My Emily

Shared by Mary Lacertosa on April 30, 2019

Emily was so sweet

I miss you mom

Shared by Dominique Igoe on April 21, 2019

I thought of you with love today,

but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday,

and days before that too.

I think of you in silence,

I often speak your name.

All I have are memories,

and your picture in a frame.

Your memory is my keepsake,

with which I’ll never part.

God has you in his keeping,

I have you in my heart.


Your loving daughter,



Shared by ROCHELLE GAVAKIS on April 19, 2019

My Aunt Emily never missed a beat in my life she was there for all my highs and lows.  I will never forget that about her.  I remember when my parents got divorced and we moved into my grandmothers home,  well my auntie em was there with my cousin Kenny.   I remember she was there to help put our stuff away get us situated helping my grandmother.  My Aunt Emily also told me that my grandmother was her best friend.  That was when I realized what a best friend really was.  She always taught me that family comes first no matter what.   She was so right.   Thank you for always showing up for me and my family.  You cracked me up when I would call you, You would say hold on turn down the tv and then we would chat for a bit.  You would always ask about all of my children and how my husband was feeling always concerned  and caring.  What I ate for supper the night before or what was on the menu for supper that night.   My fondest memory is the one when I was picking Lou from JFK about 10 years ago.  His plane was delayed but of course I didn't know that until I was on the Verrazzano Bridge.  Here I am with 3 kids and they were so excited to see there dad and so I decided to tell them we where gonna go and surprise Aunt Emily with a visit well they were still excited and happy.  So I send Yanni to the door and she opens up the door and he yells surprise well she was so surprised and happy.  I came in with Michael and Alex and I said come on Aunt Em we are going out for pizza so she says alright lets go.  We went for pizza's ate and then we started to leave but then the skies opened up and it rained liked crazy and she said oh no my hair is gonna get wet and that she didn't have an umbrella. Then Yanni says we have one in the truck he ran out to get so hair wouldn't get wet god forbid.  Well that plane didn't come in until 2 am and at that time all three boys had fallen asleep at her house of course.  So around 1 am I finally left with sleepy kids put them in the truck and we left.  I called her the next day to tell her when that plane finally came in and she says that she hopes Lou goes away again soon so that we get to do it again and how much she enjoyed our surprise visit.  She said my boys were her loves.  She always looked beautiful every time I saw her. I wished you could have stuck around for a couple of weeks your beautiful children were planning a big celebration for your 90th  you would be proud they sent the Save the Date invites about a year ago.  We were all planning on coming and your loves were again very excited.   The only thing that makes my heart a little happy is that you are with your Kenny again.  I know that our family is celebrating in Heaven since you have arrived.  Just know you were loved.  I will love and miss you until my last breath Aunt Emily.   I will miss you calling me on my birthday singing to me, you never missed my birthday since my mom passed away.          

Love you and always in my heart.  


Shared by Helen Iglesias on April 18, 2019

where do I begin auntie Em, you were a joy to be around!  You went out of your way when our mom passed, you were always there for us...I'll always remember our special and happy times together I was just a kid, you came to pick us up so we can spend weekends at your house.  You made us clean but it was ok, we always loved spending time with you no matter what we were doing.  We always went to get hair n nails done.  That was a must.  I'm so happy I was able to visit with you at yr new place.  This time you made sure you had wine n all our favorite chocolates you never missed a beat.  As soon as deb n I came you were more concerned with us extending our stay.  I told you then Aunt Em...LIVE in the Moment!  I love you n you will live in my heart forever...and it's not fair that you didn't make it to your 90th but I sure will be celebrating you that day!  You better believe that!!! Good-bye for now!  Give my mom a hug for me!!!

A daughter-in-law’s love

Shared by Sharon Tilove-Navatta on April 18, 2019

Reminiscing about Emily stirs many mixed emotions. Our 36-year relationship had many ups and downs. Not the storybook MIL-DIL relationship, but we always rose above our trials and tribulations.

Emily was without doubt the #1 woman in Jim’s life, and it’s not easy being #2. But I am proud that Jim always treated his Mom so well and set the example he did for our children.

