Let the memory of Dr. OJONG OSITA be with us forever.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on February 11, 1953 in Eshobi, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on August 28, 2018 in New Dehli, India.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr. Emmanuel OJONG, 65 years old , born on February 11, 1953 and passed away on August 28, 2018. We will remember him forever.

Tentative Funeral Program

Friday 21st Sept 2018: 

Requiem  Mass and Wake keeping at family residence in Sokolo Limbe without Corpse from 5pm

Saturday 22nd Sept 2018:

8:00: Removal of corpse from Limbe Mortuary 

9:00: Laying in state and viewing mortal remains of Sesseku Dr. Ojong Emmanuel at the family residence Sokolo, Limbe

11:00: Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Beach) Bota,  Limbe

2:00: Burial of mortal remains at family residence Sokolo, Limbe

3:00: Refreshments  and celebration of his life 

Posted by Belinda Oj on 23rd September 2018
Posted by Nathalie Bingangoye on 22nd September 2018 Dear Dr. Ojong Your daughters and your wife left you at the Paradise ‘gates today. This great day when even the Cameroon Mountain has shown in its most beautiful face to see you climb higher than it. Today, your daughter's Angelic voice is heard in the sky when she told you goodbye with the hope of seeing you again one day. Today, when we celebrate your life, we celebrate LOVE. RIP KING OJONG
Posted by Nathalie Bingangoye on 22nd September 2018
Dear Mr. Ojong Your daughters and your wife left you at the Paradise ‘gates today. This great day when even the Cameroon Mountain has shown in its most beautiful face to see you climb higher than it. Today, when your daughter's voice reasoned in the sky when she told you goodbye with the hope of seeing you again one day. Today, when we celebrated your life, when we celebrated LOVE. RIP KING OJONG
Posted by Randolph Ngwafor on 22nd September 2018
Dear Uncle Osita. Your departure was too sudden, leaving us heartbroken and distraught. God alone knows why. I pray He welcomes you with open arms into His Kingdom. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Simon Munzu on 21st September 2018
TRIBUTE FROM VICTOR EPIE NGOME, Classmate Father George Francis Cunningham, in honour of whom a class of SOBANS was baptised 'The Hammers', is remembered for the frequency with which he changed his glasses, depending on what he was looking at. To us students, those changes always intimated a swing in his mood. It was the fear of the unknown in these mood swings and his irrévocable decisions that kept us permanently on the straight and narrow. Today, with hindsight, I wonder which pair of glasses he used when, combing some of West Cameroon's most remote Catholic parishes and non-Catholic schools, he personally handpicked this class of about 60 brats for admission into the Class of 64 in St. Joseph's College, Sasse. Today, we say goodnight to the latest of those brats to have fallen, like ripe fruit, from the tree of life battered by some mischievous wind. I pay tribute to a product of the hammer and chisel of an iconic personality sculptor. In Emmanuel Ojong we, SJC students of the Cunningham class, celebrate a 'Hammer' who drove his nails home with quiet but stubborn insistence - a thorough achiever who got things done like a joke. If his face bore "the shadowed livery of the burnished sun", it put very much in evidence his sparkling rows of white teeth which readily showed in a mirthful smile, then promptly morphed into a smirk or even a frown, as the circumstances commanded. As a classmate back in Sasse, he never left you in any doubt about where you stood with him over any issue. Osita was not just a jolly good fellow - he was a life-of-the-party person with a contagious joie de vivre. Our frequent meetings in and around my Cow Fence office in Victoria over the last few years were copiously doused with laughter and lots of remember-when's, all couched in that wry British sense of humor which had clearly rubbed off on both of us. But it was his carriage at his lovely daughter's traditional wedding that gave away for the first time the frailty of his health which ended up as a signal of check-out time. We can't read God's clock or calendar, so we can't use the word 'untimely' in talking about a man's life. Osita, we bow to the Almighty's will and commend you to sweet rest in his bosom. Victor Epie'Ngome, Classmate
Posted by Simon Munzu on 15th September 2018
