Emeka and I met in Ibadan in 1988 during our youth service. We both served with the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), Ibadan. That meeting, that year, and many interesting things became the underlying pathway to a life time of friendship. Emeka was a man of his words. He cherished friendship with all his soul. We cultivated a deep friendship that was very uncommon. He had the boldness and courage of a lion. His passion for creative imagination is unparalleled.

He was a versatile venture capitalist with a kind heart. Words fail me to describe Ezechikwelu *_na_* Ogidi. When you had any misunderstanding with him, he would find a way to resolve it. He never kept malice. He was a jolly good fellow who believed that life must be lived well and with a purpose. I believe in immortality. Jean Giraudoux once said *_that a man has only one way of being immortal on this earth: he has to forget he is mortal._* Emeka lived for a lot of his friends. I miss him so much. He has earned immortality.

With Emeka, the value of true friendship was crystal clear. He was a true friend who would see you through when others see that you are through. It was Charles Caleb Colton *_who opined *that true friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost_** . Ezechikwelu from the beginning, understood that the essence of true friendship was to make allowance for others' little lapses. There are indeed a few good men. Emeka was a good man. In my grief, I have come to realise that life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. Times like this make you feel the pulse of Mark Twain who states ___*_that life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.__*_ O my dear friend and brother, your absence hurts. I am inconsolable. I remember those happy days when we would drive from Ibadan to Enugu and then to Ogidi. We would just stop at any joint and do justice to whatever they have. I remember the beautiful evenings at the CMD where you creatively designed an entertainment hub for all and sundry. You were a happy soul. I wish I could speak into your ears the gratitude which was due to you in life. John Galsworthy captures it all when he said that, *_the beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy._*

I put my trust in God knowing that you had prepared well before leaving. Madam Viv, your soulmate is definitely horned after your strength. God will be with her and the children. I will miss you dearly. I am in deep sorrow.
Now I know that there is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. You were a team player. You lived well and served with all your heart. In my grief, I have come to terms that, death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Sleep well my friend. You were the best among equals.

Zitaman CJ Okeke (ksji)
Posted by Chigbo Anichebe on June 3, 2021

Aluuu melu!!
Okosisi dalu!!!
Emeka Chigbo Nwasike, onye nkem nalu mmuo!!!!
Onye ka’m ga akolu?
Onye ga n’akpom ‘my brother Joe’ in that husky voice?
Who is going to be my mentor in my new calling?
Who is going to drive the implementation of our ‘Owelle Accord’?
Too many questions yet no Emeka to provide answers

It was about 45 years ago that a bright-eyed young man joined some ‘old soldiers returning’ at the Eton College of Onitsha, the Modebe Memorial Secondary School, Onitsha.

While most of us were between 18 and 30 years old and just entering class one, Emeka would have been, without a doubt, a nine years old toddler among men. He was the youngest in that Pioneer Class of 1976. As a result of his very young age, he was well protected and liked by teachers and classmates alike. 

Not just his very young age but he had some outstanding qualities which till death stood him out among his peers. As young as he was, he was always the rallying point among our friends and classmates, a quality he exhibited till he took his last breath. 

We all regarded him as the son of elite parents but did not get any special treatment. His father was the chairman of the Old Anambra State Chapter of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and his Mother a very senior nurse.

He had a beautiful sister who all the senior boys doted and were jostling for her attention, unfortunately or fortunately, none was able to catch her attention.

In 1981, most of us parted ways. I proceeded to the Ghana Institute of Journalism to pursue my dream career but I kept in touch even without phones. That will sound like magic to the millennium kids. I came back on holidays; I think in late 1982 and proceeded straight to Enugu even before I could drop my bag to catch up with Emeka.

On arrival, he offered to take me to some of the latest joints in Enugu in his Volkswagen Beetle. To cut the long story very short, we came back drunk like skunks. I felt so ashamed because Emeka's parents loved and trusted me and I violated that trust. 

