My younger brother Emile

Shared by Gerard Van Der Ham on May 7, 2016

My name is Gerard and I am the older brother of Emile.  I am also a drummer and like Emile said, the music comes from the heart.  I bought my first drum set when I was 17 years old (3 piece Slingerland).  When I wasn't playing or practicing, I see Emile would get on the set and play.  He learned by himself and has become a very good drummer.  I remember one night I had to play for a party from University of Tampa and Emile was at that time 10 years old and wanted to come with me.  He told me that he would sit quietly somewhere in the corner but I told him that he couldn't go because alcohol would be served.  The next morning he would asked me how did it go and I would tell him.  The following year, I traded in my Slingerland set for a 5 piece Rogers set and when I got drafted into the Army, I gave Emile the set and he would practice everyday.  There are many more memories of Emile.  I will always love you brother.  Rest in Peace my younger brother until we meet again.  Love, Gerard


Shared by Eduard Vanderham on May 5, 2016

I love you very much and i,m going to miss you so much, I;m going to miss our fishing trips,



Goin Fishing

Shared by Andrea Vanderham on May 5, 2016

I have many fond memories of my dad.  There are many to choose from but if I had to pick only one it would be this-

When my dad and I lived in Florida, we used to pass time by fishing in a small pond in the neighborhood.  We fished with cane poles on warm sunny days.  I remember it was a big deal when I learned to bait my own hook.  We mostly caught small fish like shiners and would put them in a 5 gallon bucket so I could pretend they were my pets for an hour or so.  One day we went to throw the bucket of fish back into the pond and one fish didn’t swim away.  He was just still under the water.   I began to cry because I would never want to hurt the fish.  My dad told me it was okay and leaned down and grabbed the fish by the tail.  He waived the tail back and forth until the fish began to come back to life.  The fish swam away and I looked at my dad like he was magic.  He dried up my tears, gathered our cane poles, and we walked back to the house.  We were happy.  It was a normal day for us.  We fished in that pond many times after that and every time we did I never worried ever again because I knew my dad was magic.  

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