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Eric's Eulogy

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do but considering what Eric has gone through, it's nothing.
On behalf of my parents, my sister Suzy and my brother Scott. We want to thank everyone here for facing this day with us. We are very thankful for your support as we say goodbye to our beloved Eric.

My dearest brother Eric,

You called me Sis and I called you Bro with loving affection. I recall my parents telling me you were coming into this world, and I was like... what the?? I said; “when he turns 21...I will be 40!”, and I just didn’t think that sounded very good to me. Well, it turned out to be wonderful. We would talk about this each year on our birthdays, and then it became a reality.It was a super surreal feeling for the both of us, and it was like a fast-forward time warp. And in hindsight, it was ultimately….very precious time.

I was 19 years your senior, and in many ways, you were like my own little one, and so many people thought you were my son when we were together. Especially since we had the same reddish hair and in grade school, your freckles came in with a vengeance, so we matched even more so. I remember Megan trying to rub your nose because she said that there was dirt on it. We always had a good laugh about that memory.

As a kid you were rambunctious and full of energy. You invited me to play wrestle buddies with you and Scott. You were jumping high off the couch onto the hardwood floor, and I kindly declined with “I think I’ll watch and root you on from the dining room”. When you got older, we’d play sports outside. One time I took your fastball pitch …and I quickly resorted to the sidelines after that. You were always so good at everything.

When I bought my first house on Via Colusa, I could walk to the little league ballfield to watch you and Scott play. A traveling taco & sunflower seeds were the better part of my diet back then. Those were fun days and after the big wins we’d end up at Porky’s Pizza. Which was the best reward after a triumph, and even a hard loss sometimes.

Another time, I took you and Scott out to eat and it started to rain. I opened the sunroof and let the wind and raindrops touch our faces. You thought that was so awesome and still reflected on that “remember when” moment as an adult. We had a lot of those reflections.

As we were all growing up, we were very fortunate to take so many family trips together - three generations no less. There was Kauai, Cabo and multiple trips to Pine Mountain Lake & Bodega Bay. We always had such a great time battling the ocean waves in Cabo together with Jake, Meg, Scott and Chris by our sides. We also enjoyed so many wonderful weekend getaways at Big Basin. We found peace and comfort amidst the tall majestic redwoods. The fierce “old maid card games” around the fire were also quite memorable. One time camping, we dared you to eat your hotdog with Hershey’s chocolate squares, instead of condiments. After the first bite, you said with delight “Hey, it’s pretty good! – Wanna bite?”
Um, no thanks, I believe you.

You really loved the campfires and all types of flashlights. We’d have competitions at night who had the strongest beam in the night’s sky. And, of course, you usually won with a big grin on your face.
Another stand out moment is when you were staying in Tent Cabin #11 by yourself. Your indoor stove was burning too high, and it set off the fire alarm. The next morning at breakfast, I said; “did you hear that fire alarm last night?”, and you replied; “Yeah, that was me!” We all laughed so hard hearing the details and your MacGyver ways to muffle the alarm with a broom stick and a towel.

I will sure miss those days. I will also miss playing you at darts, horseshoes, bocce and so much more. I always loved that our family would gather around a puzzle when we were on vacation, too. You loved puzzles and you texted me updates of the one you recently bought to help deal with Covid times.

Some of our very best times were just having a family party at home to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Especially, our all night monopoly games when we were younger. Of course, there were so many parties that involved our favorite sports teams, and you were a loyal fan of the A’s, Sharks, Warriors and Niners. You were always the light and the spirit of the party.

Recently, you starting getting more into cooking and for our last Super Bowl party, you made stuffed jalapeños and they were delicious. We had fun watching Megan trying to cope with the heat from the pepper. I can still hear our laughter. You also made Dad’s chili beans, and being so thoughtful, you typed up the recipe for our family to treasure always. I know that Suzy, Scott and I really appreciated that. You had so many food favorites and they will forever remind me of you. Such as; Jalapeno Kettle Chips, Mint Chip Ice cream, Root Beer Floats, Spice Cake, Pineapple Dole Whip and anything hot and spicy.

We are all going to miss you so much… your laugh, your smile, your big booming voice, your spirit, your good heart, and your kind soul. I’ll never understand why you were taken so soon. You had so much life left, and more than most of us here today. We are all struggling with the feelings of denial and acceptance, and it is pure torture. We will have to find some solace in the fact that you lived well, you gave love, and you received love in your short life.

You told me once that there wasn’t anything more important than family, and you were absolutely right. If I only knew that our texts the Tuesday before your passing was going to be the last one, I would have called you and poured out my heart, instead of sending you a funny meme, but I hope it made you smile.

I’m so very sorry that your story on earth has ended, and that our family has been forever altered. Your 32nd birthday is next month and we are still going to be mourning the loss of you. There’s a big hole in our hearts that can never be repaired.

Knowing that we all have to continue living without you is profoundly agonizing. I just wish that I could give you one more hug, tell you that I love you one more time, and say goodbye in person for the last time. I know that we all wish for that...

As we try to cope with the deep sorrow and heartbreak of missing you, I hope your pain is gone, you are at peace, and I look forward to reuniting one day.
Until then, we will all try to live our best lives in your honor, because you weren’t given that chance.
Rest easy, baby Brother. I love you.