Posted by Andrea Del Rivero on August 27, 2018
Te sigo recordando, querido hermano.
Posted by Andrea Del Rivero on August 23, 2017
God knows our needs, that is why it is better not to ask, but I feel the need to tell you that you deserve a place in heaven and I hope that you are there with your parents and brothers and also ask that we see each other again in eternity. I love you.
Posted by Victor hugo Del l Rivero ... on August 23, 2016
Padre recuerdo tus enseñanzas y todo de ti descansa en paz siempre te llevare en mi pensamiento y mi corazón
Posted by Andrea Del Rivero on August 22, 2013
A tu recuerdo, querido hermano, una oración al cielo por tu descanso eterno. Se que nos esperas, pero nos cuidas cual ángel, hasta que nos toque turno.
Un beso mi amor.
Posted by Andrea Del Rivero on February 18, 2013
Querido hermano:
Te recuerdo llevándome de tu mano por el parque de Cintalapa. Yo llevaba un vestido amarillo con flores bordadas en color naranja. Era muy pequeña, pero tú estuviste conmigo.
Te amo en mis recuerdos.
Posted by Sherrie Del Rivero on August 31, 2012
Suegro, its been a year, no lo puedo creer!! Descanse en paz!
Posted by Nadia DelRivero on October 24, 2011
This was my favorite person in the whole world! He was a person I could go to for whatever, and he would make everything be ok. I will miss you to the day that I die, but I know that you are in a better place. I just wish things were easier here without you. I love you!!

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