Posted by Anthony Okoro on April 13, 2021
Engr. Emeka Ugona, a man I had brief yet Sterling, memorable and hearty impact.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, a great man who valued and respected my dignity as his fellow man.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, a cheerful, inspiring and loving man.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, the man who unreservedly gave to make me happy.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, the man who through God covered my iminent, apparent shame and nakedness.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, the man who swiftly sprung up to aid my family.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, the man who loved and tirelessly believed in me.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, the man with few, deep, impacting words.
Engr. Emeka Ugona, the man cherished always in my heart.
......... Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Okoro.
Posted by ify Nwalusi-Okafor on April 10, 2021
What a shock it was when the news of your transition came to me. Disbelief, confused, dumbfounded all rolled in one.
How could you leave so soon? We have no answer to this question but we ponder on.

You were a man of few words yet great acts that stretched and touched the lives of those you loved. We wanted you to stay where you are needed but you were called to heaven.

Memories of my short vacation with your young family in PH are still with me. I was like a little sister to you then before your first child was born. Visits to places of interest when you were home from offshore duties were like celebrations. The joy and smiles you brought to people around you were always cherished. You remained a great in law, accommodating, kind, humble and approachable.

You and Chinwe were like twins made for each other. All the family dreams and plans are now left for her to fulfill.
I know your children will rally round her to carry on as best they could with God as their bedrock.

We will not mourn like those without hope for the Promise Keeper, Our Lord and Saviour knows best. May He comfort and encourage your family at this time and always.

Farewell, Farewell Emeka

Posted by Uju Ogbazi on April 10, 2021
So hard to say goodbye to my uncle Emeka. By your demise, a total rare humanity is gone. You were so pleasant and kind hearted to be forgotten. Your infectious hugs and smiles will be greatly missed. You're such a gentle and generous being worth emulation. A good man indeed. God jealously took you away to himself. No more to be said. Rest on till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Patricia Ngene on April 6, 2021
Dear Emeka ,
Doing this is hard; because I never thought there would be a day I would come to see Chinwe in your house and not find you there too , a protective and reassuring presence that made everyone welcome , safe and happy.
Your passing came as a rude shock , a terrible blow and a sharp warning that life as we knew it would be forever changed.
With a little time , words of comfort and testimonies of your goodness and amiable nature as well as the comfort of Gods grace I have come to accept that you have only gone on ahead to Heaven ; and we must strive to see that we make our way there also in our own time. I thank God for the gift of your life and may the angels enjoy your company as much as we have done so here. Rest In Peace my husband’s best friend and brother. You were a good and great man.
Dr Patricia Ngene
Posted by Francisca Isuo on March 30, 2021
We, the CWO Mater Medical wishes to extend our heartfelt condolences to our dear sister, Chinwe Ugona on the demise of her husband, Engineer Emeka Ugona. Chinwe, be strengthened. May our Lord grant you and the children the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. We pray you will be encouraged by the fact that he lived a life of complete service to God and humanity. He really fought the good fight of faith and we are confident that his glorious reward awaits him. We share in your loss. May perpetual light shine upon him and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.


Chief (Mrs) Uju Anajemba

Dr (Mrs) Francisca Atte Isuo
Posted by Arinze Okafor on March 28, 2021
Even words fail me to describe the pain and void that has been left with your passing.
Ari!! As u fondly called me keeps playing in my head from the last time I saw you.
Many people never get to know what really having a godfather means. You truly epitomized that for me.
You were always there to encourage and offer advice when necessary. Always there at every step of my life.
I remember when I first moved into my apartment in port harcourt and you came the very next day to know where it was and to be sure I was doing okay. We all had to sit on my bed as my furniture was not ready yet and you stayed for hours. That meant the world to me.
When I moved to the US, you never stopped calling to check on me.
I never even got to say goodbye. Will never get to see you at my wedding as this was our last conversation when we last saw at Chike’s wedding.
It breaks my heart to know that this and many other moments won’t be shared with you.
Goodbye uncle but not forever.
I’ll miss you till we meet again.
Posted by Edward Debra on March 28, 2021

As we say it in my Warri parlance,
By the death of Engr EMEKA UGONA, I lose one of my GOODEST Big Man wey I know for TEPNG.

He touched my life right from my very Employment Oral Interview Day, up to the day I retired.

Quite unfortunate that you have to leave us now...very painful. OMG, good people do not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Why Engr Emeka UGONA naaaaaaaaaa???
Well, there’s a time to be born & a time also to be with the Lord.

Sir, surely you have left an indelible mark & a golden name that will continue to remain in the sands of time, for the good & benefit of your family that you have left behind.

My great Oga Emeka, God in His Infinite Mercy will grant your soul a peaceful rest. So, Rest on in Peace in the Bosom of the Lord, until we meet to part no more.