TRIBUTE FROM DR. FRITZ TABE. TAMBI, Classmate in Sasse College: Osita, you and I, Ndek, were among 72 young boys who met in Sasse College on 7th January 1964 to begin climbing the post primary academic ladder. After 41/2 years of an intimate boarding school life we separated in June 1968 with sufficient 'O' Level GCE papers in our pockets that enabled us reach the top of the ladder with Doctorate Degrees; I in medicine in 1976 and you in Geology in 1983. I remember vividly how you, Enotanya and late Peter Ndumbe spent long hours waiting for me in London Gatwick airport that warm Spring day of 9th August, 1983 on my arrival for specialisation. I delayed so much to come out because I was unable to get a baggage trolley. I did not know that in England one has to queue for every service and I kept on fumbling hoping to get one otherwise. You people even had to send an announcement over the loudspeakers enquiring if I was among the passengers from Douala aboard CAMAIR 747 flight. What a warm embrace we had when I successfully came out. Soon you returned home with your big and rare catch, a PhD in Geology. We were to meet again only in 2005 in Bota when you and your darling wife, Rose, accepted to be Godparents at the wedding of my daughter, Bessem to James Kaba in the seaside Parish church not far from your CDC home. Some time after that you relocated to Libreville, Gabon, with your entire family. I discovered you people had come come back when we met in Mbinjong village at the burial of Ebika Arrey last year. During our brief time there you spoke about the marriage of your daughter, revealing it would be a big thing. That event occurred last August in your beautifully constructed home in Sokolo and it was really big. You gave me the privilege and honour to be in the core family that retreated to receive the all - important dowry. We were never to see again in this world after that night! On August 28th I got the devastating news of your demise in India! It is sad and hard to imagine how distance played such a rough game on two hearts that loved each other so tenderly. Adieu Osita, adieu brave Hammer (as our Sasse class is self styled). May the Almighty God have mercy on you and open heaven's gates for you. Ndek Dr Fritz Tabe Tambi
Posted by OJ Tarh on 15th September 2018
THE FIRST TRUE GOOD MAN I EVER LOVED❤ My father was the happiest man I ever knew , a man so loving ,caring and so lively. He was not only my father but was my personal teacher, advicer, doctor, playmate, most especially my best friend and a father to many . I will forever be thankful to my mum for selecting the most wonderful and loving father. Thinking about the years we spent together makes me cry out of joy because I spent the most wonderful years of my life by his side. Daddy you always made sure no one hurts us in school or at home; you always ensured we were happy and you never came back home empty handed because you knew we would always run around saying “Daddy what have you kept for me☺” hahahha, even when you were sick and felt a little better you would rush out to get one or two things for us. I am so grateful daddy I just don't know how to express my feelings but you were the best daddy any girl child would want to have in her life. You made us to be the strong women we are today to always speak out and make no one look down on us. You always made us feel beautiful and never left us to leave the house looking shabby
Posted by Yvette Nixon on 15th September 2018
To the family of Dr. E. Ojong (Dr. Osita). My name is Yvette, and I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Of reading about Dr. Ojong, I can see what brilliant doctor, engineer and loving father, husband and friend he was. My prayers go to the family. We are all prisoners of death, but Jehovah God has the power to release us from death. And He will. Read in your Bible 1 Corinthians, chapter 15, verse 26. And He will bring the dead back to life, Isaiah, chapter 26, verse 19. God promise everlasting life on a paradise Earth, Revelations, chapter 21, verse 4 and Psalm, chapter 37, verse 11. God want you and your family to know this.
Posted by Raynna Nkwanyuo on 14th September 2018
Daddy Osita, My holidays daddy! I have always enjoyed spending time with you and loved your warm spirit. From my visits to Cameroon during holidays to see you, my sisters, Mommy Rose, and the rest of the family to your time spent in the states. I enjoyed having you as my taste tester! I am sure my future husband will be thanking you. Rest easy! Love your honorary daughter, Raynna
Posted by Raynna Nkwanyuo on 14th September 2018
Daddy O, I am forever grateful for our last days spent together. Every little girl dreams of her father walking her down the aisle and I am blessed to say I experienced that. I am at peace knowing that you are resting and no longer in pain. May your beautiful soul rest in paradise. Love your fellow doctor daughter, Fallon
Posted by Jacques Agbor on 14th September 2018
