Let the memory of Emmanuel (Papa Emma.) be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on January 2, 1946 .
  • Passed away on November 21, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Papa Emma. Mounkam, who has left us so soon at a very young age.He was born on January 2nd, 1946, in Nkongsamba, Littoral Region of Cameroon and passed away in  Marana-Tucson, AZ, USA on November 21, 2013 after a tough fight with cancer. Papa Emma. spent 67 good years with us, 16th of them here in the USA, some as astudent in Bourbon, France and the rest in Cameroon. Though he was born and raised in Nkongsamba, he was a native of Bafang in the Western region. Pa Mounkam has left the whole CAMAZ  to mourn him, his lovely wife Julienne, his children George and Simon, plus numerous other family children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. Papa was a father to all the Cameroonians in Arizona, USA.   We will remember him forever.

Posted by Ferdinande Emgoue on 2nd January 2019
Oôh papa, aucun jour ne passe sans que mes pensée se tournent vers toi. Tu aurais eu 73 ans aujourd'hui. Je sais que de la haut tu célèbres avec les anges et le reste de la famille. "who so love the Lord should never die, BUT have eternel Life." I Will whip my tears and celebrate with you. Happy birthday papa Emma. Luv u.
Posted by Ferdinande Emgoue on 30th November 2018
Oh ce monde, que des souvenirs!!!! Que des reves brises, heureusement que le Seigneur nous a dompte d'une memoire!!!!Papa Emma, aucun Jour ne se passe sans que mes pensees ne se retournent vers toi. Tu as ete et reste une grande inspiration pour moi, nous, par ta perseverance, ton courage et ton amour inconditionnel. Papa, tu nous as physiquement quitte, mais tu restes a jamais grave dans nos coeurs. Papa continues de reposer en paix et que la terre de nos aieux te soit legere. Always ❤️ love u
Posted by Bernadette Toko on 21st November 2016
Three years already! Time goes by but the pain remains! The emptiness and the memories are still present! We have tried to no avail to fulfill your last wishes! I hope one day people who consciously or unconsciously set blocks to empeach the family to live in harmony as you've always wanted will come to senses and do what is right. Meanwhile you remain in my prayers and will never be forgotten., Love and please keep an eye on us!
Posted by ELizabeth Akowo on 28th February 2016
"PaPa Emma" le pere des enfants, tes souvenirs resterons a jamais graves dans nos memoires. Tu etais le symbol de l'amour pendant ton pelerinage en ce monde, tu continuera a l'etre la ou tu es a present aupres de notre redempteur JESUS CHRIST en qui tu as toujours cru fermement.
Posted by Gladis Mopecha on 21st November 2015
Wow! It's two years already? How time flies. Each time I thing of it is is like it just happened yesterday. Papa, I had never understood your love for me until you were gone. I have kept all your advice in my memory and each time I replay them as a recorder. You made me strong each time we were together. You became the father that I had long lost and filled the vacuum. I have ordered a special collection of all Tchana Pierre you friend and classmate. I love to remember you on the dance floor, with all those serious guy moves. Keep a strong and always loving watch over your children. I miss you, but know you are around all the time. Today is another election day in CAMAZ your children. CAMAZ will forever missed the special dinner at your residence " I have to kill a goat for my children." You made this statement all the time we are coming and did it. How can we forget!
Posted by Patricia Ngassa on 9th January 2015
How I miss him! May there be some people in this family who will have some of his good qualities.