None of us could remember how we got home but we found ourselves sleeping in a pile of our own vomit still fully clothed. Emeka's father opened the door and saw us and called Emeka's mother to take a look at her young boys. 

I managed to open my eyes wide enough to see them and quickly shut them. I monitored him carefully and as soon as they walked away, I dashed out of the house and escaped to my village.

There was no phone to monitor what became of Emeka's fate in the end. 
The most unfortunate thing out of that was that it became my last encounter with the man who was the role model of most of the students. 

He used his position as NLC top gun to offer scholarships to some of our students to study in the old Soviet Union but I was too scared or ashamed to confront him for my slot.

When I relocated to Nigeria from the United States in 2000, with the help of some old boys, I traced Emeka back to Port Harcourt to renew our brotherhood.

So 45 years of brotherhood, he proudly pledged that he would live to be 120 years but at over 60 years, I pledged to be at his 90th birthday but that I would have been long gone by the 120th birthday. 

We repeated this pledge just a few days before I got the longest phone call I ever had; that my brother was in severe pains and had been taken to the hospital for observation. I kept calling to firm up our arrangement to meet in Ogidi on that Friday, which was just a few days away.

I got to Lagos to confirm why ‘My Brother Emeks’ has uncharacteristically ‘refused’ to pick my calls or return them? The sight wasn’t what I had hoped to see but Miss V convinced me that the signs were good enough and that Emeka was going to come out of the crisis. She is as strong as they get.

Throughout this ordeal, Madam Vivian proved to be the wife of my brother’s youth. She never gave up till the end. She is the wife every man hopes for. Not the wife for only when the going is good but the wife of ‘for better and for worse’. She held my brother until he took his last breath in her arms. Her prayers and care kept Emeka going till the last hour of his glorious life.

Here is to friendship and brotherhood. You may not be there physically to celebrate your 120th birthday as you had pledged but the world will keep celebrating your legacies. We will keep celebrating your love for humanity for the next millennium.

We take consolation that it is not how long you lived but how well you lived long. 
je nke oma my brother, friend and namesake, Emeka Chigbo Nwasike, the Ezechikwelu nke ino na Ogidi.

From your brother,
Chigbo Anichebe
Posted by Abayomi Orungbamade on June 3, 2021
Seeing the news of your death shook me. You are one person I know who is completely unshaken in the midst of adversity, a learning curve for me, that was. You dealt with situations with the spirit that always indicated you would conquer, and you always did. You were completely humble and simple. A business man per excellence and a brilliant individual.

You gave me my first work experience after serving as a Corp member in the year 2000. It was my foundation for everything I have become today. 

We met recently in Lagos at CMD, and i felt deep joy for the reception you gave me. We discussed the achievements of your children and your desire to see them at the apex of their chosen career. You were an absolute jolly good fellow with the heart of gold.

Continue to rest in peace, as God grants your family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

...... Ayo
Posted by Ngozi Onyeachonam on June 1, 2021
Emeka nwannem like I called you it hurts to talk about you in the past. Growing up, your dad and my dad were the best of friends and brothers. I remember you visiting us at Ogui Road, Enugu with your dad, your were my big brother but now death has taken you away. May God comfort mama who was very strong the day I spoke with her, may His presence and light continue to be with your wife and children, may he strengthen sister Uzo. You are gone but not forgotten. Rest in the Lord my big brother.

Posted by Nche Emma-Ugoh on June 1, 2021
Hard to say Goodbye!!!

Every beginning must have an end. When death strikes, the living is left with feelings of pain, sorrow, disbelief, and misery as a loved one departs.

Oga Emeka or Big Bros as I fondly called u, you were a good man though many people were not comfortable with some of your vibes because of your consistency in seeing things done from the right perspective.

People close to you will always weep when you are remembered. You were a man of faith, who believed so much in nature and being humane when need be. You helped uncountable homeless to have a landing.

