• 39 years old
  • Born on May 27, 1973 in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 14, 2013 in San Francisco, California, United States.

This Memorial website was created in Loving Memory of Eric Michael Aguiar, 39, born on May 27, 1973 and passed away on March 14, 2013. 

A Genuine Loving Son, Brother, Father, and Friend who Loved and Lived His Life with Passion as the Free Spirit he is.

He is loved and missed so much by his Family and Friends.

Our Lives are forever altered and changed and our Hearts will never be the same.

Always Near and Dear in our Thoughts and Hearts.

"Our Birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;
The Soul that rises with us ,Our Life's Star
Hath had elsewhere it's setting
And cometh from afar."
William Wordsworth

Tears on Our Hearts~`Deora Ar Mo Chroi`


"If I walk from the alive days
The sun and the moon behind me
I'll only need thoughts from my life
Tears sorrowfully on my heart


Posted by Shannon Mehaffey on 27th May 2017
It was great being with him yesterday, he joined me on my walk and comforted me. I went through a tough year, and he knows it....He's grown up so much these past couple of years..it's like he's 100 years old. It got me to thinking about how he would always cook this wonderful food; for us, and his family, but, also, just for me....I miss him, his laugh, the way he would get perturbed, but, wouldn't get angry unless it was really something important to him....he was discerning.
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 15th March 2017
Remembering every hour and what was done and what was NOT done. I have no doubt that all will be revealed. Justice for All victims everywhere, so, so many. Thank You to all the friends who remembered. And at the moment there is a good reason why I can't contact you personally. RW SO sorry, Love you so much especially for all that you have done, your Love, support, and Powerful Prayers .God knows your suffering and who is responsible. I know Eric Loves you too. Have not stopped praying for you. Why do I feel the "Tide will turn" I know you will "get it" , "The Why" it has to be this way right now if you put up your "antenna". Soon ! And SM, I know you are suffering, bitter cold and alone. Don't give up. Eric is with you and you definitely received confirmation of that..I know. Praying for you too. God knows your heart. There is only one Perfect One and not one of us is. Much prayers and support..Love to All who know and support us in their Prayers. Eric, it doesn't get easier. How can anyone replace the Love you gave us. You have filled the gaping hole that your physical presence left with Light and Love. Miss your Hugs so much. Even though, I know you are are near... till the end.
Posted by Shannon Mehaffey on 14th March 2017
Well it's a cold world And I'm in the middle Caught in the in-between I don't belong here So I'm writing to you Hey let me explain What if I send you confusion What is the time and the pain worth Oh no no I'm only sending Letters from the earth Well it's a new world And now I'm a stranger Stranger than you know I don't belong here So I'm writing to you It's wrong here Where I'm sending you some Letters from earth
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 12th January 2017
God Bless them who know...Always Missing you...Love
Posted by * * on 11th July 2016
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 16th June 2016
Someone who loves you sent this to me and she felt this was from you for All who Love You...and it sounded exactly like it came from you..LOVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByYM_fSQSnY
Posted by * * on 14th June 2016
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 27th May 2016
Happy Birthday Honey.. The day that changed my life forever. If it were not for my beautiful baby I could have never gotten through my brothers murder, a hate crime....Helping even then.. as you always did.. Love you soooo much...Always with me..."Mama mia" 11 days late...hmmm
Posted by R P on 27th May 2016
Dear Eric, Wishing you a beloved birthday and loving you and your mom very much! Ronnie
Posted by * * on 27th May 2016
Happy birthday Eric ❤️ Thinking of you always.
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 15th March 2016
Always present in Our hearts Time cannot Diminish Love...3/14 Never dies...We Love You so Much and Miss you Eric...
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 3rd March 2016
The Fateful Day...What is "39" to God ..3/3/2013 I know and I see...and so do many... who are also waking up.. Love......There is Only One Law ...How many are Lawless?
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 3rd March 2016
The Fateful Day...What is "39" to God ..3/3/2013 I know and I see...and so do many... Whom are also waking up.. There is Only One Truth... One Law ...How many are Lawless?
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 2nd January 2016
Always with me. The Light in my Heart. How I miss my Loving Son! Truth always prevails....I am still and I am listening with Great Faith God will answer Our prayers..I know it...