Dr. Emmanuel Enowfor Ojong's Death Has Made Heaven One Star Brighter. Dr. Emmanuel Ojong, lovingly known as Osita, you were my bosom friend, my special friend,my extraordinary friend, my brother, and most of all my brilliant Crown Prince from the Chiefdom of Eshobi. Did I not hear that you were the next in line for the Chiefdom? What has become of you now? Do not worry my brother, in heaven your Kingdom and not Chiefdom will have no end. I cannot use this medium enough to trace the beginning of our relationship because it is jammed packed with many highlights and unbelievable events. News of your death hit me so hard as if I had been run over by a tractor-trailer while driving on the wrong lane. The last time we met was during your daughter's wedding in Maryland. The night I arrived Maryland and saw you, you were not as vibrant as I have always known you , but I knew that since you were in America , your problems would be taken care of. Apparently, that was not the case. At the reception , after every other person had danced, was tired and had vacated the dancing floor, you, Kathy, and myself stepped onto the floor to exhibit our usual dancing gyrations. Your moves were still unbelievable. Time and again, you raised your eyes into mine as if you were asking me if you still had it. I nodded my head for approval. Then came the morning of my departure, we spent many hours talking and planning how you will visit me in South Carolina . Little did I know that it was our last meeting. My late friend and brother (Did I just say late?) was a selfless person, a peace loving individual who was authentic with people. Osita, as he was known by both old and young , treated everyone he knew or met with kindness as though time with them was a gift. He loved life , and all that life offered, which is why he never wasted a minute of his life getting angry at those who hurt him. And there were many who used his good nature to take advantage of him. He was always devoted to his work and his work ethic was remarkable. He was an executive in many positions he occupied, but he did not believe in reaping where he never sowed ( he did not believe in taking "soya"), which is why he did not have any mansions in Cameroon as many other Cameroonians would have done. Many thanks to his lovely wife and daughters who took good care of him until his departure from this world. But for her in particular, our friend, husband, brother, and father would have died many months ago. His magnetic and infectious smile will be missed by the rest of us- the Baby Boomers who constituted "The Mamfe Boys" : Charles Agbor, Jacques Agbor, Charles Njuzy, Willie Tabot, Sammy Osang and Vincent Ndango. Who among us is next? Permit me end this tribute by asking the usual conspiracy theorists not to conjure the causes of our friend's, brother's, husband's, father's, and son's death. He was sick and he died from this illness. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Simon Munzu on 14th September 2018
"Osita!". "Smac!" The excitement was palpable, as at each reunion of two or more we exclaimed each other's nickname, adopted in SJC and destined to be ours for life. Yes, St Joseph's College (SJC), Sasse, Buea: that is where, on 7 January 1964, a group of us adolescents, young and not-so-young, first met to start together our quest for knowledge, our devotion to excellence and our commitment to the general interest that would become the hallmark of members of the Cunningham Class - the 'Hammers'. 'OSITA'!!! That was your self-assigned nickname. It symbolised so many things about you. Osita the fanatic lover of High Life, especially the 'aphatashi', which you loved to display as you enthralled everyone with your acrobatic antics in the 'bone-to-bone' dance parties in the auditorium. They earned you the affection of all of us Form Ones, and made you the 'Fay' of many a senior student and a sure candidate for helpings of their 'packet'. Osita the 'Mamfe Boy' from Eshiobi. We used to tease you as we wondered aloud mischievously where on earth such a place could be. Osita the golden boy with the enchanting smile, glittering white teeth framed by provocative lips, a trait that remained with you until the day you passed on from this earth. I had the good fortune, which I now view as a blessing, to confirm this during the hours we spent together at your mansion in Victoria on the eve of your departure to India for medical treatment. We reminisced, we joked, we laughed, we ate, we drank. You looked frail, yet full of vitality and wit. Your mind was razor-sharp. The jokes kept flowing. You took me round the house to show me some structural additions you and your darling Rose had recently designed and executed. From your bedroom balcony, we looked through the twilight into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, admiring