Big Bros, I have a lot to say about you, but I cannot continue. You were the pillar of my success story today…it was the grant you gave us as management staff that gave me my first car…esteem epitomized.
Your presence is no longer here but your service to humanity will forever remain in the minds of people who had contacts with you.

You will forever be missed. We loved you

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

May God rest your soul in perfect peace...…….Amen

Adieu Mekus,
Adieu Big Bros,
Adieu Ogami
Go well

Mrs. Ncheta Emma-Ugoh
(Your Sec / PA ;1999 – 2007)

Posted by Chidilim Ebizie on May 25, 2021
To Emeka my little cousin
Emeka, I remember those days when we used to visit your home in Enugu; the debates with Uncle Geo proclaiming the virtues of communism; Aunty Dora getting us fed and Uzo assisting. Amidst the political banter, you were that serious faced child who politely observed but did not say much. Over the years we met several times at family gatherings and last year you stepped into our life in Manchester. It was a shock to learn you were ill.
I am grateful for the time we spent together, for having had the opportunity to get to know you so much better.
You were indeed your father’s son; you were forward looking and bore no grudges. You were a people person, accommodating, caring and considerate. Even when you had a rough day, you kept the positive energy going, made light of your discomfort and we joked about it. It was easy to ‘forget’ that you were ill as your optimism was catching.
Although your life was very brief, you did pack in so much and achieved quite a lot. A lesser person would have been cowed by your doctor’s prognosis; but not you. You and Viv were ever so positive and determined. You both continued as normal getting on with life and making plans for the future. Your tenacity together with your faith carried you through this last year. You put up a good fight and gave it all you could but sadly, Emeka you had to go.
I thank God for your loving Viv who ardently cared of you, supported by your children and your sister Uzo. As they prepare for your final journey home, I pray to God to guard and guide them.
Emeka you have left us, but you live on in your children. Emeka rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Brenda Nwoko on May 20, 2021
It's hard to believe you're not here with us,
It's hard to believe I won't see your face again;
It's so hard to believe I won't hear your voice one more time,
My heart ponders, when I reflect on how you held on to life regardless of the pains and fought to live,
I asked would you hold on or would you let go?
You held on because of the Love you felt for the once closest to your heart,
But you did let go because of the Faith you had in the once closest to your heart,
That things will be alright very soon,
Because the strength of the Lord was ours to keep,
You left us speechless,
But yet we still judge Him faithful and true,
Holding to His promise that we will meet again.
And this time never to be apart no more.
You're memories will forever remain in our hearts,
Rest on, Sleep on Uncle I call you!
Till we meet again.
Posted by Chuks Okocha on May 16, 2021
To my wonderful And Dearest Cousin Emeka,

