His Life
From 1986 Rick got to see a good bit of the other.states. We moved to Panama City Florida where we Tyndall AF Base. Rick's brother Ronald came along in April.of 1988. He was such a great big brother. He also joined boy scouts. He enjoyed that. He had mnay friends. Always had a smile for everyone. He got to attend MDA summer camp. In May of 1991 he welcomed his little sister Stephanie. In 1995 we moved again to Tacoma Wa. Stationed at McChord AF Base. This boy made friends so easily. During our tour there he was put on the Make A Wish List so the family got to go to Disney World. He was in 7th heaven. Limo ride to the airport, plane trip to Orlando Florida, then another limo to the townhouse we were put up in. Breakfast with the chipmunks, meeting Mickey Mouae, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Daisy Duck, Pluto, amd Goofy. 

The Beginning

Rick was born in Augsburg, Germany. I was 22 and stationed there in the Army. Little did I know how this little bundle of joy was going to change me & my life forever. Being so far away from home I was scared. Would I be able to take care of him properly. He made it so easy. He was a quiet little baby. I separated from the service in 1982. We came back to Iowa for a little bit. It was at this time some concern about his coordination came into play. As for  me being a 1st time mom I thought all kids had a coordination problem. We then moved to Panama City, Florida. Rick loved the beaches. He was enjoyed playing in the water and trying to build sand castles. Things seemed fine for the time being. 1984, I separated from Rick's biological father, so Rick & I moved to Chesnee, SC. It was him & I against the world. I felt if I moved back home at that time I would lean to much on my parents and I needed to prove to Rick that I could take care of us both by myself. I was petrified inside but couldn't let him see that. We stayed with my cousin Jackie for awhile. I found a job and we got our own little apartment. Rick loved being in SC with his cousins, Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Ed. Papa as Rick called him. My Uncle was a big man that would scare some people but Rick found him gentle and he had a big heart & love for Rick. I remarried in 1986, and that began a journey of travels in military for Rick & I.