the wonders of Mother Nature as ordained by the Maker. With a deep and enduring embrace I took leave of you. You and Rose saw me off at the front door. I wished you safe journey to India and a rapid recovery from the ailment that was taking you there. We promised to catch up on a number of things upon your return. The following day you flew to India. A week later I asked Rose how you were doing. She said you had started the therapy prescribed by your Indian physicians. You were responding well. There were good prospects of recovery. I prayed for you and thanked God for His abundant graces. Then, barely a fortnight later, unexpectedly, in the deep of the night, 1:42 a.m., I received a cryptic message from Rose: "He is gone", it said. Just like that. You are gone, dear OSITA, dear brother. You remain engraved in my heart. Till the end of the few years that I have left on this earth. FAREWELL Mamfe Boy. FAREWELL OSITA. Farewell HAMMER Dr. Emmanuel Ojong. May your Soul rest in Perfect Peace.
Posted by James Enohtanya on 14th September 2018
I have been very devasted since I got the news of your early departure to our Creator. Especially as I did not get to see you all the time you were ill. We knew ourselves in Sasse in 1964. I still remember you were always giggling in class and so you were always the first to be remarked by a teacher. In form three I adopted the show name Mick Jagger and you pick up OSITA after the Nigerian musician Stephen Osadibe (alias Osita). We became again more intimate in London, where you became the Bestman of my wedding. I still remember the shopping we did for that wedding- all the shops we visited as we wanted to appear special on that day. As a fall out from that event you ended up marrying my sister-in- law.Although we both failed we however picked up the pieces and rebuilt our lives again. On the day of your union with Rose I served as your driver from the ceremony to your home. Osita, because of jobs we were separated. You were in Limbe and I in Yaounde. It was last year that my daughter warned me: " daddy you better go and see your friend or else you will live regretting all your live. I left and came to Limbe and Rose told me you have gone to the US. I went to the US and was told you have gone back to Cameroon. Came back to Cameroon you were on your way to India. Oh OSITA, I can't believe that you so full of life and humour, jokes and so jovial have really gone. I will always remember the blessing God bestored on you-Your SMILE. I'm sure the angels in Haven are already softening up to your smile. May Your Gentle Soul Rest in Perfect Peace till we meet again.
Posted by Joseph Tabot on 12th September 2018
R.I.P big Brother, you were a gentleman and such a top man, the memory of your loving and caring nature will stay with us for ever as well as your words of encouragement. you are gone now but the beam in your legacy will continue burning. Big brother sleep on sir and sleep tight.
Posted by OJ Tarh on 12th September 2018
My brother OSITA OJONG is dead? Here comes the sunset for a bright son of Manyu.Gone are the jokes and fun but as you leave behind your kindred, let a thousand other bight minds be born. Daniel Enow Bisong
Posted by Julian Ebai on 12th September 2018
Dear Big Brother What a sad way to start the day , by hearing of your demise , my biding memory of you , was you were a great intellectual , great talent with great will power . You were full of life ,kind , generous and accomplished noble great and small task with the same relish .You were a loving family man , who adored his wife and kids .We will miss your larger than life personality , your inquisitive mind .You made every one around you happy , "If you want others to be happy practice compassion . If you want to be happy practice compassion " DALAI LIMA .That is my personal memory of you. But we pray the Lord Almighty will be the source of strenght protection , guidance and blessings for your immediate family . We must have peserverance and above all confidence in God's will. You will be terribly missed . May your gentle witty soul rest in perfect peace till we meet again. A pity i missed seeing you last year when I visited your Sokolo residence .
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
What a wonderful world. May your gentle soul live in perfect peace, my friend till we meet again who knows where. Lawrence Eka
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
Oh doc, my heart bleeds but in God we trust. Rest in peace till we meet to part no more Jane Ojong
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
Osita, may your soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord. Takor Apark
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