To find an old picture of you is certainly like coming across a treasured chest in a wonderful rocky mountain enclave. I can’t remember how old you were in my minds eye but then i’m guessing you were in your teens, with Uzo and my brother if i recollect correctly. You certainly have grown since your teen days into a renowned entrepreneur and mogul you could say in your own rights. You portray the image of dedication, perseverance, forward thinking, ambassador, connoisseur of great business ventures, never afraid to take the risk as you could always by unshakable faith see the end from the beginning. Even when the cards were stacked heavily against you, through a heart felt determination and drive you never gave into negativity or to any whispers of your foes or friends alike saying you cannot make it; you kept your head down and dug into the trenches and laid your fort against the barrage of setback missiles launched at you from the challenges that stemmed from the oppositions of life.
My eyes started to almost tear and my heart warmed within myself when I thought of you. How I wish I could bring to life the picture now, and bring to play even now the scripture of Psalm 133 vs 1 : "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron's beard, down upon the collar of his robes".
You never chose to break ties with family members, and you were always on the forefront of reaching out and providing all the necessary assistance needed, never to be labelled a foresaker, far be it from you as you certainly never abandoned me in the hustle and bustle airport of Nigeria, but always ensured that you provided adequate support and homely accomodation; ensuring my health and safety was always at the forefront of your mind.
That picture that i pulled from my memory banks of a slightly squint cute eyed fellow an Okocha family trademark squint, which i must say runs in the family. How i used to love spending time together, which for the most time as the saying goes " Silence is Golden", however most certainly a reassuring comfort of being in my older cousins presence. You always seemed to be highly composed even in the midst of a battalion of other honourable men taking everything in your graceful stride and relaxed demeanor un-rattled by the surrounding galactic mind sets and speaking with well timed wisdom a few words of edification and comfort.
You set me up through your introduction to Oke with my first foundational import/export business venture which was the launch pad, which brought me into the grasps of shipment and taught me the ways to manage containers up to 40ft. Furthermore i learnt the intricacies, twists and turns from shipment to end sale and projected profit, though it was not always a fairytale story for me as with first time businesses, but the experience i gathered was certainly unfathomable and forged the building block underpinnings for other translucent business ideas i adopted in the future.
I recollect my last journey to Nigeria though you skipped the long road journey, but having visited the village house you built and your vision of one day settling there was admirable to say the least as it portrayed the image of a man, who deferred his retirement pension to a time where he had prioritised the needs of his children, this i found worthy sacrifices of high praises and adoration, certainly not a squanderer in nature or opting for any form of extravagant living at the expense of your children's need, but providing for them wholeheartedly local and international top class education, furthermore even offering education sponsorship grants to other less privileged children, holding back no necessary expense, a true respecter of the old adage the pen is mightier than the sword.

I recollect the words we exchanged at the village house, where i said to you that it was one of life's greatest achievements to put our blessed lord and saviour Jesus Christ as a cornerstone in CMD and from this ensuring that the most delightful food the word of God can be fed to the youths, adults alike so that heavens doors which can only be narrowly entered is open just a bit more for the lost sinful generation of souls; this caps your legacy four fold in my humble opinion and your treasured reward which will be tried by fire awaits you. I have always also found you to be a great host going tooth and nail to bring the best delicacies to the table and making a sumptuous feast for all.

Your mother was always certainly very dear to my heart as i told you she is our great earthly intercessor, who always treated me as her own son, a beloved mother to me, who always reminded me of a woman strong and well balanced in her approach to life, bringing to my heart echoes of love, which we should all share in unity for one another and foremost for our blessed lord and saviour Jesus Christ, as the bible says in John 13 vs 35 "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another".

Despite all you have faced in life and even now you have held your head up high grasping unto the throne of God in heaven and from where also your redemption draws near even from the cross of calvary through the blood of Jesus perfect healing of our heart, soul, mind, spirit and body so we will be lacking in nothing. Your journey of life has been full of the goodness and a living portion of Jesus for you in the land of the living, a wonderful testimony to all who shall hear even from the lowest to the highest echelons of society that what the doctors declared impossible and ruled out much earlier, the lord Jesus declared possible to his glory and honour in Jesus mighty name. Amen

It is fantastic to hear of all the wonderful achievements made by your daughter from the first class degree which was awarded to the recent completion of her Masters, an arduous challenge by any stretch of the imagination and something i believe will follow suite with the rest of her siblings as sky is the limit. Even a dedicated wife who stuck by you through thick and thin, the combination of both your united efforts bred the children you have today to the glory of God. 

I remember you as a very jovial person who could turn almost any outlandish sentence enacted in a gathering into a prose, a tongue that bears no profanity and a person who endorses your words with refined temperament, only putting your foot down whenever required so as to keep the barking dogs and slithering snakes at bay. Your jokes were classic when you were in the mood to unleash them. You were never pretentious, and I admired your strength and beliefs. You always voiced out your thoughts and feelings with short well summed phrases, free of any verbal diarrhoea.

