Posted by Olatunji Benjamin Akobe on April 16, 2021
I miss your jokes ant laughter, as a father in-law and a father figure, your absence left a deep wound in my heart it was sad to feel that you are no more with us on Earth but your love and peaceful memories are still our guide, your death brought peace, happiness closure and prosperity to the family, continue to rest on grandpa.your grand children jamima,joy, Jesse, Joseph, Josiah,(old soldier) as you nomally called him and Joel bid you farewell.                             
           E E AKOBE.          
Posted by Olatunji Benjamin Akobe on April 15, 2021
One thing I know for sure is that you fought a good fight and you have won the race, glory be to the most high God. Words alone can't describe who and what you are to me,I will definitely miss you, your words and memories will forever be in my heart. Rest on my beloved father.
Posted by Mary Akobe on April 15, 2021
MY tribute to the best grandfather I know. 
I was two years old, when I have started living with my grandpa. he just like a father to me, he loves me so much, oh where's my grandpa that always called me phinbobo, a generous man, my grandpa that always give me what ever i want. Who will give me money, indomie, chicken and tell me story ,if any one give him money, I phinehas is his bank. Oh baba baba , I will really missed you,but I know you went home to rest with the Lord. my beloved grandpa good night. Baba mi su re o..
Your grandson.
Phinehas Akobe.
Posted by Mary Akobe on April 11, 2021
MY tribute to my Grandpa.
Oh my Grandpa, I will missed your jokes and storytime.but I have so many wonderful memories to hang up too, I always have a nice time with you while you are with us in suleja before death took you form us. You always say (I am sorry o ti too ma binu omo mi ) when ever you make me angry.baba baba , you are the best grandfather I ever hard I love you. You taught me how to be a cheerful giver and fast in forgiving people. I still remember the encouraging words to be sure I do well in my academic to achieve greatness via education to become what God wants me to be in life, I will make you proud because I believe your eyes are still ever watchful, I love you grandpa. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Good night grandpa.
Your grand Daughter
Iyanuoluwa otunba.
Posted by Akobe Shedrach on April 9, 2021
God took the strength of a mountain,the majesty of a tree,the warmth of a summer sun ,the wisdom of age,the power of the eagles is flight.Daddy I recall you being a strict disciplinarian,a fashionista and a neat man ,you loved God with a passion to serve him.You never believe in failure,thus it made you to be successful in your line of business. I love you dad,but God love you more.Rest on daddy.

By: Bose christbo
Posted by Mary Akobe on April 8, 2021
*My* *tribute*
Baba - baba su re ooo.
My father in law that love and take me as one of his biological son. He cares for me despite l have nothing in returned, he still Love and encourage me that otunba ola a da ra ( tomorrow will be good) . A words can't describe how good you are baba, I will really missed you baba in the family of Akobe. Good night baba- baba.
son in law.
Mr Adewumi Otunba
Posted by Akobe Shedrach on April 5, 2021
It's really unfathomable to accept that you're gone. Words just fail to express how this hurts enough, but death just took you from me unannounced. You are a loving and caring father, not just to your own children but also to everyone around you. you always sacrifice your all even when you are left with zero. you hold NO anger till down no matter how annoyed you get, you have a great forgiven spirit and a kind heart. These are things have learnt from you. "Baba" as I fondly call you, my heart will forever encompass all your good deeds and the special memories of our time together in jos alone will forever be my consoling moments. When you talk to me I feel you're more than a Dad to me, you've been my best companion growing up, even when I go wrong, your hands are wide open to care for are not just an ordinary father but my celebrity and my world best friend. I will miss you greatly Baba. Rest with the Lord my wonderful Hero.
Posted by CHINEDU AKATA on March 30, 2021
What is the measure of a man?
Is it the amount of money he has?
The possession he owns? And the power he holds?
Is it the professional success he achieved over the years?
We don’t believe it is any of these things. The true measure of a man is how much love he gives; how selflessly he shares whatever he can to help others; how consistently he lifts up those around him with a kind word, a funny joke, a compliment, a humble ear or the very shoe of his feet. By this measure our grandfather was immeasurable we miss you BABA

Your Grandsons

Ifeachukwu and Ikechukwu Akata
Posted by CHINEDU AKATA on March 30, 2021
I miss you joke and laughter as a father in law and a father figure, your absence left a deep wound in my heart. It is sad to feel that you are no more on earth but your love and peaceful memory are still our guide.

