Everybody Loved Him

Shared by Sherrie Del Rivero on October 19, 2011

Mi Suegro was full of surprises. At first we had our issues as inlaws do. He looked at me as the thief who stole his son away from home. My husband was youngest and they adored each other. Even if you thought you didn't like him it didn't take long until you forgot it. Everywhere he went people knew him. I picked him up from the airport (20 years ago) when he arrived back from a trip and he spoke very broken English and pre-911, I met him at the plane and we walked the HUGE Atlanta airport. I was absolutely amazed all down the walkways people called his name. "Enrico" a couple guys called from the custodial stand. He waved and they came and shook his hand. Then a young lady stopped us and said: "Mr. Rivero! So good to see you." I stood there, mouth open, while he and the girl had a 5 minute catch up in English. Finally. he said in his broken style: "got to go, my ride leave me" and he pointed at me and rolled his eyes. Then the security guard at the front got up off his bench and walked toward us and i thought we were in trouble and then suddenly he and my Suegro did what looked like a secret handshake and he said to the guard in English: "they don't give you no gun yet, Charlie?" and he kept right on walking like it was totally normal for them. Finally, the parking attendant saw him broke into a full trot to get to us and said: "Ricky, RIcky, I'll go get your car. You driving the Lincoln?" I was shocked because he did drive a Lincoln and cool as a cucumber my father-in-law said: "not tonight, I got lady chauffeur," winked, and kept on going. He never missed a step and as we got in my car I asked him how they all knew him and you know what he said? "I tip well everytime I come through here." I still smile when I think about it. I told my husband about it and he said it was like that everywhere he went. He made people feel good about themselves. Yes, everybody loved him. I miss him.

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