Posted by E M on 23rd December 2015
Come back...this is about the time ... Life was about to change 8 years ago . This is the time where I need you . Please don't forget me http://youtu.be/f00fgKzRtdo
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 11th December 2015
3/14 Pi Day ! That which cannot be destroyed is Eternal ... Love You Eric
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 11th November 2015
How many times did your loved ones and you see 11/11 over and over for months before it all happened? Then it stopped. I am reminded and reminded how precious you are...and still so so present for us. Thankfully You make it known.. Love continues..
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 27th May 2015
Missing you so so much today on your Birthday.... What I wouldn't do to feel one of your huge hugs..:) Play some good Music for us.. Love Love Love...Mom
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 11th May 2015
Eric, Remembering your wonderful strong loving hugs today.. I know you were here...."True Colors" Love Eternal Mom
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 14th March 2015
On this day, I kissed my Son Goodbye....I know now...He's only one breath away..so close and only a moment in God's time.. Eric, we miss you so much. Not gone..Everywhere...LOVE
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 3rd March 2015
Two Years ! I remember every moment of this Day.... Carved into my Heart.... Keep Lighting our Path Eric.. We have come so Far.. Eyes Wide Open .. Love Eternal...Mom
Posted by * * on 14th February 2015
Posted by R P on 30th January 2015
ERIC, You have been on my mind since early this morning....I wish you were here.........I know how much you are loved......and I know you are not far....be well........soon, soon.......... :)
Posted by Eileen Conachy on 7th September 2014
Heard this song today....and all I saw was your face Eric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxIYxPiK1c4
Posted by * * on 21st August 2014
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMmX9G8JP38 Another song sent this morning, after a realization ♥
Posted by Eileen Conachy on 21st August 2014
Heard this song today, it goes to you my nephew and best friend, Eric you will be miss for the rest of my life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OUBWFdUHa8
Posted by * * on 22nd July 2014
Posted by E M on 15th June 2014
Happy Fathers Day in Heaven. Never Forgotten.. Shine on up there today . You brought good.. You did good and you are proud I know it
Posted by E M on 28th May 2014
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 27th May 2014
Posted by * * on 28th March 2014
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Aca9_utsUHg You're always on my mind Eric, and in my heart ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by * * on 18th March 2014
"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in"
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 14th March 2014
My Dear Loving Son, Our World is so much emptier. Your Heart was filled with Love even for those who had no Love in them. Let your Beautiful Light always Shine on us. We feel you near....We Love and Miss you so much...Today...the hardest day of my Life...I Love you Forever.. You were/are a Gift..I Thank My Christ for you...I Am..You ARE..
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 4th March 2014
Posted by E M on 22nd January 2014
Rest in Peace Eric. Your spirit lives on in our son. Please watch over him if you can. Thank you for giving me the biggest blessing of my life. Thank you my gentle giant...
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 24th November 2013
"We miss you so much ERIC.Our hearts are hurting. We feel the LOSS so much. What was STOLEN from us cannot be replaced. The UNIVERSAL LAWS will PREVAIL! TRUTH ALWAYS REVEALS ITSELF!"
Posted by Michael Conachy on 24th July 2013
The day you were born you held a special place in my heart, you grew up straight, strong and showed a confidence that any parent would be proud of. There is not enough tears to fill the hole in my heart. Till me meet again. I love you Eric-- Uncle Mike
Posted by Eileen Conachy on 13th July 2013
Eric was my nephew, I was only seven years older then him. We grew up together and i have very special memories of him. It wasnt until we got older that it change to one of the most dearest people in my life, We go through life were very few people make us feel so much joy when they are around you and Eric did that for me, He will be miss for my life time and Love forever.
Posted by Teresa Aguiar on 9th July 2013
There are no words to express our loss.There are only thoughts,memories,questions,prayers....A river of tears. Eric was my son.... but my teacher too. Magical, Spiritual, Passionate... So many loving memories of my brilliant Son. Waiting nearby... We Love You So,So Much..Now and Forever Mom

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