This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Enoch Nwizu 84 years old , born on March 15, 1936 and passed away on July 16, 2020. We will remember him forever.

Let me Take Your Hands
Let me take your hands
For I am your guide
Sent to calm your waves
Teach you to love
And do the same for the world

I am your anchor
Sharing your pain
Giving selflessly of myself
So you can do the same for others

Put your hands in mine
And I will leave footsteps for you to follow
If I’m not here, do not worry
Just step where I have stepped
And you will never wander adrift

And know one day I will be gone
3 score and 10 have come and gone
But I will be in your heart
Always there to guide your steps
So you can do the same for others

By John Mozie

Posted by Agwamma Agwamma on August 15, 2020
Dear Daddy Nwizu,
I feel like I know you without having met you. I see your influence in the larger than life personalities and big heartedness of your daughters Adaora and Ngozi. I’ve laughed at the hilarious comments of yours that Adaora freely shared with friends. Her great love, affection and respect for you always shone through. Your passing away has left your family devastated, but I hope they will take comfort in the wonderful memories of the time spent with you, and in the knowledge that you lived a very full and happy life and were loved and appreciated by many. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Agwamma Agwamma on August 15, 2020
Dear Daddy Nwizu,
I feel like I know you without having met you. I see your influence in the larger than life personalities and big heartedness of your daughters Adaora and Ngozi. I’ve laughed at the hilarious comments of yours that Adaora freely shared with friends. Her great love, affection and respect for you always shone through. Your passing away has left your family devastated, but I hope they will take comfort in the wonderful memories of the time spent with you, and in the knowledge that you lived a very full and happy life and were loved and appreciated by many. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Felix Ohiwerei on August 14, 2020
The news of the passing to glory of Enoch Ifeanyi Nwizu was a thunderous shock. I did not know he was ill.
Ifeanyi’s elder brother Ven. Chike Nwizu was my classmate in secondary school and we have remained very good friends till date. I started hearing about Ifeanyi’s brilliance from school. He confirmed this by making a first class degree in Engineering.
He had a very successful career with Texaco where he rose to the enviable position of General Manager and Director of Texaco Nigeria Limited.
I got to know him well while he was at Texaco. For many years we attended the same church.
Ifeanyi was a diligent Christian. He was hard working, straight talking, and honest. He fought for his right and for the right of fellow Nigerians at Texaco. He was a rewarder of excellent performance.
He ran the company he founded on retirement, Zenina Limited, with zeal and ingenuity. For two decades before he passed on to glory.
Ifenayi loved his family dearly and gave them his best. I pray that the Lord comforts his darling wife, children, grand-children, relatives and all of us who loved Ifeanyi.
May his soul rest in peace.

Felix Ohiwerei.

Posted by Nkechi Nnwoka on August 14, 2020
Uncle, I still can not find words to express how heartbroken I’ve been since the news of your demise exactly two weeks we buried your only sister, my mother. I can still remember the last time we all were together in Nnewi on the 20th of September 2019 having dinner together with my late mum and you said to me thank you for making it possible for us to see sister (my mother). Little did we know that that was a parting dinner for both of you, but God who knows all things saw ahead of us and I know he has taken you and my mother to a better place and my the grace of God. We will all meet again on the resurrection morning to reign with Him in glory. Good night beloved uncle, we will deeply miss you.
Posted by Emmanuel Okeke on August 14, 2020
 A Tribute by Mrs. Chinwe Janti Esiwoko.

I still did not understand what is happening uncle, the news of your death was so shocking to me. Uncle you are so nice to me when l came to Lagos. l cried about your death, but l will not cry again because you are gone l will smile because of the beautiful memories. Proverbs 10 vs 7 the memory of a good person is a blessing ,l will hold on to that forever. Since the defeat of death has permitted this who is a mortal like me to question immortality, we will all miss you so much.
Rest in peace amen

Posted by Ndu Okeke on August 13, 2020

Nwakaibeya, Uncle Ifeanyi, Papa Adaora, Engr Nwizu, !!!

Where do we start ! What do we do ! How do we handle this void ! what happens to us going forward from here. 

We are deeply saddened by your sudden departure from this world. How do we pick up from where you have left us. You were fond and close to everyone that you came across, old, young, poor, rich, the mechanic at the garage, the market woman on the road, your driver, your cook, the gateman. The belief that you have to say something to everyone you came across to better their lives is one true attribute that I won't forget about you.

We are really sad and grieving of your departure but we give glory for the lessons that you've taught us all.
You have touched many souls, bettered many lives, taught many lessons, loved many people and most importantly assisted many people.

I remember when my mum passed away that you came to our house. I served you beer and you said "Ndu, am not drinking beer today. I only drink one bottle of beer a week after my golf game on Sundays". I left the living room and I was like, is he serious!.

Your discipline and your achievements are out of this world.

We love and will forever miss you. Adieu Uncle & RIP.

Ndu Okeke
Posted by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 13, 2020
A tribute by Engr. Akin Laguda

It is really difficult for me to write this piece. However, I know that there is surely a season for every thing on earth. We have to meet to say goodbye later.
I first met with Enoch in October 1959 at the then Nigerian College of Science and Technology, Zaria ( Now Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria ). We were both at the Mechanical Engineering Department pursuing a Course in B. Sc ( Eng. ) London as External Students of the University of London. Our friendship from here and waxed stronger after graduation with each of us pursuing his own chosen Post- Graduate Courses in different countries. Enoch went to the United States of America and I went to the United Kingdom. We still kept in touch all along and also after returning back to Nigeria. Our families became so close that the bond of friendship extends to our wives and children.

Over the years, I came to respect Enoch as a trusted and reliable friend. He was dependable, kind and above all gentleman. He was indeed a committed family man, a loving husband, father and grandfather. I can testify to how much he has got kind regards and thoughts for his extended family.
Enoch's venture into Manufacturing after retirement from Texaco Nigeria Limited really brought out the best out of him. I was invited by him to be part of this venture into the Ink and Paint Industry. Incidentally, I was the only Non-Nwizu Investor and Director. He believed that I had got so much to contribute to make it succeed. That was Enoch. He gave all he had and time to make it all a success,but we all know the Nigerian Situation. He fulfilled all his promises and duties.

My family will miss the fellowship of Enoch, especially in the company of his dear wife, Victoria during our Eid-Kabir Sallah Celebration and of course at the Christmas/ New Year Lunches that Victoria had always invited us.
When Enoch called me in early June 2020 for a chat, I never knew it would be our last. The call I received from Nnamdi about his transition was indeed with rude shock.

On behalf of my wife, Biola and family, I express sincere and deepest sympathy to his dear wife Victoria,all the children,grandchildren and extended family.

May the gentle soul of Enoch rest in perfect peace. Amen

Engr. Akin Laguda
Posted by Peter Nwankwo on August 13, 2020

Ifeanyi, so you have left us, gone to rest. The news came as a shock to me.
Up to 1990 when you were heading Texaco Nigeria and I in Knight Frank & Rutley (Nigeria) we were acquaintances. But in 1991 when I moved to Festac you were already there. It was in Festac that we got to know each other better. At first you were a tennis enthusiast playing regularly in the Tennis Club in Lagos and I playing in the Ports Authority Club in Surulere. Then you graduated to golf in the Ikoyi Club. And you did your best to persuade me to take up golf. You even offered me your other golf kit. But somehow I did not fancy the rigours of golf, usually a whole day’s affair. But very often I, also being a member of Ikoyi Club, would come over to the Golf section and keep you and your group company.

Ifeanyi, I remember vividly our lively debates on politics and other social matters each time we sat together over glasses of wine, your favourite drink. I appreciated how you consulted me on real estate matters. Maybe we sat together only once, perhaps twice, in 2019 during which you travelled quite a bit, some of it on health grounds. And I travelled to my home town quite a bit. Then this year covid-19 decided to change everybody’s outlook. And we were all forced to adjust. We senior citizens should stay home, not go to church or to gatherings, not welcome visitors, even relatives. It was tough. But we all wanted to stay alive and had to comply. Then my wife, Ngozi, who is a good friend of Ezim, your wife, phoned from the USA where she has been since mid March to say you were in hospital affected by covid-19. And I asked how a senior citizen taking shelter in his house could be affected by covid-19 forgetting that you have a security guard, a cook and so on.