I felt so connected to you and when i left Nigeria even the last time especially when i saw you at my brothers, I missed you tremendously as the visitation was somewhat brief. The only way i could connect with you besides our infrequent calls was to rally i and my family intently seeking our Lord Jesus through intermittent daily fasting and prayer sessions, to come against every force of darkness that has sort to take you down to the pits of Hell, so you are kept in the light and salvation of Christ where you truly belong and i know that the lord Jesus provided perfect healing for by his stripes we are healed. And even the building of your foundation which is in Christ Jesus which is the rock, and surely the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

I was devastated and broken of heart the day you left to Manchester. We hugged each other and i held back my tears at the rim of my inner pupil such that it formed a glaze which dissipated after the wonderful news of the cancer regressing and you surviving the hospital blunder with the adrenaline, as prior to that i knew the spiritual warfare embargo would be intense according to Eph 6 vs 12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".

Our only communication was by phone for the most time historically, besides when we were privy to meeting in person in the UK/Nigeria on our journeys back and forth through international travel. Whenever you needed to communicate, you would get in touch.

You certainly mastered the art of juggling businesses, multiple projects and still operate at optimum though it was highly pressurising to say the least and i thank God for the grace he awarded you to keep your head up whilst others where losing theirs to the turmoils of life. This exhibits a reflective power house gene pool of your mothers grounding and strength and Gods good gift to you to ensure the arrows of the enemy never succeeded in shifting your balance and approach to life.
I miss you tremendously, my dear cousin. Life is short as we all reflect. I wish you would come back with far more vigour and drive than when we met last but that will happen though it may tarry for a little while yet until our lord's coming.

I am so grateful that some day I will see you again and get to spend eternity with you on that blessed day when the dead in christ will rise first and the living caught up with our wonderful Jesus in glorious apparels, as his glory eminates through the clouds in the air:

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
King James Version

13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.

16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

It’s hard to put into words or formulate an expression how I feel about your passing. Of course the natural emotions of loss and nostalgia are all over me, but there’s something else. A strange sense of frustration, bewilderment as I try to bring to mind your facial expressions, your voice and most of all your personality. We were starkly robbed of all or most of that. I and the family offered prayers for when we heard again, about the plight you faced at the hospital recently, knowing and keeping the faith that our gracious and wonderful lord Jesus was merciful enough to grant you healing once more against this diseased spirit of infirmity, as i know our lord and saviour Jesus did give you a wonderful opportunity in the earlier stages to mend your bridges, say your farewell, set business right and spend quality time with your family against all professed expert medical declarations it would not happen.

 I desire greatly for you to know how much your life meant to me. But sadly it cannot be as you are now gone to be with the Lord. We love you dearly my wonderful beloved cousin and you will forever live in our hearts as indeed you were fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you Jesus for such a precious gift to us all.

I would like bring your mind to this scripture:

2 Timothy 4:7-8

King James Version

7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:
8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

Your loving Cousin,

Posted by Kanmi Ayodeji on May 16, 2021
Mr. Nwasike,

It was with a great shock I received the news about your passing to the world beyond. You were such a gentle and amiable neighbor. We loved you but God loves you more.

May the Lord comfort the family you left behind and give them the fortitude to bear this great loss.

Until we meet again, may your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Nkeakam Abhulimen on May 16, 2021
You lived a good life and you fought a good fight. You loved and cared for all. Though your years on earth was short but those years were very impactful, which is what life is all about.
Adiu Emeka! Rest peacefully in the bosom of Almighty God.
I pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to guide, protect and provide for the family you left behind, Amen 
Posted by Bridget Oyefeso on May 16, 2021
Dear Emeka
Rest in Gods peace.
You fought a good fight. You finished your race well.

Dear Viv and the lovely children, Gods grace remains sufficient and may the Holy Spirit deeply comfort you all
Posted by Bakare Ashraf on May 16, 2021
"it Takes A Minute To Like Someone, An Hour To Love Someone, But To Forget Someone Takes A Life Time."

"the Saddest Thing In The World Is Loving Someone Who Used To Love You."