Rest on, my Oga.

Edward DEBRA
Posted by Adebisi Otukoya on March 27, 2021
Devoid of bias
Trust -worthy
À gentleman to the core.
Adieu Mekus.
May light perpetual shine upon you.
Posted by Mrs. Obioma Asiegbu on March 27, 2021
My darling in-law, I am saddened by your demise. What a shock! Life is vapor that vanished away, and death is separation or departure of the soul from the body to eternity. Nothing is more certain to life than death. Death bells tolls for everyone both young and the old. Everybody dies but not everybody lives while here on earth.

Ogom, a very good man and you will be missed so dearly. In your family, you have created a Vaccum indeed. Ogo Mu! Though you are gone, and not to be seen again, I and my family will still give thanks to God because you lived a fulfilled life. You were a beautiful soul, generous, an epitome of peace, hard work, humble, shy and justice. May God in his infinite mercies grant you eternal rest. Amen

Adieu Ogomu, Ka emesia!

Lady Mrs. Obioma Asiegbu. (Nee Ilodibe)
Ada Nwannedimma
Posted by George Ezekwem on March 26, 2021
Emeka, you undoubtedly proved yourself a thorough bred profession and very deservedly rose and attained the enviable very senior position of General Manager of a world class Modern Gas Processing Facility in an renowned International Oil and Gas Company. Of course you were naturally gifted and versatile, which you demonstrated by attending the Prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka to pursue a highly competitive engineering programme and it was not a mean feat that you secured employment in a world Class Oil and Gas Company after a rigourous recruitment exercise. Most striking qualities are your high sense of humour and ease you interact with everyone irrespective of their social background and your going out to any length to sustain relationship. At a traditional wedding in 2011 at Ogidi, while cuddling a baby; who is your first Grandchild, you jokingly asked for my own Grandchild since I fondly call you "Emeka Obele" which ironically translates to Small Emeka. It was all rib cracking jokes when we met at the church wedding of Children of two retired Total Nigeria staff and were then your colleagues in the company. We all miss your good naturedness and your exit from this wicked world reminds all of inevitability of death and pray the family you left behind copes with the huge gap your demise has created when your presence and guidance is most required as a Father, GrandFather and Mentor.
Posted by Obi Onuekwusi on March 26, 2021
I met Emeka through his brother who was my classmate at university, he was always lively and a joy to be around. We drove around in the infamous vw RV PB passed down from Emeka. I remember the numerous trips to PH were he was always the gracious host.
I had the pleasure of being one of the grooms men at his wedding to his beautiful wife Chinwe ,it only seems like yesterday. Also visited him in France in 98, despite his busy schedule we managed to visit most of the important landmarks in Paris.
Emeka left a huge impression on on so many people he came across, always the caring and loving person. He will be hugely missed especially the entire Ugona family. May our good lord give them the strength and guidance to handle his sudden departure.
I pray for our Lord Jesus to look after his aged mother, wife and children. He left too soon and will be forever missed. Goodbye Emeka till we meet again.
Posted by Chinwe Ekwue on March 26, 2021
Death is a mystery, an inevitable one whose explanation and understanding lie only with our Creator, the Lord God Almighty in whose hands lies the destiny of all mankind. The sad news of your passing was received with shock and a deep sense of grief. It was all so unexpected. People go through a lot of pains when they lose loved ones. I pray that the grace of God will abide and console your family in this moment of grief. Emeka may the Almighty and merciful God through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary grant you eternal rest, Amen.
You will be sorely missed!!!!
Posted by Uche EME on March 25, 2021
Tribute to Engr. Chukwuemeka UGONA

Mazi Emeka, you were one of the senior engineers I had the pleasure of interacting with when I first joined the Elf Petroleum family way back in the first quarter of 1989.

I vividly remember one of my very first trips to the ODUD offshore production platform, way back. I boarded the chopper with you: how you very easily allayed my anxieties on that trip, how you painstakingly showed me some of the mechanics and workings of critical components of the key installations out there.
Those memories took root and continued to be fed and watered as the company grew and transformed, along with its personnel.
To me, you became several things rolled into one: a mentor, a colleague, and above all, a friend. You even offered me your green-coloured Mercedes-Benz V-Booth for use during my wedding in 1996.

The shock of your transition to eternity is still reverberating in my system, like an earth tremor of high magnitude. How are the mighty fallen!!

May the good LORD greatly comfort your wife Chinwe, your children and grand-children, your extended family and friends. May HE endow us all with the wherewithal and the grace to carry on, as you proceed onto eternal rest in the bosom of the MOST HIGH.

Adieu, thou oh great mortal man, till we eventually meet, to part no more!

Uche U. EME
Posted by Adaeze Umeh on March 25, 2021
It hurts to know you are no more, but we are consoled knowing that you are resting in the bossom of the almighty God.