Ifeanyi, you have run your race and have gone to rest. We all miss you. But all I and my wife and family can say is rest in perfect peace. And to your wife and family we say, take heart and maintain your trust in the Almighty.

Peter Nwankwo.
Posted by Stephen Oguike on August 13, 2020
We sadly mourn the sudden passing of our amiable friend Chief Enoch Ifeanyi Nwizu. He was a truly noble and amiable gentleman whose companionship and generosity was unequalled.

We will cherish his friendship and welcoming disposition and pray that God will grant Him External Rest,comfort and strengthen his Widow and his devoted children,grandchildren.

Chief Stephen Oguike And Family
Posted by Tony Oguike on August 13, 2020
It was a great honor and a great pleasure to have known you and spent some time with you.

My One and truly Nnewi in law, Father of one of my dearest friends. I still struggle to believe that you are gone. It still fells so surreal! just about this time last year we were all gathered in the kitchen discussing and planning Adaora’s birthday party.

I have always admired the simplicity, humility, and geniality in which you conducted yourself, the warmth and love you constantly showered on your grandchildren. You had the ability to seamlessly engage and fit in with anybody at any level.

Ours is not to question God but believe in his promise, that someday, we will all meet again.

Thank you so much for all the kindness you showed us and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Tony Oguike & Family
Posted by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 12, 2020
A tribute by Uju Ifejika


Daddy was a rare gem, a man of integrity and honesty, who loved and cared for anyone he came in contact with on his journey through this planet. He saw himself as a selfless destiny helper and problem solver and was always determined to assist and put a smile on the face of people around him.
33 years ago, I went to him with my problem, as a young law graduate serving at Texaco Nigeria Plc., who was looking to make my employment permanent. He was the then Deputy Managing Director of the Company and well respected. He not only listened to and granted my plea, but gave me an opportunity to start my career in the oil & gas industry with the Company, which today gave me the courage to stand on my own in the industry.
He attained an enviable height in the oil & gas industry. He was amongst the very few and first Nigerians to occupy such a big position exclusively reserved for expatriates in the industry globally. He was not just a seasoned technocrat, but an intellectual of repute, whose record in the industry is yet to be equaled. He did not just leave the industry better than he met it; he left his mark on the sands of time. He was a human being with a soul, who lived an unblemished life.
Dad’s love for God and his family was exception, uncommon and rare, as he placed his family first after God in all he did. He was a fulfilled family man, who dotted over this wife and children and this reflected in all his actions, as well as the way his children and his grand children turned out. He touched lives across the nation and beyond including mine, while in office and even in retirement. He never lived a life of affluence, but was humble and very caring.
Daddy, your exit is still a mystery to all those who love and care for you, especially your wife, children, grand children and family, including me your daughter and my family. The vacuum your sudden exit has created will remain indelible and irreplaceable in our hearts & minds forever. We know that as an angel that you are, you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty Father.
Daddy may you rest in perfect peace, while we ask the Good Lord to comfort your our mummy (your wife), children, grand children, extended family members, friends, your colleagues and all of us that love you.

                    From Mrs Uju Ifejika (OFR) & family
Posted by Chiemelie Mozie on August 12, 2020
To My Dear Grandfather

I don’t even know where to begin. Grandpa you were so present in every aspect of my life that I fooled myself into believing that this was the norm, I never stopped to consider the fact that there might be a day where I couldn’t pick up the phone and hear your booming voice call me “Onye’nso’gbu”, or hear you singing your praises in the living room at 6am at the top of your voice.
You were so much more than just a grandpa. You were my friend, we would sit and have breakfast together everyday last summer and we would argue about whose food was more nutritious, your beans or my pancakes, and no matter what friends I brought to the house you were so welcoming, taking your time to get to know everyone individually and welcome them each into our home. That alone says so much about your character.

You weren’t just good to those you whom you loved, you were inherently good to everyone who you came into contact. Grandpa you were the peacemaker and were so deserving of that title. Not only was your patience unmatched, you would always sit back and look at a situation through objective lenses and suggest the route with the least conflict. That was the type of man you were, and we all know I wasn’t given the nickname “Onye’nso’gbu” for no reason, but in all my years there was not a single event where you raised your voice at me. Regardless of my age you would sit me down and talk to me like an adult and I know I will never come across another person with your qualities because you were one of a kind and I am so lucky to have known you.

As much as it pains me that you are gone now, I thank God everyday for the amazing memories we shared and the legacy that you left on this earth. It brings me solace to know that as you are resting, you have peace because you were a God-fearing man and you walked in his shadow. I am also grateful for the fruitful life that you lived. The fact that your death has greatly pained so many people is proof that you were loved and I am so proud to be able to call you my grandpa. I will continue to keep your glorious memory alive until the day we meet again in the Promised Land.
I love you Grandpa, now and forever

Posted by Nnenna Nwizu on August 12, 2020

Daddy Oh daddy! What a devastating blow death gave us!

Little did I know that 25th Dec was the last Christmas we will spend together at my house and that 1st January 2020 was the last New year party you will host for the Nwizus’ in Lagos. or that the kids spending more than a week with you and mummy in March this year, was the last time you will see them in this lifetime. Little did I know that the last time we spoke to you with the kids was the last time I would hear your voice alive.

I am happy to have spent the last 11 years of your life with you. Your Personal Assistant (Nnamdi) as he calls himself, has lost his job forever; that is what he said to me the day you left us to the unknown.

The Inevitable has happened.

Who will I bend down to pat my back and give me the blessing of the elders that comes with great wisdom> Who will call me to dish his food whenever I am around? Who will your Nnazalum take his walking stick from and Naetochukwu (izuchukwu  as you named him) take his hat off his head while you sit down and smiles all through the tremendous process and Nnesommachukwu sits comfortable on his laps? Who will the kids displace from his study just to watch cartoon on his T.V? And who will be the first to arrive at every party or event we host?

I will not be selfish and write only about how we feel and how much we miss you already, how about you Daddy! How are you faring on the other side? I Know you can hear Nnazalum still praying for you every night saying, ”God don’t allow any bad happen to grandpa’’ LOL! We are not planning to stop him from that prayer as long as his spirit leads him.

The music has stopped
The beat has changed
But the rhythm will never die
The rhythm remains the same
It is written in our soul
Your legacy will live on
We will walk in your over sized shoes
We will walk our journey wearing it
We will build our legacy intertwined with yours
Because the root will forever remain the same.

You live Daddy
 In your kids
 In your grand kids
 In your daughters and sons in laws
 You live DADDY!
Till we meet to part no more .

Your darling daughter in law whom you loved like a daughter

Nnenna Nwizu Nee Orakwue.
Posted by Emmanuel Okeke on August 12, 2020
A Tribute by Janti Okeke

Okeogo No 1 Nwakàibeya. When I heard of your death , I thought it was a daydream. Why now? Why the shocking and unexpected exit? The sad news of your passing to great beyond, as real as it has become difficult to believe. I know If death is a decision left for you to decide you will never have decided to die. Nwakaibeya Okeogo no 1 I call you. You are the best husband my sister had. You married her well. We will all miss you.
Okeogo No 1 Rest in peace Amen .

    (Ogo-gi Nwoke)
Posted by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 12, 2020
A Tribute by Ezim Nwizu

Ify, my darling, where have you gone to, for the past three weeks now? Every day I have waited for you to come home and have not seen you back here.

I have cried and cried, yet you are nowhere to be seen. My friends, my relatives, your brothers, your associates and your veteran golf members, our children and grandchildren have made several calls to me. Though the numerous phone calls consoling me had said that if I cried from day to day, week to week, year to year that you have gone and gone forever, I should take heart.

It is very difficult for me to believe that I will never ever see you again. When I reflect back on how we met in 1967 and the first day you visited me at the university teaching hospital Lagos where I was in my final year as a student nurse, you gave me an Oris watch which I cherish very much and I have kept till today. I also remembered how the Nigerian Biafran war separated two of us two months after our marriage for two and a half years, yet we survived the war. We had our first child Adaora in Nnewi and then the other three children that came after the war, making it two boys and two girls; Adaora, Ngozi, Ikenna and Nnamdi, who are successful in their respective careers. We both trained these four children and our grandchildren to be disciplined, honest, respectful and hard working. None of them gave us any sleepless nights throughout the fifty-two years we were together. I mourn and will continue to mourn because you are no more alive for all of us to reap the fruits of our labour bringing them up.

