Shared by Humfred Mbah Awanka Abono on May 15, 2021

Born to be great!
Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you were just born to be great. Upon your appointment 'as Secretary of State, Pr Njwe Ruben your school mate in CPC Bali of blessed memory told me that your appointment came to some of them like no surprise. Even in those tender school days he said, you had always posed as a big government official. He narrated a story of your journey home through the Metta land when you had closed and were going on vacation. You were trekking and night caught you in  Metta and as you approached a compound you gave them your luggage to carry, took out your blazer and put it on. As you entered the compound you announced authoritatively, " Government people don come, government people don come". The hosts then rushed around and prepared a befitting meal for you and your companions and provided you a good place to sleep. Before ever you went to bed, you summoned the whole family, husband and wives and then asked the wives, " How would you feel if I took along your husband and threw him in jail for not paying his taxes?" They replied that it would be a sad and traumatizing experience. You then admonished them to help their husband pay his taxes and invite other women in that village to do same. You finally promised to come back to ensure that they complied. The following morning you continued your journey to Ngwo. How I had longed to remind you of this story so that we laugh together and have fun! You just grew up with this grandeur in mind and spirit until you became Minister, far bigger than the tax collector you were in this story! 
I remember once we were having lunch in your house at Central town Yaounde and towards 1pm news time you instructed that the radio be tuned on. Then you were Director of Private Education while I was student in Yaounde university and you told your sister-in-law who lived and worked in Yaounde " If during this news cast I am appointed Minister, where would you pass to see me in my office?" She simply replied that she would see you at home in the presence of Mami Edna. Daddy you had expected it, worked hard towards it and you got it.
Over and above all, the big government man and Minister that you were, you were down-to-earth simple and always creating fun that would make people laugh out their lungs. You did this even with the little children that surrounded you to the point of being considered a childish man by those who take life more seriously. It was easy for one to come to you with a problem in mind and leave without posing it because you would crack one joke to the other and make one forget self. I remember Daddy coming to where the dancers were being fed during his father's death celebration and some meat was being shared and he asked for his own piece. I burst out laughing and asked him, "If you are given would you take it?" and he said 'Why not? Am I not here with you? Have you not taken yours?" I felt ashamed for thinking that I could share with the dancers and villagers and not he, a politician for that matter.  That was Daddy at home and in social gatherings. When it came to work, you were too serious and that made your collaborators dread you. One of your former students in GHS Mamfe where you were principal told me you threatened them with sentences like " If any student is caught loitering purposelessly on campus, he will be severely punished". There are many more expressions he claims to have learned from you. 
Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you put motherland first in everything you did. A good number of our folks do not seem to have met their aspirations through you, which is normal: you could not have done everything for everyone all alone. However, when it came to home, the village Ngwo and the Sub-division Njikwa you gave your all. You made your weight to bear in every development sphere. Did we get a District that became Sub-division? You were there. Did we get a secondary school that enabled the poor who would otherwise not have attended college and further their education attend college? You were there. Did we get Nursery and Primary schools at the doorstep of everyone and were saved the trouble of covering long distances for basic education? You were there. Was our road infrastructure maintained and extended? You were there yet again and the list would not be exhausted. Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you gave your all to your home of origin and we can never thank you enough. A star is gone, our only source of pride is gone and we can only thank history for posterity. Go ye well Daddy. Adieu.
Humfred Mbah Awanka Abono.

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