Your son in law

Chinedu Christopher Akata
Posted by OLUWABUNMI CHINEDU on March 27, 2021
Your memories are forever in my heart, though I cannot longer see you, you are always in my thought, when the sun rises each morning it remind me f your smile, when the wind blow in my hair it remind me of your loving care, when the wind sprinkles on my face it remind me of your laughter and when the rainbow light up the sky it remind me of your love. I will forever miss the one and only dad who call me ESITETE as pet name. You are the best dad in the whole wild world. Your memory will always be a part of each and every day of my live.

Yours Daughter

Oluwabunmi Esther Akobe Chinedu
Posted by Peter Oduwaye on March 27, 2021
Although I wasn't so close to late Pa Akobe while I was serving in Jos in the 2000s, but I was very close to his wife and some of his children, which introduced me to the family make-up and structure. Baba was a very gentle aoul, quiet and easy-going person. He couldn't hurt a fly talk more of humans, he was a man of honour and dignity. Sleep on till the resurrection day sir.
Posted by Tomilolu Florence on March 24, 2021
It hard me to bid you bye my lovely daddy, you do go extra miles for us your children at all times, with your last strength you do make sure you provide for your children and you never one-day jokes with our health, I do remember whenever I pretend to be sick, you will give me money and said "OYA GBA OWO YI KOLO SI DOGO AGOGO" and I will spend the money then said i have took injection and you will still balance me for the treatment i didn't received.
A man with a heart of gold, from day one you never fear death, you never keep malice, you're quick to forgive, you never pretend on anything in life, you are very bold to say your mind at all times and after that you will say "SE OJU IKU LO NI? " you are a man every woman will ever pray for as husband, you never keep late outside, you love to stay with your family always, you show us love and care Hunnnn OMO OLOJA META I missed you badly.
No one to gist with, no one to call me and said "even thou a daughter forget her father; that father can never forget his daughter", no one to ask me again "SE OTI JENU?" OHooooo baba mogbo Mariya galegale; omo ti Ajorepe I miss your love, I miss that your voice that do called me "TOYEN TOYEN and then you will say KOSARINDIN NILE AKOBE". In fact pen and paper can't describe how i miss you BABA MI OMO OLOJA META, OKAN LARO, OKAN LOSAN, OKAN LALE, I miss everything about you my sweet daddy, but I took solar in the Lord because am sure you are resting with the saint, even at the die minute God still sent his angels to lead you home. MY Hero OJA ORUN AHON WO O ABIYAMO TOOTO.
Mrs Oluwatoyin Florence Olukayode
Posted by KUNLE OLOWONEFA on March 24, 2021
Daddy Daddy. I can still remember the excitement that runs through my mind each time I'm coming to see you at your shop when I was younger because you would always give money to buy anything I want. I miss you but I'm happy because you have gone to rest. You have done your part. Say me hi to Ajari Johnson. Continue to rest with the Lord until we meet at the Master's feet. Adeu Daddy!!!
Posted by Ireti tessy Arokoyo on March 23, 2021
You were a great Uncle and a Great father and you were so fun to be around,Whenever I visited you I was met with a big hug and a warm smile. You were kind, hospitable, loving and generous, and we all loved you very much. You provided for your family and raised and trained me like your own, May the Lord be with you and with your spirit. I’ll miss you a lot,who would call me Areti like you used to...
Posted by Florence Ayodele on March 23, 2021
Papa Akobe was a father who was very accommodating,his door was always open to family members,even mere meeting him ask for any favour that is within his reach He would fulfilled the request,take pleasure in reaching out to people He loved and cherish,we loves you but Jesus loves you more till the resurrection morning when we meet to part no more, GOOD NIGHT DADDY
Posted by Abiiye Gbenga on March 23, 2021
May his gentle sol res in God bosom
Posted by Ruth Akobe on March 23, 2021
Although I never had much opportunity to relate with you while growing up, but with the little interaction I was opportuned to have with you, I would say that you were so tolerant, welcoming, homely, free spirited and jovial. So far as I can say, you were one of my most loved and respected uncle. I pray the Almighty accept your gentle soul in His Bossom. Rest on sir.
Posted by Adewale Moses on March 23, 2021
He was very passionate and gentle, I remember whenever Jide his son who is my friend starts his youthful exuberance he will ask me to talk to him, he was a family man, he cherishes his kinsmen relationships he was a tribesman. May his gentle soul rest in peace with the Lord.
Posted by Olajide Akobe on March 22, 2021
A Daddy Angel has ascended! into heaven. Great father with the heart of God on earth. Quick to forgive easily, full of kindness and compassion. Nothing disturbs him. Nothing is too hard to give away, extremely friendly to anyone he meets, and very very commemorative. Missing badly already my Baba-Baba. Rest on with your smiles with other angles in heaven will be wonderful to behold. Adieu! EO AKOBE.

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