You worked very hard during your time at Texaco, climbing from operations manager to General Manager. The early days were tough, from my working as a full time nurse in Gulf Oil and midwife and taking care of 4 children to you leaving home very early to come back late at night, all in a bid to provide for our children and give them the best. We had to combine this with hosting Texaco staff and clients on several occasions. You then retired after 23 years to set up your pet project, an ink/paint manufacturing company. So much to remember.

Every time we have had challenges, health related or not, our children showed us that they really cared, from medical care in Nigeria to the UK. I must not fail to mention that our sons & daughters in law and grandchildren never for once failed to give us the care, love and support we needed in the UK, US or in Nigeria, even till your last breath in the hospital.

Ify my darling, you were a very great husband to me and a great father to not only our children and your daughters and sons in law, but also to your grandchildren. You took good care of your domestic staff and everyone you encountered. I will find it very difficult to fill the gap. Will I be able to carry on?

I loved and cherished the fifty-two years we spent together on this earth before you left me, and it is very difficult for me to believe you have left me for good. My heart bleeds every moment of the day. Even in death, I will continue to love, care and be dutiful to you.

May the good Lord grant you eternal rest. Amen.

Ezim, your wife

Posted by Obiora Nwizu on August 12, 2020
Oh Nwakaibeya! Oh Nwakaibeya!

“Whose funeral are we planning?” I continue to ask myself with pain and in utter disbelief, because you were so present and so relevant. You were a gift we always had and cherished, and never would have imagined we could lose at this point in our lives.

I can still hear your voice in my subconscious, “B-boy”, you always called me, from childhood to manhood. And then the hearty laughter you were known for, which was celebrated by us, your people, as it not only resonated cheerily with all in your presence or company, but was also heard from afar.

You were so pragmatic and cerebral in your approach to issues. It was easy to discuss any matter with you, as you would not only offer wise counsel, but you were also endowed with a temperament that would recognize and entertain a rational point of view, regardless of who it was coming from.

I delighted in your company whenever the opportunity presented itself, as you would quite often share instructive life experiences, and sometimes with such great humour.

Your rare personality was well respected from within and outside the family. You were well accomplished in the Nigerian oil industry, and also held in high esteem locally and internationally by people who came into contact with you in the course of your professional career.

You were always a Sage, for as long as I could remember, but I had the privilege of closely observing your sublime sagacity at play, when I worked jointly and closely with you, early 2018, in resolving issues surrounding the sale of a parcel of land, of significant commercial value, that had belonged to “Ezeani-Onyejiaka”, your great grandfather, and my great, great grandfather.
And for context, I will note that this heritage from our forebear belonged not just to the Nwizugbe (present day Nwizu) clan, but in addition, to two other main descendants (along with their numerous matrilineal arms) of the great and wealthy Ezeani-Onyejiaka. 

From all accounts, and for over two decades prior to your proposed solution in 2018, which required a remarkable sacrifice from the Nwizus, all efforts to achieve common ground between the various “umu Ezeana-Onyejiaka” families, including the Nwizus, regarding the breakup and appropriation of the parcel of land, or its sale and appropriation of proceeds thereof, had been fraught with so much acrimony, and had consistently failed. But, ultimately, it came to pass that Nwakaibeya’s well conceived initiative precipitated peace and tranquility which had eluded this process for well over twenty (20) years.

Yes, it is common knowledge that I, among others in the family, loved, respected and admired you. But for me, it wasn’t simply because you were my uncle. Granted, being your relative invariably brought about contact, but the rest was all about your sterling personality. 

In September, 2016, I saw an email in my inbox from you, with the header “Certificate of Recognition” for the brief moment before I clicked to open the mail, I had wondered what that was all about. It turned out to be a letter that began with “My dearest B-boy”, and went on to comment on issues blow by blow, concluding with a commendation for a process you were pleased with the way it was handled.

Now, the specific details of your commendation is not the subject of this posthumous tribute. Rather, what I would like to demonstrate by providing herewith a transcript of my reply to your mail back then in September, 2016, is what it meant to me, and what I imagine it would mean to anybody else, to be commended or recognized by such a GREAT MAN.

“Greetings Uncle Ifeanyi, and many thanks for such a certificate from the esteemed "University of Nwakaibeya"
Coming from you, sir, which makes all the difference, I consider it a Great Testimonial, and it's as much appreciated as the profound thought behind it.
Warm regards and God bless! Obiora”

I don’t know if anybody else ever got a certificate from the “University of Nwakaibeya”. But I am so proud of mine.

Finally, by any stretch of imagination, it is no trifle what your sudden exit at this point represents to the Nwizus, and to others beyond the family. It has been said that you have broken a lot of hearts – So true!

It is such an enormous sacrifice that God, in His unfathomable will, has imposed on us, and my prayer to the Almighty is that He forgives our doubts and our somewhat sense of betrayal, occasioned by our painful loss, and helps us to deal with the pain and the void, and that it may be consistent with His will to spare us such significant sacrifices from generation to generation. “Ozo Emena”, in Jesus Name, Amen!

Adieu Nwakaibeya!

Your proud B-Boy!
Obiora Nwizu
Posted by Emmanuel Okeke on August 11, 2020
 A Tribute from Mrs Clara Irebisi


It was with rude shock that I received the news of Papa Adaora Enoch Ifeanyi Nwizu. I knew he was sick & I kept on praying hopeful that he will soon recover but little did I know that he will not make it. A painful exit indeed. He lived a remarkable and humble life , very unassuming, showing care and concern to all and sundry. I was so sure he will reach ninety years of age but GOD knows the best time to call anyone home.
Papa Ady continue to rest in the bossom of Abraham. Almighty GOD will take care of the family you left behind.

ADIEU onye obi oma.
Jee nke oma.

From Mrs. Clara Irebisi.
Posted by Emmanuel Okeke on August 11, 2020

Engr. Nwizu, it is indeed sad that we shall no longer see you or speak to you again in this realm, but God knows the best. So full of kindness, ever understanding and compassionate. Our lovable brother-in-law. God gave you to us and you have gone back to HIM. Thank you for coming into our lives. Your list of accomplishments inspire those who have come across
you to settle for nothing less but the best.

Nwakaibeya as fondly called, you were pillar of not just your family and Otolo, but the entire Nnewi community. The Iroko has fallen, a colossus is gone. Although, you are no longer physically with us you will forever remain in our hearts and your spirit will always be felt.

Adieu Nwakaibeya,
Adieu Engr. I Nwizu

Mr. Emma Ugochukwu Okeke.
Posted by Somtonna Nwizu on August 10, 2020
By Chukwudum B Nwizu (Ugonwanne)


It’s with a heavy heart but also with a sense of gratitude that I’m writing this tribute to my brother Enoch Ifeanyichukwu Nwizu A.K.A Nwakaibeya. I still can’t believe he is gone!

Nwakaibeya helped shape me into the man I am today. He (along with The Very Rev. Chike Nwizu and others) played a crucial role in my formative years especially since I lost both parents at an early age. Beyond this direct influence, I – as well as other members of the family and indeed several other people – benefitted and derived inspiration from his intelligence, big-hearted nature, and virtuous approach to life.

Nwakaibeya had an important voice in the schools I attended and the course I studied. For instance when I was torn between picking one of two secondary schools to attend, he was the one that helped me decide. He turned my attention to the relevant factors and deliberately omitted things that were trivial but could have discouraged me from making the right decision (e.g. the school was infested with sand flies that bit day and night). I am happy that I followed his recommendation and picked Okrika Grammar School.

Also when it was time to decide on a career, Nwakaibeya insisted that I study Accounting. I’m so grateful that I followed his counsel as opposed to picking any of the other alternatives I considered.

But Nwakaibeya’s approach to guiding me early on in life wasn’t all about hand holding and being Mr. Nice Guy. He was tough when the occasion demanded. For instance shortly after I got my first job and was still living with him, he gave me a 2-month notice to move out of his house and get a place on my own. His reason? I needed to learn personal responsibility and to live within my means. At that time, I was not pleased with his position but ultimately things turned out well. When he saw that I quickly matured the way he wanted me to, he (along with our eldest brother The Very Rev. Chike) sponsored the furthering of my education in the UK.