We will never forget how you reached out to the extended family especially your God son, my brother, to see how he was doing. How can we forget how you were always present to celebrate milestones in the extended family? You were that person one could count on to honor an invitation.

May God grant Aunty Chinwe and your children the grace and strength to bear this irreparable loss. Adieu Uncle, may your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. You will be greatly missed.

Adaeze Umeh

Posted by Von Achebe on March 24, 2021

The news of Emeka’s passing hit me like thunderbolt just like it did to everyone that had the opportunity of meeting and getting to know him.
After recovering from the initial shock,I was able to go down memory lane and reminisced on the interactions I had with this wonderful man that I met 36 years ago in Port Harcourt through his younger brother Dr Chudi Ugona who is my friend. Emeka and his wife Chinwe would always welcome us (friends of Chudi) at their home in D-Line in those days. With Emeka age difference was not a barrier; he would interact with us (relatively small boys) as if we were mates; this endeared him to me!!

All of us that got to know and interact with Emeka Ugona will grieve over his untimely death for a very long time. Unfortunately it is not possible to reverse death so I will join the hundreds of people he impacted their lives in praying that God will give Chinwe and the kids as well as the entire Ugona family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

I feel privileged for the opportunity to have met and interacted with such a wonderful person. May God grant him eternal rest!!
Posted by Joy Okosun on March 24, 2021
To God be all the glory for the departure to rest of our beloved brother,friend,father to all who came in contact with him.ever smiling,simply easy going,lovely,kind hearted.Hoo why do you leave us so soon? You are one out of one thousand. You are was a life well spent; but we will ever miss you indeed Engineer Emeka l wanted to come home very soon to see you and your lovely family,only to realised that you're no more; whaooo mouths can't express how much we missed you. Ok with my heart full of love rest in peace me and the kids say farewell.prophetess Joy from paris.
Posted by Ekene Enwezoh on March 23, 2021
I really cannot believe you’re not here and I won’t see you to say goodbye. Uncle you led an amazing life; caring, loving and providing for others. There was never a dull moment around you, you had the best sense of humor. While I’m sad I won’t see you to disturb you and hear your amazing stories and jokes, I’m happy because you’re resting in the bosom of the Lord... Rest well Uncle Emeka. You are loved, appreciated and will forever remain in our hearts.
Posted by Edwin Ogbazi on March 23, 2021
The News of Emeka's Demise was a crude shock to me and my family.

Ever since we met in the early 90's, we stuck more like brothers than friends.

Emeka was a gift to mankind, meek, amiable, accommodating and selfless. His legacy remains a blessing to us.

We are all transient.

Since it pleases God to call you up at this time, who are we to question him. May the good Lord grant your loved ones the fortitude to bear the loss.

Edwin Ogbazi
Posted by Ikechukwu B. Metuh on March 23, 2021
                Tribute to Engr. Chukwuemeka Ugona.

Why? … was the first thing that ran through my mind on hearing the news. It’s unimaginable that my dear god-father is no more a senior brother to my siblings and a son to my mother. The question kept bouncing back to me differently … who are you, to question the act of JESUS to have the presence and company of one of HIS own?

As a family, we probably knew Emeka Ugona after he was born. His father of Blessed memories Engr. S.P.C. Ugona attended the illustrious C.K.C Onitsha, Anambra State with my father of Blessed memories Mr. P.C. Metuh. Both families were next door neighbours in Remi Fani Kayode street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos State in the 1980s which created a very close bond between both families. Emeka eventually became my god-father after I was born and memories of spending time with him as a child remains imprinted in my mind. We remember Emeka as the God fearing, first-class student, sports loving, agile, tennis loving gentleman… he was practically a benchmark for my siblings and I. Emeka continued to follow his passion for sport even after joining Total Ltd. as an engineer in the 1980s. After Emeka got married to his lovely wife Chinwe, had lovely children (Ifunanya, Emeka Jr, Kenechukwu and Chin) our paths continued to cross. In the 1990s, when Nkechi my sister was posted to Port-Harcourt, Rivers State for her NYSC and when I obtained admission to study at the University of Port-Harcourt. I was living with the family pending when my university accommodation was sorted and it was a wonderful period, getting to know the family much closer. I vividly remember, Emeka taking me to obtain my yellow card in Port-Harcourt after I broke the news of my intention to travel abroad. I kept contact and visited him and the family in Port-Harcourt during a visit to Nigeria and in Paris, France, when he was based there with the family. It was always a pleasure sending him birthday wishes on 29th August.

My dear god-father, Emeka Ugona, it is hard to accept that you are gone. I will not question JESUS anymore because HE know everything. May JESUS comfort Aunty (your loving mother), Chinwe, Ifunanya, Emeka Jr, Kenechukwu, Chin, the grandchildren, the entire Ugona family and everyone you touched during your time on earth.