Posted by Ferdinande Emgoue on 2nd January 2015
OOOhhh my dear Uncle, Dad, and all, What else can I say? just thinking we just have another new year without you is unbeareable and I hope from above you will continue to promote love like you always did, even tough since your departure this family has not yet realized the deepen thought you fought to establish for a long-term accomplishment in family harmony, and material privilege has blinded some, I just need your help to bring peace and harmony to this family for everlasting joy.....May the Lord through you, touch all our heart for better tomorrow in family theme... I do not have anymore my associate for late night chat when returning home after a long journey and an hour plus drive.....All this to make sure you keep me awake and safe papa Emma!!!!!.We miss u so much !!!!!!! May you continue to rest in peace near our forfather....Mami Tchokoooooooooooooo
Posted by Yann-loic Ebong on 2nd January 2015
Hi Tonton! Today is your Birthday, I hope that you found peace where you are and I want you to know that I think about you and that I miss you, please protect us and guides us... We miss you
Posted by Lucie Tchouassi on 2nd December 2014
Gone, but not forgotten...You will always continue to be that bright light that guides us through, a silent leader at this time, but your word of wisdom will always be with us... Thank you God for having you as part of our lives.... May you continue to rest in peace
Posted by Amelie Fosso on 30th November 2014
Pap's, Already a year that you left us! Rest in peace papa, we are able to make it! Just as you learned us. With humility, respect, justice. Thank you so much for this heritage! We will nerver forget you! You are in our hearts like if it was yesterday that you left. Rest in the brightness of god's light, in a calm and fresh site. With love. Your daughter, Amelie.
Posted by Mona Ylvisaker on 12th March 2014
He was a very special and gentle man and we looked forward to his visits when he came to court to interpret for us at Superior Court. To his family my condolences he will be greatly missed.
Posted by Danielle Youmeni on 22nd January 2014
Papa Emma, C’etais un privillege de t’avoir dans notre vie, Ca fait seulement quelques mois que tu etais ici a New York avec nous, et avons passe du bon temps. Merci pour tes mots d’encouragements. Nous te garderons toujours dans nos coeurs et nous nous souviendrons de ta gentillesse et de ton grand amour pour la famille. Que ton ame repose en paix et que Dieu te garde aupres de lui.
Posted by G. Simonetto on 7th January 2014
My family (Giulia, Eric, Serena and Dario) had the pleasure of meeting you once a year at the BBQ's held at Amelie's house during the summer. It is clear to me that your visits were well anticipated. For myself, I can say that my lasting impression of you is your easy smile and the warmth you extended to everyone in a room. It did not matter if you were meeting them for the first time. It is also great to read of your life that seemed so full and will surely be missed for many years to come. To anyone that reads this, please, remember the living memories as I have no doubt that those are the ones our loved ones want us to remember. Our family extends their condolences......Giulia Simonetto
Posted by Amelie Fosso on 4th January 2014
Papa, as you recommended, GEORGES MOUNKAM is the chief of our family now! May god inspire him and bless him all along. He will need the support of family and friends. As much as I will be alive, I will always stand beside him for guidance as you whished. With love, faith and prayer.
Posted by Amelie Fosso on 3rd January 2014
Papa, we used to celebrate our birthdates together! Mine was January the 1st and yours was January the 2nd; This year, I didn`t even think about, just returning from Cameroon for the funerals! I just let it go for now. Let god do the rest, give peace and serenity to the whole family. It wasn't easy. I miss you so much. Your Lovely daughter.
Posted by Stephane MOUNKAM on 20th December 2013
Homonyme comme tu aimais m'appeler, ton départ est semblable à un tsunami dans ma vie et dans la grande famille, toi qui en était le chef. RIP Dad, I will never forget you, you'll always be in my heart.
