Let the memory of Uncle Eric Ayukawo Ayuk be with us forever.

" What is broken can be mended. What hurts can be healed and no matter how dark it gets, the sun shall rise again"
  • 45 years old
  • Born on April 22, 1974 in Victoria, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on August 14, 2019 in Calgary , Alberta , Canada.
Dear Family, Loved Ones and Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This  memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Uncle Eric Ayukawo Ayuk who at the time of his death was 45 years old. Uncle Eric  was  born on April 22nd,  1974 in  Bota, Victoria, Southwestern Cameroons. He passed away on August 14th,  2019 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We will remember him and he will forever live in our hearts.

The idea that our loved one, Uncle Eric Ayukawo Ayuk has transitioned to eternal life at the young and vibrant age of forty five year, three months  and  twenty two days is still an unimaginable and rather far fetched dream for all of us.  As a family,  we are still experiencing some moments of utter shock and near disbelief that someone who was so full of life and who was communicating with his family would stop talking and transition into a moment of helpless and death that would occur within a few short hours.

Although we may be challenged emotionally by Uncle Eric’s sudden passing away through such tragic circumstances,  we strongly believe that as Christians we will find the fortitude to overcome our immense grief and rise up to the challenges of carrying on with daily life once again. Just like a Sphinx that rises from it’s ashes to a new life of renewed energy, it is our hope that each and everyone of will be able to continuously support each other as a family.  There is no doubt in our minds that Uncle Eric would have loved that we celebrate his short life on earth in gratitude to his Father in Heaven and Creator who blessed him immensely with a supportive family with smiles of joy rather than tears of sadness.  We remember Uncle Eric today  in life just as in death as we speak about him, his achievements or setbacks and  challenges with fond memories and a smile on our face. While it may be a temporary challenge for us not to dwell on our significant loss, it is worthwhile to focus on paying tribute to Uncle Eric’s remarkable life. In his capacity as the proverbial Benjamin or last child of his parents, Uncle Eric Ayukawo Ayuk was the scion of a large family that so loved and gave him unconditional support until his last breath. In gratitude, we are thankful to our creator for the opportunity that we had to share time, space and enduring moments of love and life during the years that Uncle Eric lived life amongst us first as a child, a sibling, a nephew, an Uncle, a husband, a father, a friend and a trusted confidant to others.

N.B. Whereas the songs / music that are incorporated in the gallery section of this Uncle Eric Ayukawo Ayuk memorial website are meant to contextualize and personalize our loss and experiences, the copyrights to the original productions belong to others


Posted by Wiwa Therese on September 2, 2019
Uncle Eric,
The last time i saw you i remeber i was 10 years and we all where leaving at late uncle Agbor house, you used to be someone very funny,easy going you make us spend good time in your presence and that i will never forget. we love you but the Lord love s more. rest in peace great my Dad there ....

From Wiwa Therese Ebolowa.
Posted by Echu Mrechu on August 29, 2019
Manager, as I used to call you with fondness and a name you acquired back here in Tiko. Here you were taken for my son which I never refuted. 18th July marked the day we broke the ice after 7 good years of silence at 10 pm Cameroon time and the time we could hear from each other for the last time. We discussed on so many family and private issues to accomplish but God knows best.You will be remembered as the most brilliant child in this family who led his class from primary to high school in academics. Nobody could withstand your smiles without supporting your strives to forge ahead in all your endeavors. You were soft spoken with so many promises you dished out to the family when you stand tall for us to be proud of. 'You were born to be real, not to be perfect'. That's how God made you to be as the Benjamin of this family or as Joseph whose father was so proud of him for his kindness and positive thoughts to save his brothers from bondage. Your icon has disappeared into the thin air to meet Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Remember the huge family you left behind as you fellowship with our parents, brother and sister in the bosom of our ALMIGHTY GOD till we meet to part no more. Adieu Manager Ayuk Eric Ayukawo. Etchu Agbortar (Brother). 
Posted by Besong Ebai on August 27, 2019
Eric. It is with much pain and desolation that I receive the sad news of your demise. I can still recall your steadfastness since when in high school at Down Beach Victoria. Little did I know you were an uncle to my college small and brother at PSS, Collins Enoh. I, pray the Almighty grant you eternal rest and take you to a place far kinder than this earth. It is well. All that wealth and nature ever gave awaits the most inevitable hour and the path of glory will always lead but unto the grave. We will forever miss. Peace. Johannes Besong Ebai.
Posted by Richard Tambe Ayuk on August 26, 2019
      Tribute to a fallen brother.

My Dear Eric A. Ayuk,

It is almost impossible for me to believe that you are gone so soon from this world. Please know that your departure at this time is a journey that if I had my way you would return to us. It absolutely would be a journey for you to come back us. Unfortunately, we loved you but God lobes you more. Our Lord and Creator has better plans for you. We cannot begin to contemplate His reasons for calling you at this time. I am so heavy laden by your departure at this the age of Fourty five years. My heart is in pain because you are gone for good.

You and I had a very close relationship. We shared brotherly love and mutual respect for each other. You trusted me you and I did the same with you. I do not feel empty by your sudden death. Rather, I feel vulnerable in my situation. I will always remember you as a very caring and kind brother. You were joyful during moments of your support and sacrifice for others. You were a blessing to our family. We will always miss you., Eric.