Rest in Peace

Ikechukwu B. Metuh
On behalf of the Late P.C. Metuh family
Otolo, Nnewi, Anambra State.
Posted by Nnamdi Ewuzie on March 23, 2021
This is a great tragedy and very sad news for Emeka's family, the society and all of us, his friends. I and my family have known Emeka and his lovely family for over 20 year. He hosted us on several occasions in Paris where he was living with his wife, Chinwe and the children.

Emeka was an extremely nice and selfless gentleman. Very easy going and always happy to help, Emeka's generosity knew no bounds. This is a major reason for the great outpour of emotions following his sad demise. His loss is irreparable and our thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with his family.
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Nnamdi Ewuzie and family
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
Posted by Joseph Ewa on March 23, 2021
What a Shocking news! Death is a necessary end to all humanity but the shock that came upon me is indescribable on hearing of your demise. You were so vibrant. Almost on all fronts. I still remember the discussion we had about the breaking news of COVID 19 infections in Bonny Island. You had called me, personally to confirm and then counseled me to be very careful. you were always spot on on all that was going on in Nigeria and the world. What a loss. I cannot begin to imagine the heart break to family and friends. I can only pray to God to give us the grace and strength to bear this loss. May your gentle soul rest in the blossom of the Lord and may we all you left behind be comforted. Adieu Sir!
Posted by caroline okafor on March 22, 2021
Ewoo, I thought I was dreaming when my phone rang at 5am to announce your demise. I jumped out of bed shouting Tah! Ekwusinee!! Chimoo!!, it can’t be true because I never heard that you were sick. I wished and prayed for the news to be false. I immediately called Ifunanya who confirmed the sad news to me.

Emeka , your passing is still a shock to me. When I finally came to terms with reality, I cried for chinwe your beloved wife and children. They were always so fond of you. The question on my mind now is how can they manage? God please give them the fortitude to bear this one.
I remember the last time you and your family visited me in Atlanta. It was filled with fun, jokes and laughter. You were a jolly good fellow and kind to all.
Best father a child could ever want and a loving husband to your wife chinwe.
We are all grieving but hope that God in his infinite mercy will grant us strength , wisdom and solace to bear your departure.

Rest in perfect peace.
-Ngozi Okafor
Posted by Vivian Okafor on March 22, 2021
Thank you for always asking after my family and I. Everytime I saw you, we cracked jokes and laughed. it was always a party with you and you always passed the vibe check lol. You were such a happy man and that joy was contagious because everyone around you caught it. Death is a God-aweful thing. I’m praying that God protects and grants your family the strength to get through this. May your soul Rest In Peace.
I hope you fill heaven up with laughter .❤️❤️
Posted by Ada Dan Okafor on March 22, 2021
Akunwata...A man of few words, you have gone but you have not gone forever in our minds.
Everything about you was good, you went about doing good.
Death is something we owe, if not, Emeka I know you will not leave Mama Chukwuemeka, your lovely wife Chinwe, beautiful children you cherished so much.
Is it your brothers, your sister Nkiru and your wonderful inlaws and friends?
You could have stayed back.
Your death is so painful that it is only God that can comfort us.
Our tears could have saved you but God knows the best.
You are gone Emeka, the house stands deserted, no light in your window, no welcome at the door anymore. Your death hurts, aches and quakes. You have chosen a better place, we all miss you...
Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!. 

Ego Onwuasoanya.
(sister in law)
Posted by Victoria Ohanele on March 22, 2021
Mortals as we cannot question God I could have ask him why? Death is Inevitable price we all must pay (Ecc 3:1-2) A time for Everything.Time to leave and time to die and so has he paid,... "if only you could see the tears in the world you left behind. Daddy i know you could have waited longer.
I wake up everyday asking myself,... "So daddy is no longer in this house?
daddy is gone!... like dead? Never to see your face again? Has been in my mind for long now.
Daddy was a goal setter and always wanted others to succeed like him. Everyone was your friend and he never met a stranger. I remember when you used to ask us,if we are fighting with God for not going to church on sunday. That shows the relationship you had with  your Jesus. I'm convinced that you are right at his safe arms . There is a saying that..."onu mmadu bu onu chukwu" ie if human can say good things about a person so is God. A lot is said abt you and still counting.

Thank you for everything you did for me.Thank you for making your home comfortable for me and everyone around you.
A time like this will come to every mortal.

Keep Resting in the Lord untill we meet to part no more.