Posted by Serge Fosso on 12th December 2013
Papa Emma, My dad, my sweet dad, my lovely dad, my nice dad, my kind dad, my good dad, my generous dad, my wonderful dad, my pleasant dad, my always happy dad, my always joyful dad, my always laughing dad, my always available dad, my gracious dad, my humor daddy, my everlasting daddy, my endless daddy, my only dad. I already miss you, I miss you so much, I will always miss you. I know you are at home in Heaven. I guess you are so happy and it’s bright there. I guess there is perfect joy and beauty in the everlasting light that abounds. All the pain and grief is over, every restless tossing gone. Safely home in Heaven, away from earthly quarries. You did you part as man, with human frailties laden. There is still work waiting, so we must not idly stand. For we have to move your business one step forward. We will do it now while life remaineth. The road may be long and winding, with ambushes here and there. But trust me we will never give up the fight and we will fight for your name, for MOUNKAM. You gave me some of your last words and wishes. You asked me to fight for unity in our family and I promised I will. You asked us to take good care of Maman Julie and we promised we will. You asked us to work harder for your business and we promised we will. Dad, I will do my very best and make sure all your wishes are fulfilled. My dad, go in peace and may your gentle soul rest in eternal peace until we meet again in our Lord’s everlasting Kingdom. Your Son, Serge “Fêh” NGAJUI FOSSO
Posted by Patrick Tchouanto Gemini on 11th December 2013
Papa Emma, j'ai du mal à croire que tu nous aies quitté. Je me souviens encore des conversations animées que nous avions autour de la table chez Tata Amelie...Tu vas nous manquer Papa Emma, tout comme tes conseils et tes paroles pleines de sagesse. Reposes en paix Papa Emma
Posted by ERic Dreze on 10th December 2013
Papa Emma, You were my Dad for a day, and a friend for ever. I believe that humans are on Earth to learn. To learn kindheartedness and forgiveness, which are keys to open the heavens doors. I would like to think that you learned too fast, and God called you back sooner that we expected. Reposes en Paix Eric, Carmen and Sophie
Posted by Rachel Hensley on 9th December 2013
Emmanuel was such a sweet and kind man. He was a customer of mine and whenever he came in he would sit with me and we would share our love for the Lord. He was so smart. I last spoke to him by phone at the hospital a couple of weeks before his passing and he was still praising the Lord and praying for a miracle. I will miss him very much.
Posted by Chris Wilieme on 9th December 2013
I didn't know you, Papa Emma but I can only say that your life has been a blessing to all those you know and love. May God Bless your soul and give strength to your family. Rest in peace!
Posted by Nico Ngassa on 8th December 2013
Papa Emma had a very kind heart and was a very generous man. He loved all his family and friends very much and will take care of everyone. Papa Emma spend the last few years of his life reuniting our extended family from all over the globe. A very intelligent and hard working man who will be sorely missed. I will never forgot how you use to shower us with gifts especially when we were young and the way you continue to look out for our children, your grand children. An astute entrepreneur from his days in Douala,He carried that same spirit to Arizona, Most importantly you always gave out helpful hints and advise on how to survive in this our trivial world. May you rest in peace Amend. Nico Ngassa.
Posted by Robert Forlemu on 8th December 2013
Papa Emma, Where do I start? Your wards of wisdom came just when needed most. Your uplifting went to every one along your path. Truly, your children were not blood limited. I am truly glad I was one of those who spend quality time over the years with you in Tucson. I could never have thought that late day in April 2013 that our conversation as you took off from Douala was the last. I pray God to guide and lead those you left in this our sinful world to ably continue successfully from where you ended. This candle will light your way to the lord. I will wait your home coming in Douala as you journey back to joint your ancestors. Farewell, Adieu Papa Emma.
Posted by Cedrick Armel Yogue on 7th December 2013
***** Parfois Dieu nous enlève nos peines - c'est de l'aide. Parfois il les rend plus petites - c'est de l'aide aussi. Mais parfois il nous rend plus fort, pour que nous puissions les porter - et ça, c'est souvent la meilleure aide. À travers ces mots Papa, je veux rendre gloire à Dieu, pour le privilège qu’il nous a accordé de t'avoir dans nos vies. Pendant toutes ces années, tu nous as vus naître, grandir, devenir des jeunes femmes et jeunes hommes en quête d’accomplissement. Merci, pour le sacrifice que tu as consentis, pour ta famille, pour ton entourage. Tous ces actes et ces paroles demeurent un beau témoignage de vie pour nous, tes enfants ! Merci, car à travers toi, nous avons goûté à la vie. Dans toute sa beauté et sa douceur, dans la douleur et l’amertume. Rest in Peace Papa Emma ! Cédrick Armel Yogue *****
Posted by TENAWA MADELEINE on 7th December 2013
papa Emma! j'ai de la peine a croire que tu es vraiment parti!; toi que j'ai vu a paris au mois de mai ,tout beau...je me souviens t'avoir dit que tu avais rajeuni .papa tu fus pour moi un exemple quant on 'immigre ,tu m'as toujours encourage .Depuis ma rencontre avec ta fille amelie sur les bancs de l'école tu m'acceptes comme ta fille ,que se soit a Douala quand ont venais te voir dans ton bureau a l'assurance...tu n'as jamais fait de différence ,a bafoussam ect...papa..;pour quoi nous laisses tu encore orphelin? En tout cas, Papa!tu as achevé ta grande course sur cette terre. Que la terre de Baboutcheu t'accueille et te soit légère!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!papa Emma!mon papa,notre papa repose en paix,je ne te verrais plus avec tous les projets d'avenir que tu avais pour nous ,mais papa, tu resteras dans nos coeurs. j'entends encore ta voix retentir dans des oreilles : " madé!!! ya melah ?"