On a number of occasions I had the opportunity to note and benefit from Nwakaibeya’s high level of integrity. Several years ago I was able to secure a bank loan primarily because Nwakaibeya was known as a man of integrity. I had gone to see the bank’s MD thinking that it’ll be a long shot to get the loan. But the MD, upon learning about my connection to Nwakaibeya and subsequently speaking to him, decided to approve my loan request. He did this despite the fact that I did not have collateral or even an account with the bank. He uttered the words “Your brother is a man of integrity”.

After Nwakaibeya’s retirement from Texaco he founded an ink and paint manufacturing company and I had the opportunity to work closely with him as a member of his Board. Things were initially difficult, but Nwakaibeya never wavered in his disciplined and virtuous approach to dealing with customers and other stakeholders.

Nwakaibeya is an alias befitting a man of Enoch Ifeanyichukwu Nwizu’s stature, as he was truly more advanced than his peers in many regards. I remember when Nwakaibeya went to the U.S. for a Masters Degree program and the staff of the university he was to attend was reluctant to admit him, as they didn’t have confidence in his first Degree. The matter was resolved definitively when he requested and sat for a series of assessment tests, in which he scored an average of 95%. This is just one of several instances where he demonstrated his intelligence.

I also witnessed him – on multiple occasions – combine his intelligence, generosity and general good nature to identify and address potential challenges/problems before they escalated. I remember when Nwakaibeya offered a land he bought to one of our brothers to build his family house as the land our father left wasn’t sufficient for all his children to build. Nwakaibeya didn’t have to be so generous but he was. We all remain grateful for this.

Beyond the above, Nwakaibeya fostered unity & camaraderie within our family in other ways. He often hosted gatherings, for those of us in Lagos, when there was a reason to celebrate (as he did every New Year he was in town) and meetings to discuss pressing family matters.

On a number of occasions when we spoke about death, I would say to him that he would live beyond 100. But Nwakaibeya often told me that he had gotten his boarding pass and that he was in the departure hall waiting for his flight to be announced for his journey out of this world. Well, Nwakaibeya departed on July 16, 2020. I believe he arrived safely on heaven’s tarmac and was congratulated by the angels for a life well lived. I wanted him on this side of eternity a bit longer but God decided to call him home when he did.

Fare thee well my dear brother.
Rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

Chukwudum B Nwizu (Ugonwanne)
Posted by Chuka Okeke on August 9, 2020

It was shocking and terrible thing when I heard that you are no more. I remembered your words of advice to me morally and otherwise. Your jokes and loving kindness, nwakaibeya your death is an irreparable loss to us which no one can replace.

nwakaibeya it is so painful that we are missing you this time but God Almighty knows why he allowed it

nwakaibeya as i generally called you, Bye Bye,
from me chuka Janti Okeke
Posted by Nnenna Mozie on August 9, 2020
I have been struggling to find the words to write. I don’t believe there are any words in the English language that sufficiently describe how great my grandpa was. We all expect to outlive our grandparents, however if you’ve had the honour of meeting my grandpa you would understand he was larger than life itself, his youthfulness and ability to relate to all generations defied time itself.
He was evergreen. So I in a sense I was never prepared for this.

In the 27 years I have been alive, I have never encountered anyone with the ability to love as deeply and as selflessly as my grandpa did. Everyone came before him, his needs were always secondary. He was a constant, someone you could always count on, knowing without a shadow of doubt that he had your best interest at heart, always.

Some of my fondest memories of him were during my 3 years spent in boarding school in Nigeria. He would never miss a visiting day and every parents meeting he would be there. When it was time to be picked up for holidays I would always be one of the first to be collected and on the days he couldn’t come to pick me up himself he would make sure there was a box of pizza waiting for me in the car with the driver. I remember the 2 weeks I spent going to his Zenina office, just the two of us with my maths books in tow. In between meetings he would patiently spend time talking me through sums and helping me. Whenever someone would walk into the office he would always proudly announce, “this is my first granddaughter Nnenna”. During lunchtime we would sit together on his desk enjoying whatever grandma had made for us, and my grandpa would always give me the last piece of meat/fish or chicken on his plate. I remember how when I was in hospital to have my appendix removed, he was the last face I saw before I went under, and afterwards he visited me everyday, sitting by my bedside, reading his newspapers. I complained about the hospital food and after that each day he would bring me whatever it was I wanted to eat. How can I forget the days he’d come back from playing golf in Ikoyi where he would always remember to bring me home suya without fail.

His trips to London were my favourite time of the year. I would always rush home from school or work and the second he’d see me walk into the living room his face would light up and I’d hear “Nnenna my dear you’re welcome” at which I’d respond “grandpa I know I’m welcome this is my father’s house”, our own little joke. Before he’d make these trips his golf buddies in Lagos would
always tease him about always coming to London to see his London sweetheart (me). This showed just how deep our bond ran. Whenever he was here visiting there would always be more croissants in the house than anyone could eat, cupboards stocked with cashew nuts and a house filled with his
infectious and hearty laugh. Something I will miss hearing.

He always had time for his grandchildren; we would make fun of his knee-high socks, sandals and shorts combo. We would laugh at the way he never put on his jumper properly (always leaving the bottom untucked). My happiest memory of him will always be last summer when we were on the
family cruise. His face would always light up when he’d open his cabin door and find 3 of his grandchildren there, and he would be so happy holding our hands whenever we docked in various countries. I’ll always remember how he danced at the party with us, his beaming smile that day and how much he enjoyed that holiday. I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas of 2019 in Lagos; I remember landing and my grandpa had ensured the driver would be there to help pick me up. He called constantly until I got to my uncle’s house. I remember the time we spent together on Christmas day and him telling me how happy he was that I was finally spending Christmas in Lagos with him. I remember how tightly he hugged me the last time I saw him that holiday, telling me to make sure I come back for Christmas 2020.

This loss has been devastating. I will miss hearing him sing “happy birthday” off key to me each year, I will miss hearing “Nnenna my dear”, I will miss the instances where we’d try to video call him and he’d put the phone to his ear, I will miss him asking me every visit when I’m going to get married and give him is first great-grandchild, I will miss his hugs and pats on the back, I will miss how he always complained about how loud the music in my car was and how I drive too fast, I will miss calling him once a week and updating him on everything. Most especially, I will miss his love that enveloped me and made me feel safe even when we were not together.

I am at peace knowing that there is no doubt my grandpa is resting peacefully in God’s gentle embrace. Knowing there was no one who loved God more, nothing would make my grandpa happier than to be in God’s presence. I pray that I am able to honour the legacy he has left behind.

Grandpa I hope you know how deeply you are loved, I hope you know that you are one of the greatest loves of my life, I hope you know being your first grandchild is something I am most proud of, and I hope you know I will miss you forever. There will never be another like you.

Anxiously awaiting our heavenly reunion where you will once again say, “Nnenna my dear you are welcome”

Love always
Nnenna your dear
Posted by Chiazam Mozie on August 9, 2020
To my darling grandpa,

I don’t even know where to start with this tribute, you’ve had such a profound impact on my life and who I am today, so I don’t know how I can adequately convey this in words.

You always had time for me, even when I was an annoying child and didn’t appreciate how lucky I was to be in your presence. You would spend my summer holidays teaching me maths, never once raising your voice or your hand at me, no matter how many questions I asked, or how confused I was, or how absent minded I was. Then I got older, and you were still more than willing to share your time with me. I would call you in university, whenever I felt lonely or bored or simply wanted to hear your voice. You always had an ear to listen, time to give, advice to dole out and you would give yourself so freely without once complaining or showing displeasure.

You were a man full of life and full of adventure, despite being 84 you always had time and energy. We would touch your head when you were sleeping and you would warn us that for touching the head of an old man, we would have to buy a cow, yet you would laugh anyway. I think it’s your laugh that I’ll miss most of all, because it was so infectious and always lifted my spirits. I’ll miss you with every breath I take, but I know you’ll be with me every step of the way because the lessons you’ve taught me have left an indelible mark on me.

Love Chiazam
Posted by Cynthia Nwizu on August 8, 2020
Dear Cousin Enoch Ifeanyi.