Posted by Ikay Ogbonna on March 22, 2021
Good night forever Uncle Emeka!
It's painful wishing you 'good night forever' this early ezigbo mmadu.
I recall meeting you severally in Lagos and Awka especially during my sojourn with the Dan-Okafors in the 90s.
Papa Claire, I will not cry like you died in vain because the imprints you left on sand of times at your age remains evergreen.
I join other family members to console Aunty Chinwe, your chidren, your mum and mama Awka as we move on with the shock of your early exit. Good night Sir!
Posted by Chikwendu Ojukwu on March 22, 2021
Your death came as a very big shock to me and am sure it is so to all that know you.
It is only God that knows why He allowed it to happen because for us it should not have happened.
My family and I will really miss you, your smiles and encouragement.
May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
God, please do console aunt Chinwe and the kids. Grant them the enablement to bear this unfortunate loss.
Rest In Peace uncle Emeka.
Posted by Onyekachi Omenuko on March 22, 2021
Life is of memories
Memories of wonderful people
People who make you smile
People who make you laugh,
People who listen calmly
And give you time to be you.
I will miss your calm advise and you laughter
The suddenness of your exit
shocking, painful
But God knows best.

Rest in the Lord
Posted by Chinwe Ugona on March 22, 2021
Tribute to the Best Husband, The Love of My Life and My Best Friend       

I write this with mixed feelings. I am broken and devastated and sometimes I feel like I have to be dreaming. It's hard to figure out where to start and what to write but I knew from the minute we met that you and I were meant for each other. I knew you were not just an exceptional human being but I saw how much you cared right from the start by the distance you were willing to travel to see me and the lengths you were willing to go to make sure I was fine. I was exceedingly blessed to have found and be loved by such a wonderful person like you.

My Miemie, you were a great husband and you made sure that I lacked nothing. You were caring and had a heart of gold and valued my opinion above all else. You were a leader and not a ruler, the evidence of which can be seen by how close you were with your children, son in law and grandchildren and how exceptional our children turned out.

You always put the family first above everything else and have been a pillar of support to your children, your grandchildren and really anyone else who was lucky enough to have been touched by your presence. Your loss has left a gaping hole in my heart. Indeed what i have feared the most has come upon me, the thing i dreaded the most has happened (Job3:25)

Miemie you were a peacemaker, your ways and your generosity were an epistle to everyone who met you. You were a great encourager, my encyclopedia, the puzzle master, my singer, my tennis guru, you were so full of life, and there was never a dull moment with you. I am so proud of the man you were. Your entire existence was a testament to excellence, from primary school to university and finally at Total, you left an indelible mark wherever you went and an impression on anyone you met. You were the apple of your mother’s eye, her Emy nna and you loved your siblings and extended that love to each of your nephews, nieces and cousins.

In your final hours, you called to hear my voice and I prayed with you for over seven minutes and you replied amen each time. Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof and I am thankful to God for giving you the time and the opportunity and I definitely know you are in heaven. I know you are resting in the bosom of our Lord where there is no more pain, no more weeping. Your seat at the 7;15am mass at Mater will be empty and people will ask where you have gone and I will reply ‘To heaven Ofcourse’.

God truly blessed our 36 year union with 4 wonderful children and 3 amazing grandchildren. These are your legacy and I promise to do my best by God’s grace to raise them to be God fearing and people you would be proud of. Thank you for enveloping us all in your love and warmth. We will be forever grateful to you. You sowed, watered and every seed you sowed in our lives will continue to bear fruit a hundred fold.

My Miemie, you were my world. Everyone knew that we could never spend more than a few days apart. It was a running family joke about just how attached to each other we were. I cannot imagine a life without you at the center of it and I know it is going to be rough figuring out this new normal, but I know my God is too faithful to leave me halfway and in this darkness, the light of God will still overcome. Rest on my love, my sweetie, my Emy boy until we meet again on resurrection morning.

Adieu My Love

Adieu Miemie

Adieu Ezigbo Dim

Love always

Posted by gerald okafor on March 22, 2021
Beauty isn't so beautiful after all,
else some people will live forever.
Who would have thought of it,
that this soon, heavens had struck
Another deal?
I know if he had a price tag, his
value will now be weighed in
heavens currency... Or perhaps
God exercised sovereignty and
decided to keep uncle Emeka
for himself.
O! What a trade, what an exchange!
The best stock is likewise sold.
Posted by Nnechi Nwalusi-chidueme on March 21, 2021
I never imagined that I will be writing tribute for Emeka at this time but who am I to question God. Emeka came to our lives when we were so young, full of life, all we want to do was to have fun. Emeka is someone that when you meet, he has this air of making people feel good and welcome, he is a giver and loves to give. I remember on my wedding day when the car that will take me to church was running late and he gave up his car to take me to church, I also remember when I lost my cousin and was in PH when I got the news, he made sure that I was okay, he arranged for a car to drive me to Amawbia and back again so I can catch my flight back to US.
  Emeka you are a rare gem, we will be sorely miss you, I cannot question God but we know that you are in heaven where there is no more pain but I still cannot understand why you left so early. Good night Emmy as you are fondly called by Chinwe.

