EmmaLee's smile

Shared by Dawn Spier on September 27, 2011

EmmaLee didn't smile had to touch her cheek lightly and then she would you can see in the picture of me holding her, she is smiling.  I will always remember that sweet smile.  It made my day! EmmaLee, I often wonder what you are doing right now, if you are watching over us, or if you are doing the Lord's work, which may be the same thing.  I know you are happy where you are, and that you know we love you.  You brought joy into our lives, even if it was only for a brief time.  Watching you struggle, and watching you grow was a blessing for all who came in contact with you.  You have made life worth living, worth striving to be better, and doing what we know is right.  I am eternally grateful for the blessings you have brought into each of our lives.  Thank you so much for choosing to come to earth, and to our family.  You will always be loved, missed, and I am looking forward to meeting you again, and holding you in my arms once again!

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