You have finished your race and while I did not have the pleasure of meeting you on this side of glory, I am blessed by the many tributes to you and the testimony of your life that remains. Thank you for the legacy that you have created. May we walk in it as we continue to run the race set before us. To God be the Glory.

Cynthia Ebele Nwizu
Posted by Toyin Jibowu Adedeji on August 8, 2020
A Course Well Run

Uncle has finished his race! He has fought the good fight. He has gone to rest. While we prayed for a different outcome, God called him home to Him to rest and enjoy the gift of eternity. There is a lot of pain, tears and grief, but to my darling friends Ngozi and Adaora, to Aunty, Ikenna and Nnamdi, I say take heart and be proud of the legacy he left behind. He was a great man of Integrity and godly character. I must confess that in the earlier days I was a tad bit scared of him and was on my very best behavior in his presence - minding my P’s and Q’s but as I got older, I found him to be most kind and thoughtful. I enjoyed the stories shared about him and the life that he lived. What a great example he was to his family - children, grandchildren, siblings , nieces and nephews. It was a pleasure to know him and I’m sure of the fact that he is resting in the bosom of the Lord, satisfied that he left a solid foundation for his family to keep moving forwards without his physical presence. Uncle, say hello to my dad and to Funke as you walk the streets paved with gold!!
Posted by Kosiso Nwizu on August 7, 2020

Dear Uncle Ifeanyi. You were always my chubby Grand-Uncle. My Granddaddy, The Very Rev. Nwizu Chike would always tell my siblings and I beautiful and funny stories about your childhood with him. Whenever you come to visit us in Enugu we would be glad. And we prepare for your visit. Then we welcome you with open arms which you embrace so heartily. I always loved your smiles and warmth. I love seeing you whenever u have a joyful conversation and laughter. Though I never spent so much time with you, but the moments I did, it was really memorable
Posted by Ikenna Enechukwu on August 6, 2020
Grand Pa! as you're fondly called by your grand children.

The news of your demise came to me as a great shock, knowing how I joined your loved ones to pray this cup passes; hoping to see you stronger like you have always come out stronger in the past.
I have not spent somuch time with You but the few moments I will surely cherish.

Thanks for your legacy!
Thanks for few times I spent with you!

Do sleep well in the bosom of the Lord. Till we meet to part not more.

Posted by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 5, 2020
By Reverend Chike Nwizu


This is a difficult task for me to perform to write a tribute to my younger brother who was swept away by the heartless Corona Virus. There was not time to say Goodbye. He was at the hospital at Lagos and I was in the hospital at Enugu. I was discharged and I looked forward to his own discharge when we would talk about our experiences and failure of satan to snatch away any of us, little did I know that this would not be. Alas my beloved brother, Nwakaibeya I gave you that name in appreciation and recognition of the love you have for me. We were always together whether you were in Aba or Okirika or Zaria or Lagos or USA and I in Aba or Owerri, or Port Harcourt or London or Enugu, we were always in touch with each other. You would always consult me on anything you wish to do be it your education, post graduate work, employment or even your marriage. You advised your future wife you met in Lagos to see me at Enugu and get my approval for you to marry her which I appreciated. Our father died early and you took me as your father. Yes, we grew up together, we were like twins the age difference notwithstanding. We did many things together even fought as teenagers, learnt driving together, one day we went to Cinema together with the knowledge of our mother, our father locked us out and we slept in a tailors workshop.

If you did not hear from me for two days, you would ring to ease your anxiety when you hear my voice.

Nwakaibeya, what did you do without consulting me or confiding in me? God gave us longevity to be 80 and over when neither of our parents succeeded to be even seventy and to see our children and grandchildren.

Nwakaibeya you were very intelligent, hardworking full of wisdom, a problem solver. You were excelled in your profession. You were General Manager of Texaco, a foreign oil company where you distinguished yourself. You were very kind, generous to all and sundry, you were the pride of our family. Why did you not overcome Covid 19, why should you fall victim to it? The last time I tried to get in touch with you over the phone but could not, you were already battling with Covid19.  I sent you a text message which read “Beloved Nwakaibeya, I can't tell you how many times I have tried to reach you without success, but certainly you have not reached the end of the road, a Christian at times faces trials. But his faith in God should be firm. We will saturate ourselves with prayers. Have increased faith in God". Little did I know that the end has really come, you probably did not read the text message. We prayed all the time, many others also prayed. I understand you were sent to one of the best hospitals in Lagos, yet they could not succeed in saving your life and you could not make it.

Nwakaibeya, we may ask why after burying our only beloved sister on July 2nd, the hand of death would snatch you away only two weeks after. The Scriptures say: “In everything give God thanks”. We thank Him for giving you to Nwizu family. We thank Him for what he has done with you, the memories you have left behind. We thank Him that He is God and knows best. We therefore cannot question Him.

May the gentle soul of my beloved brother Nwakaibeya by the mercy of God rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Nnabude Chike
Posted by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 4, 2020
Dr. Chimezie Nwizu


When I heard you were hospitalized, I was worried; but on a second thought I expected you to pull through because you had always been a dogged fighter. Throughout the time you were in the hospital we prayed fervently for you. The reports we received was that you were making steady progress in recovering. It therefore came to us as a big shock when a few weeks later we received the sad news that you had joined your ancestors. This was very devastating; it is unbelievable that I can no longer chat with you on the phone.

Ifeanyi, my brother, was a no nonsense guy. Right from when we were young whenever any of his younger brothers called him "Okpa Obagwu" (bow legs) he would pursue him and kick him fiercely with the obagwu legs.

He combined his no nonsense posture with sharp intellect and hard work. He was one of the few in his secondary school class to obtain Cambridge Certification in Grade One, he subsequently went on to get a degree in Engineering at a time such a course was considered very tough.

Enoch worked in a multinational company where he was widely acclaimed to be incorruptible. The politics of the business was very rough, several attempts were made to eliminate him or side track him. At a point, he was thought by his detractors to have a big deity that was protecting him; far from it. I know that my brother was a disciplined Christian, he never consulted a native doctor in his whole life. Ifeanyi survived all the intrigues and plans to eliminate him to rise to the top of his job. That is the reason for the nickname, "Nwakaibeya."

Ifeanyi loved his wife, family and siblings. He always sort for peace. Whenever there was a knotty issue in the family, he always proffered a solution that did not only solve the problem but also promoted peace.

A great light has been put off. Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints. For to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. (Psalm 116:15 and 2 Corinthians 5:8)

We feel weighed down with shock and grief, but we find hope and consolation in the reality that Jesus is alive and at work in us. Although we still face the heart ache and pain we can well go to Christ to walk with us in our tunnel of grief. He can bring rays of hope to brighten our fog.

We have accepted the loss as the will of God almighty with the assurance that he is resting peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.

Nwakaibeya, my brother, continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

Adieu Nwakaibeya!
Adieu Ifeanyi!
Adieu Enoch!
Posted by Okechukwu Nwizu on August 4, 2020
This is a sad and sudden lost. I remember uncle as been very friendly and approachable, when I was much younger, he used to pat my head whenever we saw ( which was kinda annoying). He was a loving brother, husband,father, uncle and grandfather. While we will miss him dearly I believe he is in a much better place now where there is no pain, suffering or disease. A place where we will be forever young.
Posted by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 4, 2020
By Pastor Ilochonwu


Ifeanyi, you worked and lived up to your full Ibo name-“IFEANYICHUKWU”-meaning “For with God nothing shall be impossible” which was what the angel said to Mary the mother of Jesus as recorded in Luke 1:37. Your parents believed in that pronouncement and named you “IFEANYICHUKWU” at your birth. You lived and worked up to your name. Your academic and your career achievements speak eloquently of this. The colour of your skin could not stop you from achieving your destiny.

After your retirement, those who knew you in tennis court can testify that you never gave up. You never gave up until the game was over. To you, “nothing was impossible until it was actually over”.

We, who played the game of “Draft” with you can testify to this. Even when your dinner was ready, you would not stop playing until the end of the round. Sometimes your wife would call you and say, “Ifeanyi and Peter dinner is getting cold” but you would continue playing until the game was over. Your daughters Ada and Ngozi then, under five years old, would come and scatter our game but you would not get up until you see the end of the game. Often I had to stop playing and say, “Ifeanyi, let’s go for dinner”.

