This tribute was added by Carolynn Lara on September 15, 2020
To every person of his family and close friends, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Eric was such a great man... kind and humble, mature beyond his years and I always thought so highly of him. I hope he lives on in your hearts, memories and stories you tell. All my sympathy and love.
This tribute was added by LoriLarry Cook on September 12, 2020

You were one of the good ones! And I say that today with a very heavy heart.   We didn't get to know each other too well in your early years, as you were out doing "kid stuff".  It wasn't until later in life we really got to spend time with you at your family events. I've known your sisters Michelle & Suzy since the 4th grade. Michelle would always keep me updated on both you and Scott. It wasn't until after high school, I realized what an awesome guy you really turned out to be. Your parents did a great job!  Larry and I felt the love of an "extended family" and always looked forward to every event.  The last one was Ryan's birthday at Porky's Pizza in Pleasanton.  We spent a lot of time with you that day and have the best picture of us!  You were a great guy Eric, and we will all miss you deeply. 
This tribute was added by Jacob Gort on September 9, 2020
Dear Uncle Eric,
I’m still in shock that you are gone. I will miss our family trips and gatherings. You and I especially loved swimming in the ocean and Camping at Big Basin. I’m glad we celebrated my 16th birthday in Kauai last year as a family but I’m sad our vacation was canceled this year and we didn’t have anything to look forward to.
We always had fun together and you took extra time to talk with megan and me. I’m glad that you shared your childhood stories with us the last few times we were together. Our family will never be the same without you. I love you.
Your nephew,
This tribute was added by Tony Hsieh on September 4, 2020
Lange was a good dude and one of my closer friends at Sports Authority. We shared similar tastes in music and a variety of other interests. At one point, we were gym partners; in fact Eric was probably one of the few people that could get me off my lazy ass. I was proud to have Eric as one of my groomsmen when I got married, and he will be sorely missed.
This tribute was added by Felipe Gonzalez on September 2, 2020
Lange was one of the first people at Sports Authority that helped me out. As we cleaned that night we realized how much in common we had. Lange was one of my best friends. A’s games and tailgating, working out and doing competitions to see who could get bigger arms in a month, we joined a kickball team together, we played softball where of course he was our star player, unforgettable trips to Vegas, we loved playing pranks on people at work pretending we were both Jim from The Office. He was the kind of friend that I knew had my back no matter what. I could call him anytime and he’d be there for me. He was always so nice and thoughtful to my girlfriend and my family. They still talk about how kind and respectful he was when he met them.

Lange always spoke so highly of his family and when I finally got to meet them I could see why. A very tight and loving family who welcomed me into their home for his birthday like I was part of the family. I wish the Lange family receives all the strength and love from all of us that knew Eric and were lucky enough to have him be a part of our lives. Eric was a very strong person and I know he had to learn that from his family, stay together and stay strong, we are praying for you.
This tribute was added by Michelle Sanchez on September 2, 2020
You were the most welcoming person when I first started working at Sports Authority. Quickly I was part of the guys and hanging out with you, Avi, and Felipe. Going to your softball games, kickball games, and A’s games and of course acting like fools at sports authority. We always had the best times together and I’ll forever cherish all of our memories together. You will be missed Lange. ❤️
This tribute was added by Christopher Miller on September 2, 2020
Eric, our relationship as brother-in-laws was just beginning and now I can only lament about our missed future experiences together. In the short time that we did have together, I was impressed by your outgoing personality, sense of humor, love for your family, and your kindness. I am at a loss of words right now and feeling intense emotions. However, I would like to make a vow to you that I will do my best to take care of your family to the best of my abilities. I will be there for them through thick and thin, through happiness and grief. We all love you and will cherish our memories of you forever. Take care my brother. Please watch over us as we continue this journey of life, as you continue yours in the afterlife.
This tribute was added by Megan Gort on August 31, 2020
You were such an amazing and happy person and someone who I, along with everyone else, loved to be around. We had so many laughs together throughout my entire childhood. Some of my best family memories were made with you. Nothing will ever be the same without you, you have been there every step of my life. I was so excited for all of the future memories you and I and the rest of the family would've made and I am so broken that instead, I will never get hear your voice again. I miss my uncle so so much. 
This tribute was added by Joe Andrade on August 31, 2020
We weren’t the best of friends, but we have known each other a long time. The times with you Sam and all the other guys were special ones. From Little league to your trip out to Austin, always a good time. Wish we had more time. Raising a glass, I’ll miss you.
This tribute was added by Jakub Simacek on August 29, 2020
We may have only ever met online, but that didn't make our friendship any less real. I'll never forget all the late nights gaming, laughing and joking around. Or otherwise staying up into the early hours of the morning talking about life and the various little day to day tidbits. It meant a lot, and I was lucky to count you as my friend.
Rest in Peace.
This tribute was added by Matt Araquistain on August 28, 2020
Seeing all these photos has made me realize how long it's been since we last talked and how much I already miss him. Eric was one of my oldest friends and I have countless memories of all the dumb things we did together, but I wish there were more.

Rest in peace, Eric.
This tribute was added by Shirley Bos on August 28, 2020
It is heart breaking when a former student leaves this Earth before the teacher. What fun times we had at Del Rey School in the nineties on those special fieldtrips and recently at your Alameda family celebrations ! God bless your dad, mom, brother, sisters, friends, classmates and all relatives during this difficult time !
This tribute was added by Andrew Jayme on August 28, 2020

From baseball growing up, daily hangouts at the lunch table or trips to Union Landing, we were always close friends. Life happened and we slowly drifted apart, but everytime we met up it was like time had stood still. Sam called me at 6 this morning and I knew it couldn't be good, but I didn't know it would hurt this bad.

Someday soon, we'll all take another trip to Half Dome and I'll be sure to laugh at the base of the cables, because I know you'll be there waiting for us to return.

Rest easy, Brother.
This tribute was added by Sam Schindler on August 28, 2020

Quite the gut punch to hear that you’ve passed away. Even though I really can’t put my emotions into words, I know not to say anything sappy. You’re greatly missed by us all. A glass of whiskey raised to you my brother. Skol
This tribute was added by Kevin Kilian on August 28, 2020

Buddy I don't even know what to say. My heart breaks to know I won't see you again, hear your voice, shake your hand, laugh about old times. You leave behind family and friends who are lost without your light but will keep your memory alive in our hearts. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten Eric. You're in a better place now. Go play with Champ, give him some scratches from me. Until we meet again my friend...

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