"it Is Better To Have Loved 'n Lost Than Never To Have Lost At All."
Posted by MECHIE FRANCISCA IFEOMA on May 16, 2021
I am so sorry for your loss.... He was a wonderful person who will be so sorely missed.
His warm spirit and generosity was a joy to all who knows him. Please accept my condolences to both you and his family.

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Posted by jodi nwasike on June 28, 2022
Happy birthday my angel. I miss you every single day. Days when I want to tell you all about my day. Or when I want to complain about my job. Life will always be so weird without you in it. I’m sorry we don’t have forever and I wish we did so badly.
I miss you so much daddy
Posted by Kosy Nwasike on June 28, 2022
Happy birthday daddy missing you a lot
Posted by Nkeakam Abhulimen on May 9, 2022
I can’t believe it’s one year already that left this world to be with your creator. Continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of Almighty God, Amen 

You are missed by your darling wife, your beautiful children and dear family and friends.

his Life


Chukwuemeka Chukwujekwu Nwasike was born on the 28th day of June, 1966 at the Mission Hospital, Iyi-Enu, Ogidi to the family of Mr. Geoffrey Chigbo and Mrs. Dorothy Uzoamaka Nwasike, of the Timothy Mozie Nwasike’s lineage in the Mbajiogu subfamily of the Dike family in Ikenga, Ogidi. He was the second child, the only brother to his elder sister, Dr Uzoma Ebele Otaraku (nee Nwasike) and an only son of the family. He was a lovely, outgoing child and always studious, even as a child. He was bold and inquisitive, always asking questions. As a child, he always looked out for others.


Emeka commenced his quest for formal knowledge by attending Central School, Oji River for his primary education. He was a pupil of this elementary school from 1971 to 1976. He proceeded to Nnamdi Azikiwe Secondary School, Abagana for his secondary education in 1976.
However, after class one, he was transferred to Modebelu Secondary School, Onitsha from where he finished, at the age of 15, in 1981. He graduated with division one!
In the same year, 1981, he proceeded to Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu for his Advanced Level education, a prerequisite, in those days, for a smooth University education. He matriculated into the Department of Political Science, University of Benin from where he graduated in 1987. It was during his National Service at Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), Ibadan that he met the Head, Political Science Department of the University of Ibadan (UI), who encouraged him to apply for the MSc programme. He was quite impressed with his thought process and logical reasoning capacity. He enrolled immediately after the Service for the graduate programme at UI and rounded off in 1990.


Being an only son and the only one at home, (since the immediate elder sister, Uzoma, travelled out for higher education at a tender age and the eldest sister, Ngozi, was working in another town) during his early and adolescent life, Emeka and his mother formed a special bond; which deepened after the death of his father, when Emeka was 20. Their bonds became so strong because he had to be there for her emotionally and otherwise. He had been a pillar of support to her and a son, a brother and a father the entire family was proud of.
He met his heart-throb Princess Vivian Akannekauso Chukwukaifeninedinaka Nwasike (nee Nwoko) and they tied the nuptial knot on January 11, 1997 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. They are blessed with 4 children: Ifunanya Chelsea, Chekwube Jodi, Ugochukwu Allen and Kosisochukwu Jessica (3 daughters and a son).
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 Emeka was a selfless man. He didn’t care much about himself as long as his family was okay. He doted on his children. He was their mentor, motivator, adviser, cheerleader. He took their education so seriously that he would literally work with them, proofreading, and correcting when necessary. He never spared any expense for them to achieve their set goals or personal comfort. He was a very attentive father that cared even about the most miniscule things that went on in his children's lives. Always ready to just ask about their day and allow them to share every bit of their lives with him. He was a great listener. More than that, he was a Family Man!
Emeka was a unique husband! Like all marriages, his had its challenges but he was a wonderful husband. To rattle Emeka, all you needed to do was just to tell him that Vivian was ill. He couldn’t take that! From the moment he met Vivian, he fell head-over-heels in love!
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Shared by Kosy Nwasike on August 15, 2021
I miss you daddy