Posted by Bobbie Shampu on December 25, 2020
Merry Heavenly Christmas Boo! 6 yrs without your beautiful soul with us. Christmas has never been the same since you left us. The laughs, smiles, and enjoying this time of year are minimal. You loved Christmas and made all the decorating, baking worth the while. Seems no one else really enjoyed it as much as you and I. But I still decorate and bake in your memory. Just not as much. I still put stuff in your stocking and if someone comes that aren't family I give them what's in it. This year it was Dads friend Jeff. Even got your event calender. Each day someone ate the chocolate for you. I did a couple, but not on my diet. I did get your Christmas M&M thing and put it in the china cabinet where I have a memorial set up of you. Each year I swap it out. I do the same Valentines Day, and Easter. Your nephews and niece are getting so big. Tristan will be 6 next month, Jaxen turned 7 this month, Artorias will be 2 Feb 1st and Lilika tirned 6 months the 12th of December. Baby, I miss you so much and love you with all my ❤. Xoxoxo Mom
Posted by Bobbie Shampu on October 11, 2020
My dearest Boo! Today marks 6 yrs. 6 of the longest years without you. I went to church today. Yes, me..I went to help me thru this of many.days. I then went to watch the TZRR Band play in Illinois, because they play my song for you The Dance by Garth Brooks and I really wanted to hear it and just be by myself. Hell, I'n by myself all the time now anyway. But when I got there I found out it was last weekend they played so another set back. Came home and just got on the lawnmower and mowed the damn leaves. I am missing you so much. You have 3 nephews and a niece now. Tristan Enrique will be 6 in Jan. Jaxen Aron will be 7 in Dec. He is Molly's son but I still consider him my grandson. Artorias Finn will be 2 in Feb and Lilika Rose will be 4 months old tomorrow. This year has really been hard Boo, even more with the Corona Virus and the quarantines. I for one will be glad when it and the election is over. People have become so hateful. We need more people like you. You always smiled and was kind to everyone. If soneone was down you would bring then up. Like you always did me. I will never understand why God had to take an Angel and leave all these devils here . Boo, always remember how much I love you ❤ and miss you! Save a place for me. I'll be there soon. Xoxoxo. Love, Mom
Posted by Bobbie Shampu on October 12, 2019
My dearest Boo! Yesterday was a hard day for me. It marked 5 yrs. 5 yrs without you, your laughter, your beautiful smile. I hope heaven knows the gem they have. You left me with so many memories and still so many unanswered questions. I so enjoy when you think of me by coming in the form of a cardinal or a white butterfly. I have seen an abundance this year. I pray you know how much you are loved and missed. Xoxoxo. Mom
Posted by Bobbie Shampu on October 11, 2016
2 years ago today Boo you took that journey to heaven. 2 yrs ago today my world was forever changed. My heart is still broken. I love you so much little man and miss you more than you could ever know. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. Xoxoxo...Mom
Posted by Shelley West Klaubo on June 17, 2016
Miss your smile and your sweet laughter! You are one of the most genuine and sweetest kids I have known.I'm blessed to have known you!
Posted by Tracy VanBlaricome Fry on June 17, 2016
Hi sweet Rick...Sure do miss you we did have fun when mom was away at the fair oh the hot tub...that was a good day...Your Mom Struggles a lot because she misses you so much I tell her that you would want her to be happy and not be sad you'll see each other again someday...Love and kisses

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