I never cooked or kept my home as finely as Emily did and rarely met her standards for a well-dressed, well-coifed woman. But I believe Emily learned to accept my faults because she cherished Jim and our children and knew I cared for them well. We truly bonded over a mutual love for our family. She attended every one of Dayna’s and Jesse’s childhood events that I can remember, bearing flowers and gifts for her little stars. Emily made my family feel special, not out of duty or obligation, but out of love. Those were traits I understood. 

Hearing stories from her friends and acquaintances at Cambridge Village has been very comforting, giving me peace in the knowledge that Emily’s final years were fulfilling. 

I will miss you, Emily but I take great comfort in the knowledge that you now rest in peace with so many other of our loved ones. 

With much love, your daughter-in-law Sharon

Grandma Emily

Shared by Dominique Igoe on April 16, 2019

The one. The only.  Grandma Emily. She has had such an influence on who I have become as a person, as a woman, and as a mom.

But of course with a few major exceptions. For one, she was always dressed to impress. She always looked like she just stepped out of a salon with her nails and hair done. She would comment on the way Millie did her hair that week and the color and design of her nails. Looking back at photos she always looked 10+ years younger than she really was. She was beautiful. My husband’s family would always comment- grandma Emily looks so good! At times, it made it hard to remember she was aging.
Another characteristic, which I try to emulate but can’t quite get there, is grandma Emily’s organizational skills. Grandma could navigate her basement blindfolded after two martinis. When we would come visit she would say “go to the unfinished side of the basement, all the way in the back, on top of the tool bench, there are three boxes on the left stacked high. The red middle box, has a grey blanket you can use.”  She had coats that matched shoes, that matched purses and gloves and knew exactly where everything was.
As a child, I would marvel at her jewelry collection and her sparkling hanging necklaces in her bedroom. We could usually find Sean hiding behind them. Her reclining chair also provided a lot of entertainment, particularly for Colin. There was also her formal living room. I clearly remember the day when we became “adult” enough and were allowed to sit on the couch close to her Waterford crystal.
Her unconditional love for and ability to talk to everyone was something I admired. She loved my dad wholeheartedly and treated him as her own son. She would go out of her way to buy him dark chocolate jelly candies for Christmas. She would do the same for my husband, David. Always going out of her way to make others feel special and included, including the neighborhood cats.

A widowed mom who raised three small kids who later became wonderful strong, loving adults. Now, as a mom myself, I really don’t know how she did it. 

I remember when we were younger she would let us pick out our Christmas presents from “santi -Claus” in the toys-r-us book. I do that now with the book from Target for my kids. Grandma would give us jelly beans  (black licorice her favorite)! to bribe us to go to sleep and we wouldn’t be allowed to tell mom. Now, I catch myself doing that to my kids and telling them not to tell David.

Without fail for every holiday, grandma Emily sent us a greeting card. Not only to her children, but to her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. Hallmark lost a great customer. Ruby and Miles loved getting cards from great grandma Emie and would call her the moment they arrived. She passed three weeks short of meeting my youngest sons Andre and Cruz, but would frequently call to see how they were doing and to send pictures. She knew the importance of family. I still have her last voicemail on my phone a week before she passed asking if my mom had arrived to Colorado safely. 

Grandma Emily lived her life to the fullest. Everyday of her nearly 90 years. She knew what she wanted (a martini, nice nails, cards and dancing with the stars) but she also knew what was important in life ( family and friends). We can all learn a lesson about living from her.   Her legacy and impact will live on for many, many years. We miss you terribly. Rest In Peace our dear great grandma Emie. 
Shared by Dayna Navatta on April 14, 2019

I can't sum up my grandmother in any short amount of words, so I won't even try. What I can tell you is that a large part of who I am today is because of her, and the values she instilled in me as a young girl. I have been lucky to have her in my life far into my "adult" years, and to be able to get to know my grandmother as the woman she was: a strong-willed, fiercely independent, loving woman. 

She shared with me her love of fine jewelry, the importance of a good hairstylist, and her passion for always having unique nails. My ability to pick out the most expensive item in a store seems to also be inherited, as my grandmother's simple response to anyone who brought it up was simply "what's wrong with that?".

Grandma, thank you for your endless support in all aspects of my life. I hope you've been greeted with a bottomless martini made just the way you like it. You are severely missed every day.

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