her Life

Emma Nava Padilla

She loved life she lived it to the fullest she loves all her children Fernando Leticia Emma Rudy Ruben Nava she was fortunate enough to be able to travel the world your favorite place was Rome she worked at Continental flight kitchen and became Lead Supervisor here and Houston Texas she also own 3 restaurants one in Fairfield California the grand Fiesta Mexican Restaurant another one Atascocita Texas Senor Emma's Mexican restaurant, and Fajita Express in Spring Texas she cook from scratch recipe handed down from her mother my mother was an excellent bowler should always would break 200 she loved to Garden outside love to do her yard she loved her family and San Francisco her brothers and sisters who she always made it to go see once a year my mother was a giving person she gave back to her people of Mexico she would make a trip every Christmas to over the Border and give to the children clothing toys shoes jacket sweater candy every year they look forward for her coming back as a child my mother never had very many toys and she love dolls she has a very big extensive collection at least over 1,000 of all shapes colors and sizes my mother had the biggest heart for anyone she has so much compassion to the poor $2 would stop and get whatever she has she will surely be missed by all that knew her and she will ever forever be in my heart forever for she was truly the mother that could never be replaced she loved me unconditionally love you always mom Gille