My dear brother, I wish you well as you transition to eternity and you precede us in the journey of no return. Sleep well in the Lord. May the heavenly lights shine upon on you until we meet to part no more.

It is well. It is well with my soul. It shall be well with us according to God’s promise. It is well with the Lord. Goodbye, my dear brother.

Richard Tambe Ayuk,
(Older brother)
Posted by MmeTee Originale on August 25, 2019
Eric Ayuk, An Icon of Intelligence, Respect, Neatness.........

It's just not easy to write a tribute to a loved one, especially as I am still having the feeling of him being around.
Ayuk, it's barely three weeks I spoke to you. Although briefly but i could hear your voice very strong. I encouraged you to be strong and not to give in to any fear because I was very convinced that all will be well.
As soon as I got information on some remedy to help you, I immediately forwarded to Mma Mpey and she acknowledged she had just started administering the same remedy to you the previous day. Oh!! little did I know it wasn't going to yield any fruits.
All the same, I can hardly question God because I know His plans for us are the best.
I was ever proud of you your intelligence, respectfullness, calmness and neatness. I will remain proud of a younger brother who deserved to be proud of.
The wound in our hearts is so deep but we fervently believe our God will heal the wound.
I wish you rest with our Lord.
Eric, Rest from all pain and challenges on this earth.
Good night and see you when our God reunites us again.
Your sister
Esther Enow Takang
Posted by MmeTee Originale on August 24, 2019
Ayukawo, as I always called you! You called me mum because you were like my first son. You were my confidant, we shared a lot but you failed to tell me it wouldn't be long before you would leave this world. Who am I to challenge God? He knows best. I, and the entire family have accepted His will. But you will remain in our hearts forever. We love you!

Eric, one thing that consoles me is the fact that you gave your life to God during your last days, and accepted Jesus as your Lord and saviour. I strongly believe you're comfortably sitting with Him right now, watching over us. May your spirit comfort your wife Marie, and children especially little Ciara.

Adieu son, till we meet to part no more.

Posted by Collins Enoh on August 24, 2019
***A Tribute to my Uncle and brother, Eric Ayukawo Ayuk***

The sad news about the passing to eternity of my dear Uncle, Eric Ayukawo Ayuk came as an unpleasant surprise through an early morning telephone call. I had to set aside the grief to write this tribute in memory of my youngest Uncle that I always preferred to call a brother. Uncle Eric and I are close in age. He was more like an older brother than an uncle. It is sad that someone that we know was so full of life and hope for better days ahead would transition so suddenly without saying goodbye to his loved ones. Hardly could it be predictable that we would be sharing this platform today with others as we jointly participate in the unenviable but likely unavoidable task of writing a most deserved tribute to Eric Ayukawo Ayuk, who was the last child of his parents, at least not while he was still in his youth.

It was always a privilege and an honor to call and speak with my Uncle and brother. Such was the case just a few weeks before Uncle Eric was admitted for follow up at a local hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Uncle Eric was very cheerful and he had the grace of sharing his unending smiles and his optimistic perspective of life with others. At the end of our last conversation, there was no reason or indication for me to think that the call on that day would be our final opportunity to communicate. Through Uncle Eric’s transition to eternity, another caring, humble and hardworking father and husband has exited the earthly stage after honoring his invitation to an unavoidable call from our Creator. While we mourn and shed tears of sadness as family and friends because you are no longer with us physically, as Christians and members of a believing community, we find solace and comfort in the fact that we are witnesses to acclaim your eternal journey to meet our Lord.

With gratitude, we thank our Creator for the unique opportunity and honor that He gave us to share this world and space with Uncle Eric for four decades plus five years, three months and twenty three days. We are grateful for the gift of an exceptional life that came to our family. It was a privilege and a blessing to have had such a wonderful and inspiring son, brother, Uncle, friend, mentor, husband and father amongst us.

Uncle Eric, without any doubt, will live on in our hearts and will be remembered for those endearing smiles, his humility, his consideration and his respect for others. Together, let us celebrate Uncle Eric’s life with grace in recognition that he lived life and positively impacted others to the best of his abilities while on earth.

Our hearts and prayers are with Uncle Eric’s children and his wife. May we all find the fortitude to bear this enormous loss and surprising demise that is now Uncle Eric’s .

Uncle Eric, you were a special person in your own way to so many individuals who now mourn and will miss you dearly.

Farewell, my dear Uncle and brother!!
Good Night and Safe return to your father in heaven.

We loved you beyond measure but our God and Creator loves you more. Whereas we may have lost you here physically, we rejoice in the fact that heaven has just won an additional arrivant to the heavenly kingdom.

We wish you peace and rest in the Lord`s bosom.

Posted by Collins Enoh on August 24, 2019
A Tribute to Eric Ayukawo Ayuk.

My Dear Eric,

Your impromptu departure has left a vacuum in our hearts. Who am I to challenge the WILL of GOD? Please extend our love, our regards and greetings to all of our dear and loved family members who departed before you. We love you so very much but God loves you even more.

Adieux, Ayukawo!!

From Pastor Lucas Agbortar ( Older brother in Yaoundé, Cameroon)
Posted by Franka Brown on August 24, 2019
Uncle Eric. You were a good man that is why God called you home to join him save the world. You are free bro.continue to pray for us.may your soul rest in perfect peace.

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