Posted by Patrick Martial MBOMDA on 7th December 2013
Papa j'ai du mal à croire que tu nous a quitté,je savais que tu venais organisé les funérailles de Mami Ya en 2014 comme tu avais prévu en lançant les travaux de construction de la maison de Nkongsamba qui m'a vu naître et celle de Baboutcheu,j'ai prié le Seigneur de te guérir papa mais il a jugé qu'il fallait que tu te reposes parceque tu as beaucoup fais pour nous et pour moi je pleure parceque tu vas me manquer,Papa Michel et après toi alors que je pensais qu'on devrait être ensemble en Décembre 2014. Salut Mami MBOMDA ,Mami Ya ,Mami Olo'o, tonton Filbert,Papa Michel et tous ceux qui nous étaient proche.
Posted by Iveline Fosso on 7th December 2013
Papa Emma la nouvelle de ta disparation m'a rendue perplexe. Le fait de penser qu'on ne se reverra plus me fait mal au coeur .Devant toutes les épreuves de Dieu, je lui rends gràce C'est lui qui donne, c'est lui qui reprend. Que ton àme repose en paix Papa
Posted by Amelie Fosso on 6th December 2013
Papa, Another day without you saying Oloho! Live will be hard in your absence. I will continue to pray as we use to do. You know that "your body had always been the temple of God and everyone knew it and God knows it" I miss you papa. With Love.
Posted by Yakana Anais on 5th December 2013
Papa Emma, you promised me you will come to my graduation!! It wasn't time to go! I hope you will find your own way to make it! Goodbye Papa.Rest In Peace.
Posted by Ludovic Tapigue on 4th December 2013
Papa EMMA je t'ai connu tu m'a adopté ,m'a rempli de conseil .aujourd'hui ou tu entreprend ce long voyage ,tu ne peux imaginé combien tu vas nous manquer .les bon moments passés avec toi chaque été,.en allumant cette bougie ,Mégane ,Jeanny et moi te souhaite un bon voyage ,que ton ¸âme repose en paix .au revois Papa.
Posted by Amelie Fosso on 4th December 2013
Papa, I already miss those evening phone calls which purpose was to know how we were doing. There are some coats for the move that you didn't yet put on! I miss those "chansons d'amour" that you sang during a trip back from Boston last year. The kids and I were laughing at you because your voice wasn't perfect! I love you. Oloho.
Posted by Yann-loic Ebong on 4th December 2013
Tonton Emmanuel, I will never forget that day when I first met you, it was on August 2011. You treated me like your son, I came to your house and you said : "Tu es ici chez toi min fils". I will never forget that day when i saw you for the last time, it was on July 2013. We came to see you at the hospital and when we left you said to me : "Ne m'abandonnez pas, j'attend ton appel Yann" . And now you're gone.. God have probably better plans for you up there. I will never forget you Tonton , We will never forget you! I know you still here with us.
Posted by MarieClaire T Epie on 4th December 2013
Papa Emma how Can I forget your Dancing moves like a sixteen years old boy every December 31st I will miss you Papa.
Posted by MarieClaire T Epie on 4th December 2013
Ah Papa Emma, It is hard to say Farewell. You have left of courage and faith, You fought with your bare hands, called on God and he answered you, you have finally been consoled. I only used to hear of " For God so Love the World that He gave His only begotten son" In the same way Papa Emma so love Camaz that he gave up and he had so as to give us a better life. Papa Emma we know you are with us, you have never been alone you will never be alone. We know your are resting with lord and the host of Angels. We All Love You The Fear of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom Ps111:10
Posted by Sam Ashu on 4th December 2013
Life will never be the same without you. Your strong courage, love and passion in our community will be eternally remembered. You fought the good fight on earth. We'll miss you. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Simon Mounkam on 4th December 2013
i found your glasses daddy. i got them. i miss you.
