Posted by Jessica Leija on March 21, 2021
Happy 19th Birthday Son I hope Heaven is treating you well. I miss you so much...I hope you are partying it up like you always did. Today is gonna be a hard day but I know you’ll he help me get thru it. I bet your wings are beautiful I can’t wait to see them, along with your beautiful face and smile again. Until then imma hold it down on this side and you prepare a spot for us up there. 1️⃣9️⃣❤️ Enrique forever 18 ❤️
Sunrise 3/21/2002 - Sunset 1/26/2021
Posted by Chuckie Velarde on February 21, 2021
   Enrique, I was blessed to have you in my life almost 11 years. You were just 8 years old. Always so happy, always positive, beautuful smile and laugh and you loved doing anything adventurous. 

   When I got with Grandma I remember her talk about her KING and that was you. It was clear why she always saw you in that way and she forever will. Only now you ARE king of her Angels. 

   You gave this world, your Family, Friends and people who did not even know you many great memories about you. You always shined and you stood out in whatever you did. 

   Watching you grow up and seeing all the fun things you loved doing showed your love for life. When you played your video games or YOUTUBED your Russian Hacker and would build things he did you were always so proud and excited. 

   Always trying to explain to me things, games, sports, hacks and things you saw on the internet that excited you and you could just go on. You were alway with us so we had lots of times

   You loved the sports you played and you played them all and you played them well. Watching you on the field in baseball and football was the best. This is when I learned to love and appreciate and get to know the game.

   Your love for the sports took us all many places and showed us good times. In Baseball as you were at bat, you made your cross and kissed your thumb up to the lord. 

   In football you took us to 4 super bowls winning 3 of them. Football is the one you made my favorite. You were that player that would Rowl up you players and the Fans by running up the side lines with your hands in the air saying GET EM UP.

   Cooking inside or outdoors you always loved being involved with all of it. Keeping you from playing with the lighters was our only challenge. Lol. You memmer . 

   Camping, Fishing, hunting, archery and and eating at Los Ojos and the little store in Jemez was always good too. All the doritos and bean dip you would always get. We loved it all.

   Working on our vehicles was always fun. We had some challenges but we managed to always get the job done. You saved my back many times and you always learned your tasks well and took on the Job.

   Learning to drive with you at the PIT parking was a good memory too. We learned on the standard and you laughed when I told you that you had to learn the clutch if you wanted the TACO from Taco Bell.... You memmer that one too. Lol. You did learn standard well

   Always wanting the late night McDonald's which later turned to Blake's Lota Burger burritos as you got older. Oh yea, when you ate that hot pop corn at the firery food show. That was hot you said. And of course Tucanos and the Sea Food buffet. WE ALWAYS DID SOME DAMAGE RIGHT.

   Then you grew up on us, graduated School and like a Man does you went into the work force and were well respected for who you were. Even with that you always made time for those who needed help. 

   Ricko, you always had good people in your life that may have helped pave your way for all the good that you did. You had a Good Mother and Grandparents, amazing Sister and Brother, good Family and friends. Always know the good you did is because of who you are though. 

   You always had Big dreams of playing baseball and you always worked hard to follow that dream. You even brought your grades up to keep playing ball. 

   You had so much believing in you and great family support to keep your dream alive You had good directions from some Good coaches and sadly roadblocks from others that tried to fail you and he will have to live with that. Thru it all you always did what you were asked. 

   Ricko, I wish we had more time to laugh, talk and all the things above but now we rely on GODS promise that we will see you again. 

   Only you and God really know why you had to leave us on this day but we do wish things were different. There is alot of pain, confusion and uncertainty with everything going on but again only you and God know why but we do pray for the understanding that only a parent and grandparent deserves.

   I love you Ricko and I can't thank you enough for who you were to me. I will always hope I was the same to you. God bless, soar high Ricko keep knocking them home runs and scoring touch downs and keep the crowds spirits up like you know how.

   Always pray for your Family and friends that we all find peace and comfort.  May God keep you and your family safe in Jesus name. 




Posted by Mia Baca on February 17, 2021
18.? 18 years young &' taken from your familyy.. This aint right one bit you deserved so much more than this., you had your whole life ahead of you a whole path to still walk on but you ended up going a different way.. I didnt know you for that long but every time nayeli (ninel) talked about you which was always so highly.. She adored you &' loved you more than words can say or do.. You were such a good soul with a pure heart with good intentions people did you wrong but you stood right by everyone youve ever loved &' cared for.. You even cared for me when i went over or whenever i was around.. Watch over Nayeli Nano &' your mom which youve probably been doing the second you left this earth.. But we love you Bubba youll live on forever youll get the justice you deserve theyre going down.. Rest in paradise light it up ❤

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