Even at the later end of your life, when death kept knocking at your door “you refused to answer until God said “it is over.”

Ifeanyi, I thank God for your dogged determination to fight to the end.                                    
I pray that your soul will rest in perfect peace, in Jesus Name.

Pastor Peter Ilochonwu
Posted by Ezinne Irukwu Nwizu on August 4, 2020
Dear Uncle Ifeanyi Nwizu,

It's really difficult writing this tribute, because you are still existent in my mind, as the vibrant and energetic man i have known, for the 11 years that i have been a member of the Nwizu family.

A peace maker, a very kind and compassionate man, you are and will always be ( because i still don't know how to address you in the past).
The first time i met you was at a family gathering, in your home at Festac, after Nnamdi's wedding ceremony. The image i have of you, till date, is that of a charismatic, loving and caring father, not only to your biological children, but to all who are around you. You got to know that my office was at Festac and heartily offered me an open cheque, to always visit your home anytime i wanted. You never failed to welcome me with open arms on each of those visits to your home, and the warm hospitality you offered, remains one of the indelible memories that i would keep having of you.

I know that this is a difficult time for your family, but our consolation is in the fact that you lived a good life, lived well above the biblical age and made positive impact in the lives of those who came around you.

I part with these great words of the Holy Book ; "But i would not have you to be ignorant brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that YE SORROW NOT, LIKE THEM WHO HAVE NO HOPE" - 1Thessalonians 4:13.

Our hope is on the Almighty God, who has deemed it fit to call you now, to eternal glory, that He would grant you eternal and peaceful rest in his loving bosom, and also comfort those whom you left behind.

Our hope also, is that we shall see you again on that last day, to part no more.

Fare Thee Well Great One!
Posted by Ngozi Agbapu on August 4, 2020
It's difficult to find the right words to comfort Adaora, Ngozi and the entire family on the passing to glory of their loving, jovial and humorous dad. Just this time last year we were cruising, dancing and celebrating with him aboard Symphony of the Seas during Adaora's 50th birthday celebration. One could not believe his 80+ age giving his youthfulness and agility.

As a teenager nearly 40 years ago when I first met Nwakaibeya at their large palatial home set on that massive plot at Cameron Road, Ikoyi, I was awestruck by the simple, down to earth and humorous man behind the larger-than-life figure of top shot at Texaco! He came down to our level to relate and discuss with me and likewise all other of Adaora and Ngozi friends. It didnt take long for me to begin to feel like "family member "

While Nnena was schooling in Nigeria, herself and my daughter spent their school breaks between my home in Maryland and Grandpa's at Festac. During this time, I saw Nwakaibeya very often and observed this quintessential family man, a gentleman per excellence, a devout practising Christian, a doting husband, a fun loving humorous young at heart grandpa come down to the girls level to relate and teach them the life virtues and values he so engraved in his children. He was really an exemplary father. His love and respect for his wife was visible as one watched them gist, throw banters and laugh so heartily as they sat lounging together.

Everyone whoever encountered you was left with a positive feeling and a " word of wisdom." Indeed a great man has joined the Angels of God in heaven.
I pray for the family and friends that God will give them the fortitude to bear the pain of his departure from earth and fill their hearts with Thanksgiving to God for a life well spent. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Ignatius Udeogu on August 3, 2020
Your home call on July 16th, 2020, was a huge shock to me, because for whatever reasons, I could never have associated death with you at the time it came! Within that week, I had compelling urge to call you, but due to my hospital visits, I could not call you. Little did I know you were in the hospital and in pains!

Your life had great positive influence and effects
on everyone that came in contact with you. You were very kind, caring, loving and very compassionate and a truly family man! You were honest, humble, unassuming, helpful and God fearing in your life time. You were a detribalised Nigerian; a quality very uncommon in our environment.

At 84, you lived a good life. You were alive to see your children become adults with their families and highly distinguished in their professions and careers. The party they held for you on Saturday, 20th July, 2016, on your 80th birthday anniversary, was a celebration of your life. I am glad you were able to listen and read what people had to say. I can not but thank your lovely children for being so thoughtful and appreciative of you. I pray for the repose of your noble Soul. You certainly worked very hard to earn a place in God's kingdom. I have no doubts in my mind that you earned it!

To our Mummy, Lady Victoria Ezim Nwizu, my wife and I mourn with you. We feel your pains and can imagine your devastation with the sudden exit of your darling "Ifeanyi" Your voice always depicted the depth of love you had for him. It will definitely be hard for you not to miss him and not to be lonely. But, you must take solace that the separation was beyond his control. He would have done anything to stay longer with you, the immediate and distant families! We are all living to die....the time, we certainly do not know. Looking at your beautiful children around you, and God's blessings on the family, you must take heart and be strong.

To the children, Adaora/Jonny, Ngozi/Emeka, Ikenna, Nnamdi, and daughters in law, please accept our condolences. May our good Lord comfort each of you. Your Dad certainly was proud of you all. I remember him proudly showing me the business cards of Ada and Ngozi! Your respective achievements is a pride to any parent. It was good you celebrated him at his 80th birthday. It was an opportunity well utlised!

To the brothers and sister; Engr. David C. Nwizu (Akalaka Nnewi), Very Rev. (Barr) Chike Nwizu, Priscilla Nwizu, Dr. Sir Chimezie S. Nwizu, Mr. Chukwudum B. Nwizu (Ugonwanne), Engr. Ibe Nwizu, and Mr. Obiora Nwizu, we share the grief of your loss. I can imagine the devastation, considering how you held him and the love and friendship in the family. Please take heart and may our good Lord comfort you at this time.

May the Soul of Engr Enoch Ifeanyichukwu Nwizu (Nwakaibeya) and the Souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace, Amen.



Mr and Mrs Ignatius Ifeanyi Udeogu.

Posted by Uchenna Amaku on August 3, 2020

Nwakaibeya Ifeanyi Nwizu was one of the most important people in my life-even as an in-law. A true definition of gentleman per excellence!

To the best of my knowledge, his health was not failing him, as you would expect someone of that age. No, Nwakaibeya was strong and remained so until date with transition came calling.

It helps me to see that he was able to touch so many people through his family and professional life.

Nwakaibeya Ifeanyi gave so much to his large family and humanity-his first and longtime love.

Whenever he called my name, I felt love. He thought me and everyone around him, the importance of loving and of not being afraid to express and show it.

I think he had a special place in his heart for his family-immediate and extended-including in-laws like me. He had time for everyone.

Here was a man who was a reassuring presence for the great Nwizu family.

It was an honour and priviledge for me to witness a great man live a good life, and then a flight into glorious transformation, and to eternity.

What a man there was!

Nze Uchenna Amaku
Posted by Ngozi Nwizu on August 3, 2020
Da-a-a-di-mu, My Ideal. My Hero!

Your chair lies empty longing for the familiar feel of your warm body. I miss seeing you do the lizard dance while reclining after a satisfying evening meal. When I would often tease you that you are dozing off, you would say you were only ‘meditating’. The sound of your hearty laughter, springing from your beautiful soul, has now been replaced by my soundless cries of agony punctuated by episodic wailing. How I miss you so, so much. I recall seeing you and mummy off to the airport during your last visit in August 2019. I had lingered while you both checked in your luggage. Afterwards, I waved goodbye through the glass partitions and you had waved back vigorously with a huge smile on your face. I had no inkling that would be the last time I would see you in person, otherwise I would have gone back in to hug you tightly some more and never let you go.

I struggle to find words to adequately describe you…. you were God-fearing first and foremost. Growing up, you were usually the first to rise in the morning and would wake the rest of us up to gather in the family room to praise and worship God, read the bible together and pray. You used these opportunities to mold our character and teach us so many important life lessons. After you got home from work, like clockwork, you would sit at your desk in your bedroom and have your own personal bible study time and then prepare for our next morning family devotion. How reassuring it was for me to know you covered each of us with prayers every single day. We learned so much from you, too many examples to recount. You taught us to always remember a good name is better than riches (Prov 22:1) and that Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Tim 6:6). We learned from you to appreciate the simple things of life. As I write this tribute to you, I can hear in my spirit, you singing one of your favorite songs, “Count your blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

Da-a-a-di mu, you were an incredibly rich example of what an ideal father should be. You were an excellent provider who understood the true meaning of sacrifice, constantly putting our needs above yours. I felt very safe and protected growing up because I knew I could always depend on you no matter what. I knew you to be a person who makes a promise and does not break it, even if hurt by it (Psalm 15:4), for you deeply understood commitment. I never had to wonder about who you truly were or what you stood for because you consistently lived by example. You loved us deeply and it showed in your eyes and in so many ways. You were always a great encourager and made us believe in ourselves. You were quick to celebrate each of us and always chose to use positive affirming words no matter what.