Oh! What a loss of a great, friendly and cheerful big brother. May he rest in peace. Enowbawa Alfred
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
OSITA 7 Lord have mercy.What a shock. I lack words. May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace. Providence Eyong
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
Incredible human being. Forever in our memories. RIP. Francis Besong
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
Osita, you will forever be remembered. RIP In the Lord. Bisong Etahoben
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 12th September 2018
MC! It's with great shock we learnt of your death, So ends the life of a man! Go ahead and prepare a place for us. Wish you a peaceful return home and may your soul RIPP. Amen John Enow Taku
Posted by Adrian Tarh on 11th September 2018
Doctor, As you were known to us growing up, you lived your life as an example to some of us. It was never a boring time with you, tussling and exchanging ideas on everything and something. And always to the tune of some music. Behind each of your ideas lay a dream. Some of which came true, and for which you were very proud. Your part on earth was fully played. You leave behind lovely memories. Go in peace to where there is no more sorrow. Till we meet again! Abang
Posted by Dennis Tambe on 9th September 2018
Dear Osita Mama, News of your transition to eternity came as a shock. We did not meet in the last decade because of our sojourn and engagements in different parts of the World. I hope that you will find solace and peace in the bosom of God Almighty until we meet again.
Posted by Nathalie Bingangoye on 8th September 2018
Mr. Ojong, I will always keep that comforting smile from you. I was absent during your pains, but I will be there to let you go in peace and without suffering. Give strength to Rose and children and next to the Lord accept our prayers.
Posted by Egbe Enow on 9th September 2018
R.I.P daddy. I remembered the times we had on my first and frequent holidays as a kid i got to spend with you,you were the loving type.Managed on my side to see to that you get better treatment here in India but as God giveth,he takeths.We shall meet again.We stay behind to mourn your absence.We shll miss you daddy.
Posted by Maureen Rosita Ojong on 8th September 2018
Daddy, My consultant & best friend. Words will never express enough what it feels like, just imagining my life onwards without you here physically to savour all the precious , good , sad yet unique moments of my life. Its like one of those dreams where i will wakeup soon. Daddy, it is said that "God knows best" and in this particular circumstance, I am doing my best to believe it was his will to take you away from me and the family at this point of our lives where we still needed your love & guidance. You were everything to me. A true example and role model and it is amazing how much I grow up being myself & you. You were a breath of fresh air inspite of your imperfections & proof that "God was with us". Thank you for showing me what true love means, thank you for showing me the essence of forgiveness, thank you for loving & treasuring my mother , my sisters & myself so dearly. Thank you for paying the price and giving us the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of love. Daddy it is going to be tough letting you GO...there are just so many other memories we needed to create, jokes to crack & battles/projects to conquer together just as we always did. You were a jewel & angel but this cold world was never a place for a Light like yours so go and rest in the bossom of love, watching over us as we uphold your legacy & craft ours. Prepare a place for us by the side of our heavenly father untill we meet to never part again. Good bye Daddy Osita with love your Baby & princess Rosita
Posted by Emmanuel Tarh on 30th August 2018
RIP Dr. You have played your part on the earthly stage and its time to move on. Enjoy your new home in the land of eternal excursions.
Posted by OJ Tarh on 30th August 2018
Uncle my Uncle, my namesake, so you have transitioned to the other side. still remember your smile your love for intellectual conversations. I still remember when you just returned from the UK and the april 6rh Coup happened. When the gunshots were flying the first thing you will do is to drag myself and AB and throw under the bed before you yourself will follow for cover. And you asked Mania question " ah learn all dis book na for cam die now so?" The answer is you didn't. You have l8ved your life and shared your knowledge doctor. Please say hi to Mami and Papa as you cross the bridge. Miss you already but I am happy you are no longer in pain. Rest in Peace Uncle Dr. RiP

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