This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Emma Kuzmich, born on August 21, 2006, and passed away on February 13, 2019.  
Emma is forever loved, we will remember her forever.

Tributes are short messages commemorating Emma, or an expression of support to her closest family and friends. Leave your first tribute here, and others will follow.

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her Life

Emma, Forever loved

Emma entered our world on August 21, 2006.  She was a very sweet, gentle, highly-sensitive, vibrant and beautiful spirit, she loved everyone with all her heart, and everything around her.  To an extent that we have rarely seen before.  
She had a strong spark and brought immense joy every day of her life to her family and friends.  She had an amazing mind, a beautiful soul and heart, she was passionate, humble and kind.  It felt like every day for Emma had to be lived fully with all its beauty, genuinely, always with a smile, until the last day.  
Emma remains an inspiration for her exceptionally courageous battle with cancer for over a year.  Despite the incredibly  intense treatments she received every week, Emma had a strength and grace beyond words, and beyond anything we have ever seen.  
We miss her dearly every day, but she has filled our hearts with endless love.  Her beautiful spirit still shines brightly, it is aways with us and continues to inspire, encourage and enlighten.
Emma will forever be in our hearts, she is forever loved ~
We hope this can be a place that will bring many wonderful memories to everyone who knew Emma, or crossed her path.  A place that connects everyone who knew her, or met her, just the way Emma loved to connect with everyone
Thank you for connecting and sharing your memories.

A season of Firsts

Emma was born a little earlier than expected, and left all too early as well.  Maybe this is why she always seemed like she absorbed life so deeply, never expressing boredom or tiredness, always thoroughly enjoying everything she did and discovered.  Maybe because at her soul level she knew she had such little time. 
She was extremely observant, since she was a baby.  People always marveled at her captivating stare and focus, being able to seemingly look right into people's souls.  She was literally brimming with curiosity, the desire to touch, taste, explore and make sense out of a world that was unfolding at every moment. 
Emma loved books since she was a baby.  Her eyes would always so intently look at the books on our bookshelves, then she would point at them, and make sounds when we would pass them.  As if she knew that she would soon become a voracious reader. 
She loved songs, languages, and could speak French and English with natural fluency and ease. She loved her family, friends, animals, foods, nature and deeply enjoyed all the seasons.  She loved it all, downloading all the sensory experiences into her being and radiating it back out to the world.  It was the season of firsts: her first smile, her first crawl, and her first step.  This was a time of pure magic.


Once Emma was mobile, and could walk, the world exploration expanded, and she kept taking it all in, with such true endless genuine joy.  This was the season of trips, stretching from casual strolls around the block to overnight flights across the Atlantic Ocean to see her grandparents in France who, because of health reasons, could not travel overseas to see her. As teeth began filling her gums, she explored and thoroughly enjoyed all foods, especially cheese.  She started to connect with other children, and she always seemed wise beyond her years.  She enjoyed going to preschool, loved books, stories, puzzles, drawing, playing, running, and climbing the jungle gym at the park.  She loved everything and everyone.  
Her language skills really began to form, in French and English, she would make adult-like sentence connections in both languages.  She even went to a German school on Saturdays for a short time.  She loved to constantly draw and write. Her drawings were always very detail-oriented and she would complete them very quickly.  We are including some of them in the gallery as well.  Her creativity is reflected very strongly in her drawings.  Her imagination was endless, her creativity was flowing.
She loved music and wanted to learn piano very young. She started before she was 5. She also loved to sing, she joined a children's choir, The Mozart Children's Choir, and she danced in the Nutcracker.  
She epitomized the entire spectrum of creative discovery.  It was these precious years that became the foundation for what would come next.
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