You had no air or graces about you. I recall an incident that happened when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Someone had gotten into an argument with you in my presence. Once it was over, you immediately sat me down and apologized on behalf of both parties for arguing in front of me. You also consistently treated people from all walks of life really well, whether they were deserving or not. This was borne out of your deep conviction that “anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen, (1John 4:20).” So you often allowed yourself to be cheated in your dealings with people. I watched you pursue the path of peace innumerable times whenever there was conflict of any kind, while holding firm to your values and beliefs.

Your wholesome character has left an indelible impression in my mind. I knew you to be even tempered, unbelievably resilient. You were incredibly patient, enduring all kinds of hardships and mistreatment without complaining. I observed how sometimes people would take advantage of your kind-heartedness. Sometimes I became angry, felt you were too weak ……... only to realize later in life that all along you were acting from a position of great strength, not weakness. I found out it actually requires a great deal of inner strength and maturity to exercise restraint and resist the urge to not pay back or lash out, and go on to do good and be a blessing, regardless.

I also saw how you doggedly pursued your career with a passion. You were a highly disciplined person with a strong work ethic. This reflected in how you discharged your official duties and rose to the pinnacle of your professional career. You made a conscious decision to live above board at home and at work, and although that firm decision caused a lot of difficulties for you, you remained resolute in your decision.

I never quite understood the immense privilege of having you as my father until I grew up and realized you are really one of a kind, a cut above the rest (Nwakibeya). I thank God for the beautiful and fulfilling life you lived. God blessed and rewarded you with a family that loves you fiercely and with longevity, so you could see all your children well settled and doing very well. He allowed you the opportunity to be blessed by your children in return and reap the fruits of your labor. God also gave you the opportunity to travel widely with the wife of your youth as your constant companion, from visiting Yankari game reserve in Northern Nigeria, through many other cities in Nigeria. From the plains of Senegal in North Africa, through Ghana and Ivory Coast in West Africa and Cape town and Zambia in Southern Africa. From Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to Niagara Falls in Buffalo. I recall you both once ate at a floating restaurant in Germany that only served egg dishes and at another time had a fabulous trip to Brazil. You and mummy also toured many countries throughout Europe and many places in North America. You created so many beautiful, memorable moments with your wife, children & spouses, grandchildren, extended family members and close friends. In your latter years, God blessed you with greater wealth that ensured you lacked nothing, and kept you of sound mind and body so that you could blissfully enjoy a life of ease.
Daddy m’, I want you to know that it has been easy to understand and relate to the Almighty God as my Heavenly Father (Abba Father), because of how you have modeled fatherhood. As a result of these incredibly beautiful and joyful experiences of you as my earthly father, and God as my Heavenly Father, I am blessed beyond measure and very secure in who I am and have a great sense of my own self-worth. I know who I am and whose I am, for my life is hid in Christ in God. Therein lies my true identity. This has given me the confidence to go out into the world and to be the very best that I can be.

I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say we are exceedingly proud of you and the honorable life you lived. You were the archetype of the man described in Psalm 37:37: “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace”. You have left a lasting legacy for us that we will carry through for generations to come. Although a huge void has been created as a result of your sudden transition, mana anyi ma na i jelu nkeoma. Though we are extremely saddened by your departure, our mourning is tempered by the hope we have beyond the grave. 1Thess 4:13. We are comforted by the fact that it is not goodbye forever, for we will certainly see you on Resurrection Morning.

Kachifo, Ezigbo Nnam.

Love you so much daddy

Ọ mu, Ngor gi
Posted by Nduka Agada on August 2, 2020
Uncle Enoch Nwizu was my golfing partner and my wife and I were fond of him. During his last visit to London, I enjoyed our usual round of golf with him and a friend of mine; and not withstanding his 80+ age, he trounced us round and square but kept on encouraging us on how to improve our game.

He was magnanimous and down to earth, a complete gentleman. He was such a great human being – so strong and jovial.

We are honoured to have known him and glad for the time we spent together and the jokes and laughter we shared with him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Titi Adenuga on August 2, 2020
Adaora got her sense of responsibility and her sense of humour naturally, she inherited it from you. I hope you know how dearly you are loved. You have left behind a gapping void and despair. But it is my fervent prayer that from this despair springs forth new shoots of comfort, Joy and peace.

Titi Adenuga (QC)
Posted by Charles Onunkwo on August 2, 2020
Kind smiles and deep good natured guffaws are my earliest memories of uncle Ifeanyi. 
His positive impact on people around him drove them to greater aspiration. He prompted us to be the best versions of ourselves.
Even though he has embarked on his final journey his legacy endures.
His wise counsel, calm temperament and genial nature will be sorely missed.
Adieu Uncle Ifeanyi
Posted by Gerald Smith on August 2, 2020
I was very saddened to learn that my dear friend, Enoch, has passed away. He and I worked together for Texaco Nigeria Ltd. during the years 1978 to 1985. As the General Manager, he was most accomplished, an inspiration to all who worked with him. Enoch's dedication, honesty, and integrity made him truly special. These characteristics extended as well to his family life, being a wonderful husband for his wife, Victoria, and his four children, Adaora, Ngozi, Ikenna, and Nnamdi. Enoch will be sorely missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known him. I will now close with a "farewell until we meet again" to a most special friend.
Posted by Emmanuel Onwuegbuzie on August 1, 2020
Dear Pa Nwizu,

It is with great shock and despair that I write this tribute after I heard of your passing. I know no one will live forever but we still never want to let our parents go.

I met you when I was a little boy visiting my friend, your son Nnamdi on exit days from boarding school at King’s College. You were always welcoming, jovial, full of wisdom and fun to be around. You lived a successful, blessed and accomplished life.

You may not know it, but you were one of my inspirations to study Engineering at Ahmadu Bello University. I used to think you where a Chemical Engineer that’s how you got to work in Texaco. So I had an ambition to study Chemical Engineering after I graduated from Kings College and also get a job in Texaco too or even Chevron. But alas, my path was to be different from yours. I did study Engineering at Ahmadu Bello University but it was Civil and not Chemical. But the twist was that Nnamdi and I found ourselves in the Banking Industry.

I shall always remember you as one of my great mentors in life. We love you Pa Nwizu but God loves you most. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord.