An Iroko has definitely fallen

Nnechi Chidueme
Posted by tibetus amaubosi on March 21, 2021
Uncle, i Just can't believe that you are no more with us, barley a week after talking with you, what a world, You have been a helping hand , councillor, Motivator, a Big Brother during you stay here in France for years and even now. i'm still in shock, You are such a Humble, careing, Loving kind Hearted person. May God give Your ever Kind Wife, Children and Grand Children the Fortitude to bear your abscence, May your Gentle Soul Rest in peace Amen.

Amaubosi Emeka (PARIS FRANCE).
Posted by SOMTOCHUKWU ILODIBE on March 21, 2021

We will miss you, all you have done for us.

I don't know you were coming to Abuja to tell us goodbye.

I will miss the way you treated us.

I know that you are at peace with the Lord in heaven.

I forever miss you Grandpa

With love from your dear Grand daughters.

Written by Isobel Ifechimelu Ilodibe on behalf of Gabrielle and Arabella Ilodibe.
Posted by Tola Okafor on March 21, 2021
The news of your passing hit like a ton of bricks how and why was the first instinct. We are all sad but understand that your journey on earth has ended to begin an eternal one with God. You were a source of joy to your family and a dedicated family man. I remember all the trips to the US you were always accompanied with Aunt Chinwe your kids and sometimes the grandkids. Heaven as gained a wonderful soul. Rest on in the bosom of the lord.
Tola Okafor
Posted by Nnamdi Nwaigwe on March 21, 2021
Uncle, I still can't believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing, words cannot describe this difficult moment, uncle I feel truly saddened that you are no more with us. A thousand words won't bring you back , I know because I have tried, neither will a thousand tears, I know because I have cried, treasured in my heart, you'll stay until we meet someday again, I can't hold the tears back. Uncle you where like more than a father to me and my family, you have never allowed us to cry, uncle you were and will always be an inspiration to myself and my entire family and everyone around you. Your death came as a blow and shock to me and my family, but my consolation is that you are seated and resting with the Lord. I have not been myself since the day I got the sad news about your death. GOOD NIGHT UNCLE, FAREWELL UNCLE, GOODBYE UNCLE, See you again Uncle on the last day when the trumpet shall sound
Posted by Ify Azubike on March 21, 2021
Emeka the news of your death was devastating and shocking to us!!
We will surely miss you but we are consoled that your entire adult life was dedicated to selfless service. You lived your life in the fear of God and for the advancement of humanity .
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Michael Chukwuma on March 21, 2021
This notice came as a shock to me... I wasn’t very close to you but admired your simplicity and cordiality each time we met. You inspired a lot of us in many ways and we wish this didn’t happen, but we can’t question God’s decisions. Till we meet again sir . RIP
Posted by Lucy Nwagboliwe Ilodibe on March 20, 2021

Ewoo! The iroko tree has fallen. Engr Emeka Ugona, the kindest of the kind is gone. Death what have we done to you, where is thy sting?

On 6th of March I called my son's wife Nanya to know how they're doing with no knowledge of what happened. She sounded unusual and said, "mummy my dad is dead". On hearing the sad news my phone slipped from my hand. The earth gave way under my feet. I wailed, screamed and cried furiously.

Engineer Emeka Ugona my kind, compassionate, easy going, sense humoured, an elite, an icon, ever cheerful who gives freely without expecting anything in return.

Ewoo! Our gem is gone. If crying could wake you up surely the cries of your loved ones will do the wonders. You and your lovely wife visited me on the 4th of January but little did I know that was the last time I'd see your beaming cheerful face. I'm glad I crossed your path. People that are privileged to know you will testify that you're awesome.

When a good man like you leaves this world the earth shakes and trembles. Your demise as a candle in the wind is a description of such. Our solace is that you lived a good and humble life regardless of the icon that you were.

I am confident that you are now resting in heaven on the bosom of your maker, the almighty God who called you this time for reasons beat known to him. God saw the best in you and took you this time for a special assignment for him in heaven. Heaven has gained an angel. You are solely missed. Adieu my unforgettable inlaw. May you rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Your affectionate inlaw. Deaconess Mrs Gboliwe Ilodibe.
Posted by Betty Ugona on March 19, 2021
Uncle Emeka as we fondly call him. My brother in-law, my husband’s best friend and mentor. Are you really gone? For sure? For real!!!!. It is hard and heart wrenching to believe. The unthinkable, the unimaginable has happened. Tears flowing uncontrollably and Time has failed to heal the hurt as days go by, rather the hurts get more hurtful. Oh God have mercy and heal the hurts in the hearts of all loved ones. We miss you Uncle Emeka. May your gentle, loving, caring, giving, selflessly protecting soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Andrea Ugona on March 19, 2021
Uncle Emeka was nothing short of awesome ❤️ he was kind, thoughtful and always cheerful. I will never forget when he would call to speak to my dad and we would ask who it was and he would always say, ‘it is your uncle Emeka’, and then he would laugh out loud, as if it was a joke. You will be truly missed uncle. But I am glad you are with God in Heaven. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by kenny ug on March 19, 2021

