Trinity College Bristol

Shared by Simon Holloway on October 19, 2015

Emile K Jones and I overlapped by one year at Trinity College, Bristol where he came to study for Ordination in the Anglican Church. His last year was my first in 1976/7. However, we had already met in Sierra Leone at Scripture Union Camps and Youth for Christ meetings in Freetown. Emile had a wonderful bass voice and was an extemporare piano player who often played for the Youth for Christ meetings in the centre of Freetown in the 1970s. He was also a part of the Gospel Youth Singers (GYS) who often sung at weddings, conferences and before the President and others.

Our family in Bristol, my home town, remember Emile with affectdion as a perfect gentleman and full of grace and love towards all that he met.

We share the same birth year. A good vintage!  Now he is in glory and we pray for God's love and grace for all his family, and especially his wife Myna... 

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