Posted by Flora Issanda-stowater on 4th December 2013
Pa' Emma, death comes up on us when our work on earth is complete. This does not make things easy as sadness still invades our hearts. I'm grateful to have had you in my pathway, I feel blessed to have seen you about a month ago... little did I know, for the last time. Just what I was expecting, you reasured me, with that smile that you would be OK... I know you are OK now. I will cherish the joyful memories and try to gently push aside the sadness. Have a safe trip home, until we all meet again! We will miss you Pa' Emma.
Posted by Alain Patrick Mayaga on 4th December 2013
the last conversation we had was on his round trip at a lunch on we had at untie Yvonne...looking backward to that day seems like both seating at that table are gone..but i got something i would like to share with you...love determination and faith in everything are the essence of the strong caractere dwelling in the man spirit..he knows we should keep up with the flamme since we are going to join him later on.. For now then, I can not leave without telling you.. You gave me most of my personality and has been my dad son and friend specialy during my childwood...l never will say thank enough to you Tonton emmanuel..wipe my eyes keep my breath and say... see you ! you 'll always gonna be in my heart...! rest in peace !
Posted by Franc Eric Mounkam on 3rd December 2013
As a father he give me everything . He took care of my education, My feeding,and dressing. He encourage me to be out there as a man a lots of time. Last summer,when he stop during his vacation at Montreal,he ask me if i'm still doing music ? I said yes;then he said keep doing it... I love this part of the conversation. Because he's one who could said something that can help me believe. Life is not easy and having an advise from someone true can help you see better ahead and he was the type of father to do so. Always motivational and full of blessing. A type of dad to know. I love him . He will always be in my life . He still alive in my heard. Tu restes mon papa pour toujours . Je suivrai tes pats dans la vie jusqu'au dernier jour ou je te rejoindrais . Je t'aime papa. Franc Eric Mounkam
Posted by Jimmy Mopecha on 2nd December 2013
Papa Emma, we will miss you greatly. When I visited you last summer before leaving for PA, you asked the pastor to pray for me to have a safe journey. Little did I know that, that was the last time I was seeing you. By lighting this candle, I am saying that may you have a safe trip home, where all of us shall eventually come. I pray for your soul to find a resting place in the Lord's kingdom. If you see them, tell my mother and father that you saw me before leaving. Till we meet again!
Posted by Lucie Tchouassi on 2nd December 2013
Mr. Emmanuel Mounkam, whom all affectionately call Papa Emma is one the most amazing family member and mentor anybody could ask for. I met him a couple of days before my wedding to Alain Tchouassi in New Jersey, specially honoring our special day with his presence as the eldest representative of Alain’s family, despite a very short notice. That was end of May 2005. I recall that from day one Papa Emma embraced me and welcomed me into the family. At the wedding, I remember how much joy he brought to all in attendance with his speech, his laughter and dancing. He even had my grandmother on the dance floor dancing up a storm. Much later, we had the privilege of him spending a few days in our home a couple of years ago. He enhanced our family life with his presence and wisdom, providing a world of knowledge and culture. Our children enjoyed his company and we were all sad to see him leave. The saddest today is realizing that it was the last time we would see him. Although, he always invited us to visit him and he had planned to stop by us on a few of his trips, the right opportunity never arose, including this past June, when he returned from his trip to Cameroon. I know that he frequently spoke with Alain on the phone and always check on the rest of the family and I know how strong a role model he has always been to Alain. I am honored and it warms my heart to have the privilege to express my sympathy to the entire family today. He was one of the nicest, strongest, innovative person that I know and had the privilege to meet and had as a part of my life. Papa Emma, you will be missed and I love you so much. To his children, grandchildren and all the rest of the family, as you grieve, know that we are remembering you and honoring the memory of a great man “Papa Emma” who lived a fulfilling life. I pray that the love of God enfolds you during your journey through grief. Please, accept my most heartfelt sympathies. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. May the blessings of God’s love be upon the family. May its peace abide with the family. May its essence illuminate your heart, now and forever more. With heartfelt Sympathy, Lucie Tchouassi
Posted by Bernadette Toko on 2nd December 2013
Lord, You have recalled your son papa Emma. We thank you for the time we share with him. We pray that you welcome him in your kingdom. We are in pain but are happy that he suffers no more. Papa Emma will be missed but he will remain for ever in hour hearts. Love always
Posted by ELizabeth Akowo on 2nd December 2013
We thank you heavenly Father, for all this time "Papa Emma" spend with us, the Joy he brought in our daily. MARRY dear mother of Sorrows let us never hurt JESUS, help "Papa Emma" be counted among those saved trough the death and resurrection of JESUS.