How do you express words about the unthinkable; part of me still can’t believe what happened. I still believe that you will come back like you always did everyday, but sadly I know that’s not going to happen. Dad, you were a wonderful human being and you will truly be missed. The example you set for us by being humble, caring and generous are virtues that I will carry with me for life and pass on to our next generation. 
In a country where corruption and dishonesty are the order of the day, I can proudly say my father was one of the few good men. I have told myself not to be sad again, because I have every faith that my siblings and I would carry on the work you started here and hopefully surpass it. I will always remember the times we spent together; you teaching me how to ride a bike, waking me up in Paris to the same song over and over again, taking me to university and giving me valuable advice even when I went astray .
Thank you for being the best role model ever, your example will really be hard to replicate, but I promise to carry on your legacy.  Rest In Peace Dad you may be gone physically, but I know you will always be with us.
Posted by Chin Ugona on March 19, 2021
It is actually hard to express how much i miss and loved my dad. My dad did everything for us and sacrificed so much to make us happy. It was always excited to see him cause his smiled always made everything better. Noise and conflict were always distant from him. Thinking about him, I remember how eloquent, intelligent and cheerful he was.
it’s awesome to see how much positive impact you made throughout your life on earth, I will always miss you but I’m a little consoled because I’m persuaded that you’re resting with the Lord.
I will always think of you with a smile Daddy❤️
Posted by JB Onyeka on March 19, 2021
My siblings and I were fond of calling you “Big Daddy”, I can’t even remember how the name came about or when I started calling you that, but it became part of both I and my siblings’ vocabulary, probably because of the way we viewed and respected you. You were like a second dad to my siblings and I and was one of the key figures in our lives while growing up.
I was flustered when I heard the news of your passing, I wanted to think of it as a bad dream and that I would wake up at any moment but that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that such a generous man has left this world. He was a wonderful father, uncle and grandpa.
Thank you for everything you did for my siblings and I.
May you find eternal peace and rest.


Posted by Patrick Ngene on March 19, 2021
What should I say about Emeka Ugona? Well, for one thing, we all know he is a hero of faith and I have never understood why. It is sad, really – his strong faith in prayer is such a nice one and this illness that took our Emeka away from us is such an ugly one. He was such a brave man, restless in his final moments on earth, could not sit down and could not lie down, fighting it right up to the end.
Born in 1955 and died at the age of 65 years is ironic. The news of your transition into eternal glory was sudden and devastating as it threw all who heard it into a deep mourning.
As a youngster, Emeka was overly keen on school, and I do recall when going through his curriculum vitae that one of his hobbies was solving word puzzle and him telling his children that he liked puzzle games.
. He never forgot his humble beginnings which masked a sharp, incisive, and clear intellect. Whenever advice was needed, Emeka would effortlessly marshal the relevant points and counter points, with disarming casualness and gentle humor.
While noting that he has been ill for a few days and that death was the destination of all mortals, it still gave me cause to grieve. Engineer CHUKWUEMEKA HERBERT UGONA demonstrated a life of simplicity, humility, and generosity. It was these virtues that endeared him to all.
To his family, Emeka will always be remembered as a loving father, a fantastic brother, and a wonderful granddad; his quiet wisdom will be greatly missed. He was a strong pillar of support for his wife Mrs. Chinwe Ugona, and both jointly discussed their plans and initiatives concerning the progress of the family at each stage. His simple and humble lifestyle did not allow his numerous and great achievements to get into his head as many would. Rather he regarded all these as gifts from God. It is true that with his passing the world has lost a great man.
To his friends and colleagues, their memory will always be of a dependable, honest, and trustworthy man – just the sort of person you know you can rely on, if ever you need to. This is his legacy; it is how we shall all remember Engineer CHUKWUEMEKA HERBERT UGONA in the years to come. His illness may have taken him from us – but it will never rob us of his memory.

We know the trumpets of heaven sounded that early morning your earthly life changed to immortality. We are proud of you. We have our tears of sorrow and joy. Sorrow for the temporary separation, joy that you lived a good Christian life, joy that you are finally resting in the bosom of our Lord.
Engineer Chukwuemeka Ugona; for your life and death we give praise and thanks to the Almighty God.
Rest in the Lord Jesus Christ, in Perfect Peace, my friend and brother.

