Love from your first son

Shared by Yoti Mofa on October 20, 2019
Tribute from your first son Stephen Ikome Mondindi Peter KuluIkome

Dad I just wanna say from the time I was born all I wanted was to be with you. I believe one of the reasons God allow me to be birthed in this world was to let you know that you have a son that truly loves you no matter what you did or didn’t do, he would just love you. Besides Jesus My Lord and Savior you are my hero Thank You Dad for teaching me how to be proud of my culture and embrace all of my African Community. You surrounded me with Uncles and Aunties full of wisdom which will comfort in time of need. One day we will be reunited  in Heaven in Jesus Name Amen
From Stephen Ikome Mondindi Peter Kulu, Your First Son Love Always 
Dad!!!!!!! From My Children and Wife
Jerika Kulu

A Daughter’s Memories

Shared by Ekeni Livingston on October 19, 2019
As my father’s oldest child, I am honored to speak about my fondest memories of him. He was a fun and loving dad.  I remember the days when he would take us to the soccer fields to run around and watch him play. The days of him standing on the track at my high school track meets or on the side lines of my high school soccer games cheering me on.  My wedding day when he walked me down the aisle to give me away to my loving husband and when he danced with me for our father/daughter dance. The day he met his grandchildren and gave each of them a name with meaning from his native land of Cameroon.  The days when he instilled in me the value of education which kept me motivated during my time in pharmacy school.  And even though he wasn’t able to see me walk across that stage to receive my doctorate of pharmacy, I know he was proud of me.  These are the things that I reflected on as I sat with him during his final days on this earth.  I am so grateful to have these memories of my dad. He was an amazing person and was loved by many.  Although, he is not physically here with me, he will forever live on in my mind and heart.  Dad, I miss you and I love you forever and always. -Your loving daughter, Ekeni Juanita Orok Kulu Livingston & Family Michael, Maggie, Isaiah, Elijah, Emeri)


Shared by George Burnley on October 19, 2019
I remember your football name "Epata" given to you while in St Joseph's College Sasse and your football boots you handed down to me when you traveled to USA. When I took those boots to Sasse, I was nicknamed "Epata Junior" although I did not play football up to your standards.

To date my mates still call me "Epata Junior and refer to you as "Epata Senior".

The world's best Father!

Shared by Emmanuel Kulu Jr. on October 17, 2019
My dad Chief Emmanuel Kulu Sr. was the best father in the world. When we were Young kids he took the time to train and support us in school, sports and anything else we wanted to do. He gave our royal African Pride and never allowed us to be ashamed of being African. I always remember my dad being so strong and encouraging. He Disciplined us with love and showed me how to be a man and a father. My father loved us children, and instilled in us to fighters and hard workers in all things we do. My dad had so much star power, he drew the African community together in Buffalo, he was loved and admired amongst all his peers. As a child, I wanted to be just like him, and impact my community the way he did. Oh Father you will be missed dearly by us and everyone who knew you. I'm so proud to carry his name on. May Jehovah call him out in the resurrection. 
Your son,
Emmanuel Kulu Jr.
Emmanuel Kulu III
Zahiya Kulu

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