Posted by Roseline Igbokwe on August 1, 2020
Oh my God!! May his soul rest in perfect Peace. What a sad news this morning!! He was one of the greatest men I ever met in Texaco. I earned a place in his heart. He was an inspiration to me - he mentored me, fought for me, spoke on my behalf, protected me from the hands of wolves in sheeps’ clothing and helped me grow to become a respectable young lady. Ultimately, he became my role model until he retired. He was someone I could always talk to in confidence about men who wanted to push personal and ethical boundaries and forget the main purpose of why they were working for the company. He was a father to many, including myself. Oh why, why? May his humble soul truly rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Posted by Anthony Ohomele on August 1, 2020
Late Mr Nwizu was an enigma; meant different things to different peoples. One thing though that he stood for was excellence built around intergrity and character.
He was indeed a man at the workplace.
May his soul rest in a verdant place, full of light, peace and eternal bliss!
Posted by Okechukwu Ahuchogu on August 1, 2020
Mr Nwizu was an amazing friend to my Mum and Dad. I remember when as a young boy I told my Dad I wanted to be a magician. That became my name forever for Mr. Nwizu. Every time he saw me he called me Mr. magician....a wonderful Uncle. May you rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Chikezie Okereke on August 1, 2020
A most memorable man. I spent 1 week on a cruise with him and felt like I had known him all my life. I had expected to meet and spend more time with Daddy. Alas it was not to be. I accept that God knows best and that Daddy is presently in a special place the Great Lord has created for him. No doubt we will meet again. Rest in peace Daddy.
Posted by Nneka Jefferson on August 1, 2020
It was an honor to have known you. You were an examplary family man. You were a hardworking father and put your family first in all you did. I am grateful to have known you and to have felt your impact. Ije oma . ka chukwu ne du gi mgbe ni ne.
Posted by Nnamdi Ahuchogu on August 1, 2020
Mr Nwizu was a great friend and support to my mum and dad. Especially to my mum after the passing of my dad. He gave me my first ever job when I worked briefly as an apprentice in his printing works company. I met him last at my mums 80th birthday celebrations in November 2018 and he was as I always remembered him, a very jovial character, full of wit and very kind hearted. You will be sorely missed Uncle, rest in perfect peace and thank you for all your support and kindness!
Posted by Godwin Omar Atsimene,jnr on August 1, 2020
You were a great uncle and a great father to my friends Ikenna and Nnamdi. You-were so fun to be around. Whenever I visited you I was met with a big hand shake and a warm smile. You were kind, hospitable, loving and generous, and we all loved you very much. You provided for your family and raised four children. You fought your sickness to the end and now you are in a better place. May the Lord be with you and with your spirit. I’ll miss you a lot.
Posted by Chioma Udu on August 1, 2020
May Your gentle soul Rest In Peace sir!! You lived a fulfilled life surrounded by love and peace! May God grant your soul eternal rest and his perpetual light always shine upon you.
Posted by Chukwuma Mozie on August 1, 2020
My memories of you will last a lifetime.
So many years ago when I was stranded,
You welcomed me and let me stay under your roof.
Like a son, you took me in, and taught me life lessons.
Using your own experiences, you showed me how to live.
At no point did you cease from letting me tap from your wealth of experience.
So you touched my life, and inspired me more.
You created much love and affection within the circle of your family,
And extended it to those outside of it, who crossed your path.
Your life was so true to the words of Abraham Lincoln,
That it is not the years in our life that count, but the life in our years.
Your own years was filled with life, and you lived a fulfilled one.
Now you have returned to the very source of life,
Fare thee well Papa!
Until the last breath, you'll always be remembered.

Posted by Vincent. Ade. on August 1, 2020
Dear Daddy, you were a father to all of us and your love cuts across all tribal barriers. You took me as a son and i mourn your departure as my father. i stand with Mummy, Ikenna and his siblings at this difficult time but i am rest assured that you are looking down from heaven smiling and interceding for us all. Adieu great man and a true father. Vincent Dotun Adegbotolu
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Agwamma Agwamma on August 15, 2020
Dear Daddy Nwizu,
I feel like I know you without having met you. I see your influence in the larger than life personalities and big heartedness of your daughters Adaora and Ngozi. I’ve laughed at the hilarious comments of yours that Adaora freely shared with friends. Her great love, affection and respect for you always shone through. Your passing away has left your family devastated, but I hope they will take comfort in the wonderful memories of the time spent with you, and in the knowledge that you lived a very full and happy life and were loved and appreciated by many. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Agwamma Agwamma on August 15, 2020
Dear Daddy Nwizu,
I feel like I know you without having met you. I see your influence in the larger than life personalities and big heartedness of your daughters Adaora and Ngozi. I’ve laughed at the hilarious comments of yours that Adaora freely shared with friends. Her great love, affection and respect for you always shone through. Your passing away has left your family devastated, but I hope they will take comfort in the wonderful memories of the time spent with you, and in the knowledge that you lived a very full and happy life and were loved and appreciated by many. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Felix Ohiwerei on August 14, 2020
The news of the passing to glory of Enoch Ifeanyi Nwizu was a thunderous shock. I did not know he was ill.
Ifeanyi’s elder brother Ven. Chike Nwizu was my classmate in secondary school and we have remained very good friends till date. I started hearing about Ifeanyi’s brilliance from school. He confirmed this by making a first class degree in Engineering.
He had a very successful career with Texaco where he rose to the enviable position of General Manager and Director of Texaco Nigeria Limited.
I got to know him well while he was at Texaco. For many years we attended the same church.
Ifeanyi was a diligent Christian. He was hard working, straight talking, and honest. He fought for his right and for the right of fellow Nigerians at Texaco. He was a rewarder of excellent performance.
He ran the company he founded on retirement, Zenina Limited, with zeal and ingenuity. For two decades before he passed on to glory.
Ifenayi loved his family dearly and gave them his best. I pray that the Lord comforts his darling wife, children, grand-children, relatives and all of us who loved Ifeanyi.
May his soul rest in peace.

Felix Ohiwerei.

his Life
Our father, Mr Ifeanyichukwu Enoch Nwizu, was a brilliant and compassionate man who left an impression on everyone he met. Dad held a First & Masters degree in Engineering and retired as General Manager and Director of Texaco Nigeria Limited in 1994. After he retired from Texaco, he ran a manufacturing company for a further 20 years before finally leaving business to concentrate on his family and golf; a game he loved and played religiously until his death on the 16th of July, 2020, at 84.
Dad loved his family and spent many years coaching and mentoring his grandchildren. From impacting his love for numbers, to sharing the diverse and interesting history of his family, he loved nothing more than being part of his grandchildren’s life. He had a unique ability to touch a chord in everyone he came into contact with, irrespective of how old they were. His infectious laugh was loudest, especially in the company of his many grandchildren.
A fervent believer of God and unapologetic protector of the truth, he will be remembered for his patience and remarkably even temperament. He was also an avid reader, loved red wine  and keen sportsman who was fiercely independent and let very few things interrupt his weekly games of golf. We also need to add that he was never ever late for a meeting.
We, his family, are utterly heartbroken by his passing and will miss him more than words will capture. He was a beautiful soul, a rare shining light of truth and we are all privileged to have had him as our father.
Rest in perfect peace, dearest, precious Dad. We will never forget you.

Recent stories
Shared by Nnamdi Nwizu on August 4, 2020
In memory of Enoch Ifeanyi Nwizu
Shared by Nnamdi Nwizu on July 29, 2020
A Story by Theo Oji.

Nwakaibeya Engr. Enoch Nwizu and I have been very close friends for 62 continuous years until his very sad demise.
We met in 1958 at the engineering course at the then Nigerian College of Arts Science and Technology, now Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Being classmates, Shell Oil Company Scholarship holders and keen lawn tennis players, was how it all started. After four years and graduating in our courses, he in mechanical engineering and I electrical, we found ourselves living close to each other at Surulere in our early working careers. There the friendship graduated to a higher scale. We socialised and played our lawn tennis regularly. Thereafter he and I went overseas for further training, he to USA and I to Sweden. 

Upon return to Nigeria a few years later and progressing in our careers, he in TEXACO and I in CHEVRON, we again saw ourselves living close to each other, this time in Victoria Island. Both of us now married with children, the friendship went up steps higher, including our families. We remained very close till we both retired from service and both found favour in a new sport, golf.  We have since been playing the game every week for the past 25 years. He was a founding member of our VETERANS GOLFERS GROUP at the Ikoyi Club and was instrumental in my joining the group. We also had many golfing outings in London over the years. We also had some common health issues and experiences which we shared. He and his wife Vicky visited me and my wife Mary  after my surgery in London. Similarly we visited him in London after his own surgery.

So, we have shared both joyful times and painful times together over the 62 years of our friendship. Now it has pleased our Creator to call him home and take him from us. We thank God for the glorious time He gave him on earth and pray for the happy repose of his soul and for abundant Divine consolation for Vicky and the children, grandchildren and the entire Nwizu family. 

Nwakaibeya, farewell, farewell, farewell. 

Your very close friend, Theo Oji.

He only takes “The Best”.

Shared by Amanda Ijeoma on July 29, 2020
Uncle, we still can’t believe we are writing a tribute because of your passing. Words cannot describe this difficult moment, but if this is the last time we get to say goodbye then we know, we will do so with the knowledge that we consider ourself blessed to live this life as your nephews and nieces.
You touched so many lives, including raising our own father. 
 You were kind, hospitable, loving and generous, and we all loved you very much. 
God saw that you were getting tired,
A cure was not to be.
So He put His arms around you
and whispered, “Come with Me.”
With tearful eyes and although we loved you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes “The Best”.
You fought your sickness to the end and now you are in a better place.

RIP Sweet Uncle

Ibe Nwizu Family