Engr. Emeka NGENE
Posted by Vincent Nnadi on March 19, 2021
Emeka, the news of your early departure remains the saddest news of the season. It was like a thunderbolt to me. Each time i ponder on this, it sends me reflections of all the good moments we shared together especially at work. You were a source of encouragement to all who came across you. You advice to me changed my entire career for good. There is much wailing in the community where you operated. Many simply named their children after you as a mark of the exemplary life you lead. No one came across you without receiving your positive influence. You answered your calls at first ring and will exclaim " German.....". Oh I will really miss you. God will keep you and comfort Chinwe and the children. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Peter Igbinovia on March 19, 2021
Emmy Boy! The mighty Igor, the best of them all, where are you? I still find it difficult to imagine that our friendship of over 41years has suddenly come to an end. Why do the good ones leave so fast and without notice? The last time we were together, about 3 weeks before this sudden departure, welcoming our friend to Portharcourt, generally socializing, little did I know, we may never socialize again. I am so sorry and so sad at the news of your departure. Now I am faced with the reality. No more Pito. My good friend and brother, rest in Perfect Peace in the bosom of our Lord. Your goodness shall grant you a safe passage. We miss you dearly. We are all devastated. Our condolences to the family you left behind. Rest in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Eddy Chukwurah on March 19, 2021
Why would death even dream of taking EMEKA Ugona. It can only be to boost its vain ego , for there can never be a good reason. But I hasten to enjoin death with the words of the poet John Donne- “Death be not proud“ though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so. For those whom thou thinkest dou dost overthrow, Die not. And soonest our best men with thee do go. Rest of their bones and souls delivery . One short sleep past, we wake eternally and death shall be no more . Death thou shall die.          EMEKA you were a good and great man though simple in nature and cannot be vanquished by death. Rest In Peace until we see again.     
Posted by chindo Ugona on March 19, 2021
Writing this tribute is one of the hardest things I‘ve ever had to do. When I heard the news I felt like my feet had been cut off from beneath me. Something inside me is still in denial of your unexpected exit. It feels like a great abomination and anomaly has occurred. There is simply no replacing you,Uncle. The numerous ways you blessed me personally as your niece and my family can’t be enumerated accurately. Uncle whose laughter was so infectious, uncle whose knowledge was so deep, uncle whose kindness was far-reaching, uncle who made his family the center of his universe, uncle who was a father to many. You earned the name ‘Pillar’ fair and square. I vividly remember when you called me just before my wedding while you were still on vacation abroad. The assistance you gave me even from that distance was game-changing. You were an Uncle I could boast with! An Uncle whose name could open doors in the village and in the big cities. The pain in my heart makes me wonder how unimaginable the pain must be for your immediate family. Truly the unthinkable has happened. You touched so many many. Uncle I will miss you with every fiber of my being. God in his infinite wisdom and sovereignty has taken you from us and we cannot question his will. Rest in the bosom of the Almighty Uncle Emeka.
Posted by Nneka Ezeagbo on March 18, 2021
Uncle Emeka! Until now I am still in shock. My heart refuses to believe that you are no longer with us. Uncle Emeka. Even as I write this I remember where I was when I heard this tragic news. It was like an out of body experience. My sisters, brothers and I have never really experienced such loss until now. I will always remember your larger than life presence. The world just wasn't large enough for you. I guess we always took it for granted that you would always be around. The leader of the pack. You were such a beacon for your only sister, my mum and your two younger brothers. You treated my aunty, your wife like a queen and gave your all to your children and grandchildren. Let's not even mention the numerous amount of lives (people from all walks of life) that you supported. Through you Uncle they were blessed. You were always humble despite your status in society, one of the most humble people I knew. Only God knows why Uncle. Only He knows why He decided to take you from us. Anytime I remember my Grandma, your mum, my heart breaks because you were her first, her pride and joy. Uncle you are gone from us but I celebrate you, I celebrate your life. All your achievements. Your wife, your amazing children and grandchildren are all a testament to the type of person you were. I smile now as I remember that boisterous laugh, always heard from far away. As Dr Seuss so aptly put it, 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened'. You are forever in our hearts, always.

Rest well Uncle Emeka!

love from Nneka, Onyeka, Amaka, Adaobi, Chuboy, children of Nso and Nkiru Ezeagbo
Posted by Ezenwa Odurukwe on March 18, 2021
Fondly remembered by the good work you have done because vanity of vanities all is vanity. So shall we toil all day long without reaping the harvest of our hard work.
I remember when we lined up as your groom’s men at your wedding in Port Harcourt. That day my name Zeeman was on everyone’s lip. What a name they asked. You were a wonderful friend with a golden heart. This death is quite untimely.
You lived well but those whom God loves he calls early. You will be missed by all who knew you. “Je Ije gi nke oma” good man. May the Angels lead you to the New Jerusalem.
Rest In Peace dear friend.
May the good Lord grant your family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
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