Posted by Patricia Ngassa on 2nd December 2013
Papa Emma, just one thing comforts me. That I know you've gone to meet Jesus. I pray for all those who are mourning you and recalling the good time they had with such a great soul as you were, that they too should learn from you that our greatest treasure is SALVATION. Mourners, do like Papa Emma did - make Jesus Lord of your life. Just say, 'Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life. forgive my sins and accept me as your child' I bet you He won't hesitate to come and be, forever, your Best Friend. God bless you all.
Posted by Eric Chikando on 1st December 2013
Papa Emma, I will miss your laughter. You were the first elder in our community I came to know following my move to the valley nearly 4-years ago. You were always welcoming and very open. I will cherish the stories you shared with me. You were a beacon of light and wisdom in our community. Even during your battling and ending days, the smile on your face never falter. Pa Emma, may your soul fly Free and High. I thank God for having known you. May God, the Almighty grant you eternal rest in his presence. The Chikando family
Posted by Pascal Etiendem on 1st December 2013
Papa Emma, We weren't too close but I could still feel your warm and caring love. You always asked after my immediate and extended family as if you know them all and that made you such a special person to me. May this candle brighten your way, and as one of the angel may you intercede to help us follow your footsteps. Adieu Pa Emma, The Etiendems Family
Posted by Ernest Sunjo on 1st December 2013
Pa Emma, Forever your greatness will be remembered; your good heartedness, sense of humor (always with a smile), gentle nature, very welcoming spirit, entertaining dance moves, and humble heart were wonderful attributes of yours that we will always remember. You were a father in the house who was noted for his wisdom and educative undertone. Thank you for what you did for your community. The Sunjos.
Posted by Moiti Elangwe. on 1st December 2013
Our Pa Emma, We love you and we will forever miss you so much. Your Love and kindness, your soft gentle and caring ways towards everyone will be missed so much. Pa Emma if heaven had a window and God granted me a view,of all the beauty it beholds I will look for you because you have so much love in your heart for everyone. Pa Emma the Good Lord took you away from us and all we have are your sweet memories which will forever shine in our hearts like a candle in the wind. Your footprints will always be in our hearts. Good night and May your soul RIP.
Posted by Gladis Mopecha on 1st December 2013
The Fall of the Iroko Tree (A tribute to Pa Mounkam) Our forest is now standing quiet, calm, and bare, the horizon stretching as far as the eyes sees clear. The whole ecosystem is disturbed, displaced, and in pain, as the struggle for water, food, and shelter comes plain. For the Iroko has fallen. Here and now come the invaders, parasites, or poachers; preservation, conservation, observation yet not with broaches. In a few seconds, like locust the forest floor is swept clean. Oh! The fruits, leaves, stem and roots, the insects and animals too, glean. For the Iroko has fallen. It's too hot, wet, rainy or snowy on the forest floor, time to think how to stay, grow together; pull,and protect community members not to sink. When the great Iroko stood tall in the center, the forest celebrated its strength, Even though it sleeps in fall, the great Iroko is still valuable, in divine length, As the great Iroko sleeps in fall. By Fri Taboh 2013
Posted by Gladis Mopecha on 1st December 2013
Here is a sign of our love to you. As we place this flower in your memory, it is also a sure sign that you are now in a better place with your lord, and as angel you will continue to watch over your children and protect them. The Mopecha family

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